travis hallmark


Travis Hallmark
Austin Texas
Hasseblad 500 C/M | Canon 5D Mark III

Your personal projects called ‘Stories’ and 'The Alive Project’, tell me a little bit about them. What are they and what was your aim for them?

I studied photography at St. Edwards University and both of the projects spurred from self-developed assignments. However, The Alive Project is the one that I decided to carry out after school as a personal project for my portfolio. The Alive Project is a single portrait documentary project that asks people from all walks of life the simple question of, “How/When are you fully alive?”. The project has a simple foundation but creates a self reflection by each subject. I believe that in the full length of our lives we have certain times that we separate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of life, that is when we are fully alive. It helps people find truth and importance by asking a simple question. That is the idea behind The Alive Project.

Tumblr: @travishallmark
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Twitter: @thallmark24