Game of Thrones preference #1

How You Meet:

You were a girl from a small highborn family of the north, you were being fostered by ths Starks in Winrerfell and spent most of your time with lady Catelyn, however you ended up crossing paths with Jon on many occasions.

You were a lowborn girl of the North, however you lived just outside of Winrerfell and were out hunting one day when you came face to face with the young Lord of the North Robb Stark. From then on the to of you bonded and he began to help you hunt.

You and theon met when you were little in the Iron Islands on Pyke. You were so young and didn’t have much time together before he was taken to Winterfell. Since then you have been sailing you way hoping to find your childhood friend again.

You met when you and your father, a wealthy merchant, came to Casterly Rock in hopes of becoming trading partners with the Lannisters. Tywin has suggested that his son show you around and Jaime and you began to dtalk about each other’s dreams and wishes for the future. His being to become a knight and yours to travel the world.

In a strange and yet not so strange way, you met Tyrion by accident at a whore house in King’s Landing. Now you were not a whore. Instead you were a spy, to be more specific, one of varys’s little birds. Tyrion figured out who you were and instead of turning you in, you began to work for him.

You and Bronn met in a travern in the Riverlands. You both began to play a drinking game and let’s just say you didn’t spend the night alone that night. After that however you two began to travel together as friends and you then, with the help of Bronn, become a sellsword yourself.

You were a court lady, along with your other sisters, in King’s Landing. You were originally from the reach and had come to court after the Tyrells made a marriage pact with the crown. Since you were both in King’s Landing, you would sometimes see Pod, along with Lord Tyrion and Sir Bronn. You thought Pod was cute and asked Lady Margery about him and she insisted on introducing you two.

You were friends with his sister. When you learned about his green seeing abilities, you were fascinated. And when Jojen began having visions about Bran, you joined the Reed siblings without any hesitations.

You were a runaway slave from Yunkai. Tou had manged to escape from you master, but after days of running without food or water. You began to grow weak. So when slave merchants found you, you thought you were doomed. That was until a dragger flew into one of the merchant’s eyes. In short Daario saved you that day and told you that you would no longer be a slave.