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  • Griffin: It's by Yahoo Answers user The Christ Puncher, who asks, "How can I make horse not bited the cow? Three days ago, horse named Derek bited the cow my dad have. Then the cow not tell nobody, have big problems: Infection. The cow died. Bad horse maked the cow died when he are bited him. How make horse stop bited things?"
  • Travis: You know, there's such a common problem. Listen, cows - tell somebody. When that happens, you're the victim.
  • Griffin: See something, say something.
  • Justin: No one's gonna turn you into ground beef, they're gonna believe you.
  • Travis: You got bited.
  • Griffin: Well nobody wants to eat ground beef if it has big problems, vis-à-vis infection.
The Top 50 Albums of 2016

2016 was a massive year for music. Hip-Hop projects were phenomenal this year and the resurgence of R&B and consistency of Alt-Rock made a year when several big name artists released arguably their best albums. Here’s my top 50 (based on personal opinion and how much I replay them in my car, not lyricism or musicality.)

50. Yes Lawd! // NxWorries

49. Sept. 5th // dvsn

48. Ology // Gallant

47. The Colour in Anything // James Blake

46. 99.9% // KAYTRANADA

45. Skin // Flume

44. Freetown Sound // Blood Orange

43.Nothing’s Real // Shura

42. …and the Anonymous Nobody // De La Soul

41. Major Key // DJ Khaled

40. The Sun’s Tirade // Isaiah Rashad

39. Do What Thou Wilt! // Ab-Soul

38. Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends // A$AP Mob

37. Wild World // Bastille

36. Starboy // The Weeknd

35. Endless // Frank Ocean

34. Big Baby D.R.A.M. // D.R.A.M.

33. You Are Forgiven // MadeInTYO

32. The Perfect LUV Tape // Lil Uzi Vert

31. Stoney // Post Malone

30. Atrocity Exhibition // Danny Brown

29. The Divine Feminine // Mac Miller

28. Pain, Passion & Demon Slaying // Kid Cudi

27. Malibu // Anderson .Paak

26. Puberty 2 // Mitski

25. Still Brazy // Y.G.

24. Blank Face LP // ScHoolBoy Q

23. 3001: A Laced Oddysey // Flatbush Zombies

22. Majid Jordan // Majid Jordan

21. untitled unmastered // Kendrick Lamar

20. 22, a Million // Bon Iver

19. Slime Season 3 // Young Thug

18. Home of the Strange // Young The Giant

17. Weezer (White Album) // Weezer

16. Views // Drake

15. I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it // The 1975

14. Farewell, Starlite! // Francis & the Lights

13. Sremmlife 2 // Rae Sremmurd

12. Anti // Rihanna

11. Jeffery // Young Thug

10. Lemonade // Beyonce

9. We’ve Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service // A Tribe Called Quest

8. “Awaken, My Love!” // Childish Gambino

7. 4 Your Eyez Only // J. Cole

6. A Seat At the Table // Solange

5. Telefone // Noname

4. Blonde // Frank Ocean

3. Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight // Travis Scott

2. Coloring Book // Chance the Rapper

1. The Life of Pablo // Kanye West

anonymous asked:

Okay okay, a comics question non-controversial enough to not stir any pots up: who are your favorite artists to draw Steve? Who draws your favorite Tony? And do you have a favorite way for them to be drawn? I discovered recently that while I'm mostly okay with most of the ways Tony is drawn AS LONG AS HIS EYES ARE BLUE, I'm SUPER SUPER PICKY about how Steve is drawn. I prefer it when he's got big shoulders, yes, but he's also swim and looks like he's still quick and lithe. What about you??


So there’s actually 4 parts to this: who draws my favorite tony and steve, but also who draws my favorite iron man and cap.


Probably Leinil Yu. He’s just so PRETTY.

look how pretty he is. pretty pretty pretty.

I actually got the opportunity to meat Leinil Yu a couple years back and I was like “dude your Tony is SO PRETTY thank you.” and he was like “yeah I have this lady editor that keeps telling me the same thing so I guess I’m doing something right?????” SO. THERE’S THAT.

First runner-up would be Kev Walker, who draws a very fucking adorable Tony with poofy hair and sad face.

I’m big on Tony’s hair being thick and poofy. I’m not a huge fan when it’s drawn more Gandy-style, like Opena dose it. Opena’s an AMAZING ARTIST, mind you, I just like Tony with poofier hair xD

Sean Chen also draws a pretty adorable Tony

Iron Man

George Perez draws a pretty fun Iron Man armor. It’s not INSANELY DETAILED like how Charest draws it, but it’s also not as simple as like Jack Kirby era armor. It’s kinda a great balance between the two. Stylized and simple but still detailed

It also doesn’t have the INSANE THIGH MUSCLES lIke SOME iron man armors have. TONY.

Captain America

Probably one of my favorite technical guys is Travis Charest. I fall head over heels with how he draws the proportions of bodies and fabric. Like, you can actually TELL what fabric characters are wearing, short people actually LOOK short (his Wolverine is MY FAVE) and not everyone has the same body type! Anyway, I love how he does the Cap uniform.

Like the way he does the scale mail and the boots and the pants!! it’s just!!!! Super cool!

(Oh look I snuck wolverine in HE DRAWS THE SHORTEST WOLVERINE I LOVE IT)

Also he was drawing at a time back when helmet wings WERE STILL A THING <3

Agustin Alessio is a more current artist who has a similar style and really manages to capture the different textures of Steve’s uniform

Steve Rogers

OKAY so I’ve been TRYING to come up w an answer that’s not Leinil Yu but HAHAHA LEINIL YU

I mean those NIPPLES they’re like. Edible. So edible.

Leinil Yu just draws insanely hot dudes, like. Fact.

Stuart Immonen for first runner-up:

I mean. Damn. Look at that barrel chest. And those cheekbones. Heellooooo.


Matteo Buffagni


David Lafuente