@travelstache founding member Scott Joseph’s Patagonia adventure:

160 mile+ backpacking adventure through some of the most remote wilderness in the world. We setup camp at the base of the glacier. After a few days practicing our skills and planning our route we set out to conquer this untouched peak. We spent 2 hours navigating through bottomless crevasses.Near the top we roped up and began iceclimbing to what we thought was the final peak. Once at the top of the ice wall we saw 3 massive rock spires shooting up through the snow. Realzing we only had 45 minutes until sunset we sent our leader to free climb to the top of the spire. He placed anchors and called for us to join. The loose rock crumbled as we scrambled up the route. Hugs and high fives all around as we sat atop this 15 square foot spire, overlooking the endless peaks of the deep Patagonia wilderness. Our rope team’s name was team stache, so natually this peak would forever be known as Mount Stache.

We tried to make the best of the remaining light. Quickly repelling down the spire. Then the sunset. We spent 2 hours navigating through the glacier using only headlamps, The dangers were very real but we had confidence in our team and took our time. Around 9:30pm we arrived back at base camp, where we were greeted with warm dinners and the comfort of our tents.