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I wonder if folk who are dead set against Gaelic Medium Education and things such as Gaelic road signs and, well, any public money being spent on the language are aware they’re pretty much for a continued state sponsored eradication of a language?

Here’s me, having to stay on my island unable to move to the place that has the most Gaelic speakers in Scotland (Glasgow) because I can’t get my future children taught in what will be their first language.

Folk say that it’s being ‘shoved down their throats’ but all the schools that are opening are because of local parents campaigning for it. It’s not like your child is being forced to attend a school with a different language.

God alone knows what that must be like. Us Gaels could never relate to THAT.

(Plus the whole 'its costing money!’ thing…. I never realised it what only your children that are allowed having a publicly funded education. My bad!)

Big sis Allura’s makin milkshakes 

you know whats better than one baby? SEVEN BABIES!

hello everyone I would like to take a moment to remind all of you that Edward Elric is probably a househusband and a goofy dad as well and there’s also a high chance that, inspired by Izumi and Maes, he brags about his family and often refers to himself as a househusband thank you for your time


Up next on weird instruments I found at NAMM: piccolo French horn, “wave” flute, Bass trumpet, and a trombone with a slide AND keys


I am not sure I can explain how much of an impact this movie had on me as a kid but I sure watched it endlessly and have never had any trouble spelling Socrates, thanks boys.

BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER GUYS come on we can do this

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YIKES I finished this a couple days ago? And haven’t uploaded it yet!
This is for @sergeantsexface Whoooooo came to me with two of their AUs to draw (this is the first). I believe there are fics in progress!

Bitty gets picked up by the Pens and they win a cup. By this time, Bitty and Jack are pretty ready to start a family, and one way or another, through some wishing and a bit (a lot) of good ‘ol Stanley Cup Magic, they find a baby (and all appropriate and legitimate adoption paperwork) on their doorstep. The kid is the spitting image of Jack, but anyone who saw the family together would see that they’ve got Bitty’s height.

So that’s baby Julien Bittleman.

Fast forward a few years and Julien seems to have also miraculously inherited their dads’ skills on the ice. They end up signing with the Penguins themself.

The Pens take the cup against Las Vegas and Julien, who wants badly to be able to see Dad and Papa play in their prime, finds themself in…..2017. Since it’s Vegas….they visit the person in the area that’s most likely to believe their story (and their stanley cup finals jersey).



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