In you my Lord I find my strength.
In your arms I am secured.
You give me peace amidst the storm,
you give me shelter amidst the raging sea.
My enemies are ready to devour me,
they are waiting for me to fail,
though I fall, I shall rise, for You determine my victory.
You will make me victorious in the battlefield.
Yes, the enemy strikes me.
He laughs at my weaknesses.
But I find my hope in you, Lord.
By Your right hand You shall vindicate me
You shall wield your sword against them
with great power and strength.
With unwavering might 
you shall make my enemies fall
on their knees.
They shall know that You are God.
They shall know that You are my God.
And no one, yes no one! shall stand against you
My Lord.
When my knees tremble,
You shall strengthen them.
When my tears fall from my eyes
You shall wipe them away.
When my body is wounded
You shall heal me.
When my heart is broken,
You shall fix it.
You shall renew my strength and make me whole.
Your abounding grace shall overflow.
Your extravagant love shall emanate.
In You O Lord, I shall trust.
I love you Lord - my Strength, my Restorer;
my Keeper and my Father, 
my God, my All in All.
August 2 "One Strange Day"

August 2, 2011

My friend Jack was 21 years old when he died. The cause of his death was heart attack, happened while he was asleep, the result was - he never woke up again. And just today, on my way to office, a friend messaged me, asking for prayers because Jeremiah (the older brother of Jack) was at the hospital. I thought it was just an illness, a cold or something, so I asked God for healing. Then when I got into the office, my friend told me “ he is gone”. On my thoughts, “what did she mean by gone? who’s gone?”, bu t I never bothered to ask her what she meant by that, because there were so many things running in my head that time.

I was still at the office at about 6pm when I received a call from another friend and told me that Jeremiah’s dead already.I don’t know how to react, I don’t know how to feel, really, because it shocked me. First, their dad died last December of 2010, then last May his brother Jack died, and now, August, Jeremiah was already taken by God. He died with the same condition as his brother, he never woke up again, found breathless in bed because of heart attack. I told God, “this is really strange Lord. You must be up to something.

With this, again, the Lord reminded me how brief is our life on this earth, when he shall return or when he shall take us to place where we belong; we know nothing. Only God knows. The best thing we could do is to just receive Jesus in our lives wholeheartedly. Wholeheartedly, meaning, we have to live according to his will, according to his instructions, loving him more than anything and anyone else - then we’ll have confidence with our faith in Christ that when the time comes that he’ll take us, we can be sure that we’ll rest in His arms. The only way to everlasting life is through Jesus. So right now, if you haven’t accepted Christ in your life as your Savior and Lord, or you think you have to renew your salvation, if you feel that you want to experience Christ in your life once again, follow me in this prayer:

Father God. I praise you. Hear me as I lay my sword and surrender in your majesty. Father, forgive me for my sins, I know that my sins piled up as high as the mountains, and you know that I sin every day, Lord here I am, pick me up and clean me, Use me for your purpose. Wash me by the blood of Christ so that my Spirit may be renewed. Father, I come to you, search me through and through. At this moment Lord I accept Jesus as my Lord, I accept Jesus as my personal Savior and redeemer. Lord help me to follow you everyday. I won’t have anything and can’t do anything without you Lord. Accept me in your heart Father God, inspire me everyday. I lay down all my weaknesses and pain and anger and lust and sorrow and madness and burden. Now Lord, my heart is open, come into my heart Lord. Live within me and make my heart your home. All these I pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

If you pray this prayer with me, I believe that God shall continue the works he started in you, and he won’t finish until his kingdom reigns, and I declare that you shall reign with Christ very soon.

These are few of many stories which really proved of God’s power. How he controls everything in his hand. The Lord allowed this to happen for reasons. The only thing which I would consider is to rejoice, because I believe that Jeremiah is in God’s hands. One thing I realized is that we don’t hold our time, we can’t hold on to our lives, we are not sure if tomorrow we’re still alive, but the most important thing is that we should be sure where we would spend our everlasting life after death - there’s only two options HEAVEN or HELL. And whoever is going through same thing right now, I pray that the pain in your heart will be filled with rejoicing praises to God, I pray for comfort and peace of mind.I

While at the office, when I still don’t know what happened, I was speaking with my boss, he told me “When something seems not right, when you feel like the situation you’re going through right now is vague and weird and you would tell God ‘Lord this is crazy, this freaks me out, I don’t know really what’s happening’, you should be still and be more excited, for the Lord must be cooking something. The smell might be so bad but when you eat it, it taste good, so what  you should do is to surrender everything to God. Everything, worries, weaknesses, admit to God that you can’t bear anymore then just let go, surrender and ask our generous God that you would want see a little bit of His plans, of what he is cooking for you. and move on. =)” The pain will always be there, the sorrows will always be there while we’re still living on earth. There will always be loss and failures, but if you look at God’s perspective, He is doing something beyond what we know. God will always be in control if we would just let him to be in control of our lives.

So I pray that the faith you have shall go deeper and deeper even if you feel like you don’t want to move on. The best time to pray is when you feel like you don’t want to pray. The best time to rejoice is when you have no reason to rejoice at all, for in everything, God will always be at your side - guiding you, He will always be in front of you- to win you victory, and at your back - to protect you. God bless. Take heart in everything, this too shall pass.