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Theater of Aspendos

Aspendos, Pamphylia, Turkey

161-180 CE

96 m. diameter

12,000 seatings

A statue of the building’s architect, Zeno, stands in the south parodos. The inscription under the statue records the thanks of the people for the gift of the theatre and says that Zeno was given a large garden near the stadium for his work. Inscriptions in Greek and Latin on either side of the skene read that the wealthy brothers Curtius Crespinus and Curtius Auspicatus built the theatre and dedicated it to “the Gods of the Country and the Imperial House.” In the 3rd century AD a parapet was built between the orchestra and the cavea to protect the audience from gladiatorial and wild animal shows.


Theatre of Bosra

Bosra, Syria

2nd century CE

102 m. in width

It was built outside of the city walls, and has seating for about 15,000 people; it is thus among the largest of the Ancient Roman civilisation. It is also one of the best preserved.

concept: the entire smh crew + friends working at the disneyland parks.

bits is working as a chef at the jolly holiday bakery cafe who occasionally visits jack, an animator who works at the animation academy and is best friends with shitty, tho he’s referred to as mr. knight at the parks.

shitty doesn’t work at the parks but is involved at disney animations a lot since his girlfriend lardo is both an animator for disney shorts and an occasional imagineer for the parks. she loves going to the parks bc a) her work is there woot woot and b) ransom & holster are performers in the parade and shows. (occasionally they’re seen at  Le Salon Nouveau in D33 but shhh no one knows that).

nursey and dex are apart of the college program, along with chowder. nurse is always operating rides and somehow, dex is always there to fix it. chowder is an assistant to all face characters and loves hanging out with farmer, who plays belle in the shows and at meet and greets.

they definitely have a blast closing down the park occasionally 


Hidden Figures: Sister Rosetta Tharpe #BlackHERstoryMonth 3/28

Known as the Godmother of Rock'N'Roll, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a singer who crossed over to dominate mainstream music with her style of gospel. A musical prodigy, Tharpe traveled the country performing gospel with her mother, where she became known for her powerhouse vocals and intense guitar riffs. A rare gospel artist that was willing to sing in nightclubs, Tharpe embraced secular audiences as one of only two female guitarists prominent in that era. Her signature guitar-picking style, soulful wailing, and blend of holy spirituals with boisterous swing music was a major precursor to rock'n'roll and served as an inspiration for everyone from Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry.

#HiddenFigures #BlackHERstoryMonth

I’m literally crying right now. My baby is performing on my birthday and there’s nothing more I ever want than to see him live but I live all the way across the country and there’s no chance my parents will let their teenage daughter fly out to see him❤😭

BTS Reaction to their s/o being the maknae of a coed group

Request: Hello! Hope you’re having a good night/day. Can you make a bts reaction to their s/o being the maknae in a coed group please?

Jin (Seokjin)

Nope. N.O. Jin would not be happy about his s/o being in a coed group. Jin is very, very traditional (I dunno if I mentioned that like every day of my life lol) so the idea that his s/o would be travelling, performing and potentially living or sleeping in close quarters with someone of the opposite gender would drive him crazy with worry. Jin would feel the need to speak to members of his love’s group just to make sure everyone knew who exactly his s/o belonged to. Jin would constantly be calling his partner with silly reminders like locking the door at night or not sitting too close to those Jin saw as a romantic threat. Especially since his love was the maknae, Jin would be checking in often to make sure they weren’t being teased too much.

Y/N, you’re watching out for your member right? Aish, that one really gets on my nerves, don’t sit with him ever alright? Is everyone being nice to you? No one is teasing my Jagi are they?

Suga (Yoongi)                                                                                                         Suga would not really care, to be honest. If anything, I think Suga would be extremely happy that his s/o would be able to relate with him on a different level since they could understand the life and hardwork that goes into being an idol. Yoongi would be attracted to his lover’s passion for music and the stage since it so closely mirrors his own. I can definitely see Suga being the biggest fanboy for his s/o, always surprising them at shows or even sneaking on tour. Suga would watch everytime his s/o was on a variety show and live text them his reactions. Yoongi would also be the sort of boyfriend to tease his s/o, telling the older members in their group embarrassing stories about his partner.

Yah, why did you sound so silly on Weekly Idol? Jagi, you have to have more variety sense. Don’t worry I’ll teach you, I guess we can’t all be born as perfect as me.

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Joonie would be similar to Yoongi in the sense that he would totally adore that he has this in common with his s/o. Rap Mon would tease his lover about how crazy it was that he was dating a maknae. Leaders should be with leaders he would say, jokingly of course. It wouldn’t bother Namjoon at all that his s/o’s group was coed since Mon can be very open minded and mature. Rap Monster would be very helpful with anything his s/o needed, offering to help them develop new lyrics or beats for their group’s new album or working with his partner on improving their music producing skills. Namjoon would also go to his love for help with dancing, and fans of both his s/o group and BTS would be suspicious of how well Rap Mon could dance his love’s group dances.

Jagi! People keep posting about how I dance your choreography better than my own! Y/N why is it like this?

Jhope (Hobi)

Hobi wouldn’t really mind the co ed thing at all. He would want to be friends with the rest of his love’s members and I can totally see him starting a bromance with some of the guys. If Suga was a fanboy, Hobi would be a borderline saesang about it all. He would actively wear around fan shirts with his s/o name, buy all the albums and post pictures with it and always choose to cover his love’s dances on variety shows. Jhope would be one of the most supportive members, to the point that he would want to even travel on tour with the group, supporting his s/o by helping teach choreography. Hobi puts his all into what he loves and would do everything he could to help his s/o reach their dreams.

I was watching the dance practice version of your mv this morning and I think you need to be sharper on your turn. Tell your leader she needs to extend her arms more too. My little maknae, you’re the best dancer I’m so proud.


Jimin would be another member to show a bit of jealousy to his s/o being in a coed group. Jimin would feel uncomfortable with trusting his love to their members especially not ones of the opposite gender. If Jimin got to know the rest of the group though, he would be quick to change his tune. Jimin would love the idea of keeping the relationship between his s/o and him quiet. I can see a lot of lowkey smiles or quick glances at each other when they were at award shows. Jimin would be the king of passing secret notes to his love in public, loving the thrill of getting away with it. Jimin would love to tease his partner about being the maknae of the group, always insisting that maknae’s have it the best.

Look at Kookie, Y/N. Yah we treat him too well, ungrateful maknae. You’re too lucky, Jagi! Oh, jagi did you see the signal I sent you when I was on Show Champion? I did our special signal.

V (Taehyung)

Tae would be the absolute king of proud smiles. He would be adorable every time he was watching his s/o perform with their group, he would be dancing so wild in the audience, just smiling his biggest, most rectangular grin as he watched his love live their dream. Taehyung would be protective of his love since they were the youngest in the group and I could totally see him speaking privately to the other members in his partner’s group just making sure they were watching out for his s/o. Taehyung would be teasingly braggy about any success his s/o’s group got, showing the rest of BTS articles about them.

See, there. Right there that’s my Jagi. Waaooaaww, so pretty. Isn’t my Y/N so amazing?


Jungkook would love to relate to his s/o in terms of both being the maknae of their respective groups. He would always send texts to his s/o whenever something happened with BTS, asking if his love had the same problems being the maknae among their members. I can see Jungkook having the greatest squad ever, with Yugyeom, Kook and his love alright, Mingyu can be in my scenario too despite not being the maknae, going on bowling dates. Kookie would invite other people out when he went with his s/o to avoid gossip as best he could. Jungkook would be another who would want to learn all the fan chants and dances to his s/o group’s songs. He would be singing along at all the award shows, not caring if the cameras were pointing at him.

*in text* Jagi, do you’re members ever tell you get them food? Aish, so annoying. Here’s the secret Jagi, tell them nah. Start early, Y/N, so you’re members learn to not expect normal maknae behaviour. That’s what I did.



Can you do a fix about Josh and the reader having to share a bed space on a tour bus and there just friends but it starts to get smutty while still trying to keep quiet because Tyler.


warning: smut,cursing, - (oh god first attempt at real smut sorry Jesus)

Also I went on a bit with this one, fluff and smut…


Your best friends in the world where two dorks who travelled around performing in ski masks and floral shirts. Those dorks where Josh and Tyler. They had just started their new tour and josh had invited you to travel to three venues with them, you packed a load of ripped shorts and band Tshirts not forgetting your trusted converses. You had always felt like a friend to Tyler but josh always seemed that one bit closer.

After a three hour flight to Washington you stepped out of baggage claim and right in the middle of the large crowds were your boys… Surrounded by body guards and fans. Josh saw you straight away, a smile slapped across his face as he dropped the sign that said “Y/N <3 /-| ” you ran over to him and he wrapped you in a bear hug, you’re sure you never heard so many iPhone cameras go off in your life,

“Y/n FINALLY MY GIRL!” Josh yelled lifting you into the air, you giggled clutching his neck and looked across to see Tyler in hello kitty sunglasses with a beanie.

“Tyler? Babe I’m not even gonna ask.” You say laughing, you throw your rucksack to josh along with your suitcase.

“Wow thanks y/n missed you too” josh said as we started waking to the bus parked around the corner, some fans followed but where ushered away by the security.

“What can I say joshy I’m just too damn popular, they don’t even know you guys” you replied linking Josh’s arm. Tyler started laughing, turning to face the two of you, he opened the door and you where hit by a smell of men and body spray,

“Tyty why the glasses?” You asked taking them off his face as you sat down on the dark blue sofa facing an opposing window on the bus, josh slumped down next to you despite the whole sofa being free.

“Well I know you don’t like being centre of attention so I thought I could distract the pap and fans with my style, we are a super serious band after all….” He added, smirking throwing you a beer from the fridge.

“Aww thanks boo, you know me so well” you replied smiling,

The driver got in and the van started, a few crew members got in and Tyler started talking to them leaving you and josh in the front part.

“I’m so glad you came, I’ve Been- we’ve been missing you. Our vines haven’t been the same!” He whined poking your cheek, you shooed him away cracking a smile,

“You’re so sweet josh bless, it’s been boring at home not gonna lie, I forgot I don’t have any other mates besides you weirdos. ” you grinned cuddling under his arm. Your bodies fitted perfectly, josh had always been your cuddle buddy no matter what.

“What about Damien your boyfriend? ” he asked confused, you pulled away slightly,

“Yeah…. It didn’t work out. Like a week after you left he maybe sort of cheated and so like…. Yay single…. Oh my god josh we can like wingman each other. ” you said lightening the mood.

“He what? Why didn’t you tell me!? Y/n I care about you you know I do, I never liked that guy…. That’s it I finally have an excuse to unfollow him on twitter…. How dare he?! I swear to god if I was there…. ” he went to go on but you out your hand over his mouth smiling,

“Shush, I’m fine honestly it’s nothing okay?” You asked and he nodded his head,

“I’m still gonna unfollow him” he said after you dropped your hand. He pulled out his phone and went on twitter, you saw him unfollow him and you giggled, you did feel sad about your ex but that didn’t matter, you were here with your best friends.

“JOOOOSHHHHHHHH….. I NEED YOU TO TAKE A CANDID EDITED PHOTO OF ME FOR TWITTER. JOSHHHHHHHHHHH” you heard Tyler call from the other side of the bus and josh sighed, shifting you off him you lay flat on the sofa missing his body under yours.

“And it begins….” Josh whined flashing you his cute grin before leaving. Wait. Cute grin? Get a grip y/n…

You saw his twitter was still open….

“Oh josh you never learn….” You picked it up taking a cute selfie, cheeks blown out and lips plumped, your band tank top slugged off one shoulder, you where happy with how you looked silly but equally cute,

“@tylerjoseph remind josh not leave his phone lying around UNLOCKED… ”

You decided this wasn’t enough…

“@y/t/n is the best person in the world she’s super funny and is better at the drums then me…” You tweeted feeling smug about it, instantly both tweets began gaining favourites and retweets fast, clearly people had him on notifications.

Your phone began popping, you already had thousands of followers from simply knowing the boys and when they tweeted about you, but these where people asking if we where dating. You laughed imagining what it would be like to be with Josh, he was your friend. He was always there for you, no matter what time of day he would answer, half his Instagram was already full of you way more than Tyler’s was, his snapchats to you where usually ugly selfies that managed to look flawless, your face time calls lasted two hours plus and…..


He walked back in and his smile caused you to forget what you just realised.

“Really y/n? My twitter?” He said grinning, his eyes where crinkled from smiling,

“Shouldn’t leave your phone then should you?” You reply smirking, you where now aware of how flirtatious the two of you sounded when you spoke, no wonder Tyler and Jenna always assumed you two where a thing…. But josh wouldn’t feel the same way… Would he?

Before you realised he began tickling you, reaching for your phone that was in your bum pocket, he reached it with ease before rushing to the back of the bus with it,

“JOSH, GOD DAMMIT JOSH!!!!!” You yelled while laughing uncontrollably, you followed him but in the cramped bus it was difficult to move around Tyler stood in the way, phone in hand filming, most likely a vine,

“It’s been ten minutes and the kids are at it again… ” Tyler then made a comical sigh flipping the camera round to his disappointed “father” face. You shoved him playfully,

“TYLER FUCK OFF” you whined before josh handed your phone back grinning.

You looked up at him, his tall frame towered above you, he seemed even more muscular since you last saw him.

You checked your twitter, notifications blowing up…. He tweeted:

“@joshuadun is so freakin cute, damn that ass and those muscles am I right ladiezzzz?? 🌝🌝🌝” the smirking moon emojis made you laugh but you pretended to be mad before smiling at josh, he smiled back and it fell silent as the two of you continued laughing lightly, Tyler was busy sharing his vine….

“Anyway you nerds, where am I sleeping tonight?” You asked slipping your phone back into to your pocket, Tyler smirked,

“I’ll leave you two to discuss that, I’m gonna watch Netflix…. You’re free to join but I’m choosing the film and I am in the mood for fight club…” He left grinning at josh who looked nervous,

“See y/n,.. The bus is kinda small…. So like…. Because Tyler’s married…. It only makes sense for you to sleep in my bunk…. But like its fine I can sleep on the couch it’s fine you can have it….” He said leaning on the door frame,

“Oh…. Yeah well…. I mean I don’t mind you sleeping with me… If that’s okay with you though I wouldn’t want to like weird you out” you said blushing,

“I’ve seen you do crazy shit sharing a bed wouldn’t be weird for me y/n…” He cracked a smile and you smiled back…

“Y/n I ummm, wanted to show you something” he said pulling out his phone, “some of these tweets are funny” he showed you the reply to your tweets, it’s all about how we are goals, how we suit how funny…. “ he giggled to himself

“Don’t lie we look cute In selfies together” you said poking him in the chest,

“You mean I look cute” he replied posing,

“I’m being serious !” You whined like a small kid, you folded your arms,

“I’m joking, you look beautiful. Like, so beautiful, look how you managed to look cute in that picture, while pulling a face that’s not humanly possible. ” he said and you smiled, ear to ear.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and he looked down at you, you went on your tip toes and lightly kissed his cheek.

“Thanks josh. You know, Damien never said anything like that. No one really has…” You blushed, and he held you close to him, his hand in the small of your back, his other arm hung loosely round your neck.

“Y/n. I love you, ” josh muttered.

“Aww you cutie love you too babes now let’s go watch fight club!” You went to pull away by he clung a while longer,

“No y/n…. I love you. Like. Love you love you, I couldn’t stand seeing you with Damien. I hated that guy, knowing he was holding you at night and not me, knowing he was taking couple selfies with you and not me, knowing his hands where on you whereas my hands would be worshipping you, ide be protecting you from your silly fear of spiders, I would teach you drums, my hands over yours showing you beats…. Lazy mornings with you, date nights, cute direct tweets, the fans loving you, being able to say I not the single one…because I would be with you.” He said and you melted into his arms. You had been waiting too damn long to hear that.

“I love you too…. You’re the only one who treated me right” you breathed, pulling his neck down so his mouth was close to yours, he kissed you passionately holding your body pressed against his own.

“FUCKING FINALLY” Tyler called throwing popcorn at the two of you,

“Where the hell did you get popcorn from?” Josh asked pulling it from your hair, Tyler shrugged but took a photo of you two wrapped up in each others arms.

“That’s one for twitter !” He chirped.

“Y/n … Does this mean? We are like… A thing? ” he asked sceptically,

“I would love to be a thing with you, ” you replied grinning, he hugged you nestling his face in your neck,

“Oh my god get a room. ” Tyler called and you laughed, you and josh joined him on the sofa, josh sat like he did before, right next to you besides having the whole sofa to himself as Tyler always say on the floor like a child, head leaning back on your knees.

You took out your snap chat, you had thousands of followers because people often saw you post pictures and videos of josh.

You held down the button recording,

“This wonderful sofa to sit on and……. JOSH DECIDES ON SITTIN RIIIIIIIGHT HERE” you zoomed in on his face and he buried his face into your hair and shoulder,

You uploaded it and smiled,

“Well then if we are making this public thanks to Tyler’s tweet I might as well tweet ” josh says opening front camera, you placed a strand of your hair over his lip like a moustache and he did his signature grin while you did the rock sign, he took it and uploaded it to twitter captioned “with the girl, power couple af”

“I’ll let the fans realise what that means” he said putting his phone away.

Soon enough fight club finished and Tyler was curled up in his bunk, he left to sleep before the ending but you and josh where too engaged in the film to sleep.

“Hanging out with you just brings out the best in me y/n. It’s like…. I thoughts this would be awkward but it just feels so right it’s weird.” He said brushing some hair off your face.

“I’ve wanted to be with you josh… I’ve always sort of felt more than friends with you. It took me a while to realise. C'mon let’s go to bed… Quick question…. Can I borrow your shirt for bed, my suitcase is crammed under loads of stage stuff in the back.

"Of course,” he said, you followed him to the bunk, he peeled his shirt off revealing his muscular frame, his track suit shorts hung dangerously low on his hips, you peeled off your clothes, josh had seen you in your underwear many times before but this felt more intimate. You stood in your underwear and josh handed you the shirt. You pulled it on and it went up to your thighs, he let you climb in first, he lay next to you and you wrapped your arm around his chest.

He pulled the blanket over you and pulled the curtain closed, Tyler’s music could be heard, he had headphones in but at full volume, he lay sleeping.

You looked up at josh. He leaned down and placed a kiss on your lips, your tongue grazed his mouth and he immediately took dominance deepening the kiss. You where pulled. Loser to him, you needed up laying on top of him to fit in the bunk, you straddled him grinding without releasing,

His hand traced your bum and you felt him harden through his boxers. Your hand slid down to Palm him through his boxers, as you rubbed he emitted a low moan sending vibrations through your body, your underwear dampened and his hand moved to your breast,

“Josh…please” you whispered and he slid his boxers off. You giggled as he shuffled to wriggle them off. You slid yours down while trying not to bang your head on the top section. He kept giggling at you but it seemed sexy…. He began rubbing a finger over your entrance, causing a moan from your voice, you covered your mouth squirming on top of him clutching his shoulder while keeping a hand over your mouth.

Seeing you squirm on him as he rubbed you made him even harder, you felt him poke your thigh with his length, you tried to keep quite remembering Tyler was in the bed next to you two.

Before you nearly came there and then josh pushed into you after stretching you out with his two fingers, but that didn’t prepare you for how big he was. You always assumed he would be large purely because he was tall and built, the pain shot up through you and josh ended up covering your mouth and you covered his while staring at you, soon pleasure covered the pain and he began thrusting in and out of you, his eyes squeezing shut as you both became a sweaty panting mess in the bunk.

His thrusts became faster, his spare hand went from your bum to your clit as he bang rubbing circles, you moaned and it caused you both to laugh slightly as you where trying to be quite. You moved your hand from his mouth and kissed him, moaning into each others mouths.

“Cum for me…” He whispered rubbing your clit faster, you came udone on him collapsing into his chest as he pumped three more thrusts into you before you felt him fill you, he stayed inside you until he caught his breath, he pulled out kissing you the whole time. Before just holding you.

“I love you josh.”

“I love you too y/n…. I’ve wanted this for so long…”


The TSA made this Sikh comedian remove his turban for “safety”

Comedian Jasmeet Singh was traveling after a performance at UC Berkeley when Transportation Security Administration agents stopped him at a security checkpoint in a San Francisco. He documented the whole thing in tweets (above). Singh later explained to his followers why TSA asking a Sikh to remove his turban is not the same as asking a flier to remove his shoes.


How about some Tango?