travis armstrong
Mustang Proposes to Hawkeye at AFO
This is really funny!! totally improv! it's great!

If you haven’t seen this yet…watch it with your eyes closed.

Hughes: Oh, get yourself a wife!
Mustang: Lieutenant Colonel Hawkeye
Hawkeye: Yeah?
Mustang: Would you do me the honour of being my wife?
Hawkeye: …I will think about it.

All credit to the owner of the video and the amazing English dub voice actors: Travis Willingham, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Sonny Strait, and Christopher Sabat.

Travis Armstrong (Julian’s father)

He’s an awkward kind of daddy, I think. Like, he loves his kid to bits, and there’s this whole ideal vision of parenting he’s got in his head, but he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it 100% so he wings it.

Y'know when Julian was growing, they said he got the boyish angles from his dad, and all the pretty came from his mom?

He has this “idea” of what parenting is loving his kid is part of it but in application of the theory, he stumbles along. It doesn’t help that he was so busy a lot. He was also Julian’s first director in his very first movie, so he thought it would be an “opportunity”, whatever the hell that meant.

I don’t know if it did anything "parenting" wise, but it sure made Julian bound and determined to prove he was their son in terms of performance.

And after Dolce had custody of him, they saw each other even less, so having Julian grown up a bit more, it was hard for him to find things to say or do for him.

………………..he gave him an assload of cash, though. Not that Julian needed it, but Travis thought he needed to “provide” for him, and all that so…

No really, you kind of don’t just hand your son a brick of bills amounting to fifty grand and your son laughs and is all, “what am I supposed to do with this?” and he’s all, “I dunno, buy things?" …..maybe he’s the reason Julian shops when he’s bored.

I know Travis meant for the best, but there had to be a reason Julian felt he had to nearly kill himself in method prep for a single role that Travis refused to give to him.

Travis didn’t give it to him because he didn’t think Julian would be right for the part, or that it was something Julian’s acting experience was up for. And Julian refused to accept that, "with all the stubborness that came from his mother,” or so Travis said after.