Saudi women file a petition to end the country’s male guardianship system

Women must have the consent of a male guardian to travel abroad, and often need permission to work or study. Support for the first large-scale campaign on the issue grew online in response to a trending Twitter hashtag.

Activist Aziza Al-Yousef, who delivered the petition, told the BBC she felt “very proud” but now needed a response.



(abortion tw // rape mention) This weekend I traveled to Dublin for our 5th annual March for Choice. In Ireland abortion is illegal in virtually all circumstances, and the punishment if prosecuted is up to 14 years imprisonment. However we are “allowed” to procure the medical procedure abroad, and so approximately 12 women a day travel from Ireland to the UK or Netherlands to avail of their medical right to an abortion. 

Abortion-free Ireland is a myth. Our government are simply exporting the problem, forcing people to travel - often alone, often under pressure with the extra expense, forced into silence and stigmatized when they return home - after what is already a difficult and emotionally and physically demanding ordeal. Many cannot afford to travel; this is a class issue. Many asylum seekers are not allowed to travel; this is a race issue. Women have died after being refused the life saving termination they requested, women have been raped and forced to carry their pregnancy to term against their wishes, women have had to continue with their pregnancies knowing fatal foetal abnormalities will force them to miscarry before they even reach term. This is an Irish issue. This is a human rights issue. 

The 8th amendment is the section of our constitution that places the life of the unborn child on par with the parent and essentially blanket bans abortion. To repeal this we need to have a referendum ie country-wide vote. The repeal the 8th campaign has been gaining massive amounts of momentum, particularly since Ireland passed marriage equality via referendum in 2015, and this weekend was a tipping point. Tens of thousands of people (shown above) marched the streets of Dublin (despite bus strikes and heavy rain and wind) demanding the right to choose. “Our bodies, our lives, our right to decide.” “Pro-life, that’s a lie, you don’t care if women die”. Even well-known Irish figures like Hozier and Cillian Murphy joined us in protest of our archaic, barbaric laws. 25 protests took place in different countries across the world this weekend in solidarity. Our government party leader failed to even acknowledge the event, but with so many people inspired and desperate for change we are not going to back down. I am thankful for all the beautiful, inspiring people I am meeting along this journey, and no doubt there is a long way to go but hopefully we will see real change. To everyone forced to deal with crisis pregnancies; we are with you. For support visit; womenonweb and needabortionireland


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‘eat well, travel often’ tea towel by mofehome

there are so many things to love about this rustic tea towel … the rough-edged white cotton, the minimal typographic print, and the print’s sentiments all make me smile :)

I’d say we went chasing waterfalls, but that would be a lie. Oregon offers some of the most stellar waterfalls and landscapes accessible quite literally right off the road.

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AU where Bitty is the star of a Reality TV show where he visits the most depraved college houses in the US (and some parts of Canada). 

At this house, he is challenged to make the best meal he can using only what he can find in the kitchen. It’s quite entertaining for the whole family to watch this polite georgian who is made of sunshine turn into a complete mess during the process of cooking. (”You don’t have a rolling pin??? Well, sir, do you have an empty liquor bottle that I can use instead?”) What’s even more astounding is that he can turn even the direst of pantries into a wholesome dish. And after sharing that dish, he teaches the house how to shop and cook on a college student’s budget. 

So of course he makes it to the Haus. It has a really good star material because the production team was notified that a certain hockey star currently resides there. What they don’t realize is the rest of the Haus is gold for the episode and there are so many one liners that go on to become memes. 

For example, Bitty holds a bag of what is obviously pot and Shitty grabs it and just looks into the camera and says “That’s… Oregano and I’m sticking with it to the grave”

Of course, Jack Zimmermann turned out to be the star of the episode, but not for the reasons everyone expected. He turned out to be a bit prickly at first. but changed after seeing Bitty struggle a bit in the kitchen. There was only sriracha, beer, and the cheese that is squeezed out of a can. It’s not a lot to work with. 

So Jack just says “come up to my room right now”. And in his room, Bitty and the Audience see a huge stash of healthy fresh foods. There is a mini fridge stocked with eggs, meat, yogurt, strawberry jam. And he has a whole shelf of protein powders, and several types of nuts and nutty butters. 

“Sweet Jesus” is all Bitty says at first. Jack then simply explains that he has a pretty strict diet for hockey and can rely on himself to keep it. 

“Why do you need six dozen eggs?”



Bitty gets to work and makes Sriracha Deviled Eggs, a beer braised stew, and a peanut butter and jelly tart in less than half an hour.

 And then after the Haus has eaten and feels greatful, they invite him out to hockey thinking “Bitty’s never played before, let’s go easy on him” 

Bitty destroys them all while playing. And Jack didn’t realize but he just fell a little bit in love that day. 

After Bitty leaves, Jack never misses an episode of Bitty’s show. The team chirp him relentlessly. After signing with the Falconers, he convinces a house full of his teammates to go on the show just so Jack can spend another few days with Bitty. 

And after the cameras are all packed off and sent away, Jack runs to Bitty and does his thing.