traveller of time

Darling, Time Does Not Change a Thing

Rating: T (This is subject to change on what I end up including in the final piece, but I will leave updates if that changes, so you guys get a heads up)

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: You would think, after defeating a god that nothing would seem that odd. However, they suddenly find themselves in the future after a terrifying fall through the sky. They know they need to make it home as soon as they can, but many things could happen while they are in the future. Especially when they know they won’t even remember it.

A/N: Well, i’m definitely trying something different with this fic. So, I used to write really long fanfics all the time, but never posted them. This is kind of an attempt at getting back into writing larger amounts at a time. I have many ideas for where this could end, but if you read I Don’t Want to Forget, you have some idea. That fanfic is connected to this one, and they are assumed to be in the same AU. Also, I’m trying to fit this into the canon universe best I can. I hope you guys enjoy this fic, and if you wanna see more let me know!!! I’m not gonna know if you guys wanna see more if you don’t tell me lol

The air felt stale, murky, reeking of something that felt out of the place in the lush forest on the outskirts of the Land of Fire. Sakura was aware of the change just as much as Sasuke could see the menacing chakra in the very air around them. Shifting purple and blue hues littered the area, coating the landscape in a strange tint. The auras distorted their view of the forest around them. The two shinobi were on their guard, not knowing what possible things could come out of the forest around them. Their investigation turned into a more complex mission than what it first seemed.

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Raymond de Merville x fem!reader both series Masterlist

Series 1   Series 2

Pairings: Raymond de Merville x Reader

Warnings: smut, violence, language, torture, death

Summary: You find yourself in 1209AD after an experiment has gone wrong at the lab you work for. The experiment involves a new, secret time travel machine which has malfunctioned, sending you to another time period. You are now in France, living with an elderly carpenter of the village, Etienne. You work in the village, tending to the animals in the stables, barns and fields. But the son of the Lord of the village, Raymond de Merville, has his eye on you and will not stop until he has you. Your passion and attraction to Raymond becomes too much to bear. 

Time travel, revenge, sexual frustration, violence, love, pain, suffering, friendship, family….This two-set series of imagines drabbles has a little of everything. 

Sometimes my thoughts time travel.

Example ~ I was just in bed with you J. I remember thinking that when you had taken your shoes off that the room smelled funny. Haha your feet. But I guess those feet smacked that gas pedal & landed you 90mph into a massive tree that left exactly 1 inch of space between the tree trunk & the steering wheel. Words from the cop at the scene. But I was just in bed with you J? Wishing you’d go wash your feet.

Time traveling minds

anonymous asked:

Do you have any dimension hopping or time travel fanfiction? I feel like I've went through all of them, and I'm thinking that I need to actually stop being lazy and write my own at some point because the time travel/dimension hopping idea is like my favorite fanfiction trope.

You’ve come to the wrong place >_< This is the only dimension travel fic I have

Forging Reality - winterstorrm

Despite Theo’s comments, Draco knows that he doesn’t fancy Potter – not the slightest bit. However, once he sees how right they can be with his own eyes, he’ll do anything to make that his reality.


Dumbledore’s Army! I’d been wanting to do another watercolour portrait wall, and with the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter this year it seemed like the right choice (/great excuse) to draw these cool, dorky, brave kids <3