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natgeo photo by @chamiltonjames / Charlie Hamilton James - Ayhua with her pet monkey. Ayhua is from the Awã, indigenous people of the eastern Brazilian Amazon. Her family came out of isolation in 1989 and she has lived in ‘contact’ ever since. Some Awã remain in voluntary isolation in the state of Maranhão and are considered highly vulnerable as threats to their land, particularly from logging, are considerable. The Awã like to keep wild animals as pets but seem to have a particular love of monkeys - many Awã women keep small tamarin monkeys as pets and often keep them on their heads.

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Name: Talya
Age: 19
Country: UK

Hello! I’ve never had a penpal before but I love meeting new people. I would say I’m a very open minded person having grown up in a multi cultural home I’ve been very open to new and different ideas/backgrounds.
I am currently studying Film, International relations and Japanese at university. It’s a lot! I am in no way a film snob don’t worry. I love to read very much it’s my favourite thing to do, I’ll read anything as long as it intrests me, I’ll be very cliché and say I love love Harry Potter. I’ve dabbled in quite a few of the arts such as painting dancing acting… I would say I am quite average at most things and absolutely crap at a lot of things while being good at a couple of things. I love to travel, to pet animals and eat food. Massive foodie right here. Netflix is a hobby of mine.

Preferences: +18 preferd I swear a lot. Don’t contact me if you’re racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti anything, sexist, misogynistic or into animal cruelty. Do contact me if you are open minded! Any country, any religion any background I am interested in meeting new and different people. Any kind of mail is fine I would initially like to start off with email or tumblr message.

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I bet you didn’t know that the Giraffe as a species is in serious trouble since populations have plummeted by nearly 40% in the past two decades across Africa.

Why? Well, it’s mainly due to major habitat loss, habitat degradation, and population fragmentation, worsened by illegal hunting and human population expansion. At the end of 2016, the Giraffe was uplisted on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species from “least concern” to “vulnerable”. While other African animals such as the rhino and elephant are known to be threatened worldwide, the Giraffe has not gained much attention at all and is silently slipping towards extinction. What no one realizes is that there’s actually less Giraffe than there are elephants…
Rigorous conservation efforts will need to be undertaken in order to restore declining populations. Greater awareness of this issue is the first step.