Anyone who’s ever traveled in South East Asia will know the very distinctive smell and warming effects of Tiger Balm .

I just recently got a new pot as my last bought on the infamous Khao san road back in 2001 had finally run out .

If your new to Tiger balm it has a very strong smell and is kinda like Deepheat but less creamy , its an excellent warming balm for any muscle related issues and is often used in Thai massage.

Its also great when liberally massaged into the temples for headache relief or gently applied under the eye to aid watering of the eyes to relive dry eyes but do not put it in your eyes !!! or anywhere sensitive .

It can be lightly rubbed on the chest as a decongestant balm when suffering from a cold . It can also bring relief to mosquito bites and also acts as a great deterrent for mosquito’s/ midges and other biting insects as the smell really puts them off but is less harmful than DEET  and contrary to the name it absolutely contains no tigers .

Lonely Traveller part 2

…is in its final stages of editing and proofreading. It took me about one and a half years to write it. Sometimes I got stuck and let it rest, until Inspiration would come back, and it always did. I could live inside that book for the rest of my life, it’s a beautiful world. And if you liked part 1 you will most likely enjoy reading part 2. I knew the expectations would be high after so many liked my first book, and I didn’t want to disappoint….

greetings, Sereno