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More photos from Japan

‘Cause it’s late and I’m bored. And I miss it.

Nara had so many deer, omfg. I fed them too! they get as bad as cats with treats. a whole 100yen pack of senebi gone in less than a minute.

The giant Buddha, I didn’t label half of my photos so I’ve forgotten what temple this is. >.<;;;

These are the two rocks at Kiyomizudera, with the legend that if you touch one and then walk to the other with your eyes shut you’ll have luck in love. I did it! With my partners from the group giving me directions. It was fun, a little scary, but fun.

Kinkakuji, The Golden Pavillion. No one gets to go in, which is sad, but it’s still a nice place to walk around.

This is the large pond (lake really) at Ryoanji, the temple with the cool little fountain with the Kanji wordplay.

Where the path first splits at Inari Shrine. You’re supposed to go up the right and then come down the left.

One of the ponds at Sanjusangendo, or the Temple with 300 statues of Kanon. The inside is pretty cool! So of course pictures are prohibited. Such is the way.

The sandwich set I had on the Free Day when I went to Quatre Reves for the second time. It was really fricken good.

Spotted in the Yotobashi dept. store at Kyoto station, they were playing undertale music on one of the PCs on display. It was so cool to hear something so familiar.

The bamboo forest in Arashiyama, it was lovely to walk through. I would have liked it better if it hadn’t been humid enough to suffocate me and raining all at the same time.