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Because zimbits needs more time traveling referring to this post. Situations that would probably happen:

-After the situation has calmed down from “hoLY SHIT TWO JACKS AND BITTYS” to “holy two jacks and bittys strange but i can work with this (?)” the interrogation begins
-Older Bitty with younger Bitty cooking and Older Bitty’s hands move pretty much like lightning because he’s had so much practice, Bitty staring in awe and asks about everything, from his vlog-turned-cooking show to how his parents are ten years later. He’s afraid to ask about Jack, because he’s scared Jack will judge him because who knows if this is even time travel? Who knew it was even possible? And since it seems to be what if it’s actually just an alternate universe and Bitty would never have this anyways? It makes him sad and his head spin so he just tries to stray away from the topic and instead asks about their daughter, who would stick her finger into the pie dough when Older Bitty isn’t watching and just poke at it until her Daddy tells her to stop.
-Younger Jack seeing his older self move around so confidently and happier - in fact, when Tango mistook the older man for Bob it wasn’t really a stretch. Young Jack is stressed, tensed, angry, and still feels this urge to prove himself. He’s basically Zuko but instead of seeking honor it’s more like hockey honor?? I dunno Jack is v complex. Older Jack smiles so much, he has laugh lines what a wild concept, and stares at his daughter and son and Bitty like they’re the entire world.
-When Jack asks about the Stanley Cup ring, his response was, “Yeah, we won a few times. It was great.” When he gets further questioned he just goes: “I hear Bitty calling my name from the kitchen.” “No he didn’t–” But Older Jack just leaves lol. 
-Older Jack once tried to help in the kitchen but he’s still pretty terrible compared to Bitty the World Chef especially not since The Incident. (The Haus discover that  The Incident did not involve exploding ovens, but involved a very burnt roast chicken. Jack has long been demoted to making sure his daughter doesn’t poke the dough when Bitty isn’t looking.)
-Someone plays “Love On Top” (haha i had to….) and Bitty just goes “Oh no” and everyone is like oh wtf it’s an alternate universe it’s not time travel what the hell kind of world is it that Bitty doesn’t like Beyonce– but then they see Jack and daughter lipsyncing to it and both doing this terrible (Jack)/super adorable (daughter) dance and they realize Bitty is laughing so hard he’s looks like he’s convulsing. Haus discovers that Jack did this once when Bitty was feeling down and it’s kind of a thing afterwards because Jack loves it when Bitty smiles also he appreciates that the song describes them very well. 
-Baby son only wants Papa Jack to feed him. Jack does this task like it’s a mission his face is 110% serious but then the baby’s face is also 110% serious as he chews his baby goop and father and son stare at each other like they’re ready to battle. Bitty thinks it’s the best thing but it does get annoying when Jack’s not at home since it takes that much longer to feed their kid. 
-Their daughter tries to climb up Shitty’s leg and Shitty is immediately taken with the little munchkin and refuses to take off the butterfly clips she’s put in his hair.
-Older Jack is openly affectionate. Not like full on teenager PDA but let’s just say the Zimmermann charm has finally kicked in. He carries things for Bitty, kisses Bitty before he leaves, puts arm around Bitty’s waist when they are walking, also French pet names he is all about those pet names. Younger Bitty is embarrassed af and sneaks glances at younger Jack to find him looking equally mortified and Bitty’s heart breaks but younger Jack’s brain is just going “Oh god I’ve always wanted to do this this is a nightmare the entire Haus is basically watching my fantasy sequence play out just bury me dead” 
-Older Bitty about Younger Jack: “Oh honey, look at you, you’re just a baby!” (Older Jack is NHL he’s probably swoler than Superman dear lord). Younger Jack embarrassed around Older Bitty because Older Bitty is fire like Younger Bitty is cute but DAMN DAD BITTY IS A DREAM. On the other hand, every time Younger Bitty talks to Older Jack (this doesn’t happen very often because it’s still very weird and Jack is still intimidating, but in a Dad Bob sort of way instead of Ice Prince of Hockey scary way) Older Jack is so attentive and hangs on to Bitty’s every word. Younger Bitty develops a dad crush on Older Jack. 
-Older Jack wants to teach history after he retires. He plans to go back to school for that Ph. D. and hopefully teach in Samwell. 
-Ransom and Holster’s Conspiracy Theories™: “So if it’s time traveling, then to send them back it’s obvious to need to get…” Holster pauses to wait for Ransom to finish his sentence, but Ransom doesn’t and he just goes like ??? Holster: “A car, man. Like Back to the Future!! Dude we just watched it this summer.”
Ransom: “Which one was that”
Holster: “Dude.”  
-Chowder very nervously approaching the baby but he’s too shy to ask to hold the kid because he is so smol until Jack goes “Would you like to hold–” and Chowder cuts in with “YES I WOULD I REALLY WOULD” and he squishes his face very gently to the baby’s cheek and his eyes light up (Later - Bitty: “Chowder, can I have my son back–” “I’m sorry I’m sorry one more minute” )

If I think of more I’ll put them up but god I love time traveling tropes. I don’t know how they get back maybe Johnson the Metaphysical Goalie warps them back with his wizard powers. Tis a mystery

upper big bend, utah

non-canon map of the free marches

the official map of thedas is tragically underpopulated, so here’s an alternative. all headcanon & completely made up, but useful for fic/worldbuilding or just interesting for the curious. feel free to nab bits & pieces for your own stuff, just gimme a credit if you do!

all of these place names exist in the real-world, & i’ve taken them from ireland, scotland, scandinavia, switzerland, belgium, & northern england. i’ve tried to match up my invented names to the canon ones (for example, ‘kirkwall’ is a real place in scotland, so the names i put around thedas’ kirkwall are also scottish).

more map shenanigans

under the cut: full list of places, by area

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Somehow managed to fit everything I’ve accumulated in London in two boxes, one suitcase, and one carry-on bag… I’d like to take this moment to thank my father, who turned every family road trip into a mind-boggling game of Trunk Tetris and taught me how to fit improbable amounts of shit in very small spaces

AU where Bitty is the star of a Reality TV show where he visits the most depraved college houses in the US (and some parts of Canada). 

At this house, he is challenged to make the best meal he can using only what he can find in the kitchen. It’s quite entertaining for the whole family to watch this polite georgian who is made of sunshine turn into a complete mess during the process of cooking. (”You don’t have a rolling pin??? Well, sir, do you have an empty liquor bottle that I can use instead?”) What’s even more astounding is that he can turn even the direst of pantries into a wholesome dish. And after sharing that dish, he teaches the house how to shop and cook on a college student’s budget. 

So of course he makes it to the Haus. It has a really good star material because the production team was notified that a certain hockey star currently resides there. What they don’t realize is the rest of the Haus is gold for the episode and there are so many one liners that go on to become memes. 

For example, Bitty holds a bag of what is obviously pot and Shitty grabs it and just looks into the camera and says “That’s… Oregano and I’m sticking with it to the grave”

Of course, Jack Zimmermann turned out to be the star of the episode, but not for the reasons everyone expected. He turned out to be a bit prickly at first. but changed after seeing Bitty struggle a bit in the kitchen. There was only sriracha, beer, and the cheese that is squeezed out of a can. It’s not a lot to work with. 

So Jack just says “come up to my room right now”. And in his room, Bitty and the Audience see a huge stash of healthy fresh foods. There is a mini fridge stocked with eggs, meat, yogurt, strawberry jam. And he has a whole shelf of protein powders, and several types of nuts and nutty butters. 

“Sweet Jesus” is all Bitty says at first. Jack then simply explains that he has a pretty strict diet for hockey and can rely on himself to keep it. 

“Why do you need six dozen eggs?”



Bitty gets to work and makes Sriracha Deviled Eggs, a beer braised stew, and a peanut butter and jelly tart in less than half an hour.

 And then after the Haus has eaten and feels greatful, they invite him out to hockey thinking “Bitty’s never played before, let’s go easy on him” 

Bitty destroys them all while playing. And Jack didn’t realize but he just fell a little bit in love that day. 

After Bitty leaves, Jack never misses an episode of Bitty’s show. The team chirp him relentlessly. After signing with the Falconers, he convinces a house full of his teammates to go on the show just so Jack can spend another few days with Bitty. 

And after the cameras are all packed off and sent away, Jack runs to Bitty and does his thing. 

anonymous asked:

Kandreil prompt? How Neil and Andrew deal with the distance when kevin leaves palmetto and they are still in uni. Does kevin feel left out? Do they miss him very stoiqly?

fuck why is my favourite thing writing about long distance relationships… save me

  • none of them really expected to miss each other
  • the fact that they were always together means that they didn’t have to think about the relationship at all
  • it was just casual; sleeping on top of each other in their room, finding one another in the stadium or on the roof, bringing ice cream back because they know the others will be there soon enough
  • but when kevin leaves, there’s space
  • kevin’s bed may not be empty, and someone takes his number, but there’s still too much space they can’t fill

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Busan 2016/5/5

It is 10pm and my sister just called asking if I wanted to go on a roadtrip with her tomorrow that would involve driving to the opposite end of the state, dropping off her friend, maybe spending the night, and then turning around and coming back.

You can’t spring this stuff on me! My idea of being spontaneous is deciding to do that grocery shopping I’ve been putting off and leaving before I can change my mind.

A Summary of Events: 

  • After a brief, but life-threatening, encounter with sirens surrounding the island and the thrusters severely damaged, the crew found themselves stranded without the ability to simply fly away.
  • Scouting parties were set up and sent out.
  • Scouting Party 1: Anna Romwell, Reid Mehra, and Andrew Yong discovered an abandoned temple in the jungle and were attacked by a man-eating plant. They managed to escape with their lives.
  • Scouting Party 2: Keda, Edison, Alonso DeSoto and Wren Scarborough explored the underwater ruins.
  • Both parties discovered depictions of a temple high up in the mountains during their scouting trips and Captain Marcus Zeng decided to explore the lead.
  • The crew then travelled deep into the island’s mountains and discovered said temple as well as several rooms that unveiled secrets about the temple. Upon travelling inside and after checking behind several doors they found a staircase that led down, down, down into the belly of the mountain.
  • There they found an enormous cavern filled with glowing blue water and rocks only to be attacked by creatures that were more than likely once worshipped by the people that once lived here.
  • The crew fought valiantly and while some were injured, they managed to defeat the creatures.
  • After gathering up their loot and harvesting nine crystals from the creatures, the crew prepared to set sail.
  • Tensions run high as the crew nears the line where the sirens started attacking, but much to their surprise, no sirens come and it appears that Captain Zeng’s hunch about the crystals deterring the sirens was correct and now the crew is safe to continue sailing and go onto the next leg of their journey.
  • Total time spent on the island in game: A week and half

Congratulations everyone! You survived! We will be posting up the newest location in a bit so stay tuned!