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EUROPE: 22/09 - Day 23

Last day of my amazing journey. Glad to be heading home, but also sad to see such glorious places disappear off into the distance.

Checked out of the hotel at a cozy 11 o’clock and managed to be waiting at the wrong bus stop for my coach over to the airport for a length of time because it was marked with the bus number I was supposed to catch but didn’t actually have any buses stop there, nice! Then a smooth wait for my super cheap flight and journey across the Alps home, with a warm welcome waiting for me as soon as my plane touched the ground.

In hindsight, never again on my own. I had an amazing experience with both highs and lows but I think I should have prepared a little more differently before leaving. I think I’m definitely going to do it again another time, but obviously with some different aspects to it such as less planning in some areas and more in others.

I think I’d like to work on some things that will help people out with travelling, perhaps a little guide. Something I will allow access to everyone!

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