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Trump has a thing for killers

The first major scandal occurred late last year when renowned twitter troll @feckhead contacted Trump: “My parents who passed away always said you were a big inspiration. Can you please RT for their memory?” Trump happily obliged. Unfortunately, the image actually featured notorious serial killers, Fred and Rose West

After receiving heavy criticism for controversial remarks regarding a Vietnam veteran, Trump retweeted @ConnorBaldwin21’s “My bad ass Vietnam vet dad has balls too which is why he’s voting Trump!”. Helpful Twitter users broke the news to Trump that the picture he had retweeted was of Jeffrey Macdonald, a former US army officer and convicted murderer serving three life sentences. 

In a May 2013 tweet he referenced Jodi Arias, a woman who briefly fascinated the country when she was convicted of killing her boyfriend. “[Arias] stated that she follows me on twitter so I really hate to be saying that she is guilty but sadly, she is as guilty as it gets,” he wrote.  


Principal Phantoms and Christines in the restaged tour: 

1. John Owen-Jones and Katie Hall (UK, Feb. to Sept. 2012), 
2. Earl Carpenter and Katie Hall (UK Oct. 2012 to May 2013), 
3. Mark Campbell and Julia Udine (US Nov. 2013 to Jan. 2014), 
4. Cooper Grodin and Julia Udine (US Jan. to Nov. 14), 
5. Chris Mann and Katie Travis (US 2014-15). 


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Stiles wakes up on his back.

On cold tile.

In a bathroom.

That isn’t his.

And that he doesn’t recognize.

There’s no way that Derek could’ve—?  That thought makes the angry clown in his head start clanging away on everything within reach and he winces.  He sits up, covered in cold sweat and limbs rubbery and the bathroom isn’t getting any more familiar.

Purple walls?

He’s beginning to feel a little like Grimace’s hostage.  And his mouth tastes oily and strange.  Did he hook up with someone last night?

Oh God.

There had been someone hadn’t there?  Someone human-shaped, and tall.  Or short.  Maybe.  Barney?  No, now he’s just stuck on purple things, or Reuben, no, that’s a sandwich, Lysol, nope, cleaning product, he feels sure he’s circling it though, Din—

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