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I am loving the top 10 lists!! Can you please do one that is like "top 10 vacation/travel stories"

Top 10 Vacation/Travel Stories:

10) The first time they go to Thailand to visit Phichit, they both try and speak as much Thai as they can to practice the language and be polite. The only problem is is that Viktor speaks about three words of actual Thai and the rest of his technique is just have a go and learn along the way and Yuuri has a really, really strong accent when he speaks Thai so Phichit spends the whole trip just laughing at both of them

9) Once when they were sunbathing on the beach Viktor fell asleep by accident and got sunglass tan lines burned onto his face and refused to come out of the house for days until they faded

8) Once during the NHK Trophy, Chris and Phichit were skating in it and Viktor and Yuuri had come to cheer them on and before the competition they went out to get food together. Since they were in Japan they all made sure to go to a café that was absolutely filled with posters of Yuuri just to watch him slowly die of embarrassment

7) On Viktor’s first visit to Japan he stayed in the onsen so long that Yuuri was concerned he had drowned because he decided that hot springs were the best things on earth and he never wanted to leave

6) During Yuuri’s first trip to Russia he met some of Viktor’s neighbours and they were all really nice but whenever he saw them gossiping in the halls of the building when he walked past he noticed they kept using the same phrase all the time before looking over at him and smiling and laughing. He got kind of self-conscious and worried that they were laughing at him or saying he wasn’t worthy of Viktor or something. When he repeated the phrase to Viktor it turned out that all of Viktor’s neighbours in his apartment block had taken to calling Yuuri ‘Viktor’s attractive foreign boyfriend’ and were usually gossiping about how lucky Viktor was whenever Yuuri walked by

5) The one I mentioned in a previous top ten about them both being on a long haul flight and Yuuri slept for the entire 15 hours and felt great and Viktor couldn’t sleep at all and got bored out of his mind because his boyfriend was asleep and not paying him any attention

4) Once Viktor and Yuuri both went back to Detroit for a Skate Club reunion for Yuuri and all the skaters there spent the entire time gawking at Viktor because A) Yuuri somehow managed to bag himself the Living Legend and they were all very jealous/impressed and B ) They all remembered how Yuuri used to be hell bent on beating Viktor and then the next time they see him he has a ring and they spend the entire time calling each other pet names and holding hands and generally being the cutest couple ever

3) The first time they visit Chris in Switzerland, Yuuri secretly practices French because it’s what he always hears Viktor and Chris talking in and he doesn’t want to sound ignorant or feel left out even though Viktor had already promised to translate if need be. But then they arrived and everyone was talking in German and Yuuri was like ‘what?’. And then they travelled somewhere else and everyone was talking in Italian and Yuuri was like ‘what???’ And then they finally went to the French speaking part of Switzerland but Chris offhandedly mentioned that there was also Romansh as another official language and Yuuri was like ‘help, I’m not multilingual enough for this’.

2) On Yuuri’s first trip to Russia he finally got to experience the dubious joy of Viktor’s driving which mainly consisted of him hanging on for dear life in the passenger seat like ‘we’re going to die, we’re going to die, Viktor I DON’T WANT TO DIE IN A PINK CONVERTIBLE’

1) Once Viktor and Yuuri were walking around Tokyo on a trip and lots of people were looking at them and Yuuri was just like ‘oh Viktor, look how many people are looking at you! There must be a lot of skating fans here.’ And Viktor was just sort of side-eyeing him like, ‘Yuuri do you think they’re looking at me, the Russian tourist, or you, Japan’s Ace who has won multiple gold medals for this country and whose face is on a billboard literally right across the street from us?’

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I would love to see the list of thirty or so top 10 requests you've received, so I don't end up sending duplicates, if you don't mind. If that's too much work no problem! Thanks for doing this anyway, we appreciate it so much <3

I’ve just copied these all from my asks so they go from most recent to oldest which means I’m working from the bottom up

  1. Top 10 kinks people know Yuuri and/or Victor has and how they know it?
  2. Top ten hardest things about being Yuuri’s coach, by Celestino
  3. Top ten of Yuuri Katsuki’s greatest achievements according to Yakov Feltsman?
  4. Top 10 petty Yuuri moments!!! Love youuu!! <3
  5. Top 10 moments when Viktor was extra af (whether he was flashy with gifts, outfits, affection etc)
  6. ‘top 10 times yuuri has surprised viktor in so many ways you can imagine’?
  7. Top Ten Times Viktor and Yuuri Shut Down the Haters
  8. top 10 moments where Yuuri unknowingly (or knowingly) said or did something that made Victor blush in public (and was caught by fans)
  9. a top 10 or top 5 of the nastiest fandom wars that ever happened around the years on the internet in the Rivals verse and why they happened
  10. Top 10 of “proof” that weren’t proof at all and screamed JUST FRIENDS but people used anyway to support their notps (Yuuri/Phichit and Viktor/Chris) or you know that select few annoying people in every fandom that can’t see two guys even standing next to each other without shipping them and always read too much into literally ANYTHING
  11. top 10 memes inspired by viktor nikiforov
  12. Top 10 assertive/confident Yuuri moments.
  13. 10 times Yuuri swept Viktor off his feet? Or dipped him. Anytime Yuuri be all ‘this man is mine back off’ possessive tbh. Bonus gooey Viktor and selfie Phichit in the background.
  14. Top ten reactions from other skaters regarding victuuri confirmation
  15. top ten times yuuri’s smile/laughter broke the internet
  16. top ten list of times Yuuri was far too precious for this sinful earth?
  17. Top 10 times a bold, confident Yuuri surprised Viktor by taking initiative with PDA
  18. Top ten yuuri/viktor birthday presents?
  19. top ten Yuuri is a great friend to Phichit moments
  20. Top 10 times that viktuuri’s friends and family were really really happy for them but at the same time really really REALY needed them to stop embarrasing everyone around with their maybe too cheesy/physical/OBVIOUS way of love each other
  21. top 10 reaction posts/revelations for the fans from Yuuri’s tell-all book? (Among which I’m assuming are when he and Viktor got together and why he hated him so much!)
  22. Ten times Yuuri adorably fell asleep in inappropriate places.
  23. Top 10 moments of Victor crying joy and happiness for Yuuri!
  24. “top 10 vacation/travel stories”
  25. Top 10 surprise visits to each other while they’re living apart ^^
  26. Top ten times someone hit on an oblivious Yuuri Katsuki?
  27. top ten pranks Phichit and Yuuri pulled on each other?
  28. Top ten Viktuuri fights
  29. :top ten times yuuri katsuki broke the internet
  30. top ten times yuuri katsuki was charming without him noticing
  31. Top Ten Drunk Yuuri Moments!! °♡° Those must be AMAZING!
  32. Ten times Yuuri ended up wearing Victors clothes (and one time Victor wore Yuuris)?

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