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Useless Things I Know About Scooby-Doo: The Original Series That Are Actually Canon:

1. Shaggy Rogers is a vegetarian

2: Shaggy was called “Buzz” until his 10th birthday

3: Shaggy has a collection of 653 decorator belt buckles and he wears a different buckle every episode, you just can’t see it

4: Shaggy started collecting belt buckles to combat his Scooby-Snack addiction related weight problems

5: Shaggy’s actual name is Norville

6: Shaggy found the Mystery Machine

7: Shaggy is a talented gymnast

8: Daphne wanted to be a supermodel or detective when she grew up

9: Daphne gets straight A’s in school

10: Daphne regularly loses dates because she leaves them to solve mysteries

11: Daphne’s Dad, George Blake, gave the gang a 100 dollar check to get started 

12: Velma came up with the phrase “Jinkes” on the fly

13: Velma used to say “oh my” before she said Jinkes

14: Velma’s has hundreds of awards for outstanding achievements in school

15: Fred is a bass and sings from the opera Showboat when the team gets scared

16: Fred’s nickname is “Pickles” according to his school yearbook

17: Fred traveled with a performance crew as an actor before deciding to be a detective

18: Fred wants to be a mystery writer

19: Scooby’s full name is Scoobert Doo

20: Scooby Doo has a limited number of phrases he can say and has to act out anything that can’t be explained simply

21: The gang thought Scooby’s speaking was strange at first, but decided it “really wasn’t a big deal”

22: Before they had the Mystery Machine the gang used to pay their parents gas money to drive them around

BONUS: The series was supposed to be about a band who went around solving mysteries, but that completely changed when Scooby-Doo got added to the cast and became the title character


Theater of Aspendos

Aspendos, Pamphylia, Turkey

161-180 CE

96 m. diameter

12,000 seatings

A statue of the building’s architect, Zeno, stands in the south parodos. The inscription under the statue records the thanks of the people for the gift of the theatre and says that Zeno was given a large garden near the stadium for his work. Inscriptions in Greek and Latin on either side of the skene read that the wealthy brothers Curtius Crespinus and Curtius Auspicatus built the theatre and dedicated it to “the Gods of the Country and the Imperial House.” In the 3rd century AD a parapet was built between the orchestra and the cavea to protect the audience from gladiatorial and wild animal shows.

SPIRITED AWAY: What lies beyond the China of fast-paced cities and hypermodern culture, rural province of Yunnan, where age-old beliefs and traditions offer a glimpse the country’s soul - photography: Peter Bohler -text: Horatio Clare - Travel + Leisure August 2016

  • “Performers in the nightly variety show about Naxi culture that takes place near the town of Lijiang”
D&D 5E NPC - Bera Bramdottir - Adventuring Troubadour

Art by: Joanna Wolska

Name: Bera Bramdottir
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 7′ / 1.70m  
Age: 24  
Class: Bard (Adventuring Troubadour)


Level: 4

AC 15 (Leather armour), Hp 30 (4d8 Hit Die), Proficiency +2, Speed 30ft

Alignment: Neutral

languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarven,

Ability Scores:

Str 12 (+1) Dex 16 (+3) Con 15 (+2) Int 15 (+2) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 18 (+4)

Attacks: Shortsword (+5 to hit, 1d6+3 piercing damage)

Spellcasting: 4th level Bard, spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 14, to hit with spell attacks +6)

Cantrips (at will): Friends, True Strike, Vicious Mockery,

1st level (4 slots): Charm Person, Bane, Dissonant Whispers, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter,

2nd level (3 slots): Calm Emotions, Heat Metal, Suggestion,

Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Perception, Performance, Persuasion,

Equipment: An Explorer’s pack, Shortsword, Lute, Leather armour, 9gp, 13sp, 4cp,  

Class Features: Spellcasting, Bardic inspiration (d6), Jack of All Trades, Song of Rest (d6), Bard College (College of Valour), Expertise (Performance),


Bera Bramdottir is a hot headed bard who travels the world with bands of adventures to help fuel her ballads.

Ideal: Noble courts and warm taverns are too safe to inspire greatness, Real greatness lays in forgotten tombs and the heat of battle.

Bond: I once heard tell of a White Dragonborn Barbarian who travels the lands performing great deeds. I wish to find this person and travel along side them in order to compose a great ballad.

Flaw: I’m fast to anger and can’t take criticism.

[NEWS] Kai - 170510 Korepo News: "News from the final shooting of WOWOW's drama 'Spring Has Come' starring Kai (EXO)! Also, a comment from Kai!"

“In Japan, Korea, China, and all across Asia, the top group that has garnered so much popularity is none other than EXO. EXO’s member Kai will be starring in his first Japanese drama. Kai’s being cast in the leading role was a big thing for WOWOW, and just the other day the filming for ‘Spring Has Come’ concluded.

During the filming, Kai had to juggle many things, from speaking Japanese, to meeting with Japanese staff and costars, and adjusting to staying in Japan for extended periods of time. Alongside all of this, Kai had to travel overseas to perform with EXO, making the whole experience without a doubt very tiring.

Despite all of that, he never once showed any signs of frustration or stress, but in fact always smiled and created a calm atmosphere. In addition to that, Kai spent his free time wisely by using it to study Japanese. It was clear that he was making progress with each passing day.

From the camera crew to costars and Japanese staff, Kai would speak to them in Japanese. As the lead star he made sure to actively communicate with others, which created a polite and honest atmosphere. He elevated the morale both on and off camera.

The last filming location was on Korea’s southernmost island, Jeju. When the staff said, ‘OK. This is the last ahooting with Kai,’ Kai’s face lit up with a smile as he bowed his head countless times. He also made a white flower promise with supervisor Kawai Hayato and spoke in Japanese, ‘I will miss you. I will miss you,’ he said from the bottom of his heart, reluctant to part ways. Everyday was full of joy and happiness, ‘I want to come back here again tomorrow’, he expressed his gratitude. Lastly, his costars and staff all celebrated the completion of his filming. Even whilst at the filming location, the famous Kai went to each of the staff individually to thank them, ‘Thank you very much’, he said.

Kai’s Comment

‘The filming is complete. I am very sad right now, and allthe things that happened during that time are still rushing around in my head. Filming in Japan and two locations in Jeju was very fun and I had agreat time.

The memories I made with my costars and the rest of the staff, as well as the locations and scenes, will forever be with me. Appearing in my first Japanese drama was very special to me, and I hope that through this drama everyone will be able to see all of the hard work I put into it.

Please look forward to Ji-won and Kai and give WOWOW a lot of support. Thank you very much.’”

Credit: translation,, Source: Korepo.


Travel corvette Astrolabe performed by order of the king during the years 1826-1829,

By Dumont d'Urville, Jules-Sébastien-César, 1790-1842

Publication info Paris: J. Tastu, 1830-1834.
Contributor: Duke University Libraries (
BHL Collections:
Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, Harvard University
Under the Sea: World Oceans Day


Hidden Figures: Sister Rosetta Tharpe #BlackHERstoryMonth 3/28

Known as the Godmother of Rock'N'Roll, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a singer who crossed over to dominate mainstream music with her style of gospel. A musical prodigy, Tharpe traveled the country performing gospel with her mother, where she became known for her powerhouse vocals and intense guitar riffs. A rare gospel artist that was willing to sing in nightclubs, Tharpe embraced secular audiences as one of only two female guitarists prominent in that era. Her signature guitar-picking style, soulful wailing, and blend of holy spirituals with boisterous swing music was a major precursor to rock'n'roll and served as an inspiration for everyone from Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry.

#HiddenFigures #BlackHERstoryMonth

anonymous asked:

how do you know when your fallow/resting time is over?

Hello! Anon!
Thank you so much for sending in an ask~

Well, it’s really difficult sometimes to pin that down. Half the time, I don’t realize that I was in a fallow period until my “Hearing” pops back into its normal self and I don’t feel like I’m straining myself.
So, with that in mind:

Learning About Your Fallow Period

Start a Journal/Calendar

This may seem like a bizarre thing to say [or completely cliche], but I’ve found out by accident that my fallow periods are around the same time each year/month. I was looking at the posts that I make on one of my blogs on wordpress. There were clusters of posts when I was extremely active and things were flowing, then months where the was absolutely nothing, then high activity again. I would definitely recommend starting a calendar or journal to record these periods. [Just realized that this would be perfect for those that love to bullet journal].

Here’s how:

  1. Start a Journal about what your experiences are, make sure to record dates and how much activity. 
  2. Note on a scale from 1-10 [or however high] of how easy or difficult each “ability” or aspect that you were at. Such as:
    –Communicating [Spirit Work, Mediumship, Deity Convos]
    –Intuition [Divination Crafts]
    –Spoons/Energy Level 
    –Sensing [Spirit Work, Aura Reading/Healing, etc] 
    –Ability to Focus [Astral Travel/Performing Spells/Meditation]
  3. Make a small calendar that can show you the days where you were active/productive and leave blank that days that were not. You can use your phone app or even a small desk calendars that you can “dot” the date in on.
  4. Be as detailed or little as you want, this is something personal for you to learn your fallow periods.
  5. When you notice that your “abilities” are changing, make note. Figure out what is new, what has changed, did it correlate to when your fallow period ended? Is this a sign that the fallow/resting period helped increase? Did it decrease and something else appeared in it’s place?
  6. Make note of outside factors.
    – Was there an Astronomical explanation [Darn that Mercury Retrograde!] [Moon Phases]? If so, how much worse was it than the others that happened? Which ones made things more difficult, which ones made it easier? You can plan around these times for things to do. 
    – Where you super stressed or worried? Fallow periods can happen because stress is it’s peak. Are these small fallow periods happening when it’s time for bills/exams/life? Now you can see these and plan how to help combat that.
    – How were your spoons/energy levels? Did you do heavy energy/magic work? Extend yourself mentally/psychically/physically/emotionally? Has there been a recent trauma?These can be very big stressors for a fallow/resting period.
  7. Make a list of the things that absolutely relax and destress you, things that make you smile no matter what, things that you love to do, anything that makes you feel like you. Use these to help you when you are stressed or upset.
  8. Make a list to remind yourself that you are:
    – A Good Companion who is loved by their Spirit Family, that this is just a time for yourself so that you can better connect with them down the road.
    – A Strong Witch that can move mountains if they wish, but you need to kick back your legs and be a couch potato because being awesome takes work.
    – A human being that is beautiful and wonderful at what they do, but need time to enjoy life and rest their amazing gifts and mind. 
    – A human being that is fallible, but work with what you have and play those strengths and need to rest them so you can kick butt later.
    – Remind yourself that you are loved and that you need you tim every now and then.

This may take a year or more to really pin down a timeframe. Fallow/resting periods come and go. But you can start to see a pattern, or somewhat of a pattern emerge. If not, then you know a heck of a lot about your own skills and to combat those days when you feel down.

Recommendations for Journaling/Calendar

For the Traditionalist:

I enjoy writing things by hand. So I am very picky about the journals that I use. 
I hate ghosting/bleeding.

Designworks Ink has a Large Hardbound Journal that has 200 line pages with day/month headers. Which is PERFECT keeping track of their stuff.

You can find it on their website! [$16]
I’ve seen Walmart carry them, but this can be only the area Im in.
Books-a-million has also carried them.

For the Techies:

Truthfully, I’m one of those that likes to keep these things private. The interwebs is never truly private, as people can hack into things. ALTHOUGH, having it so that only you can see it is the best thing.

With that, I suggest Wordpress. Weird? I know.
BUT there are things that you can track on there. You can copy and paste the information from one thing to another. You can see the days where you post and when you don’t post. You can make your blog private so that no one can see. I like the features where you can physically see the months and days where you posted. I wouldn’t use tumblr, even though it has the private, password option. Mainly because I can’t see the posts or when I post [you have the archive, but it’s just a conglomerate. Wordpress shows by day.

Here’s an example. This is what I see when I go onto my Astral Travel experiences blog, where I log about my experiences there.

See how it shows the amount of posts and the degree at how many posts in one day? This is what got me to realize when my periods are or that it’s a great way of tracking it. Granted, it only shows a year at a time. So keep screenshot occasionally to see large spans.

Working through a Fallow/Resting Period

This will be the hardest part, because we always want to continue what we do. It’s natural. And we are stubborn and grow distressed when that natural pattern is interrupted. The important thing about working through a fallow/resting period is not make it worse by forcing yourself to do things.

In this nice shiny journal or reference list, start a list of things that you enjoy. Pick out things that you can counter it if it’s stress or trauma induced. Is it a moon phase? Then work with the moon and do something will work during that time frame. Try to examine them and see what you can do in order to keep yourself active, but don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

I hope that this helps and if there is any questions or need some help, don’t be afraid to ask.


Now and Forever

“Who are you?” Pike asks finally, and the woman smiles and her hair is fire, and her dusty dress is a robe of blue and gold, and her eyes burn through to her core, and Pike gasps and stares up at the glory of a goddess.

There’s been some talk about Pike’s divinity lately. It’s good talk. I approve. Title from “Coming Close” by Philip Levine.

Sarenrae, the Dawnflower, the Healing Flame, the Everlight, Lady of Temperance and Goddess of Righteous Retribution, claims Pike Trickfoot on a bright day in late summer, when the air smells like wheatgrass and the sun turns a lazy arc overhead.

The high, hot days of summer blow into Westruun with a baking heat, the kind swept aside by the winds that dance across the wide central plain of Tal’Dorei until they eddy against the bulwark of Gatshadow and the protruding branch of the Umbra Hills that cuts south into the grasslands. It is a time to be outdoors, to run along dusty roads and laugh loudly and fly with the freedom of the warmest months, especially for little gnomish girls who ought to be studying. Pike has lessons aplenty, but she cannot bring herself to put nose to desk or quill to parchment, not when it’s this bright out, not when the morning breeze beckons.

She slips out early, waiting for Paw Paw to be called away by an ailing neighbor, and once he goes she sets aside books and prayer and slips out the door, a lithe, light-footed child. A hint of the night’s crispness clings to the morning air, yet to be burned away by the day’s heat, and she breathes it deep as she wanders through the northern temple district and towards the town’s center, already bustling and vibrant.

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Phantom of the Opera - Bruce Wayne x Reader

A/N: I didn’t do nearly as much with Two Face as I intended but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Prompt: Hey! I’ve been waiting so long to request this. A phantom of the opera modern au with Bruce as Raoul, batmom as Christine, and two face as the phantom. Please and thank you. I really love your writing. ❤️

Despite being raised in a wealthy cultured household, he had never been all that fond of the opera. He just simply had other things on his mind. Tonight his mind was focused on the rumors that a ghost haunted this opera house. A murder had taken place and he was determined to get to the bottom of it. The police had written it off of a freak accident but Bruce suspected there was something sinister at play here.

He was escorted to his private box by a friendly, smiling usher. He sat down in one of the plush seats and waited for the show to start before he would slip out and begin his investigation while everyone was distracted. The curtains pulled away and that was Bruce’s cue to begin his work but before he could leave the box your beautiful familiar voice filled the theatre. He stopped in his spot turned to see that it was in fact you standing on the stage, the perfect picture of elegance.   

“Can it be?” He whispered to himself.  “Can it be [Y/N]?” You had been but a memory for him, all but forgotten in his past. You were his first friend, his first crush, his first girlfriend, his first everything. He smiled to himself thinking of the beautiful woman that you had grown into. Maybe once all this is over he could drop in backstage to say hello to an old friend.

Bruce forced himself to turn away from your enthralling performance and he traveled around the shadows performing his investigation. He found a few clues but little pointing to an actual culprit. He would need to come back when the theatre was empty to some of the areas that were just simply impossible to get to while a performance was going on.

Normally this would be the point where Bruce would go home and work on the case in the cave but he felt compelled to stay this time and listen to you sing. It had been so long since he heard your voice, he had forgotten how amazing you were. When the performance was done he snuck backstage and let himself into your dressing room.

“You were beautiful out there tonight.” He said. You back was turned to him. When you heard his voice you gasped and turned around in surprise.

“Bruce?” You asked, not quite sure if the handsome man in front of you was indeed your childhood friend.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” He asked with a laugh. You got up from your seat and rushed over to him to envelope him in a tight hug.

“I’ll say! Look at you! You got all handsome and dapper on me!” You said jokingly.

“Are you implying I wasn’t always handsome?” Bruce asked in mock offense.

“Well we were kids. I couldn’t always appreciate it then.” You rolled your eyes. “So what brings you here Bruce? You never really liked the opera when we were kids.”

“Tastes can change can’t they?” Bruce reasoned, avoiding giving you a real answer. He should have known you would see right through him. You were always uncannily perceptive, even as kids. “Fine. I heard rumor of a murderous phantom haunting this place and I was curious.” He answered a little more honestly when you gave him a look that said you didn’t believe him. Your face went pale at his second answer.

“The phantom?” You asked fearfully.

“Don’t tell me you believe in the Phantom of the Opera.” Bruce laughed. You were always so logical, he couldn’t believe that you so suddenly developed a belief in the paranormal.

“No of course not.” You whispered lifelessly, your gaze not meeting his. “Um, excuse me Bruce. I have to go check on something. It was great catching up with you, truly.” You said hurriedly. Before Bruce could protest you rushed out of the dressing room and ran down the hall. Sensing something was terribly wrong, Bruce ran after you calling after you.

“[Y/N]! Wait! Tell me what’s wrong. I can help, whatever it is.”

“The Phantom of the Opera is here inside my mind, Bruce.” You cried. Your eyes shone with tears which Bruce wiped from your cheeks.

“What do you mean, [Y/N]?” Bruce asked searching your eyes for the answers he was looking for. You wrenched your eyes shut and shook your head.

“He’s real Bruce. The Phantom’s real and he’s always here in my head, whispering to me.” You sobbed. Bruce wrapped his arms around you and brought you to his chest, gently rocking you back and forth.

“These voices-?” Bruce started to ask before your eyes shot open and you gave him a hard look.

“You think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! I’ve seen him Bruce and I’ll never be able to forget that grotesque deformed face. He’s killed people Bruce. You need to leave. If he finds out that you’re here with me, he’ll -” You cried, panicking. Bruce cut you off with a firm kiss. Your lips moved desperately along with his. It had been so long since you broke up that you had both forgotten what this felt like. “He’ll kill you.” You murmured against Bruce’s lips when you separated briefly. Bruce only grunted in response before reconnecting you lips.

You’re mine. Your chains are still mine. I will get rid of this suitor and I’ll teach you once and for all who you belong to.’ The Phantom’s voice hissed in your ear. Your eyes shot open, wide eyed in fear. You pushed Bruce away and fell to the floor hugging your knees to your chest.

“What is it, [Y/N]? Please talk to me. I’m here, nothing can harm you.” Bruce encouraged, taking you hands in his.

“He’ll always be there singing songs in my head.” You whimpered.

“You said yourself he’s nothing but a man.” Bruce asked. You didn’t responded and just stared blankly in front of you. The Phantom’s voice filled your head and his threats chilled you to the core. Bruce didn’t know what he could do to help you. He didn’t even know if he could help you.

Bruce stared at you searched for some sort of answer when he noticed the earrings you were wearing. He remembered you always wore them when you were younger. They were one of the few items that belonged to your mother who died when you were just a young girl. You rarely ever took them off.

“Are those your mother’s earrings?” Bruce asked bringing his finger up to your ear to get a better look at the small pearls.

“Yes. You remembered.” You smiled softly.

“[Y/N] I need you to trust me. Take the earrings off.” Bruce said. You looked up at him with the utmost trust in your eyes. You reached up and took off the earrings, feeling naked when they were both out.

To your surprise, the voices in your head ceased when you removed the earrings. You let out a sob of relief and threw the earrings to the side. You closed the distance between you and Bruce and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Take me away from this nightmare, Bruce. All I want is freedom, a world with no more night.” You sobbed against his chest. He gently ran his fingers through your soft hair and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“You’re safe, he won’t find you ever again. Your fears are far behind you, [Y/N].” Bruce reassured you.

“Promise me.” You insisted.

“Anything.” Bruce responded immediately.

“Promise me you need me with you now and always. Promise you’ll stay beside me to hold me and hide me.” You continued. “That’s all I ask of you.”

“If you promise me something in return.” Bruce said gently intertwining his fingers with yours. “Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. Let me lead you from your solitude. Say you need me with you, here beside you. Anywhere you go let me go too. [Y/N], that’s all I ask of you.” He said in return.

“Say you love me.” You prompted weakly, reaching your hand up to gently cradle his jaw. You wanted to hear the words that had been too long foreign to you.

“You know I do.” Bruce swore, leaning in and connecting your lips in a passionate kiss. No more wasted time, no more obstacles. You loved each other and you weren’t about to let each other go ever again.