traveling with a dog

January Restart Challenge: Day Eight 

I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to join you all for yesterday’s productivity check in. I spent most of the day traveling back from the funeral. And then this morning, our dog died. 

For 15 years Noel loved us with unwavering devotion. 

Going into this challenge I had no clue the heartbreaks that were right around the corner. Today I need to find a way to balance grieving and work - because work will not wait for me to feel okay. 

Today I’m asking myself to just get 4 hours of work done.

High priority: 

  • Respond to advisor emails
  • Email intergroup manuscript team 
  • Clean up email inbox
  • Read two articles 
  • Download stats software

Medium priority: 

  • Clean flat
  • IRB edits 
  • Add deadlines to calendar


anonymous asked:

Yeap. Probably she tought it's gonna make their relationship look more legit but the thing we didn't know clifford is louis' dog. Even now people say ohhhh then douis was real so... also danielle didn't even take care of the dogs, she was bearding and travelling with louis. She just posted pics. And remember calvin posted a pic of the dog from new rental? Clifford was always with louis or his friends

Calvin did, and Lottie and Tommy did too, and Danielle’s actual dog, Max, was nowhere to be seen. 

IDK why people are so damn hesitant to believe this, it’s basically a super cute headcanon that wouldn’t REALLY affect anything either way, but if it’s easier to believe that Danielle really does own this dog, like, okay, sure, 


That Good (Dog) Life 

Smizing to smooth jazz and achieving maximum chill at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel Owner’s Suite where upon reservation, you can let them know what music you’re into and they’ll scour the lands to curate a record collection to suit your taste upon arrival. Open to both dogs and humans, obviously.