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Scooby Doo Lost Mysteries by ibtravart

“Don’t Forget The Phantom Fisherman”- The gang tries to solve the mystery of a July 4th celebration phantom, who haunts the festivities by leaving cryptic notes.

“Scooby-Doo and the Malpractice Malice”- Scooby and the gang investigate a small town’s legend of a doctor gone mad. Will they get a clean bill of health or flatline?

“Scooby-Doo and the Consumer Affair Scare”- The gang gets locked in a shopping mall overnight, where they find shopping can cost you an arm and a leg!

“Scooby-Doo and the Slumber Blunder”- The gang’s sleepover party is threatened when an uninvited guest pays a visit. Will they count sheep or sleep with the fishes?


What if horror greatest villains were in former episodes of “Scooby-Doo”?

That question has been realized allegedly by artist IBTrav, who saw his Captain Spaulding art shared by Rob Zombie on his official Facebook page.

This spawned a series of responses sharing other pieces of art that put “Scooby-Doo” face-to-face with Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Ghostface, among many others. My personal favorite thing about the art is the creator’s animation touch – just look at Pamela Voorhees’s head drawn as if it were a hand-painted background that the animation cel would be placed over. This is super cool stuff.

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WHATTA SHOW yall!!! Still recovering from the fun that was Alyssa Edwards at Pulse Orlando last night. She was A-MAZING and such a damn performer. She pulled me up on stage to show off my “Why You Bein’ Cute?” design and even brought me a button with my design on it. SUCH a sweetie and a true star.
THANK YOU ALYSSA for making a most memorable night!!!

EDIT: Added a couple AMAZING shots from my friend Sheldon. Thanks Shel!!!

IB Trav is making "Scooby Doo" Horror Mashups into a book! Go fund it!

IB Trav is making “Scooby Doo” Horror Mashups into a book! Go fund it!

I had the great opportunity to chat with Travis Falligant about his amazing artwork and illustrations and you can read our interview HERE. What made me come across him, and many others like me, was his mashup of Scooby Doo characters intermingling with popular horror icons. The result was the type of mishmash mayhem that you only dare think about in your daymares!

IB Trav is now taking his…

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Fun with animated GIFs!!! I just made my first one yall!

I have to first say that I got the idea from an extremely talented artist I started following here on Tumblr. I am an instant fan! His name is William Reiss. Aside from his personal art Tumblr page, he also has another one dedicated to his animated gif brilliance. Follow him immediately!!!

Here is my first animated gif. I was watching The Craft today and really loved this small scene with Robin Tunney making her pencil spin on her desk. Crafty WITCH!

Wacom into Photosho