I Still Get Panic Attacks

by reddit user -del2phi

When I was 16, my family lived in the middle of nowhere in the desert outside Barstow, California. There wasn’t much to do there, especially in the Summer when it was too hot to go outside, except in the early morning. But this one weekend, there was a small traveling circus/fair thing passing through.

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Circo Kin, a small family circus living a nomadic life throughout Mexico, pitching their tent in dusty fields in small towns of rural areas. Small family circuses have been part of a long tradition in Mexico, but recently, with the ban of animals in circuses, their precarious existence has been jeopardized, animals being the main attraction for the public.

© Florence Leyret Jeune

concept: dan and phil get totally wasted in vegas in celebration of dan’s birthday. they end up drunkenly winning the jackpot, getting caught by the FBI, escaping, stealing a helicopter, crashing into area 51, escaping again, and then traveling with the circus. this is it. the story of What Really Happened In Vegas has finally come true.