traversing the unknown


A Galaxy Far, Far Away Starkiller Base (OR-Kappa-2722)

A mobile planet that traversed the Unknown Regions, OR-Kappa-2722 was settled by the First Order, who used its mineral-rich core as the basis for its Starkiller superweapon. Cold and covered in snowy forests, Starkiller Base was prone to groundquakes and fissues after it was hollowed out for the weapon’s thermal oscillator. The planet was home base to tens of thousands of stormtroopers and First Order officers before its destruction by the Resistance.

Starkiller Base was the final resting place of Han Solo.

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Anya totally played a game of hide & go seek w/ Lexa's candles and now the Commander and her ducklings are traversing in unknown territory for the greatest challenge Heda has ever faced. Throw in Lincoln as well to stop Lexa from exacting "Blood must have blood" to avenge her candles. P.S. The show really should have centred around the Trikru and the other 11 clans (F the Skaikru).

This is canon.
Candle kru is in a journey to get tons of new awesome candles 🕯