Percy ‘this shit wasn’t in the contract’ Jackson

Annabeth 'deadass fight me’ Chase

Grover 'my enCHILADAS’ Underwood

Jason 'fuck u and ur asshole ways’ Grace

Piper 'what do you mean I can’t do that’ McLean

Leo 'this is a bad time, I'ma make puns’ Valdez

Hazel 'didn’t come back to life for this’ Levesque

Frank 'lmao wait what’ Zhang

Reyna 'I could fukin kill you’ Ramirez-Arellano

Nico 'I have a doctors note’ Di Angelo

Will 'doctors orders’ Solace

Thalia 'what do you mean punk is dead’ Grace

Clarisse 'kys before I kill you’ La Rue

Travis 'u put the bombs on the wrong hill?’ Stoll

Connor 'don’t be an idiot’ Stoll

Meg 'it’s raining trash, hallelujah’ McCaffery

Apollo 'i cant believe zeus would ever’


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Every consider drawing the Stoll brothers from pjo? If you haven't you really should cause there isn't enough fanart of them and they'd look so cute in your style

they up to sth

  • Chiron: Well, they finally caught the thief.
  • Connor: Wow, they’re really going to expel him just for stealing pudding cups and toilet paper?
  • Chiron: No, he was caught taking equipment from the Ares cabin.
  • Connor:
  • Travis:
  • Chiron: ...Have you two been stealing pudding cups and toilet paper?
  • Travis: What? No. We - we hate pudding and we don’t - we don’t use...toilet paper.
  • Connor: We have one of those French thingies that shoots water up your butt.
  • Chiron: Bidet?
  • Travis and Connor: Bidet to you too, Chiron.
  • Piper: My mom mugged me in front of everyone.
  • Thalia: Zeus turned me into a tree
  • Percy: Poseidon sung "Under the Sea" at my last birthday.
  • Travis and Connor: Hermes did the worm at our graduation.
  • Will:
  • Will: I can't say nothing. My dad is over there. *points*
  • Apollo: *waves * Hi son!
  • Everyone: So... Will wins.

[during Percy’s stay in the Hermes cabin, everyone is crowded onto large mattresses]

Connor: All right, Percy, since you’re new here, I’ll show you the ropes. That corner of the bed is for eating, and this right here is the exercise area.

Travis: This is where I thrash. [He flops about like a fish.] Mmh. Mmh! Mmnh! Unnnnnnnh!

Percy: Yeah, I’ll stand, thank you very much.

I can envision Camp Half Blood celebrating Easter and having an Easter egg hunt, but Leo and the Strolls prank people by making the eggs explosive. Whenever someone bends down to grab one, it explodes in their face, while the three boys laugh their arses off, well that is until they are getting pelted by eggs.

At the end of every summer the older campers get together to play drunk battle games with foam swords, padded arrows, armour made from cardboard and kitchen pots, and have chariot races with people pulling the chariots instead of Pegasus