Michigan’s Isle Royal National Park:

Out of the vastness of Lake Superior rises an island known more for its immigrant wolves and moose than for its splendors as a park. But the people who discover Isle Royale treat this isolated realm like no other park: Isle Royale visitors typically stay there 3.5 days, while the average visit to a national park is about 4 hours.

Most people get to the 45-mile-long island aboard a commercial or Park Service boat. As soon as they touch land in this wilderness park, they are on their own. They must pack in what they need and carry out their refuse.

This is rough, untamed country. Waterways may be fogbound and trails muddy. Blackflies and mosquitoes may descend upon hikers in swarms. And, because campsites cannot be reserved, a backpacker is never certain where the day’s trek may end.

“It’s not like deciding to drive into Yellowstone, see Old Faithful, and drive out,” a ranger says. In an entire year Isle Royale gets fewer people than Yellowstone sees in a day.


Last sunrise of our 15 day Rocky Mountain adventure. (Canyonlands National Park, Utah)

It’s amazing what you can do with an adventurous spirit and some time.

-Used for the first time.
-Hiked the Teton Crest Trail (37 mi.)
-Climbed Middle Teton
-Spent a day in Yellowstone National Park
-Got the Jeep stuck in Arches National Park
-2 days of Blue and Brews Festival in Telluride
-Climbed Telluride’s Via Ferrata
-Climbed Wilson’s Peak
-Didn’t spend money on housing
-Slept on 6 different couches (thanks friends)
-Spent 9 nights camping for free within National Forests/Parks and BLM property
-Over 2,700 miles driven
-Woke up to this^ beautiful sunrise in Canyonlands National Park
-My expenses: around $500

It’s sooo good to be young and free! Time to get planning for the next adventure… (at

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Camping in Portugal’s highest mountain range tonight. Serra da Estrela. The sense of freedom and adventure I’ve been dreaming of all year has finally arrived. I wouldn’t change these moments for anything in the world. I have no idea what I’m doing tomorrow, but I can only imagine it getting better. Goodnight :) #Travelstache (at Serra da Estrela Natural Park)

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Well I think I found the backdoor to #Petra, but it was getting too late and I had sandals on, so I couldn’t make the journey down through the canyon. I did however spot some Bedouin guys making music on a rock. I walked by them and smiled, they told me to come up for some chai and sunset. So I hungout with them for an hour or so. I’ve been dying to meet some bedouin (nomadic Arabic desert people), I’ve always heard such good things. I wasn’t disappointed :) Video being posted next… #Jordan #Travelstache (at Jordan, Petra)

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We pitched our tents in a deserted park in the mountains last night. Got woken up by a bull licking our tent. Serra da Estrela, Portugal #Travelstache (at Serra da Estrela Natural Park)

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