Just got home from a “travel” weekend!

  • Friday night: Ortigas { lost my Globe phone :’( }, Bulacan, back home 
  • Saturday: South to Alabang, then Muntinlupa
  • next Saturday: will invade Pampanga
  • will make a post sometime later
  • need to fix things for tomorrow X_X
  • I still need to wash that white tie that you see
Pahiyas Festival on May 14-15 plan, here's the short and skinny:
  • total budget: 1.5k is fine, preferably 2k (for pasalubong and contingency funds)
  • May 14 morning, Jac Liner WIFI (YES!!) bus to Lucena, then jeep/fx to Lucban
  • will stay at a dorm, 2 options both smack dab in the middle of town :). We’ll rent out for the duration of the festival
  • Prolly go around town upon arrival, option to go to Batis Aramin resort nearby (100 lang entrance, its a nice place!), then visit the Kamay Ni Jesus grotto with a gigantic Jesus Christ monument ala-Rio De Janiero on top of a hill
  • socialize/drink on Saturday evening, there’s a new place there thats ala-Central XD
  • May 15, go around and see the Kiping displays all around, perhaps get invited to a house or two (FREE FIESTA FOOD! sana.. :P)
  • afternoon, around 3pm the Carabao procession and stuff will start, FIESTA TIME!
  • around 6-7pm leave Lucban for Lucena, will get to Manila around 10-11pm 

I need to get a headcount ASAP, deadline is by next week though preferably you guys will respond earlier so I can reserve the dorms already.

TA me if you need any more specific details, I’ll be posting a more info regarding the trip by tomorrow when I fix the media and info I got from last weekend’s trip =)


Say a little prayer whenever you're on your commute..

In your commute whenever you see someone who looks a hellluva lot stressed,
the type that seems to be lost in the sea of their own troubled thoughts,
offer a little prayer for them.

A small prayer to ease the burden of the thoughts running through their minds,
so that when they get home may their minds clear up
and may they rest easy
even just for tonight.

A little act of kindness you can pay forward everyday..

Pahiyas Festival on May 14-15, who's game?

I’ve been planning this trip for the last 3 years, and I’m trying to keep the budget to around Php 2,000.00 per person. Of course the more people who’ll join, then cheaper the trip will be.

Heres a simple breakdown of the expenses

  • 500-600 bus (roundtrip, most prolly with Wifi) from Manila to Lucena, Quezon 
  • 120-140 fx shuttle from Lucena to Lucban, Quezon
  • ~500 for the room, 5-6 people per room 
  • extra funds for going to the other tourist sites and PASALUBONG!

Don’t worry about the cost for food, it’ll be cheap in the province, and hopefully some really hospitable townsfolk would welcome us into their homes to feast come Sunday! =)

Just in case you don’t know what the Pahiyas is, here’s a quick summary.

Pahiyas Festival

Lucban is pretty much synonymous with the famous Pahiyas Festival, celebrated every 15th of May – and it is this Philippine festival that made Lucban a must-see destination for those exploring the decadently multicultural and multifaceted country that is the Philippines. The festival dates back hundreds of years long before the arrival of the Spaniards and started out as an animistic ritual for the locals to honor their gods for their bountiful harvest and believing that celebrating this great fortune would ensure another bountiful year ahead.

External image


The highlight of the festival is a procession along the streets of the image of San Isidro Labrador, to ensure the people’s bountiful harvest in the coming seasons. The procession features a pair of giant papier mâché figures of a farmer and his wife. This is followed by the image of the patron saint and his wife Sta. Maria de la Cabeza, who carries a basket with triangulo biscuits, which are given to the children during the procession. This culminates with generous sharing of food among the townspeople.

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All the locals’ houses are decorated with agricultural harvest (fruits, vegetables, rice grains, rice stalks, flowers, and ferns) and colorful rice wafers, called kiping. These thin wafers made from rice dough are usually arranged into two or three layers of chandeliers called aranya. The locals use different kinds of leaves to add flavor and color to the kiping. They also produce varieties of tastes and textures by using different ingredients such as kabal, coffee, talisay (umbrella tree), cocoa, and banaba leaves.

Each house tries to outdo each other in decorations in an annual competition as they vie for the honor of being recognized for their creativity. After the competition is over and the awards are handed over to the owners of the winning house, the decorations of the house will be thrown away to the huge flock of people as free treats. For the other houses, after the festival, those kipings that were used as decorations are cooked and eaten as rice chips. Also during the festival, the people display their harvest in front of their homes so that the parish priest can bless them as the procession passes by.

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The Japanese are really proud of their trains. The PNR has revived the Bicol Express trip to Naga but I can only wish for our train lines to be even just 25% as good as Japan’s, given that it’s their old trains that we use. 

le sigh..