Chateau hunting in Belgium.

A rainy day in Belgium meant only one thing to us, and that was to find and photograph some of the famous abandoned mansions that clutter the vast, open countryside here. We’d been researching these for several months, getting increasingly excited about the prospect of finding some in a relatively good condition. Unfortunately for us, this was not the case. We spent a few days seeking out the places we’d been researching and almost all of them were completely dilapidated upon arrival. It’s always a shame to see such majestic buildings that once held so many memories, stories and history laying in a state of disrepair.

This particular building was the only one we felt safe enough to enter and although the top levels were impassable, we felt it still had something rousing about its nature.

Built in the late 19th century and known as Chateau Rouge, this grand building had been laying abandoned since 2006. It’s been used as a children’s rehabilitation centre, a hotel and its grounds are currently used as a paintball zone.

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