traveling yay!

back in time
  • 17-years-old Yuuri: who are you?
  • 24-years-old Yuuri: I'm you but more happy and confident and engaged to a man of our dreams so whatever happens please don't ever give up!
  • 17-years-old Victor: who are you?
  • 27-years-old Victor: ...
  • 27-years-old Victor: god, I was cute

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So instead of one here you go two of me in Berlin.

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Artwork for my Zeref and Lucy story “Traveling With a Lonely Immortal” which you can find on my main blog, or my fanfiction account :) 

Tbh, I thought I would never finish this. So many distractions and laziness strikes kept stopping me but I haven’t drawn in so long, so this was a good practice! I like this style. I improved it from the Wendy drawing :)

I think I’ll stick with this. Not sure if people will appreciate it despite it being a crack ship, but hey! They look great :P

Please do not repost/steal art. There’s a reblog button for a reason!!! 

Life Update: More Travel Adventures

Ughhh I am currently packing up my Parisian apartment because I only have three more days left in this beautiful city. 

*huge wistful sigh* 

I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had, but MAN, I do not want to leave. :( I did everything in my power to stay as long as possible but alas, I must return to the US in the fall to finish my degree. 

The good news is, before I go back to the states, I am headed to Sweden for two months to do more dissertation research. And I am SO EXCITED because this means I get to spend time hanging out with @sincerely-chaos!!!!! Also, I love Sweden, and will be staying in Uppsala, where I have never been but I hear is lovely (I am very excited!!) so that is all good. :)

Anywayyyy, if you see me making angsty packing/leaving Paris posts in the next few days, that is why!

Hmm... guys? We're 200 now!

I want to thank all of you for following me/liking my photos/reblogging them! It makes me so happy you like my blog! And it makes me even happier when I get messages from you asking for advice! Tysm for the support! I know I don’t post all the time, but I try to keep my blog updated, different and personal. I love you all!