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A Beautiful Lie

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2,500 Followers Drabble 

Prompt: “Why does everyone think we’re dating?!“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @bringmesomepie56

“Hey Grandma!” Jensen lays his gorgeous, green eyes on his favorite person in the whole world (other than you) at a family get together. He makes a beeline towards her with his best friend close behind.

“There’s my handsome grandson!” Grandma Betty greets with a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“How’s my adopted grandson?” Betty boasts hugging Jared as best as she can, considering he’s a giant.

“I’m doing awesome! It’s good to see everyone.” Jared answers cheerfully plopping down on a chair at the kitchen table.

Jensen is extremely relieved to be home in Austin, sure he loves his career but the constant travel takes a toll after a while. His mind, body and soul can only take so much wear and tear.

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The Call

General Disclaimer

AN: My contribution for Sakura’s birthday. Quickly jotted down on my extra long lunch break ^_^ Enjoy!

“This,” Sakura Uchiha grumbles as she drives her fist into the face of a particularly grimy bandit, “is not how I expected to spend my birthday.”

Sasuke makes a vaguely inquiring noise as he carries out a variation of his Shishi Rendan, sending his opponent flying through the air with several cracked bones.

“Never mind,” she mutters, ducking a clumsy kunai strike and using her attacker’s momentum to throw him over her shoulder.

The large band she and Sasuke have stumbled upon have been plaguing the nearby village for months, according to the inhabitants. They’ve take up residence on the only bridge in the area and have been charging travellers a toll to get by. Those who refuse have been violently robbed and left for dead, according to the warnings of several survivors.

It should have been the work of ten minutes to neutralise them and tie them up, but neither she nor Sasuke expected the majority of them to be former Kusa-nin. Even in this time of peace, missing-nin present a constant problem – especially those who made their livelihood pursuing war.

At least the Akatsuki had an actual purpose – these creeps just want to bleed people dry for their own benefit!

In the end, in the name of expedience rather than anything else, Sasuke traps them all in a genjutsu and Sakura rounds them all up. She’s kept the use of her strength to a minimum, not wanting to accidentally destroy the bridge they are trying to liberate.

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Valentine’s Day/Robbie Kay Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS* I know this is Peter Pan but just pretend because It fits.

(Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy!❤️)
“Sweetheart? I’m home.” I heard my boyfriend of three years call out. 

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Braun Strowman/OC: Braun is off traveling with the roster and is supposed to be back any day now. You’re tossing and turning in your sleep when he comes home and gets you to be comfortable enough to fall asleep. Fluff and smut.


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All right guys, complete fresh post this time around. To summarize  - got a job but it’s not paying well nor promising the hours I signed up for so I’m looking for a whole new job while juggling bills and rent.

Just got out of an update/agreement-type call with our landlord and I gotta come up with $1800 or else…eviction is eminent. I have to cover 3 months’ worth of rent and they’ll be off my back for a bit. I already have about $425 in tax returns to look forward to at least (that’s almost one month. so 2 months is what I need, really; that’s what the $1800 is), so there’s that…but we need help.

If you can signal boost this, that’d be amazing. I’m currently working on my current load so I can take on more. If you’d rather just donate a few bucks or something, my PayPal’s funakounasoul (at)

I’ve been helping my wife with her many doctor visits and we are SO glad she is covered by the state insurance for those, but between those appointments, my job only giving me 20 hours a week and the gas it takes to travel…it’s taking its toll.

Hold My Hand *Requested”

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 400

After the farm fell the group was on the road constantly. You were lucky if you were able to stay in a house for more than two days. This constant traveling was taking its toll on everyone. The group was able to find a warehouse that looked safe enough, but it wasn’t somewhere you could really settle down. Hopefully you would be able to find something permanent soon. Once the warehouse was cleared, Rick said that we should go on a quick run for some food. You were so tired and the last thing you wanted to do was go on a run, but you knew it needed to get done.


You and Daryl were at the front of the group, chuckling at each other. It was rare to see Daryl smiling, let alone laughing and the fact that you were able to do that filled you with happiness. To your surprise Daryl took hold of your hand, making you look up at him and smirk a bit. He gave you a quick wink and squeezed your hand a little. You rested your head against his shoulder for a little while as you kept walking.

“Check it out.” T-dog said to the rest of the group, pointing to you and Daryl. “Hey Maggie do you remember when-” You were about to ask something, but you turned around and saw everyone laughing at you. “What?” You asked, confused. Maggie put her hand up to her mouth to try and hide her smile, then nodded towards your and Daryl’s hands laced together. “(Y/N) and Daryl sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Carl sang, with a wide smile on his face. Daryl turned around and narrowed his eyes at Carl, who stopped singing when he noticed the pissed off look on his face. “Aww, that’s so sweet.” Carol said. “What a bunch of fuckin’ infants.” Daryl mumbled under his breath and dropped your hand, walking a little faster ahead of you.

“You guys are the worst.” You said shaking your head at them, but couldn’t help the laugh that escaped. “Oh come on, that was so cute.” Maggie said. Maybe there was a mushy side to your big bad hunter.

Hi guys! Sorry this is so short, I didn’t really know how to finish it. Hope you liked it though!

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Lucky Winners

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Request: Hi! I absolutely love your writing. I was wondering if you could do one where the reader wins some kind of contest and gets to visit the set of The Flash for a few days. She and Grant really hit it off and keep in contact after. Then they meet up again at comic-con or something and he ends up telling her how he feels about her. Basically lots of fluff haha. Sorry this is so long!

Notes: So really it wasn’t the request that was long, it’s now more the fic. Honestly I have no idea how this ended up at 10 pages but here it is. I’m just sorry it took forever for me to write, but I hope you like it! :)

RPN- random person’s name

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What would it take to survive in space?

Prolonged space travel takes a severe toll on the human body. As we seriously consider the human species becoming space-faring, a big question stands. Even if we break free from Earth’s orbit and embark on long-duration journeys among the stars, can we adapt to the extreme environments of space?

Without an atmospheric barrier and a magnetic field like Earth’s, most planets and moons are bombarded with dangerous subatomic particles, like ionizing radiation. 

These particles can pass through nearly anything and would cause potentially cancerous DNA damage to space explorers. So, to survive as a species during space travel, we’d have to develop methods to quickly program protective abilities into ourselves. A beta version of these methods is gene therapy, which we can currently use to correct genetic diseases.

Now, what if we could turn the tables on radiation? Human skin produces a pigment called melanin that protects us from the filtered radiation on Earth.

Melanin exists in many forms across species, and some melanin-expressing fungi use the pigment to convert radiation into chemical energy. Instead of trying to shield the human body, or rapidly repair damage, we could potentially engineer humans to adopt and express these fungal, melanin-based energy-harvesting systems. They’d then convert radiation into useful energy while protecting our DNA. This sounds pretty sci-fi, but may actually be achievable with current technology.

Check out what else scientists have up their sleeves in the TED-Ed Lesson Could we survive prolonged space travel? - Lisa Nip

Animation by Bassam Kurdali

I Hate You

HeeePlease an austin carlile iimagine where you’re on tour together and your bands are sharing a bus. You both seem to hate each other cause you’re discussing or fighting over stupid things and stuff like that but secretly you fell for each other. One night you’re alone at the bus and just start a fight again but then austin shuts you with a heated kiss and that leads to hot sex with clothes ripping and scratching and things ;) then you cuddle and admit your feelings 😊😊 maybe with both povs :)


“Dammit Austin!” I yelled as I picked up the empty box of protein bars that was left in here instead of thrown away. He sauntered out from the bunk area, smirking at me.

“What could the problem be Y/N?” he asked innocently. I rolled my eyes and glared, waving the box in his face.

“First, you eat all of MY protein bars that I use for my workouts, bought with MY money. Then you can’t even bother to throw the empty box away. You’re fucking annoying.” I turned and chucked the box into the trash can and then plopped on the couch. Austin just laughed. I couldn’t stand him.

You probably have several questions. 1) Why am I on a bus with Austin Carlile? Well, my band is touring with OM&M. Unfortunately, our bus broke down last minute and we were forced to hop on their bus for the duration of the tour. 2) Why am I so angry over something so small like protein bars? It isn’t the bars that are the problem. It’s Austin. He and I have butted heads over every little thing since we started this tour. It wasn’t at all what I expected when he and I first met and started hanging out. I have to admit, I had a bit of a crush on Austin. But then when we constantly disagreed and fought, that went away pretty quick. 

“Hey, where are all my nutter butters?” Austin asked, looking into the pantry. 

“Hm, that’s weird. They’re just…all gone?” I fake asked, batting my eyes innocently. “At least I had the decency to throw the box away.” I walked toward the bunk area, satisfaction all over my face.  

Austin’s POV

I watched Y/N’s figure retreat to the bunks. My thoughts began to wander to dangerous places, thinking about what she was doing back there, if she was thinking about me…what she did when she was alone and was thinking about me…. What I’d like to do to her….

I shook the thoughts from my head, knowing they were stupid. I had just been a little lonely lately, that was all. I hadn’t really had any game with the ladies because Y/N was all I ever thought about when I hit it off with another girl. Which was completely ridiculous because she hated me and we never got along. 

The next few days passed quickly, travelling taking it’s toll on both bands. Tonight, though, they decided to go out just to get off the bus. Everyone was tired of being cooped up. 

“Well, try not to kill each other while we’re gone,” Alan said, waving goodbye as they all walked off the bus together.

“No promises,” I heard Y/N mutter. I rolled my eyes and turned to face her.

“I’m getting in the shower, don’t bother me,” I stated, heading that way. She glared and I just shrugged it off.

“Wouldn’t want to,” she replied.


Once Austin closed the door, my thoughts drifted to images of him in the shower…hot, steamy water running over his muscled body…

And immediately shook the thoughts from my mind because, uh, ew. If I couldn’t stand him dry, then how could I stand him sopping wet? That was about all the logical reasoning I could come up with in my mind.

Suddenly my phone beeped, indicating that my phone was dying. I went to grab my charger, but couldn’t find it anywhere. 

“Austin!!!” I yelled, pounding on the door. “Is my charger in there?”

“What the hell, I’m in the shower! Leave me alone!” he yelled back. 

“Can’t you just tell me if it’s in there or not, you idiot?" 

"Can’t you just leave me the hell alone?" 

"Austin, I need my charger! Its either in there or you took it, which wouldn’t surprise me!” I called, becoming more annoyed. There was no answer, but the water had stopped.

“I don’t need your stupid charger,” Austin said as he opened the door, almost knocking me over. “You probably lost it!” My eyes scanned his colorful body, just a lone towel hanging low on his hips. It took me a minute to get my brain working again.

“You take it all the time! Why can’t you just-”

“Do you ever shut up? Good lord!” Austin started to storm past me toward the back of the bus, but I wasn’t giving up.

“No, I don’t ever shut up, so fucking get used-” I was cut off by Austin’s lips crashing to mine. His still wet hands cupped my face. That shut me up real quick. When he pulled away, he looked pretty satisfied.

“There we go,” he stated simply. We held gazes for a moment before we were pulled to each other again, like magnets eager to be attached. The force of the kiss sent us banging into the wall of the bus roughly. Our lips met passionately and sloppily, like we had been starving for each other for years.

Austin’s hands roamed my body greedily, wanting to explore every curve. My fingers tangled in his dripping hair, tugging and pulling to elicit small moans from him. Before I realized it, my shirt was on the ground. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so that made Austin’s job a little easier. He picked me up by my thighs and threw me onto the couch, pouncing on my body. 

“What are we doing?” I asked breathily as his mouth kissed down to my exposed chest, making me gasp as well, and then moved down my stomach.

“Making up for all the fighting,” he replied, unbuttoning my jeans and smirking up at me. I bit my lip, eager to find what came next. Austin quickly removed my jeans and tossed them aside, leaving me in only my underwear. Swiftly pulling those down and off, Austin’s tongue ran up my middle. I threw my head back in pleasure. His mouth seemed to work magic on me, making me moan and whine, wanting more. 

“Austin, please..” I begged. 

“Please what?” he asked, coming back to hover his lips over mine. Without warning, he inserted a finger and I gasped, arching my chest against his. “Mmmmm, you like that?” he growled. I nodded, unable to speak as he added a second and also brought his thumb up to rub circles around my clit. I was coming undone already. 

“Austin!” I yelled as he hit a particularly good spot. My arms wrapped around his neck, pulling me down to me. I drug my nails down his chest, ripping of the towel from his waist and seizing his large member, pumping back and forth. Austin moaned loudly at my touch and I grinned seductively. “Fuck me already,” I whispered. 

“Finally,” he said back, meeting my eyes with a look I’d never seen before. They were dark and lustful. I loved it.

Without any warning, Austin slammed into me, causing me to scream. He wasn’t gentle at all. His pace was fast and rough and unrelenting. I had no time to feel anything but pleasure. He wrapped my legs around his body, bring his hand down hard on the side of my upper thigh. My nails dug into his back and I just knew that I was leaving long claw marks up and down his torso. 

“Fuck, you feel amazing,” he moaned out. I bit my lip again to keep in a scream. My body began to shake as I was hitting my climax. I could tell Austin was close, too. He got sloppier and sloppier, until finally I could feel him release and a line of curses fell from his mouth, just as small screams did from mine. We were sweaty and breathing heavily after riding out our highs. Austin pulled out slowly and laid next to me, draping an arm back around his head as he tried to catch his breath.

“I think we should make up more for our fighting,” I said, giggling a little. “Because that was fucking great.”

“More like great fucking,” Austin joked. We laid for a minute in silence, smiles on our faces, until I curled into Austin’s side and his arms wrapped around my body. “I really care about you, Y/N,” he whispered. “I know we fight all the time but…you’re always on my mind. You’re beautiful, more beautiful than any girl I’ve ever met. And I’d really like to see if there’s something more here.”

“I think I’d really like that, Austin,” I replied, smiling up at him.

alles ist gut… - 3 (Erik Lehnsherr(Magneto)/Reader)

Part One  Part Two

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Charles looked at Erik as they moved the furniture around the house getting different room ready for different training methods, “Hey…she’ll get the letter.”

Erik stopped and looked at him, “Is it that obvious?”

“You are brooding more than usual.” Charles smirked, “You sent the letter as soon as it happened. She’ll get it as late as tomorrow. After next week…then I’ll allow you to worry.”

“I just don’t want her to arrive at a warzone.” Erik told him, “I should have never left.”

“You’re probably right…” Charles smirked even more, “You should never leave a woman after bedding her.”

“Charles.” Erik said in a warning tone.

“Alright alright…” He threw up his hands surrendering, “But it is a gentlemanly rule…that you did break.”

“Shouldn’t you be training someone?” Erik huffed setting a chair down in a corner.

“Fine…I’m going…” He started for the door, “Once you’re done you should pick out a room. There’s a couple looking over the garden you might like.”

Erik shook his head. There were bigger things to worry about then garden views and moving rooms around. Bigger things then worrying about you.

He sighed shutting his eyes wiping a hand over his face, “You alright?”

He looked over at Raven and smiled a little, “Yes…just…worrying about things I can’t change.”

“The woman you went looking for?” She stepped over to him.

“Yes…you could say we grew up together for a small period.” He sighed, “It’s a little complicated.”

“Isn’t it always.” She smiled watching him move a couch, “Do you need help?”

“No, I’m just finishing, thank you though.” He looked at her, “Don’t you have a room to pick out?”

“I used to live here…kind of already have a room.” She sat down, “Just not sure where I fit right now. Charles is dotting on everyone else and…I’m just a disappointment.”

He sighed putting his hands in his pockets, “Charles is just dealing with a lot. You know him best so he expects different things from you…You’ll both have to compromise.”

“I know.” She sighed looking at him, “I just needed to say it out loud.”

He chuckled, “Come on, give me the tour. Help me find a room.”

“Gladly.” She smiled looping his arm in her, “I’ll show you all the secret hiding spots.”

“Oh goody.” He smiled to indulge her small crush.

A couple weeks later and they were in the thick of training everyone. Hank and Charles were assisting Banshee with a new trick. Charles looked at him, “You just have to scream. Remember to scream.”

“Oh this should be good.” Erik said leaning out the window feeling Havoc and Raven leaning out with him.

“You have to reach a sonic boom and it should lift you up.” Hank said casually.

“Should…that’s very reassuring…” Banshee looked at him.

“Not helping Hank.” Charles chided before slapping him on the back, “Just…when you jump…loud as you can, scream.”

“Right…okay…” Erik smirked as the boy leaned out the window slipping before he was ready yelping instead of screaming. Everyone cringed as Charles and Hank rushed from the window.

“Is this what you do here?” His heart sped up looking down at the voice. It was you smiling up at him, “Push boys out of windows?”

“Y/N…” He stared at you for a moment before Havoc elbowed him, “You’re here.”

“You invited me. Is the invitation revoked?” You set your bag down on the ground.

“No…no just…wait one moment. I’ll be right down.” He came back in through the window wiping a hand over his face before looking at Raven, “She’s here.”

“Yes.” Raven smiled at him, “And she’s waiting for you, so go get her.”

“Right…” He nodded walking out into the hall. He didn’t think you were coming. He didn’t have time to prepare you a room or prepare anything…He stopped in front of a mirror running a hand through his hair adjusting his sweatshirt.

As he walked outside he saw your suitcase sitting in the driveway alone. He looked around before he heard you from the bushes, “Just hold still, it’ll be better in a moment.”

He stepped through seeing Hank and Charles assisting you with Banshee who had a nasty scrap on his head. Your fingers danced around the wound making it close slowly.

Charles smiled at you, “Brilliant, your ability accelerates the organic matter to reproduce healthy matter.”

“It’s nothing…really…” You told him.

“Thank you…” Banshee smiled at you.

“You’re very welcome. Perhaps no more falling out of windows.” You smiled looking over to Erik. He saw a spark in your eyes light up, “Hello.”

He smiled offering his hands down to you helping you up, “Hello.”

He didn’t take his eyes off of you until he heard a cough. He looked over at three standing there, “Oh…allow me to introduce Charles Xaiver, Hank McCoy, and Sean Cassidy.”

“Everyone calls me Banshee.” The boy interrupted with an obvious crush blooming for you.

“No doubt a very fitting nickname.” You smiled at him then to the others, “I hope Erik didn’t extend out your home without permission.”

“Oh no.” Charles smiled at you, “Everyone is welcomed here.”

Erik hadn’t let go of one of your hands yet, “I will explain more, but I’m sure you’re tired…I’ll show you to a room and give you a quick tour.”

“Thank you.” You let him help you over the bush by picking you up by the waist setting you down on the other side before he stepped over.

He picked up your back, “You flew or did you take a boat?”

“I flew…first time.” You told him as he walked you inside, “It’s was a little terrifying, I’m used of trains.”

“I can understand that.” He nodded slowly looking down at you, “Are you feeling well? You look pale.”

“I’m feeling a bit tired is all.” You told him, “I feel as if I’ve been traveling for days. When it’s only been one.”

“We’ll get you settled then. I’ll bring you some food and water while you rest.” He told you as he guided you up the stairs, “We can talk later.”

“That sounds perfect.” You told him as he stopped at a door. As you walked inside he told you if you preferred something else he could find it later, “Erik, this room is bigger than my apartment.”

He half laughed watching you spin in a circle looking around, “Yes…I saw that. All the same, if it’s not to your liking. I just want you to be comfortable.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.” You stopped looking at him with a smile.

“Good.” He stepped over to a table setting your suitcase down before he stepped over to you, “If you need anything, my room is just next door. You won’t bother me.”

“Of course, thank you. You’re being very generous.” You told him clasping your hands in front of you.

He stood there looking at you for a moment, “Well…I’ll let you rest.”

You watched him turn from you, “Erik…it’s good to see you too.”

He stopped looking back at you and smiled, “I’m still not very good at this.”

“It took me a while too.” You told him stepping toward him. When you were close enough you reached up touching his face. He smiled kissing your palm, “I’d to get to know you more, if you’re okay with that?”

“I’d like that very much.” He smiled at you as your hand moved away.

“Till later then.” You smiled turning from him.

“Indeed…” He whispered watching you walk over toward the bed for a moment longer before he left. He took a deep breath as he walked down the stairs.

“Erik.” He looked up at Charles standing there a smug look on his face, “She’s resting I take it?”

“Yes…the traveling took its toll.” Erik stopped in front of her, “I’d like it everyone wouldn’t be overbearing and just…be casual…if it’s possible.”

“I’ll let everyone know.” He smirked more.

“What, Charles?” Erik put his hand in his pockets.

“I told you she would come.” Charles swatted his arm before walking off, “Shall I set another spot for dinner?”

Erik sighed rubbing his neck, “No…I think she’ll be sleeping a while.”

“Very well.” Charles said walking backwards, “I’ll set a plate for her in the fridge. No doubt she’ll wake during the night hungry.”

“I’ll leave her a note with a map.” Erik told him with a smirk.

“My house is not that big!” Charles chimed leaving his view.

Erik stood there a moment before he smiled the realization still sinking in. You came to him. Everyplace you could have run and you came to him. He cleared his throat heading for the kitchen to bring a water pitcher and a few sugar cookies Raven had made to hold you over.

He walked into your room quietly setting the tray in his hands down on the table. He glanced over at you in the bed. He knew he should just leave and let you rest, but he was so drawn to you.

There was something about watching a woman sleep that enticed him. The vulnerability of it maybe…He was never sure, but looking at you made him want to be something better.

He sat down on the edge of the bed staring at you. Watching your chest rise and fall in a rhythmic motion. He smiled reaching out brushing your hair from your face.  You looked so peaceful, something he didn’t know much about.

“I’ll keep you safe.” He whispered pulling up the covers over you, “I’ll keep our monster away and then I’ll destroy him.”

Monday: August 1 Blurb: Airport

6. one where y/n is on tour w/ the boys and maybe they’re going to another country or something but there’s a long night of traveling and harry is clingy and sleepy

Your fingers were threading idly through the mop of curly hair which was currently laying in your lap. Your attention was mainly focused on the book you were reading to pass the time in between flights but, every so often, the feeling of Harry stirring beneath you caused you to look down at him.

“How much longer?”

“Still have a couple of hours, babe.” You replied, scratching his head with a little more purpose.

“M'so tired!” He pouted. “Why do they schedule flights in the middle of the night with such a long wait time?”

“I don’t know, lovebug.”

Harry let out a bit of a groan and flipped himself over in your lap so his face was turned toward your stomach.

“Just think,” you said, moving a stray piece of hair from in front of his eyes, “this is the last flight and then you’ll be able to snuggle down into the hotel bed and actually sleep for a good chunk of the night.”

It felt like it had been a very long time since the two of you had been able to have a decent sleep somewhere that wasn’t an airport/airplane. You had been on the road with him for the last few weeks and, while you were so happy to be able to spend that time with him, the travelling took a toll on both of you. It was a lot of shows in a lot of different cities and you spent more time flying from place to place than you did anything else.

Harry got grumpy when he went a few days without a good nights’ sleep. As a result, he would get clingy and spend a lot of his time wrapping himself around your body in an attempt to find a comfortable position; something that would at least allow him a few minutes of rest even though you were in a noisy airport.

“Will you snuggle with me in the hotel?” He asked, sleepily.

You giggled. “Of course.”

“Will you snuggle with me now?”

You wanted nothing more than to be able to snuggle with your sleepy boy but airports were just not built for that. Unless you brought over three or four more chairs and made a makeshift bed, it wasn’t going to happen; even so, neither of you would find it very comfortable.

“Not much I can do right now, I’m afraid.” You replied.

Harry let out another groan and tried to position himself so his arms could wrap around your waist. You laughed, seeing him awkwardly stretched out like a sideways koala bear. Finally, he gave up with a huff and sat up in his seat. He moved to the far end of the row and leaned against the wall, propping his feet up on the chair beside him.

“C'mere.” He said, motioning to you.

You walked over curiously and stood beside him.

“Wanna hold you proper.”

You sat down, allowing yourself to sink into his waiting arms so your back was against his chest. His arms wrapped around your waist and his lips fell to the top of your head.

“You’re soft.” He whispered. “Best blanket I’ve ever had.”

“Go to sleep, baby.” You said, turning to press a kiss on his jawline.

He nodded, eyes already closing, and leaned his head back against the wall. He was asleep within minutes, but his grip around your waist never loosened. You found yourself getting sleepy as well. You may have made a good blanket, but Harry also made an excellent pillow.

10. You’re my Arkenstone.

This is a fill for the WinterFRE.

Fíli barely listened when his uncle ordered them to search for the Arkenstone. Instead his eyes wandered to his brother, leaning against a column and trying to appear as if it wasn’t to keep the weight off his bad leg. Kíli had a habit of belittling his own needs in order to appear grown. It made him look only younger in his mere need to prove himself and he cursed Thorin for putting these thoughts into Kíli’s head since they had been called the heir and the spare for the first time. Granted, their uncle had never used those words himself, but he’d never done anything to stop them.

So when the other’s got to work in the huge hall filled with what seemed to be endless mountains of treasures, Fíli marched to his brother’s side and pulled him along wordlessly. The confusion was obvious in the brown, wide orbs, but Kíli was smart enough to wait with questions until they were out of sight and earshot.

“Where are we going? We are supposed to look for the Arkenstone,” Kíli protested meekly, but stumbled along instead of fighting against the blond’s grip.

It encouraged Fíli in his decision, knowing that the archer would be less compliant if he was feeling well.

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What would it take to survive in space? (Part 2)

Prolonged space travel takes a severe toll on the human body. As we seriously consider the human species becoming space-faring, a big question stands. Even if we break free from Earth’s orbit and embark on long-duration journeys among the stars, can we adapt to the extreme environments of space?

Variation in gravitational strength is another challenge for space travelers. Until we develop artificial gravity in a space ship or on another planet, we should assume that astronauts will spend time living in microgravity

On Earth, human bone and muscle custodial cells respond to the stress of gravity’s incessant tugging by renewing old cells in processes known as remodeling and regeneration. But in a microgravity environment like Mars, human bone and muscle cells won’t get these cues, resulting in osteoporosis and muscle atrophy. So, how could we provide an artificial signal for cells to counteract bone and muscle loss?

This is speculative, but biochemically engineered microbes inside our bodies could churn out bone and muscle remodeling signaling factors. Or humans could be genetically engineered to produce more of these signals in the absence of gravity. 

Radiation exposure and microgravity are only two of the many challenges we will encounter in the hostile conditions of space. But if we’re ethically prepared to use them, gene editing and microbial engineering are two flexible tools that could be adapted to many scenarios. In the near future, we may decide to further develop and tune these genetic tools for the harsh realities of space living.

Check out what scientists have up their sleeves in the TED-Ed Lesson Could we survive prolonged space travel? - Lisa Nip

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On the Open Ocean

Popping my head out from holiday stress to post this very, very late Klaroline Gives Back drabble for @thetourguidebarbie who continues to be amazing in every way and should definitely move to Vancouver. Her request was:  My best friend knows I hate you and as a joke he entered us in an all-expense paid couples cruise and it turns out we actually won. Smut included, bed sharing cliches abound. Hope everyone’s having a great holiday!

If Caroline ever saw Enzo again, she was going to kill him.

She didn’t threaten lightly. Sure there was the occasional ‘You’re dead to me’ glare after he’d made a bad joke about her love life, but it was nothing compared to this. No, this time, if Enzo St. John had any sense of self-preservation, he was packing his things to move to the Arctic Circle, because if Caroline ever got her hands on him, he was a dead man.

He also wouldn’t be the only one.

“Are you going to pout all vacation, sweetheart?”

Caroline gritted her teeth and spun on her heel to face the smirking Brit standing a few feet away, admiring the view of the cabin’s balcony.

Their cabin’s balcony.

“Love, you should really cheer up.” Klaus didn’t even attempt to fake concern for her current mood, the jerk seemed to be thoroughly enjoying getting her as riled up as possible. And why wouldn’t he, the perfect way to ruffle her feathers had fallen into his lap and he barely had to lift a finger. Somewhere up there, someone had it in for her, Caroline was sure of it.

(That someone was probably Enzo.)

“I’m going to the customer service desk,” was all Caroline said, because if she got into it with Klaus now, she’d push him overboard. Not a bad idea really, but the chances of someone else noticing were way too high. She’d have to wait until it was nice and dark.

She entertained murder fantasies all the way through the line at the customer service desk, marching up to the poor employee doomed to bear the brunt of her irritation.

“And how can we help—”

“I need a new room,” Caroline snapped, trying to rein her anger in at the slightly shocked look on the poor man’s face. It wasn’t his fault she was in this situation, and her mother always did preach southern manners.

“Sorry,” she said, plastering on her best pageant queen smile. “But would it be at all possible for me to switch rooms?”

The person behind the desk probably got whiplash but managed to collect himself pretty quickly. “Was there something wrong with your cabin?”

“Oh nothing’s wrong, I was just wondering if I could get a single room?”

If she batted her eyelashes a little too hard and leaned forward a little too far, no one had to know. The concierge gulped and took the room card she handed over, checking her reservation details.

“It, uh, says you were the winner of our ‘Romantic Sunset Sailaway’ contest,” he said hesitantly.

Caroline swallowed a groan and fought to keep her smile perfect. “Look—” she glanced down at his nametag, “—Brian. I know that I won, but the thing is, I didn’t actually enter the contest.”

Brian just stared at her, mouth agape, and Caroline decided to go with the truth and hope for the best. “Look, my best friend is kind of a jerk because he knows that I hate Klaus — that’s the other guy I’m with — but decided to enter us in a ‘romantic cruise’ contest because he thought it would be funny, except it totally isn’t because I wouldn’t date Klaus if he was literally the last person on earth—”

“Little harsh love, don’t you think?”

Caroline managed to contain a scream and turned to find Klaus standing next to her, smirking at her obvious rage. “I hope she hasn’t been giving you too much trouble?” he asked Brian with faux sympathy.

“We’re fine,Caroline near growled. “I’m getting myself another room.”

“Um, there may be a problem,” Brian said timidly, shrinking when she turned her glare back on him. “All our rooms happen to be full.”

Oh, someone up there really hated her. “Can we…separate the bed?” she asked, slightly desperately. “That’s a thing you guys can do, right?”

“Normally yes, but the suite you have is specifically for the ‘Romantic Sunset Sailaway” package so…”

Deep breaths, Caroline told herself, deep breaths. Klaus was barely suppressing his laughter next to her and with the last of her dignity left, Caroline swiped her room card back from Brian marched in the opposite direction, intent to put the entire ship’s length between her and Klaus. It would have been easier if the asshole in question wasn’t following right behind.

“I think you might have scarred the poor boy for life. Aren’t there websites where stories like these are posted?”

Caroline kept herself from making a scene in the middle of the ship’s main deck, resolving to at least try and enjoy her vacation. Especially if that meant avoiding Klaus at all costs.

“Look, this ship has 18 decks, and like, 14 different bars. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to see you at all this vacation.”

“I’m hurt sweetheart,” Klaus said, hand over heart in some pitiful attempt at sincerity. “That you would think so little of me—”

“I do.”

“—when I’ve done absolutely nothing to earn your ire—”

“You’re a dick.”

“—and just when we’ve been given the chance to know each other better—”

“I’m going to push you overboard.”

“—you resist any attempt at being civil.”

“Because you’re literally the worst.”

Klaus cocked his head to the side, studying her carefully for a moment. She was used to his leering (disgusting) but this was different and Caroline was on her guard, ready for whatever he was throwing her way.

“I bet I can change your mind,” he drawled, stepping forward. Caroline didn’t budge an inch, refusing to give him the satisfaction.

“Keep dreaming Mikaelson.”

“What’s wrong love? Scared that you’ll succumb to my charms?” He dipped his head forward ever so slightly, reaching a hand up to toy with one of her curls.

Caroline slapped his hand away in irritation, hating herself just a little for the flush of heat she felt at having him so close. Klaus was undeniably hot, she could admit that, if only to herself. But, she’d decided a long time ago that he was not worth her time and he’d in turn decided to be a thorn in her side ever since.

“No chance of me ‘succumbing’ to anything,” Caroline said determinedly.

Klaus smirked, red lips catching her eye. “Are you absolutely sure? You might enjoy yourself.”

By the last few words, he’d leant down close enough to whisper in her ear and Caroline was a little startled that it took effort for her to keep from stepping closer. God, this was going to be a disaster. Scoffing for effect, she stepped backwards and tossed her hair, pretending not to notice the brief flash of genuine disappointment on Klaus’s face.

“I’m going to the Solarium. Try not to stalk me.”

Turning away, she kept her head high and walked on. She could do this. She could avoid him.

Until of course, she had to go back to the room.

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Summary: In the wake of tragedy, two polar opposites come together for one commonality, their Goddaughter–Viola Mellark. Based on the movie, Life As We Know It. Gadge. Modern AU.

Yes, we are the at the end. 

Thank you if you stuck around for my first ever Gadge fanfiction. You’re awesome.

Also, I hope you enjoy fluff.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

…and the final part–after the cut–



Madge opened the letter, frowning as she read over its contents before tossing it on the coffee table.

Sitting back against the couch, she sighed before getting back to work—there was still another load of laundry left. Gale was out getting groceries with Viola since they were tired of eating breakfast burritos.


It had been almost two months since her first date with Cato, since Gale had revealed what had happened before their own first date, since he had kissed her…

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anonymous asked:

Hello, do you have any resources on how the financial accounts of a medieval household were handled? It seems that most articles I can dig up require an account at an online history journal to view.

You’re right that it’s pretty tough to dig up specifics about account management–much of what’s going to be useful is in books that can be tough to get a hold of or in online databases. If you’re a student or have a friend who’s a student or works at a university who is willing to let you onto the university’s library’s journal databases, that can be where you’ll find some additional information. Of course, textbooks and journal articles are all academic reading that can be quite dull and tiresome unless you’re really interested in the subject you’re researching. (And despite how interested I may or may not have been on anthropological studies of ghosts, even tireless Pear got bored of reading paper after paper, desperately looking for information I actually wanted.) That said, I don’t own any of the books on this topic specifically, although maybe it’s something for me to look into. My knowledge is pretty basic, but I’ll share and hopefully it’ll get you somewhere.

Who did the account management in a household depended a lot on the standing of the house and thus how many servants it employed:

Common peasant households that had no servants, who were–in essence–the servants, or who could manage to have maybe one or two hired hands, kept their accounts very vigilantly because they had such limited resources to begin with that not keeping careful track of it could mean the difference between food in the winter and starving. The woman of the household managed things even as she also tended children and animals, grew and prepared food, produced goods to sell, lit fires, drew water, and helped in the fields. They trained their children for their roles, and made sure they were to have enough for the times to come.

Merchant households needed to keep track of not only those things the peasants did, but also the apprentices and their training, as well as the guild duties and membership. Again, it was usually the woman taking care of much of this, hiring new servants and training them, including apprentices sometimes! The business had to be carefully accounted for so they could know who they had agreements with, who they sold what to, for how much, how much their supply expenses would be, all out of the same pot of money as where food, clothing, and living necessities came from.

Noble households were managed by either the lady of the house or a steward reported to the lady of the house, depending on the size, social standing, and ability for the household to afford a steward. These households must track even more than the merchants. It became especially complicated when a noble family owned several parcels of land as it would require accounting for the goods produced from each of these other locales. Sometimes a house would be large enough to split into “departments” where the lady of the house would appoint an individual to keep the records for their department and then report those to her. They could include: pantry, buttery, kitchen, poultry, wardrobe, and marshalsea which oversaw expenses such as horses, fodder, and traveling expenses. Some things kept in the accounts by some noble families: number of meals served, the date those meals were served, list of guests at meals, number of loaves sent to the table, how much wine or ale was consumed, lists of fish or meat taken from the stores, daily purchases to supplement provisions at meals, cost of fodder, the day’s total costs, a monthly aggregate of costs, lists of servants, servant disciplinary actions, travel records including tolls and fares, building records and expenses associated with construction. Many times, the lord of the house would be called away to court or crusade and it would be left up to the lady of the house to keep everything running, host dinner to maintain social status, and addition to training the servants (sometimes) and rearing the children (sometimes).

I hope this has helped. There are a few books that are stand-bys, but terribly boring, so try getting them from a library if you can manage it: A Baronial Household of the Thirteenth Century; A Medieval Miscellany; The Great Household in Late Medieval England. But really, finding articles using university and college databases is your next best option. Sorry Anon, I hope this helps!