On the one hand, an enviromentally-friendly coffee cup and lid made from recycled everything. On the other hand, a completely environmentally-UNfriendly plastic case – A CASE – to house a single God-damned muffin. Epic eco fail.

  • so i was standing at a metro station on the blue line and remembered that scene where francis shoves zoe in front of the train and wondered what station it took place in.
  • also there are two stations here with neat names: “shady grove” and “foggy bottom” and i also wondered if those places were actually shady and foggy, respectively.
Things I was too nervous to photograph whilst on my brief sojourn in Washington D.C.:
  • Myself in front of the Department of Justice
  • The Department of Homeland Security building
  • That “FBI Police” car parked at the corner
  • and the other FBI Police car also parked at the corner