travis marshal

After *almost* catching up on the adventure zone today, thought it was time to revamp my designs of these three! I thought Merle needed a little bird friend and I thought Magnus needed to wear Julia’s ring around his neck (not unlike my character Gordon, I just find them too similar woops), and I’ve seen not enough art of Taako wearing Colins Raging Flaming Poisoning Sword of Doom on his back, so I thought I’d add that. Anyways hopefully nobody else gets a tree arm in the next two episodes I haven’t listened too yet, These took a while!

i really think travis marshall is one of the best killers of the show but god damn it the finale of the 6th season is some fucked up shit!

dont misunderstand me it’s super awesome and i love it but i’ve seen it 2 times now and i still cant breathe its so hard AAAAAH DEBRA why do you go in this fucking church and WHY ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH YOUR BROTHER i mean ok who wouldnt. but seriously. fucked up shit