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Alicia Clark ~ caring about her family.

FTWD Characters and Just How Cinnamon Roll-like They Are!
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Travis Manawa
  • looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Victor Strand
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Thomas Abigail
  • looks like she could kill you and could actually kill you: Madison Clark
  • would probably die from eating too many cinnamon rolls: Chris Manawa and Ofelia Salazar
  • won't touch a cinnamon roll unless it's gluten free: Alicia Clark
  • sinnamon roll: Nick Clark

Y’all remember how in the very first season, Chris helped Alicia when crossing the fence and she punched him in the face? and NEVER apologized? we had a scene between Travis treating Chris’ bruise and talking him about accepting his new family

From the moment 1, Chris rejected the idea of a new family and Travis has forced this idea on him

Travis even sacrificed himself when Alicia came to rescue him, telling her to go by herself

The Manawas have ALWAYS been up for the Clarks, but they (SPECIALLY MADISON) have NEVER ever regarded them as part of their family. (exception of pretty little Nick u too good for this world)

Rememer how Madison blamed Liza when they took Nick away? REMEMBER THAT?

Remember how Liza asked Maddison to end her life, not letting Travis do it, and she didn’t fucking do it?

Remember fucking *everyone* risking their lives to save Nick in the first season? Remember that?

Madison Clark has always demanded everyone’s full devotion and loyalty but she’s given very little (to nothing) back to the Manawa’s. Daniel Salazar knows this too well and I think we are all being fooled cause we only see her point of view.

This entire show gives us the premise of the project of a family with obstacles. And maybe the answer is that blood always wins.

Being friends with the Clark family would include...

• being the “babysitter” for Nick and Alicia while Madison and Travis go out
• having sleepovers with Alicia
• referring to Madison as “mom”
• always being at the Clark home like 24/7
• helping the Clark’s look for Nick when he goes missing
• being the first one to visit him during his hospital/rehab times
• having a secret relationship with Nick and hiding it from Alicia
• helping Alicia and Nick accept Travis as the father figure
•family dinners

• being the voice of reason among the family
• being willing to lay down your life for any member of the Clark family
• spending nights on the deck of the Abigail with Alicia talking about the future
•helping Chris adjust after the death of his mom
•Nick being jealous because you and Chris became close
•protecting one another despite the consequences

Mr. Creepster part 2

Prompt – Reader, Alicia, and Madison are captured by Troy’s men and Troy takes an extra liking to you.
Warning – creepiness, one swear word
Words – 1111
Troy Otto x reader
Disclaimer: not much dialogue from main character

He was writing in that notebook while you were all asleep. Alicia was sleeping on the couch, Madison was sleeping on a couple of chairs and you were sleeping on the ground. You couldn’t stand sleeping on couches. You didn’t know why, but it was very difficult for you to do so which is why you chose to sleep on the ground. He looked up from what he was writing and up at Madison who was waking up. “Morning,” Troy said. Madison looked at him. “I didn’t want to wake you.” Troy seemed to be trying to play the friendly guy act. “Coffee’s warm.” Madison glanced at you and Alicia and then back to Troy. If you were awake you would tell Madison not to drink it whether or not she knew. That was something you could never be too careful about especially now. “What are you writing?” Madison inquired. It was a legitimate question to ask when you didn’t know what someone’s intentions were. “Just observations.” What could those observations be? You may never know, but you would want to find out. “Always been a bit of a nature boy. I mark things down that will matter later.” He takes a seat across from Madison. Just nature? More like his probable evil doings is what you would be thinking if you were awake. “Did we pass the processing?” Madison asked. What would it require for anyone to pass some type of processing nowadays? “Oh yeah, yeah. You passed with flying colors.” That would seem to be good news, but why were we separated from Travis? Was it because he might overpower Troy or for a different reason? “Did Travis?” Madison asked. “He’s a different criteria.” He pauses. Why would he be different? “I’m not a bad person.” Anyone who said that you believed was a bad person. “No one said you were.” Madison was playing into his game. She was playing into his hands, but maybe that was intentional. “Some have.” Of course some people said that. People would only say that if you did something that had to be pretty bad. “Are we being honest?” Madison inquired. Is honesty really key in this world? “Yeah.” Troy said. “Is Travis dead?” Madison asked. “It would hurt you if he was?” Troy asked. “I love him.” You knew how much she cared about Travis, but why was she telling him this? “You love his life more than yours?” Troy asked. “Yeah.” Madison said. As you were asleep their entire conversation had gone unheard on your end.

You started moving around as if you were tossing and turning. That wasn’t all. You seemed to be crying and sweating in your sleep which confused Troy immensely. Ever since your family was taken by the dead you always had nightmares about them. Well one specific nightmare, but it always haunted you. “Is she alright?” The question he asked sounded as if he was genuinely concerned about your well-being. It confused Madison a bit considering he didn’t know any of you. It might’ve seemed like Troy didn’t want to see you like this, so broken in a way. This time your dream had changed. It was mostly the same except for one tiny detail. Well it wasn’t really tiny. Not only had this man made his way into your life, but also into your dream too which was something you didn’t like. “She’s fine. She’s lost people like we all have.”

By the time you had woken up Troy was gone. You, Madison, and Alicia started planning on a breakout. For some reason Madison didn’t tell you much, but instead whispered in Alicia’s ear which is when you felt the pang in your chest. You felt hurt, but at the same time you realized Alicia was Madison’s daughter and you weren’t. You weren’t technically part of this family, but they were also the only people you had left. What was Madison even telling Alicia that she couldn’t tell you? You felt a sense of hurt and betrayal. Maybe she just didn’t want you to get hurt? That had to be it.

Madison came from behind the door and started attacking Troy. The knife was thrown to the side and Alicia tried to grab it, but Troy came up and hit her against the wall. Madison then ran over and began attacking Troy once again. She grabbed the spoon that was on the table and proceeded to stab him in the eye which left you shocked. You had no idea anyone could use a spoon as a weapon. You just stood there in shock not knowing what to do or say. You couldn’t even move. It was as if you were frozen to the floor. “You move you lose your eye. Alicia go find a vehicle that works. Find Travis I’ll come to you.” Alicia did as she was told and ran out of the room. “Stop moving. Stop it, just stop.” Madison said. You didn’t know why Madison didn’t tell you to do anything. You could be just as useful as Alicia. “Madison, what the fuck?” You finally snapped out of your shocked daze. It was weird seeing Troy with a spoon in his eye. It made you feel a little bad for him. “Madison, are you crazy?” Madison whipped her head to glare at you. You knew she didn’t like being called that, but it was what happened to slip out of your mouth at the time.

You and Madison walked out into the middle of the compound with the spoon still in Troy’s eye and people surrounded you with guns. “Where’s Travis?” Madison did her best to sound threatening. Well with a spoon in Troy’s eye looked pretty threatening. A young man came out although he did look a little older than Troy, looked at his brother and looked a bit freaked out. “Whatever my brother’s done, I’m sorry.” Madison wasn’t taking it. The young man told everyone to lower their weapons. The next thing you could remember was seeing Travis in a pit full of redead walkers. After Madison saw Travis she let Troy go. You wanted to cry, but you didn’t. You hoped Travis wasn’t hurt. You then saw Alicia, Nick, and that girl Nick ran off. You felt a bit relieved Nick was ok, but you did feel hurt and angry at him for leaving. The girl Nick was with seemed to be hurt. A part of you wanted to hug Nick, but another part of you resented him for what he did. At least you were all together now. What you didn’t know was what was to come next.