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Reflection Unknown 1

Chapter One: Awakening Son
Location: Clone Wars, Planet Unknown

A/N: Some of this was seen in a snippet previously posted, but after working on the story as a whole, some edits were made, and the chapter was written entirely.

“General Skywalker?  Sir?”

Luke jerked awake, the surface under him jerking, and then tipping over, dumping him onto a hard, uneven floor.  He leaned forward, rubbing his forehead as it started to throb.  Had Wedge taken him drinking last night?

“General, are you okay?”

“What?”  Luke turned, frowning, he was about to say that he wasn’t a General, but his actual surroundings came into focus and he couldn’t find the words.  He was in a tent, and there was a man standing just inside the front entrance, with short, light colored hair.  He also wore stormtrooper armor.  Luke went very still, not willing to let on that his heart rate had sky-rocketed and what sleep had been fogging his brain was now barely a memory.

“General Skywalker?  Sir?” The man said, “Are you okay?”

“I-,” Luke shook his head slightly, trying not to react to the armor and noticing that the man was not hostile, only concerned.  He also took in that the man had blue stripes on his armor, as well as something he thought was called a kama.  In the Force, he realized that the man was concerned about him, but he was also familiar with him.  This man that Luke could have sworn he’d never seen before knew who he was, a kind of recognition that Luke was used to seeing in Wedge and the Rogues, or even Han sometimes.  

“I don’t know.  What happened?”  Luke made himself ask.

“Besides you falling out of bed, sir?  You said you were fine yesterday, you weren’t even bleeding.”  Now the man looked almost terrified.

Luke untangled himself from the bed, then froze, staring at his hands. One of them was metal, a black and gold design that was aesthetically pleasing, but it was still a metal hand.

“Sir,” the stormtrooper said, bringing Luke back to the present.

“Sorry, I, sorry,” Luke said, finishing his fight with the covers and standing up.  “I need a few minutes, please.”

“Are you sure, sir?  I can get Kix.”

Luke hesitated, wanting to ask who, or what, ‘Kix’ was.  “Just, give me a moment, please.”

The stormtrooper hesitated, suddenly suspicious, but he nodded and stepped out of the tent a moment later.  Luke watched the flap slid shut, certain that he’d be meeting ‘Kix’ soon, whether he wanted to or not.

Glancing around, Luke saw a sink with a mirror over it.  He hurried over intending to splash water on his face, only to stop as he caught a glimpse in the mirror.  Dark blond hair with a lot more curl to it than Luke had ever had, blue eyes that were at least a little familiar, and a scar that ran from mid-forehead over his eye to his cheek.

It was not a face he knew, definitely not his own, but the stormtrooper had called him Skywalker.  General Skywalker, but still Skywalker.  Glancing at his body, noting the scars that littered his bare torso, he quickly turned, looking for clothes.

All he found were dark clothes that vaguely looked like what Ben had worn on Tatooine.  He’d never worn anything like them, but he recognized the shirt and pants, and hoped he could wing it about the rest of what looked like a uniform until he figured out what was going on.  He did find a lightsaber though.  It was in the mess of blankets he’d picked up after straightening up the cot.  Holding it in his flesh-hand, Luke couldn’t help but wonder what sort of person slept with a lightsaber.  It seemed a lot more dangerous than the vibroblades the commandos slept with, or the blasters that Wedge and Hobbie kept under their pillows.

“General, are you feeling any better?”

The storm trooper was back, but standing outside the tent this time. Luke put the lightsaber on the cot, and moved away from it.  Whatever was going on, he thought he should at least tell this person who knew his face.

“Not exactly, would you come in please?”  Luke called.

For a moment, he thought it was the same man, but then he realized that this man had darker hair, still short cut, with lightning bolts shaved into it, and a tattoo above his ear that read ‘The only good droid is a dead droid.’  His uniform also had blue, but he lacked the kama and shoulder armor the other man had worn.

“General Skywalker?”  The man said.

Luke closed his eyes and took a steadying breath. “So, there’s something wrong, and I don’t know how to explain it.”

“What do you mean, sir?”  The man said.

“Just, bear with me a moment.  When you say General Skywalker, who are you speaking of?  What is his first name?”

“General Anakin Skywalker,” the man said, “sir, are you having trouble remembering something?”

Luke held his hands out to the side, “I remember everything about my life in near perfect clarity.  There is only one problem here.”

“Sir?”  The man said.

“My name is Luke Skywalker.  This is not my face, and this is most definitely not where I fell asleep last night.  I don’t know who Anakin Skywalker is, although we might be related through my grandmother, Shmi Skywalker.  I swear, I don’t know what happened, and I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

The man frowned, but before he could say anything, the tent’s flap was yanked open and the man with the lighter hair and kama from earlier stormed inside, looking pissed but felt terrified.  Luke wondered if his name was so well known now that the stormtrooper had recognized it and was going to kill him or arrest him for it.  He didn’t want to hurt anyone, but he’d left the lightsaber there for a reason.

“Rex,” the second storm trooper said, both concerned and irritated.

“I was listening outside,” ‘Rex’ said eyes, and blaster now trained on Luke.

“So, does medical privacy not mean anything to you?”  The man snapped, irritated.

“It’s the General, or not as the case may be,” Rex replied, “Of course I was going to keep an eye on things, Kix.”

They didn’t recognize his name, Luke realized.  Whoever they were, wherever he was, they hadn’t heard of Luke Skywalker, the Rebel pilot who had killed Governor Tarkin, and whatever else had shown up on the wanted notice after that.

“Hey,” Luke said, catching their attention, “I’m sorry, I don’t, I don’t know what’s going on, or how this happened, or who you are.  I just want to solve this without causing any trouble for your General Skywalker.  Is there anyone you can think of who might be able to help?”

The two exchanged glances, and Rex sighed, “General Kenobi’s on the Negotiator, we can get him down here to figure this out.”

“Kenobi, do you mean Ben, no, Obi-Wan Kenobi?”  Luke asked, frowning.

“You know General Kenobi?”  Rex demanded.

Luke stepped back a bit at the intensity of the storm trooper’s demand, “I- kind of?  Not really, but, I knew of him.”  Rex looked at him and Luke felt very much like he did when one of the other Commanders caught him floundering over something they considered basic.  “When I was growing up on Tatooine, they called him Ben Kenobi, he was a wizard and a hermit who lived in the Jundland Wastes.  But, I don’t think we know the same Kenobi, because Ben died on the Death Star.”

“What Death Star?”  Rex asked.

Luke blinked, “The Empire’s big super weapon, it destroyed Alderaan? Even stormtroopers should have…”

“What are stormtroopers?”  Kix asked, then waved his hand, “Never mind.  Let’s get General Kenobi down here to speak with you.  Whatever’s going on, the General’s a Jedi, he can figure it out better than us.”

“We need to keep this quiet,” Rex said, “the men will panic if they think something’s really wrong with the General.”

“Medical emergency,” Kix said, “that hit yesterday was worse than we thought. We’re getting the General in because it’s General Skywalker, if you want to keep him in Medical OR take it easy, you get Kenobi to sit on him.”

Luke scratched his jaw a moment, “So, am I just going to stay in the tent?”

“That might be best,” Rex said, “although you might want to finish getting dressed.”

Luke ducked his head, rubbing the back of his neck, “I don’t, I’ve never seen, uh, how?  There’s a lot of layers.”

“You’ve never seen a Jedi’s uniform?”  Kix said after a moment.

“The only Jedi I ever met was Ben,” Luke said quietly.  “The Empire… most of them died a long time ago, like my father.”

“I know we both have questions,” Kix said, “but we need General Kenobi fast.  Captain, would you be so kind?”

“Right,” Rex said, “I’ll be back with the General.”  He hesitated a moment, then left.

“So,” Luke said after a moment.

Kix smiled, “I’m the Chief Medical Officer, in a medical emergency I outrank everybody and our General suddenly claiming he’s a completely different person counts.  I don’t know if you’re our General and that hit to the head messed up something I couldn’t detect yesterday, or if what you’re saying is true.”

Luke nodded as he crossed his arms, then uncrossed them, “Are you, is there somewhere you need to be?”

“No,” Kix shook his head, “I’ve already seen to the evac of our worst wounded, and those that are left have orderlies to keep an eye on things.  Do you need anything, are you hungry?”

Luke considered, then shook his head, “Not at the moment, I, uh, I hit my head yesterday too.  I was, well, I was trying to follow a lightsaber exercise Ben taught me before-,” he paused, swallowed, “before he died.  I kind of fell down half a flight of stairs. I wasn’t feeling well, so they were keeping me in medical overnight.”

Kix nodded, “Would you consider trying to eat?  General Skywalker has a habit of not eating when he should, and I know those bugs he eats can supplement what our food, but he’s lost some weight he shouldn’t have.”

“Bugs?”  Luke said, “I thought, they said, weren’t Jedi raised at the Temple?”

“Not the General, he grew up on Tatooine,” Kix said.

“Oh,” Luke said, he shrugged, “we didn’t have to resort to bugs often, not after I was old enough to pull in my share, but that’s not unusual.”

“How about we just try for some bread, and maybe soup,” Kix said after a moment.  “I’ll be back in a moment.”

Part Two

Before you watch this video, read below and then turn the volume up, close your eyes and listen with your heart.

A young Rohingyan Boy reciting the Quran in a Malaysian jail cell.

Its reported that he fled from the violence and oppression of his tribe to Malaysia, and has been arrested many times for not having legal travel documentation.

The verses He is reciting in this video are from Surat Al-Qalam 11-28

11: [And] scorner, going about with malicious gossip

12: A preventer of good, transgressing and sinful,

13: Cruel, moreover, and an illegitimate pretender.

14: Because he is a possessor of wealth and children,

15: When Our verses are recited to him, he says, “Legends of the former peoples.”

16: We will brand him upon the snout.

17: Indeed, We have tried them as We tried the companions of the garden, when they swore to cut its fruit in the [early] morning

18: Without making exception.

19: So there came upon the garden an affliction from your Lord while they were asleep

20: And it became as though reaped.

21: And they called one another at morning,

22: [Saying] “Go early to your crop if you would cut the fruit.”

23: So they set out, while lowering their voices,

24: [Saying] “There will surely not enter it today upon you [any] poor person.”

25: And they went early in determination, [assuming themselves] able.

26: But when they saw it, they said, “Indeed, we are lost;

27: Rather, we have been deprived.”

28: The most moderate of them said, “Did I not say to you, ‘Why do you not exalt [Allah]?’ ”

I’ve had this on loop ever since I heard it.

May Allah reunite him with his family and grant him goodness and ease. May allah grant him hasanah and barakah and make him one of the inhabitants of Jannatul Firdaus.



Reflection Unknown 8

Yeah, it’s been a while, but this shook loose during my ‘inspiration/Tumblr’ middle of the night stuff so enjoy!  Also, that quote REALLY came from Christopher Reeve, not Shmi.  But tell me, isn’t it really a good quote to use here?



Anakin stared at Artoo, who had refused to leave him alone once the medical tests were done.  Rex had asked him to stay here until this ‘Fulcrum’ showed up, whoever that was, and Anakin had agreed.  Considering that Artoo had pulled out both his electric prod and his saw when Anakin hesitated, it was probably a very good thing.

The doors to the medical bay opened and Anakin looked around, only to freeze.  A tall Togrutan stepped into the room, at her belt were two lightsabers.  She was dressed almost like a smuggler but when Anakin looked in her face, he knew.


“How did you know?” The Togrutan said, sounding puzzled, but detached.

“Didn’t- didn’t Rex explain?”  Anakin asked, turning on the bed to face her fully.

“Assume he did not,” Ahsoka said, “and explain it to me.”

Anakin rubbed the back of his neck, then flinched and let the hand, flesh and not metal, drop into his lap.  “Well, I don’t know how to explain this, because when I went to sleep last night, I was on that planet who’s name I couldn’t pronounce because it lacked vowels and any reasonable order of consonants.  You were on the Negotiator because something about that place set your montrals ringing and gave you a migraine.  We’d just driven off a bunch of Seps, but I’d knocked myself in the head.  Then I woke up here in this medical bay, and Artoo’s mad at me, and Rex got old, and this is not my face although it apparently belongs to somebody named Luke and I think Artoo said he was my son, but I’m so confused and I don’t know what happened.”

Ahsoka blinked, then tilted her head slightly, “So you think you’re Anakin Skywalker.”

Anakin snorted, “I know who I am, ‘Soka.  I’m a person and my name is Anakin.”  He knew Ahsoka wouldn’t get the reference, but from the short beeps from Artoo, he thought the Astromech did know.

“All right, so say you are Skyguy,” Ahsoka said.  “And you’re right about the timeline, tell me something that only you and I would know.”

Anakin considered for a moment, closing his eyes to sift through months of conversations.  “How about when I said, ‘You’re reckless, little one.  You’d have never made it as Obi-Wan’s Padawan, but you might just make it as mine.’”

“Too easy,” Ahsoka said, “try again.”

Anakin tilted his head slightly, then he grinned, “Obi-Wan’s ship, the Negotiator, was originally Independence, and you and I got the IFF changed and the registry updated as a prank and nobody ever fixed it.  And the real reason it was called the Negotiator was because the IFF wouldn’t accept The Walking Disaster.

Ahsoka grinned, “Now that, I can believe Anakin would never tell anyone.  After how upset Master Obi-Wan got and all.  So, what the kriffing hell, Skyguy.”

“No clue, Snips,” Anakin said.  He gestured, “I mean, I can use the Force, and… if I didn’t know this wasn’t my face, and well, my arm, I would have accepted this was my body.”

“Your arm,” Ahsoka frowned, then her eyes widened, “That’s right, Luke has both of his.”  She half-reached, “May I look?  Maybe there’s something,” she hesitated.

Anakin grinned, “Sure, you’re a Knight, right?  Or are you a Master already.”

Ahsoka stepped back slightly, her eyes suddenly sad, “Not, not exactly, Master.  But, I can explain after I look at you.”

“Okay,” Anakin said. He reached out to take Ahsoka’s hand and carefully relaxed his shields.  It took a moment, but then Ahsoka was there, her presence was as bright and as strong she had ever been. The Force flowed over him at her direction and Anakin suddenly realized that she did remind him of someone else.  It had been so long since he’d even considered it, but Ahsoka’s touch was not all that different than the ones that Qui-Gon Jinn had used during that long-ago sandstorm and dinner.

After a moment, Ahsoka’s presence faded back and Anakin opened his eyes.

“Qui-Gon Jinn, Skyguy?” Ahsoka asked with a shyly pleased smile.

Anakin shrugged, “That’s just who you reminded me of.  What’s the verdict?”

“Well, there is definitely a secondary Force presence, but it is very weak.  It’s almost unnoticeable.  Other than that, you feel very much like Anakin Skywalker.”  Ahsoka said as she released Anakin’s hand.  “And if that means you’re here, where is Luke?”

“On planet, with Obi-Wan and Rex and Cody, and, well, you to look after him,” Anakin said.  “You know Obi-Wan, he’ll pull us out as soon as he realizes there’s something wrong and keep me safe until he figures it out.”

Ahsoka nodded, “I can see that.”

Anakin tilted his head slightly, “Ahsoka, can you explain what Artoo’s been trying to tell me?”

“Like what?”  Ahsoka asked.

“Secrets,” Anakin said, “babies, and Padmé.  And something about dying.”

Ahsoka glanced at Artoo, “Does he really remember that?  I would have thought…”

“After the first time Artoo got kidnapped, we wrote some new protocols.  Artoo and I, that is,” Anakin said, “I mean, we’re not quite done, back home. I haven’t gotten everyone I wanted keyed in.  And after that fiasco, I didn’t want Artoo to be wiped or his memories copied.  I was planning to do the same for C-3PO.”

Ahsoka’s smile was sad, “I don’t think you got a chance, not for Threepio.  And I would guess that baby means Luke.”

“Okay,” Anakin said slowly.

“Come on, I should let Rex know that you’re, well, you, and then we should have a long talk about what’s happened in the past twenty-odd years,” Ahsoka said.  “It’s not good.”

“Maybe not,” Anakin said, “but when I get back, maybe I can fix it.”

Ahsoka turned to look at him, and for the first time Anakin really saw his Padawan in this mature and powerful Jedi Knight.  “Maybe you can at that.”

Anakin eased off the bed and glanced at Artoo, “Are you going to let me leave this time?”

Artoo whistled cheerfully, proclaiming his innocence.

“Then it was some other maladapted glitch that was threating me with a saw and an electric prod?” Anakin asked.

Artoo’s response, while still cheerful, made Ahsoka gasp in outrage and Anakin laugh.

“So, does Luke speak binary?”  Anakin asked, glancing Ahsoka.

“I-I don’t know,” Ahsoka said, “I haven’t actually met him yet, I’ve been… away.  Rex might know, or Princess Leia.”

“Who?”  Anakin asked.

“Leia?”  Ahsoka said, “The tiny girl with the braids?  She reminds me of Sabé.”

“Oh,” Anakin said, “I didn’t exactly speak with her for long.  She’s a Princess?”

“Princess Leia Organa, of Alderaan,” Ahsoka said.

“Bail and Breha had a daughter?”  Anakin asked, “I remember, Obi-Wan mentioned that there had been a miscarriage.”

“She’s Luke’s age,” Ahsoka said.

Artoo whistled cheerfully.

“Babies?  Again?”  Anakin shook his head, “Look, let’s get Rex to unlock your memories and then you three can get me up to date.”

The medbay doors opened as Ahsoka approached, and a young man stumbled through, barely managing to catch himself.  He pivoted and shouted through the doors, “Chopper!  I’m going to dismantle you!”

“Ezra,” Ahsoka said.

The young man turned, and grinned, “Hey Ahsoka.  Sorry, Chopper’s being a pain.”

“It’s all right,” Ahsoka said, “did Rex get everyone caught up on events?”

“I think so,” Ezra said, “I mean, if by events, you mean that someone’s taken over Skywalker’s body, and really, that sounds more like a joke.”

“No,” Anakin said, “very much not a joke.  At least, it’s not a joke on you.” When Ezra’s gaze turned on him, Anakin realized the kid was Force Sensitive, trained, and an Empath.

“Ezra Bridger, Padawan to Kanan Jarrus, this is Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight.  Yes, he’s currently inhabiting Luke Skywalker’s body.” Ahsoka said.

Anakin Skywalker?”  Ezra asked, “Rex’s General?  Hero With No Fear Skywalker?”

“Hero with no fear?” Anakin asked Ahsoka.

“You’re not there yet,” Ahsoka said with a smirk, “but it was fairly accurate.”

Anakin shook his head slightly, because there were a great many things he was afraid of.

“Ezra, what,” an older man stuck his head in, and hesitated, taking in the three of them.  “I’m sorry,” he began to pull back.

“Nonsense, Kanan,” Ahsoka said fondly, “We’re just on our way out.  Anakin, this is Kanan Jarrus, Ezra’s Master.”

Anakin tilted his head slightly, frowning.  Kanan looked like he was a couple of years younger than Ahsoka, which meant that Anakin should have recognized him.  He’d pulled a few rotations of creche assistant before the war.

“You probably would know me as Caleb,” Kanan said awkwardly.  “Caleb Dume.”

“Oh,” Anakin said, now recognizing the boy inside the man, “I’m sorry.  I remember you now.  You were in the Healer’s Hall when I stopped by for my immune boosters a few weeks ago, trying to visit Master Bilaba.”

Kanan blushed, “I, uh, I did, yes.  She… she was my Master, after she woke up.”

Anakin leaned against his bed at relief shot through him, “She- she did wake up then?  That’s good.  I know everyone was worried about her.”

“She did,” Kanan said, although he looked sad as he said it.

“Kanan,” Ahsoka said, her voice brighter than it had been, “Anakin’s going to go back.”

“Back?”  Kanan repeated.

“Back, to before, before all of it.  We can, he can fix this,” Ahsoka said.  “We can fix it all.”

“As much as possible,” Anakin swore, “everything you can tell me.”

The hope in the air made Anakin feel dizzy, as it came not just from Kanan and Ahsoka, but the people now crowding behind Kanan in the doorway.  A Twi’lek in goggles and a jumpsuit that screamed PILOT to Anakin, a Lasat who was clearly trying to remain cynical, a girl in brightly colored beskar’gam, and behind them Rex, with two clones flanking him, and the girl Ahsoka said was Leia Organa, as well as a man Anakin hadn’t met yet who was flanked by a Wookie.

For the first time in a long time, Anakin remembered his mother with immediately fighting the tears. He could hear her voice, not torn with pain, but younger, warmer, filled with love.  “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

DC CW tv show openings:

Arrow: I spent 5 years on an island… lol jk no i didnt

Flash: I am the fastest man alive… lol jk no im not

Legends of Tomorrow: They will become Legends… lol jk no they wont

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Hey, thank you for all the work you do on your lists and refs- you're amazing! Do you have a list of time travel fics?

Time Travel AUs

Everything is either complete, a one shot or active right now. no abandoned fics. time travel includes cs movie style fics, doctor who aus, kid-goes-back-in-time and cs time travel in canon verse 

Disney’s ‘Sword in the Stone’ rp starters
  • “You fiendish _____, you!”
  • “Hang it all! Hang it all!”
  • “A dark age indeed!”
  • “No electricity.. no.. nothing!”
  • “Oh now what?!”
  • “Everything complicated!”
  • “Now, let me see. (She/He) should be here in.. half an hour.”
  • “Heh. we’ll just see.”
  • “If I ever get my hands on you.. I’ll ring your scrawny little neck so help me I will!“
  • “Go on, it’s your skin not mine!”
  • “There is is!”
  • “Oh, so you did decide to drop in for tea after all!”
  • “You are a bit late, you know.”
  • “I beg your pardon?!”
  • “Now you must forgive (him/her), (she/he)’s only a _____.”
  • “I happen to be a _____, a ______, a _____!”
  • “Would you care for sugar?”
  • “Manners manners manners! Guests first, you know that!”
  • “Oh, oh yes that’s very good! Yes, yes.. AH- NO NO NO NO NO!”
  • “When, when - blast is all - WHEN!!”
  • “Impudent piece of crockery!”
  • “You can’t grow up without a decent education.”
  • “Very well! We’ll pack and be on our way!”
  • “But sir, I don’t have any problems!”
  • “See, that’s the trouble with the world today.”
  • “I don’t have any muscle!”
  • “But I don’t have the time!”
  • “Ohhh the devil take it!”
  • “After all, I took (him/her) in..”
  • “Now look here _____, what’s the idea of gallivanting off into the _____ and worrying the living daylights out of everybody?!”
  • “And I most certainly agree!”
  • “Oh come off it man! Gadzooks!”
  • “What the devil are you up to?!”
  • “Alright, _____, turn it off! I’m convinced!”
  • “But if (he/she) thinks (he/she) can get rid of me, I’ve got news for that old walrus!”
  • “Something tells me you’re all wet!”
  • “I’ve got big news from ____! Big news!”
  • “..I’ll turn you into a human!”
  • “You wouldn’t dare.”
  • “I will, so help me I will!”
  • “What’s all the big news about _____?”
  • “To the winner of this tournament, goes the crown!” (good for a royal AU)
  • Perhaps if you’d knuckle down to your studies!”
  • “Can’t you remember one blasted thing?”
  • “Now just a moment!”
  • “You keep loosing your grip!”
  • “It’s a highly developed science!”
  • “I intend to cheat, of course. Use magic.. every last trick in the trade, if I have to.”
  • “That’s easy, I’ve done that lots of times!”
  • “Now if you please, I say good day to the both of them.”
  • “When he stays out all night, he gets grumpy.”
  • *Bonks on the head with a stick*
  • “So, you thought you could take right off like a shot, didn’t you?”
  • “You have to your brain, for a change.”
  • “That’s what makes the world go ‘round!”
  • “____, I swallowed a bug!”
  • “Don’t just wait, and trust in fate.”
  • “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
  • “Ohhh you big bug-eyed bully you!”
  • “Who? Me?”
  • “No sense in going around and insulting bulfrogs.”
  • “No no! Now’s your chance _____! Prove my point!”
  • “Did you get the point?!”
  • “What in.. blazes?!”
  • “What in thunder is a monster like that doing in the ____?!”
  • “How in the world did you ever get out of that mess?!”
  • “I did nothing of the sort!”
  • “He/She’s either out of (his/her) head, or there’s something fishy going on around here.”
  • “What did I tell you? Look before you leap!”
  • “Don’t take gravity too lightly or it’ll catch up with you!”
  • “Well, that’s nature again. But, I’m afraid there’s no time to explain.”
  • “oOOhhh.. leave me alone!”
  • “Impossible.. Impossible!”
  • “I tried to tell you.”
  • “You know (lad/lass), that ‘love’ business is a powerful thing.”
  • “Just because you can’t understand something it.. it doesn’t mean it’s wrong!”
  • “You make all the rules and no one else can say anything!”
  • “All that popping off just cooked your goose.”
  • “That’ll teach you to pop off, you little pipsqueak.”
  • “I’m sorry.. I spoiled everything.”
  • “… Universe?”
  • “Fist, I want you to read these books.”
  • “What? What? And I don’t suppose you don’t know how to write?”
  • “I have NOTHING to do with your future-istic-fiddle-faddle!”
  • “I am about to prove otherwise if you care to watch!”
  • “I never.. Never in my..”
  • “I have been there! I have seen it!”
  • “I’ve always dreamed about flying.”
  • “Then I suppose everybody’s dreamed about flying.”
  • “Alright, (Mr./Ms). Know-it-all! He’s YOUR pupil!”
  • “You’re a natural!”
  • “Sounds like someone’s sick! How lovely! Something dreadful!”
  • “_____ changed me with (his/her) magic!”
  • “I find delight in the gruesome and grim!”
  • “It comes easy to me!”
  • “Want a bet?”
  • “I win I win!”
  • “So my (boy/girl)… I’ll have to destroy you.”
  • “I’m mad about games.”
  • “I’ll take care of you later, feather-brains!”
  • “ (He/She) only makes rules so she can break them!”
  • “A fine monkey suit for polishing boots!”
  • “And I thought you were going to amount to something. I thought you had a few brains!”
  • “I.. left it back at the Inn.”
  • “Better leave it alone!”
  • “Not come on quick, let’s get out of here!”
  • “Yes! Prove it!”
  • “Looks like we’re surrounded, (boy/gir).”
  • “One big modern mess!”
Reflections Unknown Chapt 2

Chapter 2: Medical Awakening (Rebel Alliance)

For @thefreelancerdivision, because of the excellent advice provided as I finished this.


Anakin had not fallen asleep in the medical tent.  He knew he hadn’t.  He’d gone back to his tent after letting Kix make sure he wasn’t bleeding from getting hit in the head.  There had been a message from Padmé about the latest bill on clone rights that he’d seen before going to bed.

Also, there were too many echoes for this to be the medical tent.

“Commander Skywalker should be waking up soon, Captain Antilles,” someone, a woman, said, sounding slightly exasperated.  “I know you have a mission this afternoon, but we won’t know until he wakes up if he’ll be able to participate.”

“I understand that, Doc,” a man said, sounding like he was trying to sound patient, but not quite managing it.  “I’m just checking up on my friend, okay?  He fell down a flight of stairs with a lit lightsaber.”

“He’s not permanently injured, Captain,” the Doctor said.  “He may need a day or two to deal with the concussion, but that’s all.”

“I’ll come back later then,” the Captain said.

“We’ll call you if there’s any problems,” the Doctor replied.

Anakin listened as one of them, probably the Captain, left.  He wondered who that was, it didn’t sound like anyone he knew, and whoever Commander Skywalker was, well he had a lot of questions.  His mom had told him once that they were the only Skywalkers left.

“Alright Luke Skywalker, I already know you’re awake.”  A hand fell on his ankle and Anakin jumped, almost levitating himself straight off the bed as the woman laughed.

Anakin opened his eyes and looked around.  While he didn’t actually recognize the room. He’d seen enough ship side medical bays to recognize yet another one.  The woman with her hand on his ankle was wearing light colored clothes under a dark vest with symbols he didn’t recognize.  While there were other beds in the room, it didn’t seem like many of them were occupied.

“Commander Skywalker?” The woman said.

Anakin turned to look at her, “Me?”

That was definitely not the right response from the way the woman’s open expression closed and something akin to fear flickered in her eyes. Anakin considered his options, because he really didn’t want to go the Kenobi route of mind tricking her.

Instead, he started to stand up, and instead fell as his knees gave out, and a harsh, throbbing pain announced itself in his leg and his hand.  Anakin glanced down and nearly froze, because he had two hands.  Hands that were a little lighter than his usual skin tone.

He was jolted out of his surprise when the woman, a medical person of some sort, grabbed him. “Dammit Luke, do not reinjure yourself. You fell down a kriffing staircase yesterday, remember?”

“Sorry,” Anakin murmured, closing his eyes and letting a wince show, “Sorry, my head.”

The woman relaxed a little, “You did get knocked about.  I need to check you over and then we’ll get you some painkillers.”

“Not…” Anakin began, hesitating because he didn’t know if he was still allergic to anything.

“Don’t worry, Luke,” the woman said, “I wrote your allergy charts, remember?”

“Not really,” Anakin muttered.

“Well that’s worrying,” the woman said, “do you, do you remember anything?”

Anakin blinked, and remembered, head injuries could cause memory loss.  “I don’t, I don’t know you, and I think I should.”

The woman looked briefly devastated, “My name is Ryoo Naberrie, I’ve been your medic of choice for five months, Luke, ever since you joined the Alliance.”

“I’m sorry,” Anakin said, “I don’t, what else don’t I remember, Ryoo?”  He kept his eyes on the ground, hoping it would help hide his expression.  He knew a little girl named Ryoo Naberrie, and he desperately wanted to ask if they were related.  Whatever had happened, whatever was going on, if he could just contact Obi-Wan, or any of the Jedi, he knew this could be taken care of.

“Don’t worry Luke,” Ryoo said, putting her hand on Anakin’s knee.  “We’ll get this sorted out, I promise.”

Anakin nodded, then winced again.

“Let’s get that painkiller,” Ryoo said and walked away.

Anakin leaned over a little and stared at his hands, marveling again at the sight of two flesh hands.  He’d adjusted well enough to his own loss, had learned so much about micro-mechanics in redesigning it to fit his ideas, but he’d always quietly mourned his loss.

“All right Luke,” Ryoo said, “here’s the painkiller.”  Anakin glanced up, surprised, and managed not to flinch when she jabbed the hypospray into his arm.  “Now, I want to do a quick series of tests to see what’s going on in that brain of yours, especially since you’re experiencing memory loss.”

Anakin hesitated, he wasn’t sure what kind of tests this woman had planned, given that she wasn’t a Force sensitive, and what her scans would tell her.

“Luke, if I can’t find out what’s wrong, I can’t clear you for missions.  As it is, I’m already grounding you from the today’s mission.”

Anakin made himself nod, “All right, let’s do this.”  He really didn’t want to be tested.  It recalled memories of his first years at the Temple, when he’d been in medical every month, it felt like, either for more blood tests about his midichlorian counts, or to treat whatever illness he’d contracted because they’d thought he’d already been inoculated for it.

“I’m going to get a chair,” Ryoo said, “I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself.  And don’t worry, this won’t take long.”

Anakin nodded slightly. “Actually, could we stop by the refresher?”  He tried not to blush at the implication as he shifted slightly.

“Of course,” Ryoo said, “no worries.”

Getting into the chair, and getting to the refresher wasn’t that bad.  Anakin hadn’t been forced in a chair like this before, but he was grateful that she let him go in the ‘fresher on his own.  He was shaking when he approached the mirror over the sink, staring with wide eyes at the face that looked back.

Luke Skywalker might have been close to his own age, but he looked younger, somehow.  He had blond hair that was worn long and was the same light blond his own had once been.  What did surprise him was the similarities, in particular, they both had rich blue eyes.  A quick check, and Anakin determined that the only scar he had was on the right front of his torso, down where it might be for a burst appendix or some such medical purpose.

“Luke, are you ready?” Ryoo called.

“Coming,” Anakin replied. He tugged his clothes straight and took one last look at himself before he turned and opened the door.

An older gentleman with a bear stood there, blaster pointed at him.  Anakin put his hands up freezing.  Behind the gentleman was Ryoo, looking nervous but resolute.  He glanced back at the man.  The man was wearing a black shirt with a camo vest over it that had several pockets, and a pair of pants that carried over the darker brown from the vest.  He had a second blaster at his right hip.  The bear was black, with a tan face and with tan and light brown stripes that ran from her spine down to her stomach.  It stood about even with the man’s waist on all fours, and looked to be just as ornery as the man.

“I don’t know who you are,” Ryoo said, “but you are not Luke Skywalker.”

“What, what do you mean?” Anakin asked, trying to determine the best path out of this situation.  If he stayed and confessed, what would happen, versus him running.  For a moment, he thought about how staying would mean that he would have to convince them that he wasn’t lying or crazy.

“Don’t play games with us,” the gentleman said, and the bear growled, as she dropped her head slightly and hunched her shoulders, as if making herself appear bigger.

He could run, Anakin thought, if he got far enough to lose them, he could find his way to somewhere he could hide.

“You don’t want to run either,” the gentleman said, one hand dropping down to rest on the bear’s shoulder. “You won’t be able to lose Division or me.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Anakin said and leaped.  He went over the bear’s head and landed lightly.  The room before him was his starting point, a dozen beds, less than a quarter with patients.  Anakin sprinted between beds, heading for the door.  It opened just as he reached it, and a woman in a white gown stepped through. Anakin didn’t quite manage to avoid her, but he did keep from knocking either of them over.

“Luke, what are you doing?” The woman said.  How many people around here actually knew Luke Skywalker? This kid seemed to be crazy popular, or something.

“Escaping medical,” Anakin hesitated, then kissed her cheek, “I’ll see you later.”  He spun around the woman and raced down the corridor.  Now he just had to find a good place to hide.

Sometimes I love the internet. I may be writing something totally self-indulgent and needed a magical word that started with ‘L’…*looks shifty*…for reasons. I literally googled ‘magical words that start with l’ and got a whole page. And found the perfect word. What an age we live in.

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My lovely, my darling, do I need to bribe you with freshly baked cookies to get more frozen travel verse?

“Obi-Wan?” Yan sat back on his couch in surprise, blinking at his open quarters door curiously at the redhead standing there.

The man shifted a bit on his feet then stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. “You’re going to the outer Rims tomorrow, aren’t you?” He whispered, his voice quiet.

Yan nodded, standing. “I am, a short mission, most of the time is really in travel time.” He raised his bushy brows slowly, curious as he moved to the other man as Obi-Wan studiously avoided his eyes. “Why?”

When Obi-Wan didn’t say anything and turned his eyes to his feet, Yan reached out and gently cupped the broken Jedi’s chin, lifting his head to look at his eyes. “Obi-Wan…why?” He asked carefully.

“…I have a favor to ask you.” Obi-Wan whispered. “There’s a girl in Gardulla the hutt’s service on Tatooine, she’s a slave… she’s around… eighteen or nineteen now if I’m remembering right.” He licked his lips but didn’t try to evade Yan’s eyes again.

The Force seemed to tighten around Yan and he sharpened his gaze on Obi-Wan, understanding that this, this was important. “Yes?” He quietly encouraged.

“…Her name is Shmi Skywalker, I need you to free her. I… get her some place safe on a Core world, one Jedi frequent preferably and… help her get a job if you can.” Obi-Wan swallowed. “Please.”

Staring at the other man, Yan gave a slow nod then pulled Obi-Wan into his arms, tucking him against his shoulder. “Of course grandpadawan of mine.” He murmured, voice quiet. “You only need to ask.”


“So I never asked, how old are you? I mean in terms of years compared to me.” Qui-Gon continued parting the deck of cards, peeking curiously over them at Obi-Wan.

“I’m a year older then you technically speaking.” Obi-Wan murmured quietly, watching Qui-Gon from where he was resting his chin on his hands that were tucked together on the table. “Feel much older sometimes though.”

‘Force, he’s thirty nine? He looks older too.’ Qui-Gon didn’t let his thought show, just giving a low hum. “Well lets compare gray hairs in about five years.” He teased gently instead.

That got Obi-Wan to quirk his lips as he lifted his head and accepted the cards for sabacc. “If you develop the same… by the time I was twelve, you had half and half in a good mix.”

Obi-Wan accepted the cards, staring at them before slowly looking at Qui-Gon. “You shouldn’t take him as a padawan, Xanatos. Tahl is right, he’s not right for you.” His voice was slow, cautious, wary.

Almost dropping his cards in shock, Qui-Gon furrowed his brows at the other man. “Not you t-wait …” He stared.

Obi-Wan came from the future.

“…Obi-Wan… what are you warning me against here?” He questioned quietly, reaching out through the bond between them gently only to wince when Obi-Wan firmly slammed up walls between them. “Obi-Wan?”

The redhead focused down on his cards. “…Please just trust me. Find him someone else. But don’t do this to yourself. He needs someone… someone different. Someone who won’t indulge him when he says he didn’t start it and praises him but doesn’t let him get away with things.” Obi-Wan’s shoulders slumped a bit. “… Just don’t do this to yourself.”

Qui-Gon stared at him.

Xanatos had a year and two months to find a master before he turned thirteen.

“…Alright Obi-Wan. I trust you.” He whispered, voice quiet.

Reflection Unknown 6

And I’m a day late with this, but it’s here!

Face Within (RA)


Rex still wasn’t sure how Artoo managed to track down Luke, nor why the droid’s first call out was to Captain Antilles, not when Antilles’s first move was a not-quite panicked call to Rex.  Nearly four years after Wren had dragged Antilles and his friend Klivian out of the Imperial Academy in a TIE bomber, and Wedge still looked like he’d wandered onto the ship by accident and hadn’t quite figured out how to leave.

“All right Antilles,” Rex said when he found his way back to one of the engine rooms, “Why do you need me here?”

Antilles swallowed and gestured up, “Artoo’s not letting him down without you here, Captain.”

Rex glanced up.  Artoo was on a catwalk, with Skywalker standing on a support strut just out of reach of the astromech’s electric prod.  For a moment, as Rex fought the urge to laugh, he regretted that Organa had for some reason removed Artoo’s jets.  It was all the scene needed, was for Artoo to be air born.

“Come on, Artoo,” Luke said, “just calm down.”  Rex’s mirth faded into confusion. Something about his stance, some assurance even being several feet above the ground, was familiar, but not something he’d ever seen in this Skywalker.

“Artoo,” Rex called, wondering if he’d have to climb up there.  He could feel his left knee ache at the thought.

Artoo beeped almost hysterically, too fast and complex for Rex to follow beyond something being very, very wrong.

“I know, I know,” Luke said, probably not as soothing as he wanted to be, “I’m not okay with this either, but I can’t fix it up here.”

In another time, Rex had learned to understand Artoo’s general meaning, and several binary swears that had earned him two allies and a life time enemy, but this mix of terror and contempt, with something even Rex couldn’t figure out was very new.

“Artoo, please,” Luke said. “I’ll tell him, okay?  I’ll explain everything.  I’m not going to hurt anyone, I promise.  I’m not even armed!”

Artoo’s newest set of beeps contained a sequence Rex definitely hadn’t heard in decades, a trill that had once been used as the droid’s version of General Kenobi’s exasperated Anakin.

“How?”  Luke said, “That’s not what the Force is for!  I have never…”

Artoo wailed, and Rex understood something about babies and Senator and that was the sound for General Kenobi.

“Yeah, and I know that too. If that is Rex, he can fix that. Then I can fix this whole mess! Whatever happened, whatever it is you can’t tell me, I can fix it!”  Luke sounded almost desperate, and Rex wondered what was going on.  His first response was to demand what had been broken now, a refrain from the days when he’d been surrounded by brothers, and that had been his General declaring that some critically needed equipment needed fixing, but he could do it, no worries.

It was too much for Rex. He smacked his hand on the ladder, making Antilles jump, but catching Artoo and Luke’s attention.

“Commander Skywalker, are you two all right up there?”

Luke muttered something, and Artoo beeped back of course it was.

“Um, Artoo’s mostly okay,” Luke said, “but I think I’m in a lot of trouble.”

It was the sort of tone that made Rex want to pull a blaster, that made him wish Wolffe wasn’t still pretending he was retired and untouchable, so there’d be a least one sane person in arms’ reach.

“What did you break now, sir,” Rex asked instead.  Command had definitely cheated him out of proper compensation when they’d called him to join Skywalker’s group.

“Captain Rex?”  Luke called.

“One and only,” Rex said bitterly.

“Can I go down?”  Luke asked Artoo, who finally gave a short, sharp yes, even as his prod sparked electricity.

Luke sighed and jumped off the strut.

Artoo wailed, Antilles cursed, and Rex grabbed on to the ladder to keep from lunging forward.  The casual way Luke landed, the way he looked at Rex himself, but not at Antilles, it was the ghost of another man.

“So, Captain,” Luke said, “we have a problem.”

“So I figured,” Rex said, ignoring Antilles’s soft question.  “What happened?”

“If I knew that, I’d have a solution,” Luke said.  He glanced up at Artoo, and then back at Rex.  “See, I’m Anakin Skywalker, and I have no clue what’s going on, except that I’m not in my body.”

Rex blinked a few times, he’d heard of and been involved in a number of Force related Jedi schemes, but this one was very new.  He ignored Antilles’s shocked outburst and Artoo’s wailing cry of secrets and made himself breathe.

First things first, he told himself, “Commander, I’ll be honest, that’s a bit farfetched, even with all the Force things I’ve seen, but at the same time, I can’t discount the possibility.”

“But…” Antilles tried.

“However, there are two things I know for sure.  The first is that you need to complete those brain scans in Medical.”  Rex held up his hand, “If you are Anakin, then consider it this way.  It isn’t your body, it’s Luke’s body.  He deserves to get it back in one piece, doesn’t he? What’s that General Kenobi used to say?  Borrowed isn’t yours?”

Luke’s shoulders slumped slightly, but his eyes narrowed at Rex.  If it was Anakin, he’d probably have to keep an eye on his things for a week or so.  The General had been notorious for making things difficult for others when he was out of sorts.

“Second,” Rex said, “The Ghost just jumped in-system.”  He glanced over to see Antilles’s eyes widen in understanding. “There people on board who will have a better chance of understanding what’s happened and figuring it out.”

“Who,” Luke demanded.

Rex couldn’t help the fond smile, “According to the Captain, they’ve brought back Fulcrum.  If you are Anakin, then you’ll know her when you see her.”

Luke nodded warily, and it was hard to stick to the name when behind the face was a man who acted so much like Rex’s General that his heart ached.

Then Rex remember who else was on the Ghost, and he side-eyed Antilles for a moment, but decided to keep his mouth shut about the stories.  He’d glossed over a lot about both Anakin and Kenobi in his stories to Ezra.  When Kanan had so frequently gotten near-hysterical over the things Ezra gotten up to, Rex remembered a thousand battles where his Generals, his Commander, and the wildly improbably stunts they’d pursued in the name of victory. Ahsoka had only given him a Look when she’d caught him at it, but had never contradicted him.

“All right,” Luke said shortly, “let’s get this over with.”

Artoo whistled as he bustled out of a nearby lift, demonstrating how he’d gotten onto the catwalk in the first place.

“And when you know that I am who and what I say,” Luke continued, “I need your help to unlock Artoo’s memories, Captain.  I can’t do it, I know them, but Luke’s voice isn’t programmed into the security protocols. You can do it, you’re programmed in, I just need to give you the key.”

“All right,” Rex nodded. “Let’s go.”

It was nearly an hour later that Han returned, trailed by Chewie.  Rex noted that while Han had cleaned up, he also had several scrapes on his hand that were no doubt remains of his work on the Falcon.  Rex wasn’t sure he liked Han, most of the time.  The guy spent a lot of time figuring out the Princess’s buttons and hitting them as a distraction.  Of course, sometimes, it was just to distract everyone from the way his eyes zeroed in on the Princess, drinking in her every gesture and word as if it were holy writ from an ascended being.

“The Ghost’s preparing to dock,” Rex said while Han tried to absorb Ryoo’s rather blunt summation of events. “Fulcrum’s on board, as well as the other two.  If that’s the General, she’ll know better than anyone.

“Not you?”  Han asked.

Rex eyed him for a moment, “I’m not a Jedi and she is.”

“So, what are you thinking here, Captain?”  Princess Leia asked, in that way that suggested he’d overstepped somewhere.

“Let Fulcrum have final say on what’s going on with Skywalker.  Make it OpSec for us, the Specters, and Antilles not to mention it, and get him off the ship asap to keep anyone else from figuring out what’s wrong.”  Rex crossed his arms and tilted his head slightly, “Whichever way this goes, getting him away from Command might be a better idea.”

“The Falcon’s repairs aren’t done,” Han cut in.

“But the Ghost isn’t,” Rex said.

“That may not be the worst idea,” Princess Leia cut in glancing between the two of them.  “If the… boys are going to be with Fulcrum, that might be the best place for Luke.”

“How do you know we can trust them?”  Han demanded, “All the Jedi were killed in the Purge.  The only survivor I ever knew of was that fossil Ben Kenobi.”

“Oh good, an idiot, just who I wanted to meet today.”

Rex couldn’t keep the grin off his face at the two men coming down the hall, “Wolffe, Gregor, what the hell?  Thought you were dead by now!”

“Not for lack of trying,” Wolffe said, cutting through the gathering to yank Rex into a quick hug, followed by Gregor.

“More clones?”  Han muttered.

“Shut it you,” Princess Leia snapped.  “Heroes of the Republic are always welcome in the Alliance.”

“Wolffe, Gregor, the idiot, as you so charmingly put it, is Captain Han Solo, an independent freighter, and his co-pilot, Chewbacca.”

“I remember you,” Wolffe said, “strange path you’ve ended up on, Chewbacca.”

The Wookie tilted his head slight, but all Rex understood was his sorrow in the statement.  Then he put his hand on Han’s head, and this one Rex understood better.

“Chewie,” Han protested, trying to escape the Wookie’s grip. “Am I wearing a target I didn’t know about?”

Wolffe snorted.

“This is Ryoo Naberrie and Princess Leia Organa,” Rex continued, and saw the little nod from Wolffe that he, at least, knew what he wasn’t saying.  “Everyone, this is Wolffe and Gregor, my brothers.”

“Wolffe, as in 104th Wolfpack Commander?”  Han asked suddenly.

“I am,” Wolffe agreed.

Rex fought to keep a smile off his lips, clearly Wolffe had a fan.

“Fulcrum sent us up to check on things,” Gregor said as Wolffe and Han spoke for a moment, “she’s checking on some things that couldn’t wait apparently and given that Wolffe recognized his favorite communications officer, we thought it was best to get out of sight.”

“Which officer?”  Rex asked with a slight frown.

“Bart Mejia,” Gregor said, “something about him being suicidal.”

Rex’s eyes widened, “The idiot who kept trying to get into General Koon’s office?”

“That’s the one,” Gregor said.

“Damn, how’d he manage to survive this long,” Rex asked.

“No clue,” Gregor said. “Is this Skywalker kid legit?”

“Very much so,” Rex muttered, “I’ve known him a week and he’s so much like his father, and now this little bit of idiocy.”

“What happened now?” Gregor asked.

“I think I it might be best for her to consider it first,” Rex said, “it could be something other than what we think it is.”

“Do you really think that?” Wolffe asked, turning to look at him.

“I’m trying my best,” Rex replied.

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Traveling House, Doctor and Rose, please :)

The Doctor:  #Timewankers  They almost blew up time again. & argued about it 4 a century. Next time they can do their own bloody reset

Rose: #oncomingstorm It wasn’t as bad as the death zone.  At least there was a loo.

The Doctor: #Timewankers  I’ll take the scorpions and sand over death by bureaucratic time tinkering

Rose: #oncomingstorm. No Doctor.  Take away the time tinkering and let them talk themselves to death

The Doctor: #Myrose I’d rather do wicked things with you and let them blow themselves up

Rose: #oncomingstorm I still like gallifrey. The trees are pretty and my lycan won’t be happy if it ends

The Doctor: #Myrose I need more inspiration than a growling lycan

Rose: #oncomingstorm  I might need some help out of t his leather corset

The Doctor: #Myrose Give me ten minutes.  No five. Brax just overthrew the counsel.

Rose: #oncomingstorm  That doesn’t sound like peaceful solution to me. Time’s champions don’t do war

The Doctor: #Myrose  It’s not war.  It’s a political realignment. Sweeping house until the next corrupt leader

Rose: #oncomingstorm Doctor No

The Doctor: #Myrose  Doctor yes and a tiny explosion.  Be home in five.  Warm up the bath.

Rose: #oncomingstorm You’re so on restriction

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Master List

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*No Home for Dead Birds: I, II, Drabble, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X p1, X p2, Kon’s Drabble

Drabbles: 1, 2, The Red Hood, Dick Grayson, The Last Titan Standing, Redux (NSFW)

*Night Call (Tim/Jay Stripper Verse): 1, 2  (NSFW) , 3

*Scary Tim/Ra’s, Subdue (be careful if you read this, tagged for triggers)

*DC AOB Attempt (Omega Tim/ Alpha Dick): 1, 2, 3, 4  (NSFW)

*Marvel AOB Attempt (Omega Tony/ Alpha Bucky/ Alpha Steve): 1, 2, 3

*Night Sky (Possible future to the Fracture Verse, Tim/Dami): Ask, Drabble, 1, 2, 3, Finale (NSFW)

Destroyed (a multiverse conglomeration of Bad Ass!Tim): Part 1, Part 2  (NSFW) , and Part 3

Justice is Blind AU (Blind!Tim): I, II, Drabble, Ask fic, V, Drabble (beware of Superbats)

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Give me all the Samcest with Soulless Sam banging Stanford Sam, rough and hot like there’s no tomorrow, BUT HEAR ME OUT -

What about s3 Sam after Dean’s death and end!verse Sam traveling back in time after the apocalypse? Two broken souls lost without Dean, coming together so soft and careful with each other. God, the hair petting and comfort sex.

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As he walked through the Alola region, the man had no idea who he saw in the distance. Was that…him? No, Red was himself, at least, he thought he was. But this boy just brought back memories of when Red traveled around in Kanto. They both carried a Pikachu on their shoulder after all. Most trainers evolve them into Raichu, and that Pikachu looked really strong.


Red gave the familiar greeting just like he was taught. His own Pikachu was curious about the other’s as well, tilting his head and giving a confused “…Pika?”

Boracay sunrise

“Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it. Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.” Psalm 96:181-12