travis harley

Nico can’t remember what Bianca’s voice sounded like
Drew, Lacy, Mitchell, Valentina and the rest of the Aphrodite cabin can’t remember Silena’s voice
Will, Kayla, Austin and the rest of the Apollo can’t remember Michael’s or Lee’s voice
Nyssa, Harley, Jake and the rest of Cabin Nine can’t remember Charlie’s voice
Pollux can’t remember Castor’s voice even through they sounded the same
Chris, the Stolls, Cecil, Alice, and Julie can’t remember Luke’s voice and probably don’t want to
Annabeth had forgotten Thalia’s voice until Thalia was back

Because the first thing you forget about a dead person is their voice


Tired of living his daily routine, Scott has a dream of revelation that inspires him to voyage to Las Vegas on a search to find himself.