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Dragging himself out of bed in time to perfect his hair regimen and get to school was one thing, but making sure he was up with enough time to not only do that, but pack – because of course he hadn’t had the sense to do it the night before – and get to the school before the normal time, and on a Saturday no less? It was chaos, but he managed, even picking up the boys at Dustin’s along the way. He didn’t want them to leave their bikes at the school while they were gone; they could easily be stolen.

Thankfully, the trip would only be a few days; his hair would hold up without a wash for that long. Just to be safe, he’d packed a small mirror and a travel kit in his duffel with his clothing and supplies.

“Alright, everyone got their stuff?” he asked as he double-checked every crevice in his car for things that could have fallen out. The last thing they needed was to leave a toothbrush or a spare pair of socks behind. A chorus of ‘yes’ and ‘yep’ rang out, both enthusiastic and annoyed; Steve nodded as he finished surveying and locked the car up, corralling the boys toward the buses. A small group of children had started to gather in the early morning light, with only a few taller heads poking out amongst the crowd, Steve being one of them. Slight extra credit was offered to accompany the younger kids, which helped, but even if it wouldn’t have been there, he would have been going. Camping wasn’t quite his thing, but spending more time with the boys was.

They boarded the bus, Steve heading to the back with the other honorary counselors, sliding happily into the window side of the school bus seat. At least the drive was less than an hour. Still, he cracked the window as soon as he sat down. Being trapped in there was likely to cause his nerves to rile up.

The small gesture did little to ease that when Nancy sat down in the seat next to him.

“Hey, Nancy,” he greeted her, doing his best to sound neutral. “You volunteered for the trip too, huh? Your mom talk you into it for your brother?”

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anonymous asked:

I just keep wondering if Dylan doesnt have a publicist who tells him "dude you're meeting your fans, you are meeting very influencial people all weekend, maybe dress in a new pair of pants?" I don't care either way but I get the argument. He's literally worn the same stuff each comic con. Every. single. one. How does that not make a bad impression?

Literally how does what he’s wearing affect your fandom experience? You said you don’t care, so ok, good. But I do not get or agree with the argument. This is probably a busy and exhausting weekend that he has to squeeze in between filming and promoting his movie, and if he wants to wear what he finds comfortable and get away with not shaving for a few days while he attends fan panels then why should that bother anyone? Maybe they’re his favorite clothes. Maybe they’re his most comfortable clothes. Maybe it’s what he keeps in his “travel to Comicon” duffel and doesn’t want to take the time to refill it in between everything else he has going on.

I’m sorry, but no. He should be allowed to wear whatever he wants.