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To Do in 2017

1. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Birthdays and any other “silly” celebrations… they may be social constructs, but they make life fun.. they give days meaning.

2. To find balance within each facet of your life. Balance is of utmost importance, not perfection.

3. To cherish those who are in your life. Make an effort. Connect. Appreciate. And do so often.

4. To make life interesting by holding yourself back less. Act upon urges. Acknowledge gut feelings.

5. To smile (even when you have every reason not to). That thing you’re worrying about, does it really matter?

6. To remove oneself from people, situations and behaviours that feel negative or leave you drained. Vibes are important.

7. To empower, accept, love and care for oneself. Feed yourself nutritious food, moisturise your skin, take bubble baths, drink tea, exercise, meditate, read, deactivate social media, play music… whatever works for you. Every body is beautiful… from skin folds and wrinkles, to hair strands and freckles. Listen to your body and love every part of you.

8. To reverse negative thinking. Challenge each negative thought with three positive thoughts. Underlying negative experiences, beliefs, doubts or fears that provoke unhealthy thought patterns must be understood. Growth mindsets serve us. You have so much power within.

9. To travel and tick experiences off of your bucket list. Adventures, hikes and road trips will always be fun.

[TRANS/INTERVIEW] GRAZIA Magazine April 2017 Edition - Himchan & Daehyun

B.A.P Himchan and Daehyun’s relationship is much like that of ‘Tom and Jerry’. It turns out that B.A.P fans have already compared them to such from a long time back. At the sight of them bickering without rest, (we) asked “(what if you guys) fight at this rate,” Himchan and Daehyun both answered at the same time, “this is playing!” and caused a big laugh.


Daehyun’s thighs vs Jongup’s butt
If you absolutely had to have one…,
Jongup’s butt. I’ll refuse anything that’s Daehyun’s (laughs).

Bungee jump vs Skydiving
Ah… (I) have a lot of frights (I’m scared of it),
(so I) give up

Kakaotalk vs Phone call
Phone call. It’s annoying typing out texts.

Sleepiness vs Hunger, the thing that’s harder to resist is?
Sleepiness. I have a lot of sleep

Party vs Time alone
Party with friends and alcohol.


Straightforwardness vs Beating around the bush
Straightforwardness. (I) don’t like it when there are misunderstandings because of words (talking).

Ballad vs Dance
Still dance (for now). (I) like it more when (both) vocal and dance skills are distributed (and) displayed. Like Bruno Mars.

Mello vs SF Movie
Mello. (I) originally (always) liked mello. Especially <A Moment to Remember>(, I) wanted over ten times.


It’s the first time doing a photoshoot with just you two, right?
HC,DH (at the same time) yes.

Were the other members not jealous?
DH They were making fun of us saying “We’re going to sleep in~”
HC (They said that they’re) happy that they don’t have a schedule. But the other members are probably at the practice room right now as well.

(We’re) curious what time of conversation was passed on the way to the studio.
The two (we) didn’t say a single word (laughs).

Really? (We) heard that (you) two are the most chatty, (I) guess not.
HC It’s the truth. (But) in the morning(, we) two (both) don’t have words (don’t talk a lot).
Normally(,) even if it’s just (us) two(, we’re) on fire (chatty).

What do you guys do to play normally?
HC (I) drink alcohol (laughs).
DH (I) eat outside, (and) eat inside the dorm as well.
HC But because this friend ran away from the dorm…,
DH Look at this hyung? Don’t misunderstand. (He) means that (I) became independent from the dorm recently (left the dorms to live on his own).

Yongguk, who left the dorm first, left with the reason that “the members don’t clean.” Why did Daehyun leave the dorm?
DH It’s the same. If (you) see Himchan hyung and Jongup’s cleaning style(,) anyone would want to run away. For example(, they) file (their) clothes on the floor like pancake. (I) suffer from rhinitis and also have sensitive skin(,) so (I) try to be clean(,) but this is impossible in the dorm.

(I) also saw the video where Daehyun scolded Himchan saying to please stop wearing my (Daehyun’s) clothes without permission. How is it recently?
DH Yesterday as well(, Himchan) hyung wore without my permission the shoes that (I) left in the dorm and was caught red handed. So I plan to wear Himchan’s clothes (without permission) as well.

(We’re) curious how Himchan will counterattack?
HC Daehyun and Yongguk are almost at the level of a neat freak. Especially Daehyun is an FM (Field Manual) type (sticks to the set plan). (He says that) everything has to go the way that it’s been planned for (his) heart to be settled. Sometimes(,) it’s tiring because of that.
DH I’ll reveal something again. (Himchan) hyung has a lot of sleep(,) so it’s difficult waking him up every time in the morning.
HC Ah! I thought of something to counterattack. When (we) drink alcohol(,) Daehyun often gets up (and leaves) first. Even if serious conversation is being passed(,) if it becomes the time that (he) had set to go home(, he) leaves without looking back. At those times(,) it’s somewhat disappointing (sad/hurting).
DH If I don’t get up (and leave) like that(, you guys) are going to keep holding (me) to stay.

(You guys are an) idol group, is it alright if (you) keep talking about drinking alcohol?
DH It’s alright, (because) I quit drinking alcohol (laughs).
HC Is that why (you) eat so much recently?
DH That’s right. Until before the music video recording(, I) lost a lot of weight(,) but because of this(, I) gained 4kg more.
HC Ah~ Diet! (I) want to stop eating chicken breast.

(You guys) must be on a diet.
DH (We) two both really like eating(,) but during promotion period(, we) control our gluttony. (Our) styles are a little different. (Himchan) hyung likes spreading out a variety of food and eating it(, while) I go for one food.
HC Because it’s important for an artist to have a variety of experiences (laughs).

(I) think to gain experiences(,) traveling is the best choice. Do (you) travel as well?
DH Early this year(, I) went to Sapporo. It was (my) first out of country travel(, but) it was really good. (I went) shopping, ate good things, (and) saw snow.

What did Himchan do during the break?
HC I went to New York and LA and came back. When B.A.P had a little over a year’s worth of break(, I) lived in New York for about three months(; but I) want to go back. (I) traveled around wherever my feet led me.

(We) heard that (you guys are) leaving again on a world tour soon. (And) that (you) plan to open a Seoul concert prior to it in the coming March 24~26.
DH Last year(, we) opened large concerts at a lot of different countries(, but) this time(, we) plan to hold smaller concerts at less countries. Should (I) say that it’s closer to a fanmeeting?
HC (We) planned a lot of time to communicate with the fans.

During the past winter(,) Bang Yongguk(,) who is both the leader as well as the oldest hyung(,) had to leave the team temporarily due to his panic disorder diagnosis. (We’re) glad that (you guys) could promote again as 6 (and) a whole again.
DH (I) believed that Yongguk hyung will return healthy again, but (I) didn’t think that this day would come this quickly.
HC (I feel) that finally now B.A.P has become perfect again. Not only just Yongguk, but it feels really empty when someone leaves the team.

Matching teamwork again after a long time(,) what type of conversation was passed?
DH (We) each calmly welcomed (Yongguk) hyung’s return in our own ways. (I feel that) this type of method fits the best for someone that is manly and with little words like Yongguk hyung.
HC Rather than words(,) it’s more important to show (him) trust with actions.

In place of Yongguk(,) Himchan(,) who is the same age as Yongguk(,) acted as the leader.
HC There was a lot of burden. Because Yongguk and I have different methods of leading the team(,) our connection with the members fit well(, but since I) had to act alone as half of a leader.
DH The two are complete opposites. If you compare it to a family(,) Yongguk hyung is the simple (and) brave (dependable) father(, while) Himchan hyung(,) should I say(,) like closer to the kind mother who shows plenty of affection?
HC Perhaps because of that(,) the dongsaengs (the younger members) treated me like whatever (laughs).
DH Hey, we worked harder to treat (you) more comfortably because you might suffer alone. Since Himchan hyung often plays along with the dongsaengs (the younger members) goofing around. Anyways(,) for B.A.P(,) both hyungs are necessary.

When did (you) feel Yongguk’s absence the most?
HC When (we) got on the stage. (We were) worried that due to Yongguk’s absence the empty space might look big.
DH Moreover(,) it was when we had released a full album and not a single(,) so it’s the truth that we were under confusion as well. But in times like this(, we) as five worked “really, honestly, (to our) greatest extent” the hardest.
HC And that is why the result of the single album <Rose> released March 7th is really important. It is of course Yongguk’s return, (but there are also) a lot of situations tied in.

What type of situations are (you) talking about?
HC Early this year(,) B.A.P faced our fifth anniversary. While happy in one part(, I was worried) that the days that B.A.P can promote as a whole is not that much left. Firstly(,) Yongguk and my age is now twenty eight…,
DH This means that after about 2 years(,) the (Yongguk and Himchan) hyungs have to go to military.
HC (I) don’t think that there has been a time that B.A.P as a whole has been able to complete a big picture. So that is why during the preparation of this album(, I) portrayed my opinion strongly more than before.

(We heard that) while choosing the title song(,) it was changed 4 times. In this step as well(,) was Himchan’s influence big as well?
There were three songs in competing. At first(,) by the company’s suggestions(,) ‘Distopia’ was the prime candidate as the title song. But giving this and that different reasons(,) Himchan hyung persisted on ‘Diamond 4 Ya’. The other members were for ‘Wake Me Up’.
HC (I) felt that ‘Distopia’ was too obvious (a choice), (and I) didn’t like the beginning arrangement of ‘Wake Me Up’. But if (B.A.P released) a trendy song like ‘Diamond 4 Ya’(, I felt that) it could be a chance for B.A.P to advance one step further.

In the end(, you guys are) promoting ‘Wake Me Up’.
HC (I) quickly folded my stubbornness (gave up) (laughs). Instead(,) while arranging ‘Wake Me Up’, (I) strongly requested that “please have this be done this way, (and) that be done that way.”

Looking over B.A.P’s promotion records(,) there wasn’t a lot of the members’ personal promotions. Is there no plans to release albums as a solo or a unit(,) or to expand your areas toward acting or entertainment?
DH (I) feel that it will remain this way for a while. Last year November, while promoting a song called ‘SKYDIVE’(, I) suddenly had this thought. “Ah, (I) should try working harder as a whole group!”
HC There are still a lot of people that do not know about B.A.P’s existence (laughs).
DH This is the first time I’m saying this here(, but). (I am) really thankful of Himchan hyung(,) and on another side sorry. (Himchan) hyung is talented in many ways in music as well as entertainment skills, but (Himchan) always puts team promotions first.

What part of Daehyun does Himchan think is outstanding?
HC Acting, leading (a program), singing, dance, et cetera(,) whatever he does(, it feels) natural. (He also) gets along with whatever group he is with. So (I) often push him saying, “do something,” but Daehyun keeps taking his foot out (not going with it).

Are you following after (Himchan) hyung’s meaning to put team activities first?
DH It’s more that (I) don’t think it’s time yet. (Perhaps that I want to) polish up a little more? There has been times that (I) attempted this and that while not completely prepared and ended up disappointed.
HC But still starting from the end of this year(, we) plan to expand personal activities. Perhaps (we’ll) start from B.A.P’s main MC Youngjae.

From on forth(,) how will the two people(Himchan and Daehyun)’s life flow on?
HC (I feel) firstly that (I) want to focus on this moment (now). (You) can’t tell what’ll happen even tomorrow(,) so how can (you) draw out a far future.
DH (I) can’t think of anything else other than practicing so that (I) may become a closer to perfection as a singer.
HC But(,) if there is one thing that (I) wish for(, it’s that) even after coming back from military service(,) that (I) want to (still) be a B.A.P member.
DH It will be like that. You can believe it. Rather than words(,) I’ll show it through actions, like (Himchan) hyung!



Another one of my recent projects was this duffle bag. I wanted to make one so I’d be able to take more clothes and stay longer when I go places. I thought it would be super cool to deck one out with patches, so I used some from my recent print jobs (mostly seconds quality ones) to decorate this bag. I gave it two zippered pockets from small things and got black webbing straps to go with the black stitching on every patch. I’m really happy with how this came out.

Today we resist. We stand in solidarity with the women who have lost their lives on hospital beds because doctors have refused to remove a septic foetus because it still has a heartbeat. We stand with the thousands of women who have to travel to the UK every year to have an abortion because they face a 14 year prison sentence if they have one at home. We stand together, tall, against those who do not allow us the rights to our own bodies.

With all the new information released about Tuam, we must resist now more than ever against the Catholic Church. They have the audacity to control our bodies, to forbid us our right of abortion when they have murdered over 796 infants and dumped their bodies in a septic tank.

We stand for our foremothers who were forced into the Laundries and Mother and Baby homes, who never had even the choice of travel, whose babies were ripped from their arms and never seen again.

Today we stand for women all over the country who deserve better.


Ad un certo punto non sarai più in grado di capire se quello che provi potrà farti più bene o più male, ma gli appartieni interamente. 

- M. Bisotti

before i get to work today: i love my gf and being here with them has been so nice and i feel like an actual real person for the first time in months 😭 i love. them. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Cheat sheets: Uranus - New Age and Rebellion

I rebel by…

Uranus in Aries: Being aggressive, assertive, determined, bossy, unpredictable, independent 

Uranus in Taurus: Being stubborn, opinionated, practical, headstrong, immovable

Uranus in Gemini: Being verbal, logical, intellectual, intuitive, versatile

Uranus in Cancer: Breaking away from family, being independent and erratic

Uranus in Leo: Being dramatic, arrogant, bossy, charismatic, charming

Uranus in Virgo: Modernizing old practices and health fads, improving and revolutionizing previously inefficient practices 

Uranus in Libra: Seeking independence in relationships, creating my own social values

Uranus in Scorpio: Delving in metaphysics, being emotionally unpredictable

Uranus in Sagittarius: Exposing hypocrisy, following unconventional beliefs

Uranus in Capricorn: Revolutionizing the world through business and government

Uranus in Aquarius: Fighting for equal rights and revolutionizing humanity itself

Uranus in Pisces: Following spirituality, being intuitive and visionary

I express the rebel in me through…

Uranus in the 1st House: My physical appearance, how I define myself

Uranus in the 2nd House: The things I spend money on

Uranus in the 3rd House: The way I carry myself and speak to others

Uranus in the 4th House: My relationship with my home and family

Uranus in the 5th House: How I express my creativity

Uranus in the 6th House: How I serve others and humanity itself

Uranus in the 7th House: How I treat my partners and my relationship values

Uranus in the 8th House: My sexuality and perception of death

Uranus in the 9th House: My education paths and travel choices

Uranus in the 10th House: My career and reputation

Uranus in the 11th House: My choice of friends and place in society

Uranus in the 12th House: My subconscious actions and hidden self

anonymous asked:

“Taylor and Joe are desperate to keep their relationship under wraps and by acting like a normal couple they’re managing to achieve it. “ So, in the last year being a normal couple has gone from traveling, visiting family and going out to dinner to hiding for months at a time and wearing disguises? I don't understand this PR angle at all. There's an undercurrent of blame on TH in these articles that I find pretty crappy and really shortsighted. Taylor can do better than this.

firstly, nothing about taylor is normal.  You know this, I know this, she knows this, the world knows this. 

Traveling the world in 3 weeks: Not normal. 

Wearing wigs? Military like efforts to hide? also not normal. 

2nd, There is no undercurrent of blame to tom presently, imo, in quoted and not obviously-trash statements (what the journalists narrate is on them, not her-something many people in tom’s fandom seemed to forget), unless that is want one wants to see (again, IMO). Taylor dated Tom on her own terms, on her own free will and is just as responsible as him in the choice to travel and do all they did. the media backlash is on them both. 

Did she realize that the media fallout (no one can deny it was pure insanity) was too much? hurtful? not something she wanted? Maybe. Did she realize she can’t “have” a normal rs like that? Maybe. 

Did she realize that it didnt work for her, one of the most famous people in the world, to have a “normal” rs? Maybe. 

Did she realize that a rs in its infancy maybe can’t handle the media scrutiny she will get? Maybe.

Did she want to try a different approach this time? Maybe.

Look, being super private isnt something new to taylor’s brain. She literally wrote a song 4 years ago about how, if she needed to protect a relationship by hiding from the paparazzi and the public, that she would do it.

“I had this idea of like, you know, when you’re in love – along the lines of ‘Out of the Woods’ – it’s very precious, it’s fragile. As soon as the world gets ahold of it, whether it’s your friends or people around town hear about it … it’s kind of like the first thing people want to do when they hear that people are in love is just kind of try to ruin it, if they’re not the greatest human beings,” she says.

“I kind of was in a place where I was like, ‘No one is gonna sign up for this. There are just too many cameras pointed at me. There are too many ridiculous elaborations on my life. It’s just not ever gonna work,’” Swift admits. “But I decided to write a love song, just kind of like, ‘What would I say if I met someone really awesome and they were like, hey, I’m worried about all this attention you get?’ So I wrote this song called ‘I Know Places’ about, like, ‘Hey, I know places we can hide. We could outrun them.’” (x)

and so she did.

Again, she was not held at gunpoint to date Tom or go on vacation with him and bears half the responsibility. Taking a new approach with Joe is not blaming tom for anything.  People are saying that is blaming Tom because they want to make it seem like that, because some people like to have someone to blame for things not going a certain way. Or, because in a break up, they want to blame one person for it not working out. Truth is, any adult should know, that a relationship failing falls on the shoulders of both people. I will say this about Tom/Taylor, and i will say this about CH/TS. It always takes two to work and two to fail, even if one person is the pure devil, there are still two people involved. Maybe sometimes one person becomes less invested, maybe one person is a bigger punk, but there are always reasons why a rs goes from good to bad that both parties bear some of the responsibility of, even if it is as simple as, they just werent right for e/o. They both still got involved in the first place. 

If the above is in any way true about taylors change in approach (which i have no idea if it is), that is not Taylor blaming Tom. 

That is something called learning from the past and using that information moving forward. 

Jonerys Fanfic • An Unbreakable Bond

Since the trailer has confirmed 99% of the Jonerys leaks, I thought I’d give their last scene one more go, with all of the details we know so far taken into account. Their love scene was confirmed to have little to no dialogue (presumably only two lines) with Jon visiting Dany’s cabin and initiating it. The first paragraph is from Dany’s POV, for the second one I switch to Jon’s and the last one is written from both POVs.

Proceed with caution !

Thanks to @jxlight for encouraging me to write this !

So without further ado, here it is, my crown jewel of fanfics - the last fanfiction I’ll write until the new season airs !

So sit back, relax & enjoy !

🔸The light of the flickering candles dressed the cabin in shades of red and gold. Daenerys shed her heavy garb and put on a silk nightgown that was as light as a feather, in the colour of Viserion’s scales. Her loss consumed her still, night after night she would fall asleep crying. A broken heart is how she knew she was capable of feeling. ‘He wasn’t the first to love you, and he won’t be the last.’
Tyrion’s words were still so vivid in the back of her mind. Whatever sense of humanity was left in her, she was determined to hold onto it until the end, no matter the cost. She was not her father, n'or would she ever become him. There was kindness in her still, and compassion, heart burdened with love … so much love to give and weary with longing.
Her cabin was luxuriously decorated. A massive canopy bed made of bloodwood on the right side of the room, silk courtains tied onto persimmon arched collumns that pierced the ceiling, blood red linen and black furs and a pile of embroided feather pillows, fit for a Targaryen queen. A myrrh wood vanity sat on the left side of the room and an exotic perfume lingered in the air. She would always have Missandei light scented candles and oils wherever they went, the subtle aroma of spiced flowers and lemon, lotus and evening star that Illyrio brought from Westeros when she was no more than a child were still so clear in her memory.
But now, on her vanity was a bouquet of frostfire flowers. As they were travelling North, the choice of dwelling on dreams and living in the past was no longer before her. A sadness encumbered her thoughts. Daenerys approached the vanity and lifted her hand, gently touching a frostfire flower.
She suddenly remembered Jon Snow telling her of the time when he saw a meadow in the mountains filled with bright scarlet frostfires in the Skirling Pass near the Frostfangs.
She couldn’t keep herself from smiling. Whatever she did, wherever she went, somehow her thoughts would always wander back to Jon.
Why was she smiling ? Why would he openly pledge himself to her again, at the Dragonpit for everyone to hear ? Cersei made no effort in hiding her disdain. He must have known he was putting himself and the North in a precarious political position. He must have known it was a terrible idea. He must have known …
She leaned forward, breathed in the scent of the frostfires and closed her eyes, blushing, disheveled.

*knock on the cabin door*

Daenerys: ‘Yes.’


Jon’s hand started shaking. He withdrew it from the door and for a brief moment, he thought about leaving. No, he would not run away. Not this time. Not now. Jon took in a deep breath and exhaled, clenching his other fist. He turned the door knob and stepped into the cabin, leaving his fears and doubts behind him.
He closed the door and raised his gaze, searching for hers.
Dany’s eyes bore into his and he melted away, like ice under the warmth of the sun. There was so much he wanted to say, nights and nights on end lingering on his lips and the weight of the words burdened him.
She was so beautiful.

Daenerys: ‘Jon. What is it?’ she mouthed sweetly. ’ Are you alright?’

The tenderness in her voice overwhelmed him. She cared for him. Deeply, unconditionally. Jon said nothing but took a step towards her. There was such power in his silence. The sound of the ship breaking the cold waves of the sea got quieter. Another step. Now only the sound of his boots on the floor and the candles crackling could be heard. One last step. Jon stopped, their faces inches apart. There was no sound left, nothing else, just the two of them, alone in the world. Their eyes locked, an unbreakable bond. Dany’s lips were no longer smiling. Instead, they were trembling and in that moment, Jon knew there was no armor left on either of them - they had stripped it off of each other.

Jon: ‘Daenerys …’


Jon lifted his hand and caressed her face with his fingertips. There was so much to say. But not with words. He turned her around, both now facing the vanity mirror, him standing behind her. She looked into the mirror, first at him, then at the both of them and she chuckled, her eyes tearing up. A wolf and a dragon, a king and a queen and it felt so right, so perfect.
Jon embraced her. He kissed her silver hair, gently. It smelled of perfume, spice and fire. Jon kissed the back of her head, then her left temple, then her ear, slowly making his way forward. Dany closed her eyes and lost herself under his touch. He pulled her hair aside unveiling her neck. Jon breathed in her scent going up and down her neckline and Dany bit her lip, overwhelmed with desire. Their fingers clasped as Jon kissed her neck softly, once, twice, three times, losing count as she let out a sigh of relief. Dany lifted her left hand and clasped onto his dark curly locks turning her head, Jon could feel she was searching for his lips. He showered her neck and her jawline with kisses, determined to make her wait. His hands undressed her expertly, her skin warm and velvety underneath her nightgown. Naked and exposed in his arms, Daenerys turned around to face him. There was a boldness in her that was unparalleled and it was one of the things he loved the most about her. This was no ordinary woman. Jon felt overwhelmed and stood still letting Dany pull the tunic off of his shoulders. He watched her as she reached for the laces of his breeches, untying them. She looked into his eyes once again. This time, there was fire in her gaze. She stretched her neck and stood on her toes so her lips would be nigh an inch apart from his. It was more than he could bear and he leaned in, hungrily closing the gap between them. His kiss was full and his hands were ambitious and Dany broke apart in his arms, the taste of longing on her tongue. Jon led her to bed in small steps, never breaking the kiss. He pushed the pillows aside with one arm and led Dany on her back, into the sea of silk with the other. He pressed his body against hers kissing her collarbone and breasts, making his way down and Dany’s back arching under his touch. She grabbed his face with her palms, pulled it back up next to hers again, nigh an inch apart and Jon understood. She led him inside her and opened for him like a flower, giving him her everything. Body and heart, they lost themselves in each other and for a perfect moment, there was no more fear of tomorrow, nothing else that mattered - just the two of them.
Just love. 🔸


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You liked to pretend that your days weren’t completely predictable. You liked to pretend that you wouldn’t end up doing the same old thing, day in and day out. But you knew yourself and the people in your life. As spontaneous as you all pretended to be, you were fairly set in your ways and adventures weren’t really in the cards for any of you.

Your boyfriend, Siyoung, in particular.

Siyoung spent more time travelling than any of your friends, this was true, but it was rarely by choice. Travelling was something that he had to do, it was a requirement of his job. Nearly any time he was on the road or flying to some other country, it was because he was given no choice. If it was up to him, he’d spend his time holed up in his studio with his headphones on and you by his side.

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