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The I Love You Series – “It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.”

~DURING- 4months~

You’re pulled from a peaceful sleep by the buzzing of your phone beside you in bed. You squint at the bright screen to see the caller ID first, it’s Shawn. Next you glance at the time, 2:34am. You take a second to force yourself to wake up a little before allowing yourself to answer. 


“I’m sorry it’s so late,” he says. You can tell he’s feeling really anxious, just by the sound of his voice and the fact that he called even though he knew it was late. He wouldn’t have called unless he really needed you. He cares too much about you for that. 

“It’s okay, babe, what’s up?” You question, still trying to sound more awake than you are at the moment. 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have woken you.” He responds, sounding defeated, and not answering the question of why he called in the first place. 

“It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyway.” You lie.

“You were asleep.” He knows you too well. 

“I didn’t want to be. Now baby, tell me what’s wrong.” You gently encourage. 

It takes a little more coaxing, but eventually, he does tell you why he called in the first place. He was feeling jet-lagged and stressed about work. Feeling the pressure from all around him, and he just didn’t think he could take it anymore. After about thirty minutes of talking to him, reminding him how much he’s meant to be doing what he’s doing, and how absolutely capable he is, and lastly, how much you love him and are proud of him, he finally seems to be feeling a little better. He apologizes for waking you, but truly you don’t mind at all. You still have a few hours left to sleep, and he has to start getting ready for the day, so you say goodbye to him, promising to text him when you wake up in the morning. 

time travel / deaged / cup magic fic where jack wins the stanley cup and wishes that his 18 year old self could see him now (happy, on good terms with his family, with an amazing boyfriend, clean, etc.) 

when he wakes up the next day, he and his 18 year old self have switched places and times.

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Prompt: Sanvers passionately making out. Like, intensely. Not like, penetrational sex. But like, intense. Catch my drift?

She needs Maggie’s lips on hers like she needs oxygen.

Nothing bad happened – not today, at least – but she had to leave extra early this morning, had to leave when Maggie was still wrapped up in their blankets, in their bed. 

She still can’t quite believe it’s their blankets, their bed.

But it is – theirs – and their blankets were warm, their bed was warm. Hell, Maggie’s mostly naked body was warm, and that was the part that was so damn hard for Alex to leave.

So now? After an eighteen hour shift and a six hour text chain of how badly they missed each other, wanted each other, needed each other?

Alex needs Maggie’s lips on hers like she needs oxygen.


More than she needs oxygen.

“Can I kiss you?” she asks the moment she opens the door to her home. Their home.

“Of course, Danvers,” Maggie’s response is immediate, but her brow is furrowed and her head is tilted in confusion.

“No,” Alex clarifies, kicking off her boots and putting both guns in her waistband down. “I mean like… really kiss you.”

Maggie bites her lip as her breath hitches, her pupils suddenly dilating, her body suddenly melting.

“Please do,” she husks, and Alex doesn’t wait another moment, because after receiving Maggie’s invitation, she doesn’t think she’s capable of waiting another moment.

They both part their lips almost automatically, but there’s nothing automatic about the way Maggie makes her swoon, the way Maggie’s palm cups her elbow, her comfort spot, her passion spot, her stabilization spot.

Stabilized, that is, until Alex urges her body back until the backs of her thighs hit the couch, and when Alex hesitates to check if the progression is alright with Maggie, it’s barely for a full second, because Maggie is suddenly moaning into her open mouth, and her hands are suddenly everywhere.

Alex’s hips, the hem of her shirt. Her elbows, her shoulders. For a moment, her ass. For another moment, her breasts.

Alex writhes with each movement, with each time Maggie can’t make up her mind, because she wants to touch Alex everywhere, everywhere, all at once.

And Alex wants the same.

She doesn’t take Maggie’s shirt off – she doesn’t want to take their lips apart long enough to do that – but she does murmur into her mouth while her hands cup her cheeks, run down her shoulders, the small of her back, encouraging their bodies closer together.

“I missed you today,” she whispers, and Maggie’s mouth turns upward into a smile even as she flicks her tongue across Alex’s bottom lip.

“Mmm, did you, Danvers? I couldn’t tell,” she teases, which has the exact affect she wants it to.

Alex practically growls, and Maggie lets herself be putty in Alex’s hands, one of which suddenly finds hers, interlacing their fingers as she softens their kiss, slows their tempo, but somehow increases their intensity.

“I love you,” Alex tells her now, and this time, Maggie has no sass. Because this time, Maggie swoons as hot tears spring to her eyes.

She rises to deepen their newly slowed kiss, trying to put everything she feels for Alex into the contact between their bodies, the intermingling of their breath.

She succeeds.

Alex swoons, this time.

“I love you back,” Maggie tells her, and they don’t stop holding hands until long after they’ve stopped kissing.

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when it's over (you're the start) - Chapter 5 - onawingandaswear - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
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Got your back

A little something for @winchesterprincessbride celebrating reaching 2000 followers! So for her reverse gif challenge I got given a gif and had to do a story based on said gif! Sorry it took me so long but I had to go back and watch the episode a few times!

Word count: 551

Characters: Dean, Sam, female Reader (have tried to leave it as neutral as possible so it can be read however you wish IE friend, girlfriend, sister)

Obviously a big chunk of this comes from the episode and so credit for all of that goes to the writers etc of Supernatural

Gif and story below!

Walking into the warehouse you quickly stick your badge back into your pocket. You might have gotten past the rather bored looking security guard but you still didn’t want to risk anyone taking a closer look at these badges, unsure just how good of a copy Sam has managed to do. After all, being homeland security was a new one for you guys.

Leaving Dean and Sam to check out the other side of the warehouse you try to find anything out of the ordinary. You soon get distracted however by the Winchesters.
“What is that?” You hear Sam ask.
Glancing over to where they’re stood you see Dean with earbuds in. You smile slightly as you realise what he’s doing.
“It’s an EMF meter. Reads electromagnetic frequencies.” comes Dean’s reply.
“Yeah, I know what an EMF meter is, but why does that one look like a busted-up walkman?”
“Cause that’s what I made it out of. It’s homemade.” Dean can barely keep the grin off his face.

You chuckle quietly as you walk over to join the guys. You remember the weekend Dean spent building that thing. It had taken 5 walkmans before he’d gotten one to work and he’d practically turnt the air blue with all the swearing he’d done. But you had to hand it to him it definitely came in handy.

“Yeah, I can see that.” The sarcasm drips of Sam’s voice as he looks towards you. You’re looking at Dean, and as the smIle on his face drops, you roll your eyes and turn towards Sam.
“Well when we need a replacement we’ll let you be in charge of design. So long as it does the job it’s good for me. Now, stop posturing and start looking. I’ll keep my eye out for any unwanted visitors.”
As you turn to walk towards the door, you catch Dean mouthing the words ‘thank you’ out of the corner of your eye. ‘Any time’ you mouth back with a quick wink.

Minutes pass, and as the guys linger over a door handle, you spot two men in much smarter suits then your own headed towards the warehouse’s office.
“Guys? We’re about to have company, so whatever you’re doing, do it quicker.” You rush over to them, arriving just in time to see Sam put a bag of yellow powder in his pocket.
“All done.” Sam says as he puts his knife back in his other pocket.
“Emergency exit over there” You knew Dean would have a way out planned for you all.

The three of you casually walk across the tarmac outside of the hanger, not that anyone else is around. Next thing you know, an alarm starts blaring and Sam and Dean take off at a run towards the gate. You’re about 10 paces behind, keeping up rather well despite the stupid heels you’re having to wear. As you reach the fence you can see that Dean’s chucked his suit jacket over the wire at the top of the fence and is at the top, leaning down to grab your hand and pull you up. Climbing down, Sam rushes to the impala to start it up while Dean grabs his jacket.
“Well, these monkey suits do come in handy.”
“Guess they do. Hey, Dean? Thank you.”
“Any time.”

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where is my very soft time traveling fic featuring zimbits where they meet their grown-up selves with 2.5 kids via stanley cup magic just so I can read a scene like this:

Shitty (coming downstairs to kitchen for breakfast): oh hey Bob. I didn’t know you were visiting us. Nice flow, when’d you get it? Who’s the cute blonde dad behind you?  Also why are there children in the haus–
Older Jack (juggling his toddler, who is playing with his hair): …I’m Jack.
Shitty: haha okay–(focuses on Jack’s face, spits out coffee)–holy

Xemx u Xita - The Travellers Lyrics in English

Xemx u Xita - The Travellers

Dawl, fil-kamra ġej mill-musbieħ, id-dinja taħrab għal għonq it-triq,
Light, coming in the room from the lamp, the world is running away to the neck of the road,

U x-xemx torqod fejn ma jidhirx, fuq xtajta oħra, biex tikxef l-art mis-silġ.
And the sun sleeps where it cannot be seen, on another shore, to uncover the earth from the ice.

X’ħin terġa’ lura fejn is-smewwiet, nara pittura li kienet inħbiet,
At the time it returns to the skies, I see a painting that was hidden,

U int kont fejni naraw flimkien, minn wara t-tieqa rajna dinja mill-bidu bdiet.
And you were next to me watching together, from behind the window we saw the world starting from the beginning.

Fix-xemx, fix-xita, fil-bard u n-nida
In the sun, in the rain, in the cold and dew

Fjura tikber minn bejn l-irmied, il-qamar waqa’ u sar biċċiet.
A flower grows from within the ashes, the moon fell and became pieces.

Fejn tħoss il-qalb dejjem hemm l-uġieh, li tara l-għajn huwa biss it-tmiem.
Where you feel the heart, there is always pain, what the eye sees is only the end.

Fix-xemx, fix-xita, fil-bard u n-nida
In the sun, in the rain, in the cold and dew.

so i was sitting in physics-

How have I not grappled with the ethics of space travel before? Does a completely desolate planet present the same ethical issues as an occupied one? Does colonialism apply to this because people used to say native Americans or indigenous Australians or Canadian tribes weren’t human/civilized/occupying enough to count as occupants? But does an empty landscape change this ethical question? Even with changed context, do humans deserve to travel in space if we can’t treat the land and each other with respect here? But what if space travel is not a colonial fantasy but a fantasy of the oppressed and dispossessed? Is going to an untouched place always unethical? But if we take planetary ethics to their logical end, should we not all make an effort to die because of how we treat each other and this planet? Does land count as part of the moral community or only people on it.

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