anonymous asked:

Do you have advice for autistic people and traveling? Specifically getting through airports? I am traveling soon and it makes me uncomfortable just to think about it.

I hope you have a good trip! Some things that might help in an airport are as follows:

  • Headphones/ear plugs/ear defenders- bring along some kind of noise-blocking device whether that’s headphones with music playing, those little orange ear plugs, or ear defenders. This should help cut back on sensory input which should make things a little easier
  • Sunglasses- if you’re light sensitive, sunglasses can really help with blocking out the bright lights of an airport. 
  • Comfort item- bring a comfort item with you whether it’s a stuffed animal or anything else. Even if it’s an item that’s “weird” or not “age-appropriate”, bring it with you. Most people at the airport are too preoccupied with their own travels to bother with what someone else has with them. Just make sure your comfort item is permissible on an airplane. 
  • Stim toys- stim toys can help you regulate your senses and emotions which can really help in a crowded airport. 
  • Plan ahead- if you’re able to, look at a map of the airport to know where bathrooms are and other things you may need. This way, if you need to escape for a minute you won’t have to worry about figuring out where things are. 

Followers, does anyone have any other advice?