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One of last year’s baby pandas at Chengdu Panda Base, Sichuan China

Word of the Week: Milchgesicht

Do people tell you that you have a baby face? In Germany, you would be described as having a Milchgesicht!

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The term Milchgesicht means “milk face”. And trust us - if someone calls you that, take it as a compliment! Having a Milchgesicht means you have a baby face. You are a fountain of youth - a person that looks younger than they are.

Unless you are underage and trying to make adult purchases, having a Milchgesicht is a good thing. Because after all, who wants to look older than they are?

Like a baby still dependent on milk, a person with a Milchgesicht has that look of youth and innocence. For those with a Milchgesicht, consider yourself blessed!

Take a Breath Before We Change the World

The wonderful @panda-capuccino was reading my fic and decided to gift me with this beautiful piece of art inspired by it. It’s not from any scene that’s happened in the story (yet, perhaps!) but the feel is there. It’s just such a gorgeous piece. {Please do not repost or remove this caption. Credit goes to the artist alone.}

Hanging From a Cross of Iron [FF] or [AO3] has a female Tony Stark being thrown back in time to WWII where she finds her soulmates, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. But these two are already together, and have been for over a decade, so it creates… complications. And, holy hell, what does she do with the fact that she knows how they die? Stuck in the past, stuck in a world war, stuck with two soulmates who may or may not want her, Toni just doesn’t quite know what to do… but, well, she’s a Stark. She’ll figure it out, and she’ll do it with style.


Apparently the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center successfully bred 36 panda cubs in 2017 and decided to introduce them all at once. 36 Panda Cubs. Yeah you’re clicking play and yes I did too.

Cheer Up Post #5053

agender-housepartner would like a post with baby penguins, red pandas, and their hometown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Here you go!

A Cheery Travel Guide

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ipandachannel’ Hey guys did you know you can take a peek at nanny through the gaps of these bars?’

Looking for something

I remember seeing a tipo artwork that was an advertisement for some sort of China travel agency. I think it was related to Pandas. In the drawing, Tigress was like, super pregnant and Po was wearing his dragon warrior outfit and heading out of the village as if he were leaving a journey. I remember someone saying that it was cray because Dreamworks would have had to okay the artwork for use. And they did.

Does anyone else remember this or know where it went?


So this year I’ve been using the Panda planned for self reflection and organization, and I’ve been using the weekly planning section as a tarot spread template. It helps me keep up with my tarot even when I’m unmotivated and keeps pushing me to improve myself from week to week. And it’s super quick and simple for a weekly spread!

Things I Will Do to Make this Week Great:
1. Personal
2. Work
3. Family/Friends
4. Relationship

I hope this helps someone!

BTOB REACTION: To their gf calling them oppa for the first time




“What do you want miss?”


“Since when you decided to call me like that?”



“Gimme a hug”


hey, it’s me, ADM Cherry,  as has been said before ADM Panda was traveling and that’s why I’m posting in her place.

Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi (and ADM Cherry)


French artist Paulo Grangeon has made 1,600 papier-mâché Pandas to represent the exact number of pandas that are still alive in the wild today. The pandas will be travelling the globe and have already visited Paris, Rome, Berlin and Taipei, and they are currently touring around Hong Kong.