Nova and Connor’s Excellent Adventure

Who knows where this adventure will take our two lovers friends next???

OK, 1. The skin color is off, I know, 2. you may need to click for better quality

This little number is for good guy @mrevaunit42, based on a lil’ conversation Mr. E and I had a LOOONG time ago, so yes this is a tiny bit late xD

i feel like im in my element hangin onto the back of a ute travellin down the bush track on the way to nab some firewood. a true blue aussie country boy


GÉMINIS: Gods And Monsters

“No one’s gonna take my soul away, I'm iving like Jim Morrison. Headed towards a fucked up holiday. Motel, squeeze, squeeze, and I’m singing; Fuck yeah, give it to me, this is heaven, what I truly want, It's innocence lost, Innocence lost. In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel, Lookin' to get fucked hard. Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer, Life imitates art. You got that medicine I need, Dope, shoot it up, straight to the heart please. I don't really wanna know what's good for me God's dead, I said 'baby that's alright with me'.”

LIBRA: Radio

“Not even they can stop me now. Boy, I’ll be flying overhead, Their heavy words can’t bring me down. Boy I've been raised from the dead. No one even knows how hard life was, I don't even think about it now because I've finally found you. Oh, sing it to me. Now my life is sweet like cinnamon Like a fucking dream I'm living in, Baby love me cause I'm playing on the radio (How do you like me now?)


I belonged to no one- who belonged to everyone, who had nothing- who wanted everything with a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom that terrified me to the point that I couldn’t even talk about- and pushed me to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzles and dizzied me. I've been out on that open road. You can be my full time, daddy, White and gold. Singing blues has been getting old, You can be my full time, baby hot or cold. Don't break me down, I've been travellin' too long. I've been trying too hard with one pretty song. I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast, I am alone in the night. Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble, but I've got a war in my mind. So, I just ride, Just ride, I just ride, I just ride”


*might not 100% accurate. compiled from various source


Make a wish upon a star
Anything you want is ours
Get your mind chilled, get on it.
From the mic to radio
Universally explode
Illuminating the whole world

Just like a star in the night
We gon’ light up the sky
Come on come on, get in, jump on
We guarantee to be headliners standing in the spotlight
Cuz’ you know that we were born to shine
((We were born to shine))

We are lighted up
Everybody knows we were born to shine
((Born to born to shine))
You and I all know from our head to toe
We were born to shine

We were born to shine x2
‘Till the end of time
We were born to shine x2
‘Till the end of time
((Born to born to shine))

We fulfill your fantasy
Push the button and you’ll see
You’re the one in - in control
From the show to the TV
Gonn’ be travellin’ overseas 
Illuminating the whole world

Just like the stars in the night
We gon’ light up the sky
Come on come on, get in, jump on
We guarantee to be headliners standing in the spotlight
Cuz you know that we were born to shine
((We were born to shine))

We are lighted up
Everybody knows we were born to shine
((Born to born to shine))
You and I all know from our head to toe
We were born to shine
((Born to shine))

((Born to Born to shine))

Put your hands up swing like a yoyo
Going up and down round like a pogo
SHINee wanna piece of salvation
Uh oh Uh oh it’s our illumination
Do you think there’s a way out
Can’t you see there’s no way out
Baby we’re about to blow

((Born to Born to shine))

We are lighted up
Everybody knows we were born to shine
Born to born to shine

You and I all know from our head to toe
We were born to shine

We were born to shine x2
‘Till the end of time
We were born to shine x2
‘Till the end of time
Born to born to shine

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The Aftermath || Seamus & Ray

The house was an absolute tip. Apparently Reilly thought it appropriate to throw a house party while Ray and Seamus were away for the weekend. The couple had just returned home, tired from their travels when this scene greeted them in their living room. Red cups everywhere, half empty cans of beer and liquor and a very questionable stain on the couch. 

“God fuckin’ dammit” Seamus whispered under his breath, knowing that Ray would blow a gasket if he saw the mess. Seamus quickly closed the door to the living room making a mental note to ground Reilly later. As soon as Ray was in the door Seamus grabbed him by the hand. 

“C’mon Darlin’ lets get to bed eh? It’s real late like an’ we been travellin’ for a long time. Ya know all tha’ drivin’ you should probably sleep eh?” He said, gently pulling Ray towards the staircase. 

make an au based on a fuckin cosplay u doin 4 blizzcon cuz ur trash: novel by bitey t villain

do u have any idea how fuckin cool gilnean bikers would be tho. travellin out in packs w some alpha in a big fuckin muscle car leadin a few bikes that flank shit, with a dozen or so others on faster bikes that run whoever theyre chasin down. flankers cut em off n the alpha runnin em down are u followin me on this

top that shit off w obnoxious fuckin accents n a rumor that the gilnean packs may or may not be actual werewolves n u got an a+ murder gang

pie’d def. be a runner tho bein all for speed n chasin shit but fuck drawin bikes tho

ultimatedorkgurl10  asked:

septiplier request: soulmate au where whenever your soulmate draws on their skin, it appears on your skin

It’s a bit short but I decided to write it while bored in chorus .3. I like thenidea sorry if it seems sloppy ;0;

Jack is an artist, Mark is an engineer student.
One day Mark sits back in his class, half asleep from his teachers lecture. He knows he paid for these classes, but with his part time job at TGI Fridays, he always ends up showing to class exhausted out of his mind. The tips are usually nice though, so he keeps the job. As hes about to place his head down, a stroke of paint showed on his arm. He held back a small noise of shock, looking at the sloppy blue paint of his arm.

He thought he didn’t have a soulmate. He remembered sitting in class as a child, and since kids loved to draw on themselves to find their soulmate if they were at the school, Mark never got that leisure. He wasn’t allowed to draw on himself, since his mother always said, “They’ll find their soulmates and end up with ink poisoning and die before getting to be with them.” And then she’d go on and on. He loved his mother, but it wasn’t really fair.. His brother got to draw on himself.. Well, he was older and better at hiding things. So throughout all of Marks life, he just never bothered with it. And since nothing appeared on him, he figured god didn’t give him a soulmate anyways.

But today proved him wrong. He figured the stroke was a mistake, because there werent more. Maybe his soulmate was a painter? He imagined a young woman with long brown hair, blue eyes drawing away on a large canvas. Maybe she drew of space, it would be nice to have a soulmate as much into space as he was. He loved space, stars, the idea of travelling into deep space one day to explore other galaxies.. The lecture was over before he knew it, and he had been daydreaming the whole time.. He grabbed his brown shoulder bag decorated with anime and video game pins, and headed out. His brother was usin his car right now, so he had to wait until he returned…. With a small sigh, he decided to wonder around the building, being quiet as to not bother any classes going on.

A few moments later, more paint on his arm. Splatters. Then, he saw more on his arm. It seemed this person was now just straight up painting on their arm for laughs probably. They were extremely talented.. He sat in the hallway, and watched as the person drew. His arm soon became a beautiful canvas, decorating a bluish-red galaxy with stars and unfamiliar planets. It was pretty.. He got up again, and his mind wondered. He wondered if they had an accent.. He really loved accents. Maybe a british one? Maybe they were foreign? A russian girl would be cool, even if they are scary. Like, scary hot. He lauged at the thought. As Mark walked, he passed by the art room. He had friends in there, artsy type kids. Marzia, Arin.. There was also Jack, who was on the other side. He peered through the window to see what they were doing.

It appeared they had started some paint war. Who could draw the most on themselves. He chuckled. He pulled down his sleeve, as it was a bit cold in there. He opened the door, dropping his bag down. Arin immeadiatly wrapped an arm around him. “Mark! Worst timing, but hey!” He chuckled, tossing his paint brush aside.

Mark shrugged, “Class was over, I thought I’d visit. Hey Marzia, Jack.” He greeted the others. Both of them greeted him with a hug. They Mark got settled, “What are you guys doing in here anyways?”

“We were having a race. Best drawing on the arm, fastest time.” Marzia explained. “Felix is gonna be so annoyed seeing more drawing on his arms when I get home, eheh.” She giggled softly.

Thats right.. Marzia and Arin had their own soulmates. Him and Jack didn’t have any as they knew so far. “I wanna see!” Mark enthused.

Marzia held her arm up first. She decorated her arm with sweets and pinks and purples. It was really pretty. Then Arin, who had decorate his arm with video game references. Zelda, MGS, among others. He then looked to Jacks and– Oh.

“A.. Galaxy..?” Mark mumbled quietly, seeming shocked, and embarrassed. His face had started turning red, and he felt queasy even.

“Err.. Ya, tha’s what I decided ta draw.. You alright? Ya lookin’ pale, Mark..” Jack mentioned, and Arin agreed, seeming concerned.

“Hey hey–” Arin grabbed him again and lead him to sit down. “–Are you feeling sick again or something?? I can take you to the nurse again if you need me too..”

“Um.. N-no, sorry, I zoned out.” Mark looked up to Arin with a smile. “They’re all really nice!” He seemed to have collected himself now.

Later that day, Mark messages Jack.

M: Hey. You busy?
J: Mm.. Not particularly. Just need to wash up. Whats up?
M: Don’t. Just meet me.
M: Like, now.
M: Outside the building, by the library.
J: What??
M: Just do it.
J: Jeez
J: Fine.
J: If youre planning a prank or something, I swear to god Mark.
J: I’m heading there now.

Mark fiddled impatiently leaning on a collum holding up the library, sighing softly. He saw Jack make his way over. While he was almost there, Mark rushed forward and grabbed him, wrapping his arms around him tightly. He felt like he was going to throw up, he was nervous, embarrassed, and awfully clingy at the moment….

“Ack– Mark, what’s gotten into ye?!” Jack asked feverishly quick and surprised. He wrapped his arm around him and patted his back gently, albeit a bit awkward.

“Jack.” Mark started with his name, “Would you travel space with me?” He asked, “If we had the chance to go to space together. Would you?”

Jack moved away, putting his hands against Marks chest to get away from the hug. “Huh?? What kind of question is that..?”

“I want to know.”

Jacks face flushed slightly. “Erm.. I mean.. Travellin’ space would be really amazin’.. And I’d love'ta do it with my dear friend,”

Mark looked into Jacks eyes and gave him a patient smile. “You didn’t wash your arm, did you?”

“I.. Didn’t, you told me to just head down here.” Jack answered, still lost. Why change of subject?? Was it to do with the galaxy drawing????

Mark released his grip around Jack. “I found you.”

“You.. Wait,” Jack almost seemed to catch on, but Mark cut him off with a kiss. He stared, eyes open from the initial shock. He didn’t ever think Marks lips would’ve been so soft, so easy to.. Kiss, and fall into. He tilted his head, and closed his eyes, softly returning the gentle, sweet kiss.

Mark pulled back. “Sorry.. Um, I wanted to see.. If it was as nice as people say. And it really is.” He pulled up his shirt, revealing the same painting up Jacks arm had also appeared on his.

“I.. I was startin’ t'think..” Jack murmured, being stopped by Mark,

“..That you didn’t have a soulmate?” Mark finished his sentence. “I.. Thought so too.”

Jack chuckled gently, holding to Marks hand, and looking at his own artwork on Marks skin. Yeah.. It was the exact same. “So.. Uh,”

“..Yeah. Um,” And just like that it got a bit awkward. “..Would you like to go on a date?” Mark smiled more bigger, brightly now. His eyes curved like cresants and his teeth showes

“Yeah! .. Ah, after I change.” He chuckled, looking down to his paint covered garment.

“Of course.. Tonight? I’ll get you.”

“That would be great.” Jack adjusted his hat, and waved him off. He’ll see him tonight.. Finally having found a place for him. He never felt more happy than now.

fuckin… up aw nite… watchin eh telly… the usual. sun comes up so its time tae get eh heid doon. just ready tae crash oot when jeremy kyle comes oan. its lookin lit a good wan so a sets it tae tape… n oots a go lit a light. so it gets tae midnight n a wake up pure chokin fer a joint pure lookin forward tae ma jeremy kyle… goes tae stick it oan… fucks this? went n recordied the wrang channel! endied up recordin some weans program! burd wis lit that: were gonnae make spaceships ootae cerdboard boaxes n fly tae the moon! a wis lit that: aye right… but then a starts gettin tuned intae it, starts gettin ideas… n a wee voice in ma heid says: deedee… were daein this. were gawn tae the moon. were gawn tae the moon… thenight. so a pauses it n a batters oot n a raids the bin shelters fer cerdboard boaxes… managed tae get a belter ae a boax! kinda cerdboard boax ye could build a real spaceship fae! nevermind a pretend wan made oot a cerdboard boax… anywiy a gits back tae cape canavril n wur ready fer launch. but no afore av hid some rocket fuel. a banana skin triple tardis bucket upside doon oan ma couch. nae need fer a spaceship a wis awready oan pluto! but a gets in anywiy, as captain ae the starship deedee. fuckt oot ma nut. press play oan the remote n the burd wis lit at: three… two… wan… liftoff! a wis lit at: here! the burd wis lit at: look below it aw the people theyre tiny! n they wur! av loast eh plot man… then shes lit at: look oot! martians! pair ae us tryin tae shoot these daft wee martians… but a wisnae used tae man nor beast in ma state! then she goes: were nearly there we just need tae get thru the asteroid belt! a wis lit at: youre jokin! if a knew it wis gonnae be this much hassle tae get tae the moon a wouldae stiyed on pluto! but then she goes… weve made it! looks aroon… n there it wis. the moon. a gets oot, starts walkin aboot lit an astranaut…. played a bit a golf… took pure big jumps that went oan forever… burd wis lit at: lets go back home noo! a wis lit at: yous go oan ahead! n a switched eh hing aff n a went travellin eh galaxy masel. takin in the sights… investigatin new civilisations… n new technologies… a even bumped intae this guy fae neptune! but a wisnae fightin we were organisin stuff… treaties n’at… n he tolt me the lassie on the telly hud it rang cos the martians are dafties n huvny even been in space yit! thought she wis makin at up… anywiy, a saw the sun rise again so a bid um farewell. a set the controls for earf… n a put masel intae suspendied animation… n when a woke up a wis back. home sweet home. back oan terra firma.

til nixt time.