My dad used to work at an interactive history park in Indiana as an 1800’s reenactor and craftsman. Part of his job included apprenticing the blacksmith and creating iron nails. Park tourists would walk between different demonstrations of historical lifestyles and crafts, and he would speak to them as though he were a young blacksmith in 1820 and they were time-travelers.

Tourists often like to play smart, trying to catch reenactors up and get them to break character. It can get pretty obnoxious, but they’re trained to stay calm and indulgent. One day, my father was busy making iron nails and one woman scoffed and said, mockingly, “I’m pretty sure they didn’t have nails back then!”

My dad looked up at her. “Ma'am,” he said, “They didn’t screw Jesus to the cross.”

Apparently she reported him to the museum for being crass.

Growing Pains- From one archetype to another

Aries: The Brash to The Inspiring

Aries can go through this kind of awkward stage where they feel like they are finding their footing, finding that right balance between outright aggression to assertiveness, to being able to wake the people up around them and provoke a reaction. They know how to go from a full, fledged flame to a flickering spark that ignites something in others, yet without that clumsy intimidation. They are the perfect example of a personality whose biggest fall, whose impulsive reactions can turn to something magical in a little more maturity. They are the ones that teach us to stand back up when we fall.

Taurus: The Materialist to The Grounded

Taurus can be people of excess from a personality that loves luxury and comfort, yet add this to their sensual nature, there can become parts of their life that are defined by seeking satisfaction purely in the tangible realm, where they become trapped in this feeling of want yet perpetually dissatisfied when they seem to get it. Yet, when they bloom into something beyond this, they are often a grounding presence in the lives of others, someone that can take a moment to stop and really soak in their environment, to appreciate the simple pleasures of this Earth. They often grow into people that learn how to practice gratitude, thanking the Sun for rising in the morning.

Gemini: The Jumbled to The Teacher

Gemini are never consistent, adding to their cluttered charm and chaotic charisma, finding knowledge and curiosity in everything from the smallest piece of trivia to the most profound study of governing laws. They are adept at being receptive to information in general, yet often they grow into a kind of messenger of sorts, someone that finds themselves in their element while educating others. They manage to deliver information in an interesting, witty, adaptable manner, where no matter the view, ability or learning style of their students, there is a side of them that is compatible with each individual.

Cancer: The Weary to The Open Arms

Cancer can grow to feel that their instinct to often take care of others is somehow a detriment, a weakness perhaps, often through external influences. Yet there is a time when they may just break through this barrier, to take their natural understanding of the human condition and psyche into the service of others, which in return releases resistance they have to themselves and their own nature. They often grow to be compassionate, creative and receptive individuals, where that defensiveness and weariness in themselves can turn to traits that are often missing in this world, to a kindness and care much like those figures in books we feel at home with.

Leo: The Egoist to The Giving

Leo can be very in touch with their sense of ego, with who they are and what they want out of life, maybe even to the detriment of the people around them at times. There is a demanding quality in them, something that wants the whole world and more, yet through growth and maturity, they manage to somehow flip this with the knowledge that if they want so greatly, then others must to, an awareness that goes beyond themselves. With this often comes golden generosity, the ability to take with the expectation that they will also give too. They want to feel like number one, but they grow to understand that maybe so do other people too.

Virgo: The Cluttered to The Healer

Virgo can feel like they have heightened senses, the ability to zoom in on the fine details to the disadvantage to the broad horizon, maybe even leaving them with the knowledge of anything that goes amiss, no matter how small. They are often high strung and process things very quickly, a jitteriness to them at times. Yet this ability to really see and understand the details can give them this natural healing ability, the talent of extending their hand to those that may struggle with daily tasks or living to a high quality in the day to day. This should and cannot be undervalued, and they know this. They often have an intuitive knowledge of the human body, natural remedies and more importantly, simple kindness.

Libra: The Swayed to The Just

Libra can find that keeping the peace feels better that sticking to their own will, that creating a charming atmosphere of compromise is easier than bringing about conflict. Yet, this can be a wonderful trait for diffusing anger or aggression, of being able to unite the left with the right and still be able to smile at the end of it. As they grow however, they often find a value system to live by, a way of judging the world around them but with an open mind and heart, whether this is to do with the law or their own code of morality. They appreciate and believe in a system whereby everyone is treated well and fairly, but ultimately judge things justly too.

Scorpio: The Secretive to The Liberator

Scorpio can be reserved to the extreme, building walls between themselves and the people around them, yet this often comes about because of their empathic nature, of needing a break from soaking in the atmosphere and the emotions of the people around them. As they go through personal growth, they can intuit the motives and the thoughts of the people around them, bringing the darkest and most unappealing aspects of ourselves into the light. They can grow into people that can find beauty in the parts of ourselves that we hide away, teaching us to release resistance to them. With this, they can be our liberators.

Sagittarius: The Irresponsible to The Mentor

Sagittarius find their spirit in living as freely as they can, to losing the plans in place of something that gives them the liberty to live how they want to, when they want to. They don’t do well with too much structure or restriction, yet in others eyes, this can lead to a recklessness, an inability to obey the rules of others and instead live without responsibility. Yet, as they grow older and under the guidance of their home house, the ninth house of higher learning and travel, they often find themselves as a spirit that seeks wisdom in many forms, and beyond this, seeks to give this wisdom to others. Their infectious spirit can fill the pages of books, but also fill the minds of those that admire them.

Capricorn: The Restricted to The Visioned

Capricorn know the struggles of their ruling planet Saturn, the planet of lessons, as they are often a reserved personality that can feel like they have to leap over one hurdle to the next to really get what they want out of life, like they break out of their shell time and time again, or simply outgrow it. Yet, Capricorn are also defined a lot by their dreams, something that we may not at first consider for such a tangible orientated and practical energy. Their striving motion, that moving forward with method, intelligence and wit can have them looking at the top of the mountain, not just the mountain itself. If there is something to win, a title to hold, or a personal goal to reach, then trust Capricorn to achieve this.

Aquarius: The Rebel to The Activist

Aquarius are system breakers, catalysts to change, yet sometimes they can enjoy the pure thrill of destroying the archaic, whether it is for a righteous cause or not. They can flourish in the destruction itself rather than what comes after it. Through their growth however, they often learn how to use this nature in a way that paves the way to something better, that lends itself to those that live without a voice or those that are vulnerable. They learn the art of protest, of holding people to account to proceed into a more just and virtuous society. In this, they are not denying that urge to shake things up, to hold a mirror to society, but are also actively ready for what comes after.

Pisces: The Vague to The Transcendent

Pisces often don’t obey the rules, the norms of this world, not to be actively rebellious, but because they can see so many different ways of doing things. For each person they meet, another idea seems to grow, yet when they wish to communicate this to others, it can seem other worldly, strange, too vague for practical application. Pisces often learn how to transcend these struggles and criticisms, to show us new ways of existing from a higher perspective but with a caring and compassionate heart. Vagueness, nothing of solid form can turn to things we have only ever dreamed of. They often long for utopia, and when they transcend their restrictions or worries, they can introduce a piece of it right here, much the innovator. 

ELI5: Why people say "pardon my French" right before/after they swear?

In the early 19th century, intellectuals and those well-traveled would often drop French words into the conversation to show how clever they were. They would then point out that the word they had just used was French, often to embarrass someone nearby who was less fluent in the language.

To counter this, the less well-traveled (often poorer) people would, after swearing, loudly proclaim, towards those that had previously used French in the conversation, “Pardon my French.” - The latter stuck.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.


Journal Series: some pages from my thanksgiving holiday break. In my experience it can be really hard to journal while you’re traveling; you often don’t have the time or energy at the end of the day to sit down and journal, so my favorite method is to gather different memorabilia (Polaroids, postcards, metro tickets, menus, etc) to tape in and jot down some quick memorable things or thoughts about where you went. It’s a quick, simple, and creative way to keep all your memories.

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series warnings: mature themes, violence, blood and gore, murder, emotional manipulation, bullying, mental health deterioration, eventual smut and substance abuse. this chapter contains strong language. 

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Admired, beautiful, sophisticated and elite. Undeniably the most popular girl at university, girls wanted to be you and guys wanted to be with you. There was no doubt that being at the top of the social hierarchy came with it’s premium advantages; you were always dressed head-to-toe in the most luxurious designer fabrics, you had enough money in the bank to buy yourself a small country and your family were one of the richest in Maplebank; an affluent suburb of Princeton, New Jersey; situated a short forty minute drive from Princeton University, the Ivy League school you and your high society friends attended.

As an aspiring columnist you were in your final year of your English degree, working two days a week at the local and somewhat infamous magazine and online gossip forum, The Exhibit. Friends joked about you being twenty-one and living with your parents, but you couldn’t bare the thought of staying in those filthy dorms again, during your first year you had to share a room with Kim Taehyung, a lowly scholar student who always had his head buried in a textbook. Admittedly he wasn’t the problem, Taehyung was such a kind and considerate person, but the thick limescale build up inside the plumbing and the cracked windows deterred you from returning the following school year.

Living with your parents didn’t bother you as they spent most of their time away from home on business; often travelling to different countries for long periods of time, leaving you and your older brother Yoongi alone inside the modern Georgian house that they had purchased six years ago. Yoongi was rarely in the house as he owned a music production company and the AGUSTD recording studios were a few miles out so you were mostly home alone. Both you and your brother drove Range Rover Sport Evoque’s; his being matte black and yours brilliant white as they patiently sat on the driveway until your next commute.

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The Grishaverse: Countries

Ravka:  Home of the Second Army, a military force of Grisha soldiers sworn to protect Ravka. Exhausted by centuries of war with Fjerda to the north, and the Shu Han to the south, Ravka is itself divided by the Unsea (or the Shadow Fold) which has left much of the country vulnerable and without access to its port cities. 
Shu Han: Sharing its northern border with Ravka, the two countries have been at war for centuries. Shu Han mercenaries often travel into Ravka to capture and perform experiments on Grisha, seeking the source of Grisha power.
Novyi Zem: A relatively young country comprised mostly of farmland, an expanding frontier, and bustling coastal cities. Largely separated from global conflict by the expanse of the True Sea, Novyi Zem has prospered and is popular among those seeking opportunity and anonymity—including Grisha. Also, the orange flowers (alemanth or waysu) are used in the manufacture of the stimulant jurda, and it’s one of Novyi Zem’s chief exports. 
Wandering Isle:
A lush, green country where Grisha blood is prized as a medical cure-all. - for impotence, wasting plague you name it.
Kerch: A small island nation with tremendous economic power. The hub of all international trade and a country rich in art and culture, but also home to a teeming criminal underworld centred in the capital city of Ketterdam. Despite slavery being illegal in Kerch, Grisha and others are often bound to wealthy merchants as indentured servants under terms that amount to slavery.
Fjerda: An icy northern country separated from Ravka by thick permafrost. Fjerdan witch hunters called drüskelle capture and burn Grisha as witches.

“…If you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t have enough time, stop watching tv. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop. They will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love. Stop over analyzing, life is simple. All emotions are beautiful. When you eat, appreciate every last bite. Open you mind, arms and heart to new things and people, we are united in our differences. Ask the next person you see what their passion is, and share your inspiring dream with them. Travel often, getting lost will help you find yourself. Some opportunities only come once, seize them. Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them so go out and start creating. Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion." 

I’ve been inspired by The Holstee Manifesto for many years and I have a poster of it on my wall to remind me whenever I need it. What’s your favorite line from The Holstee Manifesto?

the unseelie court aesthetic

consists of the darkly-inclined fairies. unlike the Seelie Court, no offense is necessary to bring down their assaults. as a group (or “host”), they appear at night and assault travelers, often carrying them through the air, beating them, and forcing them to commit such acts as shooting at cattle. like the beings of the Seelie Court who are not always benevolent, neither are the fairies of the Unseelie Court always malevolent. most Unseelies can become fond of a particular human if they are viewed as respectful, and would choose to make them something of a pet.

Sally Jackson

Sometimes, Sally lies awake at night. She stares up at the ceiling in her quiet house—ignoring Paul’s snores—and she thinks the same thought over and over again. What if.

It’s not a question. It’s never been a question, because there’s never been a definitive answer.

She thinks about Annabeth during nights like these. Paul loves her, considers her to be like a daughter. Strangely, Sally’s never felt this way. To call Annabeth her daughter would infantilize a brilliantly strong woman who is more than capable of standing by herself. If anything, Sally is hopelessly envious.

It’s a guilty feeling. Annabeth’s life has been hard, needlessly so. Sally doesn’t want to brush aside that pain and hardship just to focus on an ideal. But…Sally was young too, once.

She was young. And smart. And powerful. And hopeful. And strong. She wanted to change the world.

She watches as Annabeth rebuilds Mount Olympus, leaves her mark on this world in a permanent way. An old flame burns inside Sally’s soul.

What if.

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New relationship status: Plutonic

Plutonic: a relationship based on a love affair and/or dwelling in the underworld, darkness, spirits, ghosts, and various forms of undead.

May or may not be sexual. May or may not be with one other person. Acceptable for all genders and sexualities (and lack thereof).

“This is my plutonic partner, whom I often travel with to graveyards and seek out the unseen netherworld.”

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Keyword: Separated. Thanks!

Sorry in advance because I couldn’t write too many without getting sad and needing them to be back together XD

Keyword Requests:

  • Though working and training together means they don’t often get split up, once Victor went back to competing too there were times they had conflicting schedules. Usually this means the two of them flying to different places, and whoever finishes first flying to meet the other. 
  • Victor is notably calmer and less bouncy when Yuuri’s not around, and he doesn’t bother to put on the usual act for the press because he wants people to know how down he is without his partner. 
  • Yuuri keeps his usual reserved and polite attitude even away from Victor, though people do notice he’s a lot more formal than when Victor’s around. 
  • Yuuri’s anxiety has a tendency to overload when Victor’s not around - not because he’s overly reliant on Victor, but because he’s not really gotten around to trusting anyone else to help talk him through his panic yet. 
  • When they’re apart, they try to talk on the phone as much as possible, and send texts updating each other on anything and everything when they can’t. 
  • Victor has trouble sleeping without Yuuri around, especially since if he travels, he often can’t take Makkachin either. So if possible he calls Yuuri and asks Yuuri talk to him on speaker until he falls asleep. 
  • Both of them have a habit of playing with their rings when the other isn’t around. Loads of people have noticed the identical fidget, but no one has brought it up with them. 

I did the thing @tecochet <3

The first thing Phichit heard when he and Seung Gil entered Yuuri and Victor’s home was the shouts of his name from small children. Three children ran up to him, one from each couple, jumping up and wanting their turn to hug him first.

Phichit laughed and knelt down to let them all jump on him. Yuri and Otabek’s daughter, Ekaterina (Katya for short), was the first to lunge at him, tiny arms wrapping around Phichit’s neck. She was six at this point, the oldest of the bunch. Victor and Yuuri’s son, four year old Masaru, glued himself to Phichit’s left side. The boy was shy, much like Yuuri was for the majority of his life. Lastly, the youngest of the bunch, three year old Felipe de la Iglesia bounced onto Phichit’s right side. All three of them were giggling and Phichit was with them.

Seung Gil had moved to the side, scrunching up his nose at the squealing children.

“Hi guys!” Phichit laughed and ruffled all of their hair.

Yuuri came tumbling into the entrance then, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Phichit-kun!” He exclaimed and then helped Phichit stand, pulling all of the children off of him. “I’m so sorry!”

Phichit laughed and stood up, keeping Felipe close to him. “Oh, it’s alright. I don’t mind being around all these babies.”

Yuuri just gave him a smile at that and greeted the both of them, taking their coats before allowing them to go into the main room where everybody was. Yuri was leaning into Otabek’s side, their one year old son Nikolai snoozing against his shoulder. Leo and Guang Hong were cozied up on the other couch, listing to the story that Victor was engaging them in.

When Seung Gil and Phichit entered they all got up to greet them except Yuri. He blamed it on Nikolai of course but everybody knew he just didn’t want to get up.

The four couples did this a couple of times a year, getting together in order to catch up. It wasn’t easy and money didn’t really allow for travel often (although both Yuris were based in Russia, Leo and Guang Hong lived in America while Phichit and Seung Gil were based in South Korea. It was easier for Seung Gil and Phichit to come as they didn’t have children - Leo and Guang Hong, not so much.

The pair sat down, Phichit being basically dragged down by Guang Hong in a hug before the younger took his son back.

“No, I like Uncle Phichit!” Felipe whined as he reached for said uncle.

Phichit grinned and tapped his nose. “Don’t worry buddy, you’ll be seeing me a lot this week!” Felipe wasn’t convinced but a tickle to his stomach from both Guang Hong and Phichit got him smiling again. Then the former lowered the boy to the ground so he could toddle back over to his friends to play.

All three of the were seated in the middle of the room, playing together. The adults watched them for a moment with fond smiles on their faces before turning back to the conversation.

“How was traveling?” Otabek asked, the question directed at Seung Gil.

Seung Gil just shrugged. “Not too bad.”

“The plane was freezing!” Phichit added and fell back with a dramatic sigh. “And this one wouldn’t even cuddle with me.” He stuck his tongue out at Seung Gil who smirked.

“Wow, tragic.” Guang Hong snorted. “Leo never cuddles with me on the plane either though.” 

“That’s a lie!” Leo frowned and tightened his arm around his husband. Phichit laughed softly and eyed their rings before looking at Seung Gil. He was on the opposite couch so it was easy to look directly at them.

They were the only pair who were not married. And they had no children. It surprised everybody that Yuri had gotten married before most of them, Victor and Yuuri beating the entire crowd. Phichit just didn’t know how to bring it up.

The thing was, Phichit wanted all of this. He wanted the domesticity that came with marriage. He wanted children too, maybe two or three. But Seung Gil was always almost repulsed by the thought of having kids, so they never talked about it.

Being around his friends’ kids just made Phichit’s heart all the heavier.

The night carried on without any hiccups. A couple of times a child toddled over to Phichit or called to him to show him something. Phichit was beaming with pride that the kids only wanted him, but perhaps it was understandable; he never really saw them in the first place. Only over FaceTime did he get to talk to them. He was most close with Masaru, as that was his best friend’s son and his god child.

As Phichit watched these children toddle around he grew a bit somber. He tried to keep the smile on his face but Yuuri, always the observant type, pulled him aside as he went to go bring out food.

“Can I ask you something?” Yuuri inquired as he presented all the food on the plate neatly. 

Phichit grinned. “Yuuri, how long have we known each other? Just ask already.”

Yuuri gave a weak smile and then sighed. “Do you… Have you… Hm.” It seemed as if he was searching for how to word his question. “Do you, you know, want to have children.”

Phichit’s initial reaction was to laugh. But it wasn’t genuine; it sounded forced. “I have four children, thank you very much.” He was referring to all the children here tonight that certainly didn’t belong to him.

Yuuri looked at him over the frames of his glasses. “You know what I mean.”

Phichit’s smile faltered a bit but he waved his hand. “I don’t know, I’m kind of old already and you know, Seung-Gil and I haven’t really spoken about it.”

“Why not?”

Ah, the age all question. Why not? Well, because… they hadn’t.

“It’s a sore topic.” Phichit decided on.

Yuuri just sighed. “You should talk to him, Phichit. You deserve to be happy, and if having kids makes you happy then he should consider it for you.”

“I can’t force that on him.” Phichit said but he was looking out into the main room where all were gathered. Masaru had found a spot next to Seung Gil, drawn to the man’s quietness. They coexisted next to each other but didn’t touch.

“You look sad.” Yuuri passed by him. “Talk to him. It can’t hurt.”

The tables seemed to have turned. Usually it was Phichit giving Yuuri advice. But as the night progressed and he had to say goodbye to the children that he cared for so deeply with tears in his eyes (even though he was going to see them tomorrow and would be five minutes away in a hotel), Phichit knew he had to bring up the topic to Seung Gil.

So he did. When they walked through the door of the hotel room, it just fell from his lips.

“Seung Gil, I… I want kids.” He confessed. It was more of a confession than a question, if anything.

Seung Gil took his jacket off and then looked at him. “With me?”

Phichit laughed humorlessly. “Yes, with you. I love you, I don’t want to raise a child with anybody else.”

“Oh.” Seung Gil ran his fingers through his hair but didn’t meet his eyes. “I never really thought about having children of my own. Or about children at all,.”

“I think we should think about it.” Phichit said, sitting on the bed and running his fingers through his hair. 

Seung Gil bit his lip and started rummaging through the suitcase. It was eerily quiet in the room and Phichit’s heart beat in anticipation.

“Okay.” Seung Gil finally said, voice quiet. It was basically a whisper. But it was enough for Phichit to perk up and then launch himself off the bed, wrapping his arms around his partner tightly.

“I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you!” He repeated over and over again, kissing Seung Gil’s cheek after every statement. Seung Gil let out a soft laugh and hugged him back, unable to contain himself. Not when Phichit was laughing and crying from joy the way he was.

Reasons to adopt Otabek

iNow that everyone has been revived after getting ‘good’ slaughtered by victuuri in ep.10, do you have some time to talk about Otabek Altin? The precious cinnamon roll and Yurio’s new friend?

Let’s get to know this Dark Horse.

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So he’s 18, he was the first to qualify for GPF, won last season’s bronze and represents Kazakhstan.  

Many of you might not even be aware of the existence of this country, so in brief: Kazakhstan is a post USSR country in the centre of Eurasia, right between Russia, China, Middle East and Europe continent.

So, why would Kubo-sensei even include someone from there?
The answer is Kazakhstan’s real life figure skating hero - Denis Ten.

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Denis Ten is: 

  • the first skater to represent KZ in international championships  
  • currently 23 years old
  • is from Kazakhstan but of a Korean origin
  • Olympic bronze medalist, World silver and bronze medalist, 4 Continents gold medalist, Asia Winter Sports gold medalist
  • cinnamon roll like you wouldn’t believe how sweet

Otabek is definitely inspired by Denis, and therefore I will take his perspective to judge his background.

The thing about sport athletes in Kazakhstan is that they’re ALWAYS self-made. Neither education system nor sports practice is well-developped here yet. Which is understandable since the country is still young (25 years of Independance, yay) and confused in many aspects. That’s not fine but we manage. That however does not change the fact that Kazakh sport education is a complete bullshit when compared to Europe, USA, Asia or Russia (with the exception of boxing and martial arts, probably). 

Therefore if you are from KZ and want a world champion for a kid, these are the steps you need to take:
1. Sign them up for sports club early. No team sports, only individual. Team sports have no future here yet.
2. Once they start to show a talent, interest and/or competitive spirit send them to Russia. Russia has better coaches, facilities and programme. Russia is close, cheap and easy to travel to, and not emotionally stressing for the kid, since it’s the same environment there. 
3. Once they come of an age to participate in a competition SEND THEM AS FAR AS YOUR BUDGET ALLOWS YOU. USA and Canada for figure skating. USA, Europe and Australia for swimming and tennis. Why? Because it’s one thing to train in your rivals’ adobe, all of them young talented and ambitious, being coached by their coach, at the same time as them, and completely other thing to be enrolled in a kind of sports boarding school where the coach is from some France and other students are from all over the world, struggling to get better same as you. Goverment does not provide any stable scholarships for this, btw. It’s all up to parents to find, choose and pay for. If you happen to have a kind, well-educated and persistant coach in KZ, they might win you some bonuses in a harsh battle against bureaucracy, but it will not be enough to cover for all or even half of it. 

LAST YEAR!!!! You hear me?? He was 17, and already a bronze medalist when he returned to his hometown!! 

That means that all the time before he spent overseas. Can you imagine that?? A 13-16 year old Otabek in another hemisphere from his home. That’s like half an equator, one ocean and 11-14 timezones away. 

a l l   b y   h i m s e l f

struggling with language barrier (think he had time to perfect his English before? not likely), with harsh training and obligatory schoolwork - all on top of taking care of himself all by himself.  

Can you imagine Otabek coming back on one of those days to an epmty room in a dorm and messages from his family. Calls might be very hard to time up with such time diference. His mom inquiring how he has been, if he eats properly and does his laundry in time, scheduling for skype calls, updating him on his relatives and friends, giving advice on treating colds and stomach ache, and all those other things that most of the boys his age get for granted. 

My heart aches over thinking how lonely he must’ve felt. 

And, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell them, if anything would not go well. Because there would be nothing they could do from over there, it would only cause them to worry more. Even more than they already would have been.

So there was only one way for him: to suck it up, train hard, suceed and make them proud.

He is not trying to prove himself to himself as Yuuri, nor does he need to prove himself over others like Yurio. He doesn’t want it for fame like JJ, he wants it for his family, his people and his country. That’s any Kazakh’s default mission in life - make your parents proud. Especially after he had returned home with a medal and proved himself to be capable of competing at the same level as Victor fucking Nikiforov and Christophe Jeacometti!!!!!! Him! A Kazakh boy of 17 years!! Kubo-sensei does not joke around when calling him a hero, because he is one! A hero and a history-maker, same as Phichit.

We haven’t seen his coach or team yet, but I have a feeling that it would be the same situation as Denis’s. Meaning, he doesn’t have one. 

Denis Ten often travels (or used to travel) to the competitions by himself. There is no staff assigned to help him out. He is used to do trivial things like filling paper forms, booking time for practice, booking hotels, turning in audio tracks for the performance, etc. There have been numerous times when they had either messed up the music at the start of his performance or even played the wrong hymn during the awards ceremony. In his interview, Denis admitted to being totally lost at what to do at those time. There’s also no one to defend/protect him when something comes up, since there’s no one from KZ who has a weight in figure skating world. 

I have a distinctive feeling Otabek will be the same.  

I mean, how the hell would he be comfortable enough to rent a bike and ride all over Bar-freaking-celona, with no fear to get lost/in trouble, if he wasn’t used to this kind of responsibilities? Again, he’s 18. 

At the same time Yurio is like: 


Therefore his friendship with Yurio is truly a blessing. They do have a lot in common, they’re practically from the same background: the lifestyle in KZ and Russia does not really differ. It’s the same culture, the same language (KZ is bilinguial: both Kazakh and Russian are widely spoken), a really similar mindset, educational system, environment, custom etc. They’re both outsiders in the current lineup, striving to make a name for themselves. It’s almost the same as 5 years ago in that camp when both Otabek and Yurio were new to the rink in Saint-Petersburg. That’s what Otabek referring to, I think, when he says Yurio had eyes of a soldier. In that environment they’d be both treated the same, you know. Otabek as a no one from nowhere and Yurio as a that guy from Moscow. Not even sure what’d have been worse.

Also there’s a post going around about bad realtion between Russians and Kazakhs, stressing that Kazakh is an inferior race to Russians - PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE IT THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!! 

Our nations have always been close, we have a long and complicated history but the friendship between two countries and people is very strong. 

There are some issues in terms of racism on both sides but it is very rare/obscure case and is usually triggered by something.

Therefore I ask you to support Otabek Altin and his friendship with Yurochka!
Please do adopt him! Please do dote on him! He really deserves and needs that! 

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and if you have some more feels to spare, please take a look at  Denis Ten too :3  

Thank you for reading, 
with love from Kazakhstan