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Norway day 1 - Our Mission on our first day in Norway was to drive to Lysebotn and make the hike to Kjeragbolten!  we asked the guy who worked at the car rental what was the easiest way to get there and he told us to get a ferry and then drive… So without really knowing where to get the ferry or how to even get to the city centre we decided to just follow the first signs we saw.. 

We managed to get to the centre and found the ferry, while we drove closer  we saw that the men who worked there were waving their arms and shouting something in Norwegian.. so we drove quickly in the ferry without knowing if it was the right one! Turns out it was, and when we got to the other side we just typed in ‘Lysebotn’ on the GPS and started to follow the instructions.

The roads were very VERY narrow and we were going up and down through the mountains sometimes waiting for sheep to get out of the way (they weren’t scared at all, just very curious) We drove for about an hour like then until we reached a dead end in front of a river. Then came the realization that the GPS had driven us to out doom. It wanted us to get a ferry… but the next ferry would be in 4 hours. And we wouldn’t be able to start the hike. 

I was very disappointed and a few minutes later another car drove to this dead end too and the couple that was inside asked us when the next ferry was.. They were from France so we explained to them in French the mistake we make and turns out they had done the exact same thing…

So we focused on the positive aspects… getting this long winding road to the river allowed us see some amazing scenery, plus we did another hike close by to Pulpit Rock :)