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Day 2.
Ngardi to Ghermu.

A slow morning. The first view of a snowy peak off in the distance. A hot coffee slowly makes it’s way into my veins, energising me for a long day ahead.
The dull roar of the river below us lulled us into a slow, cruisy morning. The first proper day of hiking began easy enough. A slow meander through valleys nestled in amongst mountains.

It was only a 12km hike with the day ending 250m higher, at 1130m above sea level. Though one thing you learn very quickly, it might seem like the ascent is small, but most days you hike up and down up and down.

We’d begun trekking through the sweetest little town, winding our way up the hill, passing through fields of banana trees. Our stomachs were grumbling and luckily we saw the sign for ‘The Superb View’ restuarant. We had to force our bodies up another 150 metres to get there but it really was ‘The Superb View’ restaurant.
The plan was to have a good lunch and re-energise our tired trekking bodies. Perhaps a coffee or a coke for that extra kick and we’d be rearing to go.
But in reality when you take your pack off you actually physically melt into whatever thing you’re sitting or laying on and become stuck there for at least 2 hours before your body resolidifies and can continue moving.
Food in Nepal usually takes a good hour to come out, by the time my dahl baht arrived my body had well and truly dissipated.

Eventually our bodies reformed and we made it to Ghermu.
Our guest house was nestled in amongst some more mountains. How very original. This time overlooking a waterfall. We were exclaiming loudly about how beautiful it was wondering yet again, how on earth it could get MORE beautiful.
This country is seriously AMAZING.

Bogotá, Colombia, Aug. 19, 2016

Spontaneous and adventurous; those are the two words that I would always tell people when asked what kind of person am I. Traveling and eating are two of my favorite things to do. I like trying out new things, discovering new places and meeting new people.

I always try to make plans with my friends but most of the time it ends up being just a plan and it never happens. There are a lot of excuses here and there and reasons that never runs out. Either they’re too busy, don’t have enough money or not available on your planned dates. And so, I refused to wait. I started to make things happen on my own. People might think that traveling alone is scary, and I admit, at some point it is. But you know what’s scarier? Growing old and not being able to experience and do things you should’ve done while you still can.

One of the reasons why I love traveling alone is that I get the ultimate freedom. I can do what I want, go wherever I want and just plan things out whenever I want. And in that process, you get to meet yourself. After every trip I get to learn something new about myself and it surprises me. Traveling makes me grow as a person. I learned to survive on certain instances and be a little more independent. It made me confident and taught me to make friends. Somehow, I have managed to embrace and appreciate the art of being alone. What I also love about getting to travel alone is that it gives me the chance to reflect – about certain things and life in general. It makes me realize a lot of stuff, like how far I’ve come in life. Or how am I as a person and the things I’ve done.

I can’t help but to ask myself, why only now? I had always planned on doing this but I guess it’s just really this year that I got the courage to really do it. And I must say, I’ve never been happier. I’ve just started and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. This is just the beginning and I’ve more plans in the future. Instead of waiting for things to happen, let’s do something and start making them happen. Traveling alone doesn’t really have to be a sad thing. Because you’re never really alone when you travel. As you come along the way you get to meet new people. People that can actually be your friends. So stop wondering and start wandering. It’s never too late to go out there and see the world. You have now and so better make the most out of it.

Dear Tumblr, I have been quiet for so long! But here’s why. I’ve spent the past few weeks trekking through the Himalayas on the Annapurna circuit. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. 

I’m going to share the tale of time on the circuit day by day, in the hopes it gives you all a good laugh, makes you all admire how cool I am and maybe gives you some info if you’re also planning on doing the same thing.

Day 1. Pohkara to Besisahar to Ngarde. First of all, let me introduce my trekking team, who all just happened to sit near me on the bus.  Erica from America
The baby of the group. 20 years old, though you’d never guess it. Whether her maturity level was on par with ours or whether we all had the maturity of a 20 year old is still yet to be decided. The amount of times we discussed our toilet habits makes me think it’s probably the latter though. She wants to study film and learn more about her camera, so we were basically the greatest pair ever. It was nice to impart some of my knowledge.
Tomas, Tommy, Tomik, the Norwegian.
A career traveller who spends half his time in the arctic on a weather station and the other half gallivanting the globe creating all sorts of mischief. Basically the coolest dude in the world despite the fact he needs tattoos to remind himself to breathe. We just said goodbye to him as he jumped on his motorbike to head back through India along the Manali leh highway. See what I mean. Coolest dude.
Bob, a.k.a Bobby hot shakes
If there was an award for ‘greatest human alive’ bobby would definitely win. The papa bear of the group, 32 from England. He became our unpaid tour guide, mapping each days route and making sure we didn’t wander off the path to our death.
When my shoes broke and i needed superglue, bob had my back. When my water purification didn’t work and i needed a chlorine tablet, bob had my back. When I needed a laugh to make my forget how sore my back was from carrying all my camera gear, bob most definitely had my back.
Marijn, a.k.a Big Maz.
A dutch software engineer with the sweetest calf muscles known to man. Big Maz kept us entertained by consistently living his best life. When my water bottle broke he admired his own unbroken water bottle. When my shoes broke, he was amazed by how unbroken his own shoes where. When we were tired from trekking, big Maz was ready to run down and run back up the mountain. We love you mazdog.

And finally me. Surprisingly for the first time in my life I wasn’t the weirdest one of the group.
So to begin the trek you need to take a bus from Pohkara to Besisahar. 3 - 4 hours getting bounced around. From Besisahar we trekked to Ngarde, about 4 hours of hiking. First up we had to weigh everyone’s backpack to discover who’s was heaviest. I won the competition by a landslide (my canon 5D, 70 - 200m lens, 16-35mm lens and my tripod weighing me down), much to Big Maz’s amusement due to my tiny size.
Finally we set off, we got lost on the first turn, but luckily Bob got us back on track. It’s a subtropical climate down at normal alititude, so we were all sweaty messes. It seemed crazy to think in a few days time we’d be hitting the snow.
I thought the first day of the trek was meant to be dusty and dirty, filled with trucks and other trekkers. Friends had told me it was like a highway of trekkers, but I guess because I did it juuuust on the edge of the season there wasn’t as many people.
Adorable town after adorable town, tropical jungle, rice fields, children yelling namaste, cows and buffalo chewing grass.
Finally we reached destination 1. Ngarde. We walked past the first section of the town and ended up at the ‘Adventure Trekkers Guesthouse’ a beautiful little place right next to a river that runs fresh from the mountains.The rooms are simple but cozy and if you lie in the correct position you won’t feel how thin the mattress is. (Plus the longer you travel in asia the more you enjoy hard beds)

I photographed the first sunset of my trip and the old love came back. I’d been so worried that working in my field had drained my creative energy and most of all my passion. I’d hardly grabbed my camera in the first week of my trip and back home it had become an effort to go on a photography adventure. But day 1 of the circuit and I couldn’t put it down again.
I just needed something worthwhile to photograph, something inspirational.
I also had my first stargazing adventure, I decided to leave the camera behind as I knew the stars where just going to get better and better the higher up we got.
I was sitting down listening to the water rush past, watching the fireflies light up around me and staring up at a perfect view of the stars.
All I could do was breathe. Breathe in the beautiful life I’m so privileged to lead. Breathe out all the worries that had been clouding my judgement and weighing me down in my home life.
It was a lovely moment that was only slightly ruined by the discovery of 2 leeches in my pants. The first day was complete and it seemed hard to imagine it getting any better, already it all seemed too good to be true. BUT BETTER IT GOT!

The next excerpt comes tomorrow.

ID #65301

Name: Scarlet
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi my name is Scarlet and I’m looking for a penpal because I’m not great at making friends and move often. I’m mainly looking for someone honest and kind. I’m into tv shows, books, history, travel, and art. I’m a fairly straight forward person and full of love! I know this is really short but I’m not great at talking about myself.

Preferences: I’d prefer someone outside of the US because I love other cultures and don’t really like American culture.. Also email if possible but id like to send presents back and forth!