traveling yay!

back in time
  • 17-years-old Yuuri: who are you?
  • 24-years-old Yuuri: I'm you but more happy and confident and engaged to a man of our dreams so whatever happens please don't ever give up!
  • 17-years-old Victor: who are you?
  • 27-years-old Victor: ...
  • 27-years-old Victor: god, I was cute

Today I received my book ‘Franny and Zooey’ from its trip around the US in the US Traveling Book Project! I’m so excited to finally read it! I want to thank everyone that took the time to read and annotate my book. I also want to thank @brittsreadery @librarianlucy and @youthbookreview for organizing this amazing project!

theusefulcat  asked:

Time-travelers AU!: (Alex gets mistaken for Armin and accidentally gets recruited in the scouting legion, Avery almost gets arrested because people think she’s Annie, escaped from the crystal) Imagine when the twins reunite and recap their experiences so far. Alex: What?! You almost got arrested?! *sorta whispering but clearly obviously audible* I always knew this day would come. Avery: Quiet, ARMIN! (Alex)


Avery slaps Alex upside the head “WHAT’D YOU DO THAT FOR?!” “Because you’re an asshole.” “You’re being soooo immature, sis.” 

And these two are just slap fighting like the big babies they are and they’re not at all being quiet about it either lmfao so a few minutes later what do you know, someone heard them, and it’s none other then…

Their esteemed, and incredibly young father! Who is more than a little confused and shocked to walk in on a boy who looks eerily like himself arguing with a girl that looks a lot like someone *Gotye voice* That he used to know

but man. He doesn’t mistake Avery for Annie like everyone else (thankfully not only does she wear her hair differently, but she’s far more extroverted), but seeing her and unknowingly looking into Annie’s eyes makes him feel so damn. Sad. Hollow, longing. And Alex recognizes that look, because he would give everything to see his mother. Even her young version, who unfortunately is stuck in a crystal prison at the time.

So the three of them just awkwardly walk back to the SC barracks and Armin (distracting his mind from Annie) is trying to figure out who they are and it’s. An interesting experience for the twins to say the least.

Avery: yeah uh I’m A…melia. Amelia. And this is my little baby brother, A…dam. Adam, yeah. 

Alexander: Shut up, we’re twins.

Armin: I need a nap