Beirut, December 2012

    In Beirut, go to the main street of Furn el Shebek, find About Moussad’s grocery store and make a right, after a 100m you will see a sign on the right side that says “Flight services”. There, press the bell “Nursery  Au Paradis des Anges”.

This is where I live and this is maybe what you’d have to write on the postcard if you were to send me one.


Thanks to GoPro featuring one of my #OsloBeirut projects on their Facebook page earlier this year I arrived in Beirut with a place to stay; a few weeks before arriving my soon-to-be-new-friends Elsy and Pauline contacted me and told me I could stay in their apartment the first days on my arrival. This allowed me get to know some really cool people and have a struggle-free apartment search.

Even though there isn’t any proper apartment rental website in Lebanon, it took me only five days to find a place to rent. I started by walking in the streets giving my phone number to concierges, shop keepers, and random people that crossed my path. I also put an add on a Facebook group dedicated to helping people find places to rent, but the old school analog mouth to ear technique was the one that worked. My hosts introduced me to Hussam, a 31 year old environmental activist with a special interest in water. He wears a cool hat, is a vegetarian and is looking for a roommate. Pretty fucking good match.

The flat is an old kindergarten with 3 large bedrooms, a spacious living rooms with a projector, a fully equipped kitchen, and a small guestroom. The standard is nothing to brag about, but we like it and with time we’re going to make it very cosy, specially the outdoor area is going to be very nice in the summer. 
It has normal (i.e. governmental) electricity 18hours a day and for the other 6 hours there is a generator. This is normal in Lebanon. Every once in a while you can hear the sounds of the electronic gear rebooting and the tic-tic from the fluorescent light on the ceiling; we’re going from government to generator powered electricity. The other day I was peeing when it happened and I just continued, whisteling through the darkness as if nothing. I guess I’m getting used to it :)

“it’s funny because the things that surprise you are the contrary as the things that surprise us: we’d be surprised if there was electricity 24h in a row.”

Beirut: With only a million inhabitants, it has a good size and plenty of neighborhoods to discover. The other I was buying dried fruit in an Armenian very lively part of town, then I went to the shore to find some peace and rest. Being able to go from one atmosphere to another like this is pretty priceless. I really like the city and have already found some nice places where I like to hang out.
There is a lot of traffic tho. All these people stuck in the traffic don’t seem to realize that they are traffic. But who’s to blame when there isn’t any proper public transportation system?

I got myself a bike, chopped he handlebars shorter and am really enjoying biking around town when it’s not raining. They say people drive like crazy in Lebanon but IMAO because people don’t obey traffic rules, everyone has to be a bit more responsive and reactive in order to avoid accidents. That’s exactly the way I like to ride and I’ve always been defending my bike riding style as quite safe. (even when my school sent me to a psychiatrists when I was 16 because of my biking style).
Otherwise it’s a bit hilly but I guess I’m used to that with Oslo. On several occasion drivers have let me hang on to their cars with one hand on the bikes’ handlebars and the other on the car like if it was perfectly normal. I love that. Maybe the most dangerous thing is just the pot-holes.
    So life here is pretty sweet, I feel safe and I’m starting to get to know the city and can navigate without a map more and more. I’ve made some good friends already and have been on the set of a music video as a backstage photographer. In a week I’m gonna be on MTV Lebanon’s morning show to talk about my trip from Oslo to Beirut. I hope I will be able to talk about how good people rather than arguing against the idea that it’s crazy to hitchhike.
   I have started looking for work, I want to find some journalists who want to do specs/reportages on the theme of water with me or maybe work for NGOs that work with water-related issues. But off course I will probably have to do less interesting “commercial” photography as well.

For the first time ever I didn’t do anything for Christmas. I just had a beer and went out to buy popcorn. All my friends were busy celebrating with their families. I got several invitations but kindly declined. Instead I used time to continue working on my #OsloBeirut book. I’m ordering it through Blurb so it might take some time before I have it in my hands, but I’m really looking forward to having it.

By the way, did you know Lebanon is considered third world? I had no idea before somebody told me. I guess the lack of postal + transportation systems and the electricity cuts are some visible clues. The contrast between third world and developed world can be quite funny:

Sometimes I use an app on my smartphone to check when the next electricity cut is :)

That’s it for now! thanks for reading.

Teen Friday …
In this week’s post on Teen Friday, I have a interview with my friends pen pal.

She is from the City called Dartford in England.

Dartford is very close to London, the England’s capital and has one of England’s biggest Shopping Center.

The Interview:
Name: Jennifer
Age 19
City: Dartford Country: England

What is your country/city famous for?

My town is famous for a few celebrities, like Mick Jagger. (editors note: the front men of the Rolling Stones)

What is typical British for you?

Typical British? Probably tea, crumpets and biscuits

What are your favourite places in your city? Why are they so special to you?

My favourite places in my city are: the park, the lakes and rivers and the shopping centre Bluewater.  I like nature and being outside in it. It’s usually very quiet and there is tons of wildlife. I also like the shopping center because there’s more than just shops and it’s nice to lose yourself for a few hours.

Some true and untrue sterotypes about your country (in your opnion)?

True stereotypes - we do queue and we are overly apologetic (well most people do).

False Sterotypes - probably the bad teeth one. So many people have braces when they are younger as it’s free on on National Health Service.

Any trends you would like to share?

Current trends, pretty hard for me to answer, as I’m mostly clueless. Probably fake tan, drawn on eyebrows and Nike trainers - they spring to mind.

Which British artists are very popular at the moment?

British artists - really difficult to answer this one as i don’t listen to top chart music. I would have to say Ed Sheeran and One Direction. I hear about them all the time.

Do you have a favorite British movie?

Favourite British movie.. hard to say there’s so many! Most famous are the Harry Potter series.

5 Things you always pack into your hand luggage when you travel?

5 things I have in my handbag: hand mirror/compact make up powder, lip balm, phone charger, my journal and mascara.

- - - -

Leave me a message, what are the 5 things you always pack into your hand luggage when you travel?

Solar weather reports key to safe space travel

Newcastle, England (UPI) Jul 30, 2015
Researchers in England are looking ahead to a world where solar and space weather forecasting is nearly as important as weather patterns and predictions on Earth’s surface. Better predicting how the sun’s electromagnetic behavior influences space weather will become more important, scientists say, as activities like space tourism, asteroid mining and manned space travel become more comm
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So, little travel report. 

I promised to post some photos but I think not now. I’m so tired and tomorrow I must go to the city in the early morning. But I think I can choose something. Even I couldn’t focus on the newest episode of Doctor Who - I think I must watch it once again, and pay more attention.

But first I must rant - about Polish State Railways (I will call it then in this post PKP). Those are probably the most horrible railways in the world. First, I had a train with two changes. And I was stressed and scared that I would be late for next train. But instead of this last train was late. For about hour. And there wasn’t any place to sit, I had to stand in the hall. Not to mention I had to travel with many… Let’s call them “weird” people. 

Ok! So I was there, late but I was. And so fucking tired. I slept in the-lady-midday and Kuchikukan’s flat. Girls, you were wonderful and I’m really grateful that you weren’t mad or angry that I slept two nights in your place. 

And yesterday I met with my wonderful Ann. Gurrrl, you were perfect city guide xD Even if you were right - it’s impossible to see all pretty places in such a big city, like Warsaw. Even then, I could see many nice places and stay a little bit longer to take a photo, than on the class trip, about 5 years ago. And… I can say it was so good day that I regret I couldn’t stay longer. But maybe someday… _^_

And today I went to home. Trains weren’t late but still I’m so tired. But it was worth it. I can say:

Teen Friday …
In this week’s Teen Friday!
I write about something as simple as what to pack into your handluggage.

In my picture you see my handluggage for my 9 hours flight to New York.

Things I always pack into my handluggage are: my iPhone (which you can’t see on the picture because I took the picture with it) my beats, a book, my eos and my diary.

I also asked my readers from last week’s Teen Friday what they carry in their handluggage. I got following answer:

“I always carry vasalime, post stick notes, a pen, my oyster and extra tights!” (a oyster card is a travelcard)

I asked my friend who will fly back home in a few hours, he said:

“My GoPro camera, iPhone, headphones, charger and a pullover.”

I think it’s interesting what other people pack into their handluggage, so send me a message. What do you pack into your handluggage when you travel?

Ihr Lieben..

hier ist nun endlich mein versprochener und längst überfälliger kurzer USA-Reisebericht über FORKS, LA PUSH und Washington.

Viel Spaß! :)

Hi guys

finally here is my promised and long overdue short USA report about my trip to FORKS, LA PUSH and Washington.

Enjoy! :)

by Jen

Some Sleep Til Mrytle Beach

Some Sleep Til Mrytle Beach

No sleep til Myrtle Beach!! Okay, nope, that is not exactly true. On Thursday night Jen’s mother dropped her off at my house. We got to bed fairly late, and I really just could not fall asleep. Everything was just running through my head. I probably only got about 3 hours of sleep. We saw Ant-Man, then around 5 yesterday afternoon we left to begin our road trip. We got to Avery and Jacqui at…

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Teen Friday … 

In this week’s Teen Friday, I write about my trip to Singapore back in 2013. 

My first trip to Asia

My mom has been on a business trip around the world and her last stop was Singapore. Me and my dad decided to pick her up in Singapore and stayed there for a few days.

We arrived shortly before sunset. Already on the airplane, I was able to see the city. I was amazed, as I’ve never seen anything like that with my own eyes.

The minute we stepped out of the airport, we knew why we’ve been told not to walk around in Singapore too much. It was so hot and very humid.

Little India

It really felt like you are in India, everyone looks like Indians; it smells like in India and was as hot as in India. In little India you find a lot of small shops with food and traditional Indian clothes, for a little amount of money. The buildings are often pretty colorful, which in my opinion is very cute.

Marina Bay Sands

I bet you’ve seen the pictures of the famous pool of the Marina Bay Sands! It’s an infinity pool with the view over the beautiful skyline of Singapore. My secret tip for you is not to spend 20 Singapore dollars to go the visitor terrace, as it’s lower than the pool and you can’t even see the pool. Rather go for a drink or a snack at the bar. The bar is next to the pool area and has probably the fastest free Wi-Fi that my phone has ever had contact. The big plus it’s not as hot up there, the view is just amazing and they play cool music.

The Mall in Marina Bay Sands

The mall is giant! There are so many different shops and there is even something like a river inside the mall and it looks a bit like Venice in Italy with the small boats. You find all the famous brands like Gucci, Prada, Armani etc. and so mostly they are very expensive.

Also for shopping, you should visit the Orchard Road but you better know where you want to go before you go there. No matter if night or day, January or August it’s just always exhaustingly hot, but you get cooled down in the shops.

Sentosa Island

On Sentosa Island, there are so many things you can do. There is a big Aquarium, the Universal Studios, an Adventure park and much more. If you plan on going to the Universal Studios you should go early and get an express pass, as the lines can be very long. If you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a cast for a movie, you should also check out the water show!

Gardens by the bay

This very special garden with two different themed halls have over 200'000 plants from all over the world. Even if you are not a very big fan of plants it will steal your breath. The whole area can remind you of the movie Avatar because it looks sometimes very similar. To build the whole Gardens by the bay cost over 1 Billion Singapore dollars. Getting a ticket for the garden isn’t that expensive after all, as especially when you think of how expensive it was to build the garden.

So it’s definitely worth visiting Gardens by the bay :).

Interview with a teen from Singapore :)

Name: Jo 

Age: 18

How does your daily life look like?

Jo: I wake up very early in the morning to go to work. My job is in the town area so I would have to take the train which we call the MRT. The train is the easiest way to travel around Singapore but it’s always packed which means you would have to squeeze together with a bunch of other strangers. Then after work, it’s the same thing back. Whenever I'm let off early, I’d walk around the town area to shop or just look around.

What do you love the most about Singapore?

Jo: It’s never lonely in Singapore. The whole country is like one big city because of all the buildings we have. Through all the bustling they have in town, there’s always one person who would kindly help you. It’s also very safe here because the people here would always look out for one another.

What’s typical Singapore in your opinion?

Jo: It would have to be the kopitiam (coffee shops) and the atmosphere there. They would have a large television to screen a soccer match or the news. During any soccer season, there would be families that would sit and watch it together. The moment the team scored a goal, they would shout goal so loud, you can hear it even if you’re at the top floor of your HDB flat. There’s always at least one kopitiam in every neighborhood. All the food from all the different races are easily found there.

Any Stereotypes you know about your country that you would like to clear up? 

Jo: Singapore is not part of China or Malaysia. We don’t only have Chinese here. We also Indians, Malays, Caucasians, Filipinos and even other races. 

What’s popular in Singapore? 

Jo: The food here. Chicken Rice is a nation favourite. The other must try is Indian Rojak, Chili Crab and Bone Steak. 

Do you have a favorite movie from Singapore?

Jo: “I’m not stupid” It’s a very well-known movie in Singapore.“


I want to thank Jo for the interview!

I can’t wait for next week’s Teen Friday! I hope you all are having an awesome Friday!

xoxo Giulia 

Der Weg zu meinem Ziel || The way to my goal

So nach langer Zeit sind hier mal die ersten Bilder. :)
After a long time are here finally the first pictures. :)

Es war ein langer Weg bis wir endlich alle in Japan waren.
It was a long way until we were finally arrived in Japan.

Mein Tag begann nach einer vieeeel zu kurzen Nacht um 6:45 Uhr, wo ich mich dann fertig machte und weil ich trödelte zum Schluss noch ziemlich hetzten musste haha. ^^“’
My day was beginning to early after a too short night. At 6.45 AM I got up and afterwards I was getting myself ready for that long trip, but because I was to tired I was too slow so I had to rush a little bit in the end haha. ^^”’

Dann brachte mich meine Mutter auch schon zum Flughafen wo mein Flieger um 9.45 erst los ging, es aber meine Uhr schon bis ich durch alle Sicherheitskontrollen war 9.15 anzeigte.
Glücklicherweise noch genügend Zeit mein Gate zu finden, von dem ich dann nach Frankfurt geflogen bin.
Then my mum brought me to the airport where my flight was going at 9.45 AM. But it tooked such a long time to get trough all these securty checks that it was already 9.15 AM when I was all ready to look for my gate. Luckily I was right there in time.

Als ich Frankfurt ankam hatte ich noch knapp 2 ½ Stunden bis ich mich mit meiner Gruppe treffen sollte. Während dieser Zeit telefonierte ich noch kurz mit meiner Mutter um ihr zu sagen, dass alles gut gelaufen ist und dass ich gut angekommen bin,doch die meiste Zeit brauchte ich dafür um mein Gate zu finden, da dieses Kurzfristig geändert worden war und die Schilder auch so verwirrend waren, dass ich eine gute Viertelstunde erstmal in die falsche Richtung gelaufen bin. xD
Endlich das Ziel erreicht hatte ich so einen Durst, dass ich erstmal etwas essen musste und etwas Zutrinken gekauft habe.
I had nearly 2 ½ hours left when I arrived in Frankfurt when I arrived there before I had to meet my youth ambassador group. During this time I called my mother that I was in Frankfurt and arrived there without any problems, but I needed the most time to find my gate, because it was just changed. Also those confusing signs were sending me for around 15 minutes in the wrong direction. xD
But when I found my gate I was so exhausted that I had to eat and drink something first before doing anything else.
So I ate something and bought afterwards a few bottles water.

Dann traf sich auch schon die Gruppe um 12:30 Uhr. Wir alle waren ziemlich aufgeregt und voller guter Laune. Weil es allerdings nicht genügend Plätze zum Sitzen gab setzten sich einige von uns einfach auf den Boden (ich auch), was die Japaner, die uns gegenüber saßen, sehr zu amüsieren schien hihi. ^^
Then our group met at 12.30 PM. We were all really excited and were in a good mood. Because there weren’t enough places to sit some of us sat on the ground and it seemed that it was quite amusing for the Japanese people that were sitting in front of us.

Durch die große Fensterfront konnte man schon das Flugzeug sehen, in das wir bald einsteigen würden und für manche war es glaub ich einfach nur überwältigend, da sie zu unserer Vorbereitungstagung in Berlin zum ersten mal überhaupt in einer deutschen Großstadt waren und nun so ein riesiges Flugzeug sahen. Für mich persönlich war es allerdings nichts neues, da ich ja schon einmal nach Australien geflogen bin und da ebenfalls in einem Flugzeug der Größe eines A380s saß. :)
Trough the large windows we were already able to see the airplane we’d fly with to Japan. For some members it was really breathtaking because they were for the first time in their lives in a german city when we had our preparation weekend in Berlin and now they were seeing such a huge airplane. This view wasn’t shocking or anything, because I was already fying with an airplane big like the A380 to Australia before. :)

Das war der letze Moment auf deutschem Boden bevor es dann endlich los ging. ^___^
That was the last moment on German ground befor we were finite starting. ^___^

Der Flug war etwas 11 ½ Stunden lang und recht angenehm. Ich saß am Fenster und hatte deswegen immer einen tollen Ausblick. Neben mir saß in einer Dreierreihe nur noch eine Frau, die wie sich herausstellte Modeverkäuferin war und zu einer Ausstellung erst nach Tokyo, dann nach Seoul und anschließend nach Shanghai reiste.
The flight was about 11 ½ hours and quite nice. I sat in row for three people just with another single woman. She was how I figured out in the end a fashion seller and she was going to Tokyo for a big fashion show and afterwards to Seol and Shangai.

Leckeres japanisches Flugzeugessen haha ^^
Yummy Japanese airplane food haha. ^^

Sonnenaufgang *.*
Sunrise *.*

Mein erster Blick auf Japan!!! :D
First view over Japan!!! :D


お帰りなさい。(=Willkommen zu Hause. || Welcome home.)

Weil ich das Wasser in Deutschland am Flughafen vergessen hatte, was ich mir geholt hatte, habe ich mir noch schnell Wasser hergestellt in Japan geholt. xD
Because I forgot the water I bought on the airport in Frankfurt at the airport I just bought myself a bottle water made in Japan. xD

Und das tat es. ♥
And it did. ♥

Arrival to Istanbul

It is already day 3 here and I have yet to post anything-largely due to the fact that my computer is unpluggable here without an adaptor, AJ’s is only good for a two prong plug not a three prong. But nevertheless, I’ll try to catch up!

The flight to Toronto from Chicago was pleasant. I chatted mostly with my neighbor as he told me about life in Ontario and gave me some pointers about plane rides. When we arrived, we parted ways and I made friends with a young man who I remember seeing in Chicago. Apparently like me, he was visiting Istanbul to meet up with his boyfriend. We chatted at Pearson until his friends joined us. Compared to O'hare, from what I saw Toronto’s airport seemed to be littered with shops. This could have been merely due to where my gate was located. We had to cross through a ridiculous amount of name brand stores. It was impossible to not turn your head and be smacked with some obscene advertisement. With that being said, Pearson was rather nice and at every gate, there were comfortable chairs and iPads. We had a 6 hour layover until our plane arrived.

The trip to Istanbul was far less pleasant than the first once I realized that after about 2 hours, I get terrible motion sickness. During the 11 hour flight, I didn’t sleep and I puked a couple of times. When we finally arrived, let’s just say I was clammy, ill, and exhausted so I wasn’t nearly as excited to be in Istanbul as I was to be relieved of the plane. AJ met me at the domestic terminal and we took a special bus that transports you from Ataturk airport to other significant locations. We went to Taksim, which AJ described as Istanbul’s Times Square. I’m not so sure I agree with that. I’ve never been to New York but despite the comparable crowdedness of the two locales, Taksim seems less claustrophobic despite the fact that here in Istanbul there are no generally accepted walking arrangements. In chicago, people move like the cars do, on one’s right side and even though there is jaywalking, it is not nearly as anarchic as it is in Istanbul. This however doesn’t apply to one thing-strangely. There are many escalators to get from different train stops. Those that want to just stand nestle to the right side leaving a lane to the left where those who want to walk up and down the escalator can pass (it can be said that the stairs when they are present aren’t often used).

From Taksim, we took a short cab ride back to his apartment. There are so many people here that it seems perpetually crowded. Chicago is a large city but it is sprawled out-Istanbul however seems to be more dense. Being a very old city, the streets are narrower in some areas. But despite the number of people and the poor weather we have been having, it is very clean. The side walks are made of cement tiles and curbs are made of marble-yes, marble curbs. The same material people pay an arm and a leg for in the states to put on the kitchen counters. I imagine that it is mined near here and is cheap in comparison. As soon as we arrived home, I peeled my clothes off and took a nap. After I rested a bit, AJ woke me up and we decided to go exploring around Taksim square.

The central monument of Taksim is a large monument of statues depicting the different sides of modern Turkey’s founder, Ataturk. On one side there is him as a soldier, on the other him as a statesman. To be honest, the statue wasn’t that interesting to me-such commemorative artworks are common throughout chicago and most generally look the same in mood and character.

The main thoroughfare in Taksim is filled with shops and restaurants-sorta like Michigan avenue although it feels significantly less sterile than that. The narrow streets and the string of lights that grace across the road lend a warmer and more intimate feel. We stopped at a restaurant that served burgers and Italian food. It was a little on the pricy end but the service was nice. AJ being friendly as he is asked the manager if there were any good music places nearby and the man even went so far as to give him his card to give to the doorman (apparently, he knew the manager that worked at that particular club.) After eating, we went back home to drop our left overs off and check our that club. We decided instead to go to a jazz place called Nargis. It was a bit difficult to find but well worth it. As we waiting for our reservations, we stopped at a cafe nearby where I tried Turkish coffee for the first time. I’ll post my photos after this since tumblr won’t allow me to imbed images. It was rather thick and yet very sweet. I suppose the only way I can describe it is if you can imagine extremely dark chocolate with added caffeine. The waiter even serves it with a glass of water. That brings me to another point, the waiters here are extremely nice. When we were leaving, he even put my jacket on for me. It is a common thing around here that there are so many people willing to help you and are very kind. There are of course people who want to take advantage of you but the good outweigh the bad. Their kindness makes it a lot easier to get around.

When we arrived at the club, there were more patrons than seats but it was small enough to be enjoyable nonetheless. The band was surprisingly really good! I don’t know what I was expecting but as an American, it’s really interesting to see standard style jazz played so well by Turkish musicians. It isn’t to say that I think they would be untalented but it’s just a style I didn’t expect. They also did a very jazzy cover of Police’s Roxanne that creamed the original. We managed to get a table in the front-it was a bit too close but it we great to have a place to sit and relax and enjoy the music.

Status: Now I'm in the Big Apple! (New York, NY)

-Overnight flight

-Tired as f*ck

-It’s morning and sunny here, so bright I had to get my sunglasses.

-didn’t sleep, I blame coffee

-Plane’s very crowded

-Once I deplane, I’m gonna grab breakfast.


Back from lovely London - A travel report: part I

Hi my dear followers! Yesterday evening I got back from London. Whaa so weird to be in London in the morning and then suddenly to be in your own little home village in the evening. Just to get back to normal life and stuff. Ughh!  I decided to write a travel report here - I warn you it’s probably gonna be a novel XD - so if you don’t want to read it, just don’t read it.:P

But London was soo awesome!

Friday we were really tired from the bus ride and the boattrip so when we got in London we had some dinner and chilled a bit at our hotel room.

The first day in Central London I was a little bit overwhelmed by the city. So much traffic and so much people! Thought we would get lost immediately but no, we didn’t! (*still proud*) We first did a sightseeing tour with the bus and a guide (how touristic!); to spot the Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square (National Gallery), Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, The Ritz (fucking expensive hotel/restaurant), Piccadilly Circus, the Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Govent Garden, Hyde park and a lot of other things I already forgot. XD And of course we have seen changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. The guide was a little bit weird btw. It was an elderly woman who raced through the city even though she was walking with a walking stick! She reminded me a bit of Willeke Alberti (some Dutch famous person). XD

After that we had lunch (other people visited the Westminster Abbey) and then we had some free time. Because we didn’t have a proper map of the city we spent the day with some other people from the group. A couple that could have been my parents. XD But they were very nice & kind and another couple who were in the twenties. Near the London Eye there were a lot of street artists, living statues and stuff. Always nice to see. After that we went to a Subway to lunch again (because the people who were with us hadn’t had time to lunch). And then there was some really old mental retarded man who sort of tried to make a move on me. OMG! *still traumatized* XD

Then we went in the London Eye.:D Which was awesome! First we got to see some 4D movie, which was fun. There was a lot of security at the entrance of the wheel btw. But you had a really nice view over the city and as far as you could see, it was all London. (weird sentence?, sorry)

After that we walked a bit through the city and went out for dinner with the same people. It was 8 o ‘clock/ half past 9 p.m. when we were finished and we would be picked up by the bus at ten o'clock so we had to entertain ourselves until then:P We went back to Trafalgar Sguare, wanted to visit the National Gallery but it was already closed.:( Then we saw some light in a church nearby so we wanted to visit the thing, but we got kicked out because some concert thing was taking place. XD We were all a bit tired so we slowly walked a bit to see some other stuff. A lot of limousines drove by and the city looked lovely in the evening light. Then we went to Haymarket, the bus stop place. Across the street there was some night club called Tiger Tiger. It was Saturday night so a lot of buses dropped bunches of overenthusiastic teenagers there. XD  All the girls wore reeeeally short dresses and very high heels. They also had some pink thing around their dresses; like those things for beauty pageants, if you know what I mean… It was all for a stag party, we guessed.

Anyway, it was all kind of entertaining to watch. Especially when some girl fell on the street with her high heels and dress. Poor thing of course, but I mean you could wait for that! XD  Well, when we got back at the hotel we were soooo tired! So we took a shower and watched some television. GREG JAMES was on the telly! He’s never on the Dutch telly so… it was already awesome for me! XD (Not really rock 'n roll evenings, but yeah). After that we went to sleep because we had to get up early the next day!

To be continued…
Will also post some pictures later.;)

Croatia 2011

croatia is one of my favorite countries. since now i was there 3 times. When  I was there for the first time I accidentally deleted all our photos so the second time we were there I took 600 photos to make amends :-) .The nature is very beautiful with this dusty ground and those crooked little trees and the mountains. And the sea is also very beautiful because the water is crystal clear and if you are diving like me or snorkelling you can see very bride and colourful fishes. I even saw a little turtle! But you should always carry your water shoes with you (or buy them there. everything is very cheap in croatia) There is no sandy beach, there are just little rocks everywhere so it’ll hurt a little bit if you are walking around at the beach. But these rocks are very bright so it’s ok because it looks very pretty :-) and you should carry your diving mask with you. there is much to see underwater but the water is very salty. Another reason to stay at the beach all day long is the hot weather. often the sun is burning so much that there are 40 degrees (°C). 

The cities are very cute and old and almost everything is  signposted in germany or english which was really cool for me :-) But i think croatia is a better place to see great nature than to do city trips. The towns are cute but they are very very small. but there are many culturally things to see which is very great. But my favorite thing with this country was definitely the nature. Everywhere we walked through the nature where free sheeps and goats and even donkeys. that was great for me as a vegetarian who loves animals. But bad for a vegetarian is the traditional kitchen. In nearly every restaurant you can’t order something without meat or fish. I just could eat salads and they really offer less salads. But for my brother who loves meat it was great. they have many grilled meat and fish which are very great seasoned and flovoured. But everything is very salty so the food is not for everyone. if you order fish they are nearly almost grilled never breaded. But of course it is great for seafood lovers.  But an important information is never to give tips in the restaurant. If the waiter gets so much tips that he earned the money for his shift he will go home and the restaurant owners will not be amused :D