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We Intertwined: Ch. 5

An Ignis Scientia Story

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Word Count: 1,668


Raine had always been an early riser. She liked watching the sun come up, liked to take comfort in knowing that she was able to exist for at least one more day. That was her motto as of late—just stay alive. It was a simple goal, she thought, but the more she travelled with that ragtag group of men, the more she wondered if it was actually achievable.

Raine had been with them for about a week. That first night, Raine had been having another nightmare. She relived the day that Clara had been taken from her, her tiny fingers slipping through her hand as Raine plummeted into the darkness below.

But then, it was the strangest thing—a voice pulled her out. She could barely hear it, but it was there. Someone was humming to her, a quiet lullaby, the voice causing the darkness to shrink away until she was bathed in the warmth of a bright light.

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i. I still yearn to live what could have been and traverse unknown waters for your affections.

ii. You kissed my forehead, whispered how much you loved me and promised that once you found yourself, we could one day try again.

iii. Maybe “one day” was your worst lie of them all.

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Title: I’m Still Waiting
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Challenge: Tarot Mentors by @rosaofswords
Week: Week One Of Three
Deck: The Wild Unknown
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Dark Horse Presents #24 by Geoff Darrow

Multiple Eisner and Harvey Award winner!
Dark Horse Presents #24
Caleb Goellner (W), Al Gordon (W), Carla Speed McNeil (W/A), Rich Woodall (W), Michael T. Gilbert (W/A), Dean Motter (W/A), Buster Moody (A), Bo Hampton (A), Craig Rousseau (A), and Geof Darrow (Cover)
On sale July 20
FC, 48 pages
This month, follow reluctant astronaut Brad as he traverses an unknown planet in the hilarious space adventure Slothed in Space, featuring the work of Caleb Goellner and Buster Moody!
Plus, all-new chapters of Al Gordon and Bo Hampton’s The Once and Future Tarzan, Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder: Chase the Lady, Rich Woodall and Craig Rousseau’s Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, Michael T. Gilbert’s Mr. Monster, and Dean Motter’s Mister X: Pokerface!
“Dark Horse Presents … is a must-read for any and all comic book fans, both casual and hardcore.”—


A Galaxy Far, Far Away → [46/∞] Starkiller Base (OR-Kappa-2722)

A mobile planet that traversed the Unknown Regions, OR-Kappa-2722 was settled by the First Order, who used its mineral-rich core as the basis for its Starkiller superweapon. Cold and covered in snowy forests, Starkiller Base was prone to groundquakes and fissues after it was hollowed out for the weapon’s thermal oscillator. The planet was home base to tens of thousands of stormtroopers and First Order officers before its destruction by the Resistance.

Starkiller Base was the final resting place of Han Solo.
Red Admiral
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Rating: General Audiences
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Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Fluff, Awkwardness, Sharing a Bed, canonverse, Not Canon Compliant
Series: Part 2 of The Heart Adventures


Shiro and Keith, along with the rest of the team, traverse the unknowns of caring for their hearts while awkwardly ignoring each warm pulse and steady beat that gives away their true feelings.

Ah! Speaking of telecommunication, listeners, I’ve been receiving some odd text messages. My phone claims they are from former intern Dana, who was trapped in the Forbidden Dog Park several months ago and is now traversing an unknown plane of space and/or time.

Here are some recent texts from her:

Found a mountain. Mountain’s not real? Huh!

Log those!

Dang it, lighthouse!

Sorry, stupid auto correct.

There’s a lighthouse up on the mountain, and atop the lighthouse a blinking red light.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 40 - The Deft Bowman

So my parents are long time stoners and hippies. Myself, a hashtag #GoodGirl type; stayed outta trouble with the law; stayed away from drugs like the plague (this includes pot), and even became super picky with friends after a while, never knew what they were doing when they disappeared to my dads room down the hall and would lock his door. 

Not until I was 16 anyway, when my dad completely shattered the idea that they were just smoking a whole pack of my moms cig stash by announcing where we were going and why.

Fastforward 3 to 4 years later, and I’ve been smoking regularly WITH my parents and fiance. 

Course thats not a story; but it does set up the stage FOR the story.

Two actually because this one is a story that, should I ever have kids of my own, that I will happily pass down as a sort of “Your mom is a wild hippie child and if you wanna be one too then you can”

The very first time I got stoned was with my mother, my father, and my fiance.

I had no idea what I was in for once the high hit.

I’m laying in our room, giggling my damn ass off at every single little thing, hungry as all heck but I have no idea what limbs are at the moment; much less how to USE said limbs, so I lay there, laughing at the ceiling.

My fiance comes in to check on me and he raises an eyebrow at me. I forget how our conversation went in the beginning exactly, but I can chalk it up to probably as follows:

Him: Honey are you okay?
Me: Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I’m fiiiineeee~!! -giggles-


Eventually, he mutters out something calling me a Ding Bat….and….

My stoner mind finds it to be the FUNNIEST fucking thing ever.

Dingbat I say? BATS DON’T GO DING! I yell.

We end up having a length discussion on whether or not the creature actually does go ding or not, and whether echolocation can be defined as such, until dinner is ready.

I can say without a doubt, I’m a lot better about it now. Unless I find something funnier then a bat that goes ding; then I might revert slightly.

Anyway, the second story:

My Fiance and I attended a family gathering; on sorrowful terms of course as a family member had just passed.

We met up with said family member’s friends, all of whom weren’t from here and we bonded relatively well. After a bit of hanging out with the family, my fiance, myself, and the trio of buddies consisting of two girls and one tall dude wander out to the forest based side of my Fiance’s Aunt’s home.

We have ourselves a little adventure.

We settle on hiking from the one safe pathway that we can, which is great to me, because being stoned and trying to traverse unknown terrain that could result in me DYING isn’t exactly how I wanted to die, though I digress.

The four who knew the deceased person all shared their accounts and stories involving them, inbetween the five of us stopping for a smoke break. We’d find semi smooth rocks to roll a joint onto, one of us would produce a lighter, and we’d just commune happily in our stoner circle.

For a girl who remotely was boring and did nothing exciting in her life; this was the first time I’d ever felt even an inch closer to the craziness of my family, especially of my parents who did every drug under the rainbow and would then go walking around the bustling city streets, or worse yet, driving. 

I was higher than ever and I can honestly say I miss having IRL stoner buddies other than my parents who will gladly toke and joke with me.

Thanks for letting the boring flower child spill her only two stories worth spilling!



Riaki glanced down at the piece of paper in her hand with a slightly unsteady hand and a small frown. Chammy had completely forgotten that his friend was going to get married soon. So while he went shopping around for a good tailor, as well as some proper wedding gifts for his friend, he had decided to send Riaki, one of his favorite student hunters, to check on Teo to see if he needed anything.

Despite knowing the Chameleos’s good intentions, Riaki still felt a bit unnerved by the whole experience. Even though she would be entering Teostra country, she was told that some Cool Drinks would be enough to protect her from the heat. She supposed that it would be in bad taste to show up in hunting gear, so she took Grandpa Chammy’s advice and wore nothing but a black tank top, jeans, and black shoes. She also made sure to put on plenty of sunscreen. In her purse, she stashed away some Cool Drinks and Mega Potions, on the off chance that anything went wrong.

After carefully traversing her way through the unknown territory, she came upon the large, extravagant house. She herself was used to such extravagance, being from a fairly rich family.

After a few small, deep breaths to calm herself down, she willed herself to walk up to the entrance and knock.