Best advice I've ever been given. Not that it's really what I'm having the problem with specifically. But still great advice haha.
  • David: someone you're with
  • is either going to cheat on you
  • or they're not...
  • and either way
  • there isn't shit you can do about it
  • in fact, there are only things you can do that will cause it
  • but nothing that you can do that will keep it from happening, if it's going to
  • therefore
  • trust, isn't about trusting someone not to hurt you...
  • it's about trusting yourself to know that hurt will happen, and you're ok with it.
  • once I really thought about these things, all feelings of jealousy and insecurity went away
  • because once you stop trying to think of ways to find out, to reassure yourself, to do things you think may stop someone from hurting you...
  • you stop worrying about it
  • now, this might all be bullshit, but I can def say that I'm now the least jealous, least possesive boyfriend I've ever been before, and I just relax
  • Me: That seriously is the best advice I've ever been given. I'm not kidding.
  • David: The point is I guess...
  • that you can't find out, you'll never know for sure, and if it's going to happen you can't stop it. So just know that you can control you're behavior, then the ball is just in their court.
  • I'm glad that makes some kind of sense, it makes sense to me anyways lol