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Hey everyone I have two services I run now the Witchery Cafe && My New Plant Shop. I will put both options in this post. They will be separated by a dotted line. Which ever one interests you just message me and let me know. Or if both interest you. PLEASE Read the rules for both services thank you !

Picture is mine for attention.
My New Plant Shop 🌱

Hey everyone my plant shop is now in its pre-opening stage if you would like to order any color hybrid, Jacobs ladders, or any type of mushroom just let me know and I will get them for you💕🌱🍃✨

🌱🍃 You can order up to a pocket full of flowers or mushrooms at once ! :) Yes I have every type of hybrid and mushroom !

Types of mushrooms 

Flat Mushroom
Skinny Mushroom
Round Mushroom
Elegant Mushroom
Rare Mushroom
Famous Mushroom


Please do not run or steal anything if you are in my town <3
Please have your pockets completely empty
Please do not venture off on your own

FC: 4012-6994-4313
The Witchery Cafe ✨

This is free 💚😄

✨ Welcome to The Witchery Cafe ✨

Where you can order all of your food/sweets needs. -still partly under construction but allowing visitors for pre opening- adding more soon.

FC- 4012-6994-4313

This is how it works
I’ll post a menu of what you can order if anything interests you just comment/message what you want and your friend code (unless I already have you added) I will get it ready for you. May take me a few minutes to get it ready but you must pick up the item or items on the same day you comment/message.

🌟⭐️🌟You may order two or three items at a time.🌟🌟🌟

If you would like to come inside and eat basically just explore or chill or check out the witchery you may. Or if you wanna just pick up your food and leave you may as well.

❤️Please do not run or steal anything !

New Items added to the menu please take a look <3
New And Updated Menu <3


- Tonkotsu Ramen
- Tantan-men Ramen

- Carbonara
- Peperonico
- Cod Roe
- Pesto genovese
- Squid Ink
- Regular pasta ( spaghetti ) 🍝

Whole pizza’s
- Margherita
- Seafood
- Olive
- Mixed
- Regular pepperoni

- Chocolate
- Colorful pop
- Colorful cream
- Flower
- Animal (it has a panda face)
-Regular Vanilla Cupcake With Strawberry and white frosting

Fruit drinks
Different kinds you can get
- green-apple soda
- iced coffee
- iced tea
- milk

Ice creams
- matcha soft serve
- swirl soft serve
- strawberry ice cream
- vanilla ice cream
- vanilla soft serve
- Choco soft serve
- lemon double scoop

Extra Goodies You Can Get
- Good luck Rolls
- ChoColate heart boxes
- Sparkling cider
- kerokerokeroppi cake
- pumpkin pie
- Lon lon milk
- lollipop

Types of Tarts:
- Apple Tart
- Choco Tart
- Lemon Tart
- Berry Tart
- Matcha Tart

Shaved Ice
Types of shaved ice:
- Stawberry
- Blue Raspberry
- Lemon
- Sweet-bean green tea

Cups Of Tea
- Types Of Tea’s:
- Mint Tea
- Jasmine Tea
- Mallow-blue tea
- Lavender Tea

More new items
Popcorn 🍿
Types you can get
- Berry Popcorn
- Chocolate popcorn
- caramel popcorn
Or regular with butter :)

Kiddie Meal(s)
- kiddie meal lunch combo a (salad, eggs, flan)

- Kiddie meal lunch combo b (veggie rice, jello, smiley face french fry with ketchup ) I think thats what it is lol I don’t really know if its a french fry or not but it looks like one. or you could say its a yellow blob with a smiley face thats written in ketchup on it lmao.

- Kiddie meal lunch combo c (pink jello, potatoes and gravy, lettuce (There’s also different lunch combos for kiddie meal)^

More items on the menu :)

Set lunch
two different set lunches you can get
- Fried fish meal
- Fried egg meal

Imperial pot
different imperial pots you can get
- Fried egg and crab
- Fried Rice
- Sweet and Sour
- Chop Suey

Curry Plate
Different types you can get
- Dal Curry
- Vegetable korma
- Saag Murgh

Hot plate
different hot plates you can get
- Pancake
- Omelet
- Pizza

Milk Carton
- Coffee milk
- Orange Juice
- Vegetable Juice
- Tomato Juice


You can order
- Milk
- Butter
- Flour
- Sugar
- Vinegar

More extra stuff
- cheese
- ramen cup(ramen and ramen cup are different)
- burger meal
- donburi
- donut box
- fish and chips
- hearty breakfast
- light breakfast
- lunch pack
- pancakes
- potato gratin
- rice balls
- sausage
- lobster
- tacos
- udon soup
- watermelon
- veggie basket
- rice cake

More new items on the menu for ordering 🙂

Different types of drinks you can get inside the mug
- hot chocolate
- latte art
- soup

Bread box
Types of bread you can get
- raisin bread
- cheese bread
- cocoa marble bread

New items on the menu for ordering <3 Just ask me if you wanna order <3

~Blowfish sashimi
~Bread making set
~Cinnamoroll tray
~Coconut Juice
~Cutting board set
~Egg Basket

~Frying Pan
Different ones you can get
- Burnt Food
- Empty

Different types you can get
- Pepper
- Zucchini
- Carrot
- Asparagus


Different types you can get
- Curry
- Consomme
- Borscht


Types you can get
- Caprese
- Fruit
- Croquette
- Loaf

Kicthen clutter recolors

As you all know i have been dying to get this recolors to work and yes i finally made it.

Thank you everyone who was helping/testing and giving me advice on what i should do <3 YOU all guys are awesome. 

Now this is only preview on how they look in game and ill upload the set this week.

What i recolored:
- oil bottles
- chopping board
- cutting board
- kitchen tray
- new kitchen posters

The recolors are not perfect but i always want to hear what you guys think so please do tell?

The Interview - Calum Hood [FLUFF] (Part 3)

Requested by several anons, @ashirwinisdaddy​ and @kendallhale123

(part one(part two)

Word Count - 766

As expected, things didn’t get better, you spend hours a day stuck behind your desk doing paper work, your scheduled breaks are timed to the second and if anything is ever to go wrong within your field of work you are given the blame but you battled on through hoping that everyone understood that there was a degree of hatred between you and Calum.

“I need 50 copies of the Haverson report before you leave today,” Calum says as he makes his way through to his office.

“50 copies, why do you need 50 copies?” you ask

“If you must know there’s a board meeting tomorrow that I was told about this morning,” he sighs.

“Some kind of challenge that’ll be considering we have no saved copies on the database, only the physical copy, the copy room closed at 4 and it’s conveniently 4:02 right now,” you say, “You couldn’t have told me this any earlier in the day?”

“Sorry I forgot, oh and speaking of things I forgot I’m going to need this months finance number report typed up by 9am tomorrow too,” he adds.

“Those aren’t due til next week”

“I know but hey want them for the board meeting, and we’l need the board room set up for that time as well,” and he disappears into the office but you hear him call out. “Or else the higher powers may see that you’re perhaps not thriving to the best of your abilities here”

You grit your teeth and then let out a small growl of frustration. You can’t let him win, so, you set to work. Calum is set to leave, coat on and satchel over his shoulder a half an hour after everyone else is but you on the other hand are sat behind your desk still, only on page 5 of the 30 page Haverson report.

“Haven’t you gone home yet? I might need to talk to my boss since you’re not getting your work done,” you can hear his smirk.

Barely looking up from your computer you reply, “The office is open all night for workers, you said I’ve got until I leave, I’ll have everything done in time for the board meeting”

You spare a few seconds to look up at him with an almost mug grin and then turn back to your work.

“Whatever you say”

That night you stay up, living on 5 hour energy and coffee, and surprisingly you manage to get the Haverson report done before midnight hits and as you proceed you manage to get a version of this months finance numbers done after editing the previous month’s document.

By the time you’re completed it is both too early to be at work but too late to go home and get ready for the day so instead you fall asleep at your desk setting an alarm for an hour and a half later and when you wake up you call on the help of a friend to bring you some clothes and your makeup after her night shift.

When 8am hits and the first workers start coming in you’re sipping on a coffee after showering and changing in the staff showers, running purely on caffeine and the desire to prove Calum wrong. You have all 100 documents run through the booklet binding machine and then start making up tea and coffee trays for the 50 board memberss.

Watching from the glass board room you see Calum walk in and glance over at your mess of a desk laughing to himself, clearly thinking that you’ve failed and then walking to his office only to freeze seeing you in the board room.

“What are you doing?” he opens the door and stands in the doorway.

“Setting up for the board meeting, got the Haversonreport, the financial numbers, company pens and tea and coffee trays,” you smile at him.

“How did you…?” he asks.

“Perseverance and 5 hour energy,” you tell him.

“No way, no fucking way,” he walks across the floor so there’s only a chair between you. “I’m trying to get rid of you here, do you enjoy torture?”

“So you admit you’re trying to torture me out of a job?”

“You’re infuriating, I just want you to quit, how hard is that to understand?” he moves even closer to you.

“Then do what you said, talk to your boss, say I’ not capable of my job?” you test, in a retaliating way.

“That was an empty threat [Y/N] oh my god, you’re just so-”

“I’m what? What am I Calum?”

Then, he kisses you.


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this shirt is just an old faded piece of cotton - in which i read vosje's cute redecorating fic and then my mind made me sad aka the fic where kurt accidentally wears one of finn’s old t-shirts whilst decorating the nursery. 

~1.6k words, mentions of character death

Kurt runs his fingers through his hair and finishes arranging the old sheets across the oak floorboards of the nursery. The baby isn’t due for quite a few months yet. In fact, the doctor only confirmed with Quinn the pregnancy two weeks beforehand but Kurt and Blaine are eager to get a head start.

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🎨 30 sorority crafting “cheap tricks” 🎨

Sisters always need big/little crafts, but they’re especially important for reveal, initiation and graduation. Ir you’re on a college girl budget, it can get expensive. Here are some tips & hints for saving money and achieving less expensive sorority DIYs.

Greek Girl Crafting “CHEAP TRICKS” ☆

  • Keep it simple and paint a canvas in one color and attache one single letter also painted in a solid color. Using two colors is less expensive than ten.
  • Shop the fabric remnants and sewing leftovers section.
  • Use Lilly agendas and other “recycled” prime paper for decoupage.
  • The very best scrapbooking paper is still super cheap and can create a rich look for many different crafts. 
  • Use your computer for printing labels and inserts for a more professional look than your own handwriting..
  • Trace images and words whenever possible. Find pictures, clip-art and lots of cool fonts online for free. 
  • Use free online DIY guides for creative crafting instructions.
  • Chalkboard paint can be used in many, many cute ways. On plaques, trays, memo boards, glassware, mugs, coasters, candle holders, flower pots & more.
  • Learn how to hot glue properly. Hot glue is your best friend.
  • Big/little photos can turn any basic item into a sentimental gift.
  • Sorority symbols, colors, flowers and mascots turn any plain item into a special keepsake.
  • Large quantities of cheap items make a big impact. For example, a room filled with inexpensive balloons. Streamers, confetti, bulk candy, posters, letters and decals can be used generously for maximum impact.
  • Use the right tools. Your crafts will look sharper if the paint is applied smoothly, the edges are sharp and everything is properly polished.
  • Take time to prep, prime and dry between coats. Don’t hurry or take shortcuts with your crafting. An elegant DIY project cannot be rushed.
  • Metallic paints make simple shapes shine.
  • Fresh flowers make an inexpensive container blossom.
  • An adorable ribbon accent takes every craft to the next level. Shop online for cheap, but cute, bulk ribbon to use for years. 
  • Use a string of craft store pearls to outline plaques, boxes, paddles and boards as the perfect crowning touch.
  • Think big! An extra large letter simply painted makes more impact than a small box.
  • Copy what you see on Pinterest and Etsy and give it your own twist.
  • Don’t waste money on ‘never seen before’ designs. Mistakes and re-dos are costly. Plan designs that you can realistically achieve. 
  • A big jar of silver or gold glitter is cheap and can transform glassware, plastic and other surfaces into glamorous swag. 
  • Measure twice ~ cut, glue, or paint once. Careful pre-planning saves cash and your sanity.
  • Learn how to gold leaf. It’s cheap, easy and addictive. 
  • A big basket of cookies or candy makes a big impression without costing a fortune. 
  • Take a dollar store plush toy and embellish it with your sorority colors and designs. 
  • Learn how to hand sew neatly, or how to use a sewing machine. Lots of new projects will open up to you. Like making a cute sorority pillow cover.
  • Decorate a cheap paper lampshade in sorority style.
  • Make your own soap and give it as a big/little gift. 
  • Up-cycle, re-purpose, re-imagine!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Ultimate Big/Little Giftie Guide

Top 20 Inexpensive Big/Little Craft Ideas

Big/Little Gifting for LESS

The Playing Card Theory

Due to the love and questions I received following my Playing Card Theory [Here], I decided to look deeper and analyse more thoroughly. 

In S3E3, ‘Kingdom Of The Blind’, Caleb goes to visit Mona, where she is seated at a table playing cards, where they have a significant conversation;

Mona says, “My Uncle Ned taught me solitaire, he said as long as I had a deck of cards I’d never be bored. He taught me eight stages, twelve sleeping maidens, blondes and brunettes but I like Klondike the best, I like the way it looks, don’t you?”


Caleb replies, “Yeah. You’re big on games.”

This links to the motif of game-playing, which occurs throughout the series, and we can assume links to the whole idea of ‘The A Game’. This is a reason why I believe Mona’s deck of cards [that she continuously plays with at Radley] is so significant when speaking about ‘The A Team’, especially considering that we know Big A stole the game from Mona while she was at Radley. 

Because I was so excited about the playing-cards concept, I looked a little into Klondike. Klondike is probably the best known form of ‘Solitaire’, or ‘Patience’ as it can be referred to. The term ‘Patience’ makes me believe that Mona was intentionally sent to Radley as a part of the A game, as Mona tells Caleb that playing with cards helps her ‘pass the time’. This makes me think that Mona was always meant to go to Radley, and she was just passing the time until she could leave again- she was taking order from someone higher up than her, and we can’t forget Red Coat visiting Mona at the end of 2x25, ‘unmAsked’, suggesting that Mona was acting on orders given by a higher-status member of ‘The A Team’. 

What I found interesting about the game of Klondike is that it is obviously a solitary game; you don’t need other players, you are completely in control of the game, relating to A’s need for control/playing God. Mona mentions that she likes the way the game looks; it is very neat and ordered, once again reminding us of the OCD that a lot of the A team seem to have. (Ahem, Wren) 

The game also places a lot of emphasis on ordering the cards, backing up my playing card theory in which I mentioned the A-Team being ranked like playing cards, each being assigned their own title.

 Later, we see Mona laying in her bed, holding the Queen of Hearts

We know in terms of playing cards, this ranks her third; the King is above her, and the Ace above the King. But the Ace is interchangeable; the Ace can also be the lowest card in the pack, reinforcing the idea that Uber A/the Ace was once a nobody/at the bottom of the chain and has risen to the top, much like Mona did before. 

As I said in my playing card theory, we can assume that Toby and Shana are in the rankings below Mona; Jack, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three and Two are all available, but where do these two fit in? Who else can be placed in these rankings?

I was also intrigued by the emphasis on the ‘hearts’ suit; why not clubs, spades or diamonds? When Mona is laying in bed, she is singing, ‘In The Eye Abides The Heart’, so I looked closely at the lyrics, because why not? 

In the eye abides the heart.
Every pure and tender feeling,
All emotions worth revealing,

Through the eyes their charm impart.
Words are often clothed in guile;
For the lips with fear my falter:
E'en confiding smiles may alter
Oh! believe not in a smile!
Tis the eye unveils the heart.
Every pure and tender feeling,
All emotions worth revealing,
To the eyes their glow impart.
2. If thy bosom heaves a sigh
For a fair and cherished maiden,
Though her voice with love be laden,
Mark the language of her eye
There each impulse of her soul
Beams for thee in truth and candor;
There her secret passions wander,
There remain beyond control.


So there was a lot of references to the heart, soul, emotions and feelings, leading me to believe that the choice of ‘hearts’ as the suit for ‘The A Team’ is a reference to A having a soul/heart. It could be based off some sort of love gone wrong story, or familial, platonic love. 

Side note: this song was originally composed by German composer Franz Von Kobell, and thanks to Tremolux’s genius, ‘Whats In A Name’ theory, any German reference screams out to me as  a Lucas clue (he’s got to be involved somehow).

So I looked closely and the main message of the song seems to be that words can deceive you, but you tell a person’s heart and soul through their eyes. At first, I thought the song was just about A, but when analysing the second verse, I realised that the song could also refer to Alison; ‘fair and cherished maiden’. This may state that Alison was an object of affection for Uber A/Ace or Charles/Big A/King. I would guess Charles, considering his love for Mona/Alison; ‘You’re my favourite” etc. The song suggests that Charles was possibly one of Alison’s many suitors, but it became clear that he was not her favourite, and she remained beyond his control. Charles being mentally unstable (as he seems to be) may have caused him to become obsessed controlling the uncontrollable [Alison], leading to the whole dollhouse situation.

There are several other references to playing cards throughout the show, most notably in 3A, which we know was when Big A ‘stole the game from Mona’. 

Firstly, in S3E5, ‘That Girl Is Poison’, Jenna throws an Alice In Wonderland birthday party. There are playing cards pictured everywhere, and this is interesting, firstly because this episode comes so soon after Mona first makes the cards important, and secondly because this is very much an ensemble episode, bringing back loads of the recurring characters. The waiters at this party were also using chess boards as trays (not sure how significant it is to this theory, but definitely backs up the whole ‘game’ motif)

In S3E7, ‘Crazy’, Mona is playing with cards once again when Aria goes to visit. She looks sideways at Aria and says, “Would you like to play a game?”. This could be interpreted as, “Would you like to play A game”, suggesting Mona is inviting Aria to play the A game/join the A team. [Please excuse me, I am a big believer in Aria is A theories and I just can’t help myself.] Mona is building a house of cards, and I even thought this could be foreshadowing to the building of the dollhouse. She says that with a good foundation, anything can be built, perhaps indicating that she laid a good foundation for the A game, and now it’s out of her control, anything can happen. It is interesting to note that the Jack is at the top of the pile, suggesting the Jack is the most active member. I’m going to take a guess right now and say Lucas or Toby; Lucas is seen to have been visiting Mona at Radley, whilst Toby is the next revealed A team member. Mona almost seemed to be teaching Aria the mechanisms and ranking of the A team through the house of cards, and the emphasis seemed to be much more on the ‘team’ as opposed to the solitary power suggested by the game of Klondike. Also, all of the ‘Ace’ cards were pointing towards Aria. I felt this episode was so significant I will probably do a whole other post on it, so stay tuned.

In S3E22, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”, we see Spencer at Radley, very much echoing Mona at the beginning of the season. We also know that this is the episode where Mona visits Spencer at Radley and subtly invites her [for the second time] to join the A Team. We know that Spencer agrees, but we also see her playing cards (mirroring Mona). She pauses to look at the Joker and smirks at it. From this, we can probably gather that Spencer is the role of the Joker in the A Team.  

In S3E13, “This is a Dark Ride”, Melissa and Wilden are both dressed as the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train. This could indicate that Mona has either moved up or down in the ranking, losing her Queen status, OR a reminder that certain A team members may pretend to be each other. Either way it’s a cards reference, and means we can probably count in Melissa and Wilden as appearing somewhere in the ranking.

Links to Wren (Charles suspect no.1)

King of Hearts- Wren has had romantic ties with Spencer, Hanna and possibly Alison. He was also romantically linked to Melissa on and off, who once wore the Queen of Hearts costume- King and Queen?

His surname is Kingston. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

Wren appears frequently in 3A, considering he only pops up every now and gain. He is also a very important connection to Radley, linking him to when (and where) the playing cards become significant, which is also the time that Big A/Charles steals the game from Mona.

He knew Mona at Radly; he and Mona have a connection. It seems complex, and manipulative on both ends.

In reference to Mona’s song in 3x3; I think of Wren especially in context to this, knowing that his family (and possibly himself) have a history of mental illness, and could have been one of Ali’s suitors who was turned down in favour of another character such as Ian or Ezra. We also know he has a controlling nature due to his OCD, and we know Big A/Charles is controlling/OCD.

My top guesses for the playing card/A Team rankings so far:

Ace/Uber A: Aria? (I’m sorry she’s still so suspicious and I love it)

King Of Hearts/Big A/Charles: Wren KINGston

Queen Of Hearts: Mona

Jack of Hearts: Toby

Ten of Hearts: Lucas (the jack and ten could be the other way around)

Joker: Spencer

Others who I suspect of being somewhere in the rankings but not sure what order:

, Wilden, 
Jason and 

I hope I covered as much as possible with the playing cards, please let me know what you think!! (or if i missed anything and you would like to add something!)

[disclaimer; photos not mine.]