One Tribe One Dance

Before the bull jumping ceremony there is a lot of drinking, dancing and whippings. Women agressively fight each other, demand and harass the men to whip them with a stick.

They scream - “harder, harder, more, more” while jumping up and down. The harder the whipping the more it demonstrates her love and strength and to the tourist’s eye, toughness. - Omo Valley, Ethiopia


Before I left the campsite this morning, I spoke to a backpacker who had a wonderful setup in his van. He allowed me to take a photo to blog about it. He bought a Mitsubishi Express van with nothing in it and built everything himself from recycled parts and wood and some bought plywood (not much). He spent 10 days at a place with a drill/screwdriver and a $6 saw and made the whole setup. He even found an innerspring mattress in a plastic bag and cut that to make it not as wide. He showed me all the photos he took making it (fantastic!!!), that he had sent back home to show his family. He doesn’t have a blog, so I can’t link to any of it, but I’m so glad he let me take this. It’s so inspiring when you meet someone who has made a lot out of not much… … .