trayler swuft


May vido 5 We R Nve Evr Evr Getin Bek 3Gethr! Trun on cc 5 lyrsc!

Hairy end I brok up. :******(

Her’s a trenskript of teh vido dat iz  a pert of may docuntmentry:

Me: Wel, fyn Hairy, if yu don won go to brezil, yu don hev to, em just seyen.
Hairy: Trayler, i do butt, i, just, dis is tu mush for me
Me: Iz dis abutt may dad?
Hairy: Yes! Yes it is Trayler! Yor dad! I dident wont to admit it butt… Iz yor dad.
Me: Owww… Hairy cum here.
Hairy: Weit, das not my prefume I smel on yor shirt.
Me: Iz myn.
Hairy: No iz nott! Yu bin chitin on me!
Me: No, Hairy, no!
Hairy: Yez u bin chittin! Haz dis bin goen on sinc XXXmas?
Me: Well, teh mellmen askd were d ho ho ho iz and-
Hairy: O, wel aprently, teh ho ho ho iz rite here brekin up wiv her bofrend
Me: Butt
Hairy: No butts! Em liven. Gudby.
Me: Wel, fyn. Em hedin of to teh studeo!