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16. James Blake, The Colour in Anything

15. De La Soul, And the Anonymous Nobody

14. Anderson .paak, Malibu

13. Young Thug, Jeffrey

12. David Bowie, Blackstar

11. Danny Brown, ‘Atrocity Exhibition’

10. Solange, A Seat at the Table

9. The Weeknd, Starboy

8. Childish Gambino, Awaken, My Love!

7. Travis Scott, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

6. Frank Ocean, Blonde

5. Kanye West, The Life of Pablo

4. Kendrick Lamar, Untitled Unmastered

3. A Tribe Called Quest, We Got It From Here…Thank You For Your Service

2. Kaytranada, 99.9%/Beyoncé, Lemonade (TIE)

1. Chance the Rapper, Coloring Book


Honorable Mentions

  • ·         Rae Sremmurd, Sremmlife 2
  • ·         Bruno Mars, 24k Magic

SPN Hiatus Creations || Week Sixteen: Subtext
 ↳ John Winchester did the best he could.
                                  subtext being his best was absolute crap.

I know we as the SPN fandom like our subtext to be of homoerotic nature, but I thought I try something different.
I’m not sure if this even qualifies. probably not.
but let’s all pretend it does

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Followers I'd Like to get to Know Better!

Followers I’d Like to get to Know Better
I was tagged by @caryl-is-everything !!! Thank you! 🤗

Name: Jamie

Nickname: JP, PJ, Peaches

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Taurus

Sexual Orientation: Hetero, but Melissa McBride though…

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Cat

Time Right Now: 3:29 pm

Average Hours of Sleep: Usually 6 or 7

Cat or Dog Person: Cat, but I adore dogs too

Favorite Fictional Characters: Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon, Penelope Garcia, Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster), Blake Hartt, Alicia McHugh, Beckett Taylor, Eve Hartt- ok all of the characters in the Poukeepsie book series, Jonathan, Nancy and the rest of the cast of Stranger Things

Number of Blankets: Is this something we should count? I don’t feel you can put a numerical count on warmth 😃But seriously I just took a peek around the living room and spotted 6. Don’t judge!

Favorite Singer/Band: The Closers

Dream Trip: European vacation

Dream Job: Working full time on my soaps and lotions, instead of the full time office job, then just making soaps and lotions on the side.

When was this blog created? A few months ago, I’m still a baby at this

Current Number of Followers: 63 - see? Baby 😜

When did your blog reach its peak? I doubt it will get much better than this, but I’m not too concerned.

What made you decide to get tumblr? I stumbled onto tumbler while read Caryl fanfics and got sucked in. I loved finding other people out there who love these 2 characters as much as I do! And since I haven’t found but one other person in my day to day life who has the same passion for them as I do, I came here to get my Caryl feels daily!

Tagging : @dixonscarol @grey-haired-queen-bitch @lovesdaryl @ourkidswouldbemartians @carylfeels @caryl-forever @rhinozilla @naughtywalkergirl @na-bruma-leve and hell whoever else wants to do this! I love getting to know people!


Been following this guy on YouTube for years. Every time I hear him sing I’m 15 again, with too much eyeliner on and my heart filled with angst

The Xodus: The Journal of Lumen "Sigma" Blake

I’d only bothered to shield myself off to change. Black skinnies, white tank, black denim jacket with a cloak-style hood. My combat boots. I loved those bitches. Quiet, flexible, bad-ass looking. Fuck yeah.


This wasn’t exactly the place I wanted to be. Emma was my mark. I was at least somewhat amused by the fact that Bobby had the insanity to assume we’d come to help him after that.. icy exchange we’d had at the school.

“I don’t assist traitors.”

That’s what those two fuckers had done. Them and everyone else we were going after. They up and abandoned the kids. The ones who needed guidance and safety. They left them high and dry without protection and leadership which was so desperately needed.

I abhorred these people for that.

My brother made pretty quick work of Angel, for which I was grateful. Sure, Adam could probably snag me out of his grasp if he had hold of me, but I didn’t want to take the chance that shit hit the fan. With Brainless Flyboy down, that left Bobby. 
There is a problem every teacher has with the best student. That student learns their mannerisms and tactics, and if you’re me.. Well, you learn how to weave around them.
Bobby taught me to do the only thing he could: freeze shit. This is where I had the upper hand. I was terrible at freezing things, but I could manipulate water like no other motherfucker could. And not only that, I had a pretty damn nice handle on boiling it. 

I’m just going to let you assume just how bad his instructions blew up in his face.
Well, not really. She’d sideswiped him with a six-foot wave from his left, and while it dazed him, it wasn’t really enough to do any damage, which was fine and dandy. Lu had no intention of hurting him with that. She just wanted him to move so she’d have something to play with.
It was when he returned the favour that shit got real.
It was pretty tame, really, the fist of ice that came shooting towards her, but it was enough to spark the seriousness in her. It was sliced clean through and left to fall where it would, steam arising from the temperature of the water blade she’d used.
The rest of the time he spent in that area was spent escaping the water “bombs” she left in his path. At least until the last series of three. The first was close, the second was too far.. The third? Right in the gut. A nice big snowball to the gut to stop him cold. He was an easy pin from there.
She had no concern for the damage done. I only hope you’ve learned your lesson, asshat. If not, I’ll see you again..
Except it wasn’t over.

“Now that we have your sorry ass.. Where’d he go? Where did Cyclops go?”
“And you.. call me a traitor?”
“I’m being nice. Where. did. they go?”
“Why should I tell you?" 
She held a finger over a spot on his arm, and a few pops later, there was a nice little burn mark. Boiling water.
"Because if you don’t.. You’re not going to get out of this alive. Where did they go?" 
Iceman was quiet for a few moments before he sputtered out an answer.
"Th-the moon. They went to the moon.”
If they had gone to the moon.. Well, they wouldn’t be there long, and where would they return to? Their little hide-y hole that wasn’t actually a great place to hide in. Utopia wasn’t very safe anymore, for anyone really. The kids that had been left were evacuated and sent to the Avengers Academy for that reason. With no one there to guard it.. well.. Anything could’ve happened.

My brother, Adam, and I made our way back to that little island that almost sank. And then..

We waited.