ID #16868

Name: Lova
Age: 16
Country: Sweden

Hi! I guess my name and age is showed up there. I’m currently looking for both internet friends to practice languages with, and also regular pen pals to snail mail with! For the languages part I desperately wish to improve my German! But I’m open to pretty much any language if you feel like it xD. My native is swedish, so I could of course help you with it! We could do a little language-exchange-thingy. My other interests include reading, writing, training (martial arts), watching a whole lot of YouTube and traveling.

Preferences: As I said I’m open to both snail mail and on the internet. For the type of person I want to talk you open-minded people, so no rascists, homophobes, sexists or likewise please. I would also prefer to people around 15-18 years old.