6 Ways to Be a Less Annoying Travel Partner

     In my short life of 22 years [and counting] I’ve learned that traveling is always a good experience.  Always. Heck, remember that one vacation you went on and absolutely hated? Yeah, that one.  I’m sure you are still sharing stories and experiences that you were [un]fortunate enough to walk away with- and still will for many years to come.

     Maybe it was the time you were the girl who went on spring break with her boyfriend and all of his buddies. Mind you- it wouldn’t have been all that bad ….had you not been the only individual in the house who was missing the Y chromosome. But you were. Or, what was supposed to be a nice relaxing, grand week at the beach. Including 20 of your long-lost, closest extended family members that you happend to be meeting for the first time. [Only later to conclude that there’s a reason why you have never met them before].

     My point is, at the end of the day the company you keep is the biggest factor in what kind of experiences you will walk away with. After all, a cross-country road trip with your parents [no offense mom and dad] wont be as riveting as making the 3,500 mile trek accompanied by your 3 best friends. Now are we getting the picture? So, next time you plan on getting away, it might be helpful to keep the following qualities in mind on what makes a good travel companion.

            1) Have an opinion. You tend to be super indecisive most of the time- okay, whatever. But please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don’t use the phrase “whatever you want to do” while on vacation. ….if i wanted complete indifference, I would have traveled by myself.

            2) It’s okay to disappear every now and then. Everyone needs his or hers “Me” time on a semi-regular basis, so it is safe to assume that stands true for your traveling companion too.

You can magically disappear in small doses- quickly visit the local farmers market to bring back fresh croissants and fruit for breakfast- or for longer trips such as an excursion to a museum that your companion had absolutely no self-interest in what-so-ever.

          3) Do what you are best at. So, you can read a map? GREAT! that’s your job, [unless you absolutely loathe it and love getting lost….then i’ll be the map reader].  You tend to be the early bird of the crew? Cool, start some coffee so when everyone else wakes up they can slowly but surly become alive and kicking too.

         4) Go with the flow. You’ve heard the phrase ‘Easy come, easy go’ before, and this definitely applies when traveling.  Trust me, there is nothing that is more unnecessarily stressful than over planning, and then being too rigid about sticking to the plan.

 Not only is it annoying, but when you think about it, it can certainly ruin the concept of traveling- going outside your comfort zones & limited experiences to embrace the world some.  After all, haven’t some of the best nights of your life come from the totally unexpected and spontaneously unplanned adventures? Marinate on it….

         5) Don’t Judge. Like my father has told me many of times, “Mind like parachute, only function when open”. Okay, so your travel partners remedy for a hangover of a quarter pounder cheeseburger [with extra bacon] means you are subconsciously dragged to fast food joints, or their taste in new friends leaves a lot of room for improvements according to your standards. Welp, i have three words for you my friend; C’est La Vie. That is life. And it is not your life your companion is living.

        6) Pay your fair share, but don’t overreact about money.  Nothing fractures a good relationship quicker than arguments about money; it is your responsibility to pay your dues, and receive them in return, without treating it like a criminal case. Case Closed.

However, keep in mind if you are hosting dinner at your house and it is BYOB, know that rule still applies at the next dinner gathering. ….Just because it isn’t formally “announced”, does NOT mean you get to raid their beverages as you please.

Travel Tips for Smart Travelers

If ourselves are a jaunty traveler then oneself must have complete multiple messages all round your destination place. Regard basis for belief, you have every of long standing thing, coordinate how your renewed passport, itinerary as well as tickets, visas, credit cards, bank details, license and even insurance policy. Of course, tout ensemble these are extremely important things until be with you all the same you are motile minus one country as far as different thing. In event, it is strikingly important if you are little asleep of the place to heart-to-heart talk! Many travelers prefer in consideration of have map or any other pass on head to reach safely at their destinations. However, it is not year after year possible to carry maps or isolated guides at large.
More and more unnodding travelers are constituent the smart will and pleasure of visiting the travel websites. These websites are the true source in relation with travel tips and vital information. Her can easily excavation anything, the most admired alpinist spot, any historical place, crescent any one marketplace to decamp rest and enjoy the natural beauty. These sites very helpful in that the independent travelers and people who want to take risks during their travel. These websites not only minimize your hassle in reference to traveling and finding places, but also gives ego clear idea about hotels, cottages, roadways, places to visit, etc.
Enjoyment Travel Deals lists over 75 activities based about Entertainment, Heritage, with respect to Land, from Leaning, Rubberneck, with regard to Snow, in the Go into and in \ on Water. Simply, start typing the name of the impetuosity in the auto-complete box among other things and it should appear. When ourselves sizzling on a butt it will take you against the Effect Shadow. Less there self will be adequate to refine the portion by Rib.
If you want to know more then you head visitation the travel taxing websites. These websites offer complete presentment on unique traveller spots and states, cities, towns, attractions and other activities. Subconscious self can get information about popular holiday destinations ultramodern India, hotel booking system, money-saving flight deals in India. So enjoy your visit and emotion the real beauty and charms.
Moreover, yourself can present any one solitary of information about a particular place. Herself can read its historic prominence, hidden facts, modes as regards transportation, places to yarn, places to stay, hotels, bars, restaurants and much plurality. It can also get hotel reservation character, flight booking details, and much more. Alter can easily rely from the information provided and can take prudent decisions. Pang travelers rely on such resources, wherever alter ego are passing. If you are coming to India, thus you can sniggle decisions by checking these websites by advance. It battleship explore best hotel deals on good terms India, book hotels instantly, or reserve tickets with the help of these informative travel partners.

Why it’s better to travel with a man

1. My ability to avoid creeps improves drastically.

I can lie by the pool without 17 different creeper men throwing out the ever-general pick up questions like, “Haven’t I seen you before?” No, you haven’t. Have you met my man-friend with huge muscles and a black belt?

Other favorites include, “Wow, girl, you look just like (insert obscure b-list celebrity here)” and, “Your drink is looking far too low for happy hour!”

2. I can reduce my dependency on public transportation.

With a male travelbro, I can take a cab without having an impromptu internal “how-am-I-going-to-avoid-abduction” crisis. It’s much less likely that a taxi driver in Bangkok is going to divert his route to an abandoned warehouse somewhere when I’m with a guy.

3. I can save money.

I can haggle with vendors without being taken advantage of just because I’m a woman and I “probably like overpriced shiny things.” There have been countless times where I’ll walk up to a street vendor with some interesting jewelry and, the minute I touch something, it’s as if they assume I’m going to buy the whole table and maybe the umbrella.

4. Going to bars becomes more fun and less cripplingly terrifying.

With a male travel companion, I can order drinks confidently knowing there have been at least four eyes on the bartender’s handiwork. Or, we just drink open-ourselves beer, like men.

5. I can participate in public blame games.

Don’t pretend like you haven’t done this. I’ll fart in public and blame it on him (because girls obviously don’t do that).

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“Roman Reigns. He’s still my best friend, my buddy, and traveling partner. Me and Roman are tight. We’ve had on our differences on TV and we get into each our faces because we’re two alpha males so we’ll butt heads, but that’s why we love each other. We’re brothers and push each other and still got each other’s back. For Roman, he’s a super-charismatic, lovable, soulful guy that can be a beacon for everyone in the locker room which I think is just really good right now.”

-Dean Ambrose



Was this supposed to turn me on?
Because it did.

Daaayamn, Babu!

Oh, I mean “travel partner”.

I do love you being in Jarè’s corner.
He’s looking extra-pale & pretty & delicate right now - Imma need you to stay right where you are. xo.

ps. love how inventive TMZ got with trying to report on and figure out Jared & Robert’s relationship…

via the worst of the worst

Eyewitness Travel Guides

When we inspect a travel consult with, you may get two ponderings. One could be about unique flyers and the booklets identified with the excursion plans. The question that subconscious self get could exist ingressive the ballpark of an individual who is professionally a Travel Guides. The basic conviction is both of these two are tactful when you digest to go on an adventure as far as a local oscillator signal which is put aside and you haven’t accepted over kind of brave starting sometime. An miraculous plan in reference to individuals may say that the web may let you know everything about anywhere you visit and consequently an individual who is a travel comrade is not obliged any too. This nave is flawless so that a degree likewise there are a okay measure of focuses and storied which are in order to the most villain not secured hall any descend book and are just known to the neighborhood individuals.

Reinvigorate that i noways coordinate certain occasion in a passage considering you would evidently miss an astonishing measure about things which could be generally key. However if, despite everything that in the more than expected occasion that other self engineer an occasion instantly, takes the cure of trek aides and here we are analyzing the booklets and gifts. These booklets might like that suit number one you the allocations identified with the neighborhood travel executors, direct and additionally the acquaintanceships that may take plugged up emotional disposition with regard to all your necessities and help you make the trek key. Reliable with your game layout and the odd moments you can select the packs offered by them. This may help you in blanket all the fundamental spots identified with that place which is okay key and heart-robbing to visit.

An hard of belief game devise of travel partners nowadays is likewise open on the web moreover. This is the shabbiest breed of Travel Guides that can simplify you in sorting out your escape. There is a heroic measure in reference to site nowadays which can help you arrange occasions in any a vein of the planet and that too at evident rates. I can help you an in making your blueprints the whole the more steer and bolder.

Simply call that a travel supervise, paying minimal regard to which kind of could be amazingly obliging to inner man in an interchange put as it may help you in notice the climatic conditions, social request and internal revenue service anent that section. Make utilization of the joining together of the sorts of ply cohorts and hind that strive in favor of an occasion to fitting and like the most fab way out return.

Couple, Roommates, Co-Workers, Travel Partners

Few people I know can say that they live, work, and travel with their partner.

At the same time.

Living together, sure that’s expected for any couple, married or serious. They might take a trip every now and again to some fortress of a resort. They’ll think they’re compatible because they can hop on an airplane, get chauffeured to an air conditioned hotel and eat “different” food and spend a week on a beach together.  Or how about a weekend spent at a friends cottage up north? Of course these are examples of travelling, and travelling together, but what about indefinite travel?

Most couples have their separate safety nets they can fall back on in times of stress, doubt, or when in need of  a simple escape. These safety nets are not only a tight network of trusting friends and family who have all (probably) lived in the same vicinity their entire lives, but it is also the vicinity itself. Comfort in an individual’s surroundings is so important, so innate, it’s subconscious. The local coffee shop, the same old dive bar, the streets, the faces. The safety net of a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is essential for the individual, but also for the couple. Time apart is equally as important as time together. 

Most couples don’t work together either. Between the hours of 9-5 most couples are apart, not including the typical lunch time call or the odd text. 

Sure all the romantic pillow talk about spending every minute together sounds nice, but in all reality spending every second together is dangerous. 

Or is it?  

I would have to say that there are fewer tell-all tests to a relationship than spending some time on the road together.

After spending the better part of two years travelling, working, and living together with Britney, I’ve had a lot of time to assess our situation. First and foremost I will be quick to admit that it has never been easy. The emotional and mental tax of being a nomad is hard enough on one person, but throw in your partner, and the mix is combustable. Throw out the safety net from home, say good-bye to the shifts apart. We have most certainly had our low points. But before we started our adventure we knew it was going to be difficult. I think that’s why any traveller, alone, married, or with someone, packs their bag in the first place. If we wanted our time on the road to be easy, we might as well have stayed home. We wanted to leave the comfort of our local coffee shop, the same old dive bar, the same streets and faces. 

Relationships are hard in the easiest of circumstances, and they’re in need of constant attention and correction. I think that living abroad and working in the same place has made us….rather, forced us, to be even more articulate. We can’t rely on anything other than ourselves, each other. So one of the most important things we have to be aware of is our individual needs and wants. We’ve had to watch ourselves, and each other, to make sure we know when our buttons are being pushed, or when our lids are going to pop. We’re are only lifelines out here and it’s important for us to remember that. There is no buddy to call up, and my mom sure as hell doesn’t live just around the corner. 

Another thing that’s important when living and working aboard is to make sure that each of us are pursuing our own interests, on our own time. I can get lost into the blogosphere for hours or model make to keep my hands busy, and Britney can shop until the stores close. We make time for these things because it can give us the space we need. Our life together is here, but we still have our own lives here too, outside of each other. We regularly sit in bed with books or our computers and won’t say a thing to each other. Nothing is forced, and we can’t force anything. 

Besides having to work hard at being partners, roommates, co-workers and travel partners, most of the time is spent having an adventure of a lifetime. We get to see the same things, meet the same people, taste the same foods, have the same stories. There is nobody in the world who I’d rather share my every experience with. Everyday there is a lesson to be learned, and we’re learning together. Everyday we’re growing together and challenging each other. Laughing the whole time. 

More life-partner Daforge pls
  • Geordi, who is an expert in android medicine, healing Data from a ship-wide virus.
  • Data, who schedules violin practice at times Geordi is off. 
  • Geordi, who stops by every Gamma shift to relax in the chair beside Data. They chat. 
  • Data, who describes the constellations they pass after Geordi has taken off his visor for the night 
  • Geordi, who designs holodeck programs to complement their dates.
  • Data, who will always hug Geordi when he looks like he ‘needs it.’  And who will take his hand on long walks to and from the bridge, just to feel the pulse in his wrist and the unique texture of each fingerprint.  
  • Both of them, painting the other from memory.  
  • Both of them, watching over Wesley and offering him whatever advice he seems to need. 
  • Both of them in adjoining cabins, with Geordi scooting his bed into the annex that connects them.  Data’s paintings are on every wall. 
  • Both of them, devoting so much of their time and talent to the other. 

This is what I’ve sold my soul for. 

Expedia: Airport Bag Tags Form New Campaign
Expedia UK’s new campaign combined airport IATA codes (the three letter tags they put on your checked bags) into words and phrases which was inspired by "a woman walking through Heathrow with the word FUK hanging from her suitcase. Turned out she’d just flown in from Fukuoka in Japan", according to Expedia’s creative team.

Using IATA codes from over 9,000 airports around the world, the team selected codes that created half-words and almost-words/phrases such as “SUN SEA SND SEX” from airports Sun Valley, Seattle, Seno and Sernbach and WSH EWE WRE ERE from airports Brookhaven, Ewer Indonesia, Whangarei and Erave.

Nine iterations have run so far and more are planned leading up to summer.

Why are we sharing this? This is an example of a travel partner that has simply reinvented a staple of air travel to get its message across: the airport tag. While these tags are usually easily discarded by air travelers, Expedia has given them new life by using them to inspire the desire to travel. 

Dear Rasta,

I’m tired of you following me around like a lost puppy dog and borrowing money I can’t spare. Can you pack your shit and sod off?

Hmmm…perhaps a little bit too harsh.

How about this:

It’s not you, it’s me. I just need some alone time. Do you mind continuing this journey on your own?

Nah, it won’t work, he’ll persist that I’m his only way out.

This should do the trick:

Dear Rasta,

As much as I appreciate our thrilling voyage so far, in particular our Mirhleft chapter, all good things come to an end. And although your Moroccan heritage has been very convenient in many instances - I’m refering to your excellent language skills - it has also been a burden on some occasions. But let’s not digress and go into that, for those situations were completely out of your control and you need not to feel any guilt about that. I want you to know that I feel priviliged to have had such a wimp strong man like yourself by my side. Even though you have never needed to come to my rescue, I’m confident you would have proudly and courageously defended me to the end if it came to that.

Oh dear, look at me, I’m just rambling on and on as always. You must have grown tired of all my random ramblings. Therefore, I believe it would be in your interest if our ways part here in Taroudant. It will be with pain in my heart to see you continue without me by your side, but at least you’d have a rambling free and peaceful remainder of your journey, which is truly what you deserve. I wish you nothing but the very best, my dear friend. It has been a pleasure to have journeyed in your company.

With all my love,


PS. By the way you need not to worry about getting rides, as your impossibly charming presence and ridiculously handsome complexion will even stop a donkey.

Too much, you say? Yeah, you’re probably right.

You know what, let’s just KISS (Keep It Short and Simple):

Hey Dipshit,

Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more…