Looking for a travel buddy!

Seriously! Let’s go someplace. Gonna be travelling around the US come october, or maybe sooner if I can find someone to go with. Had plans to go to NY w/a friend but that didn’t work out so I’m still looking. If there’s:
anywhere you wanna go
anything you wanna do
want to go trekking through forests/parks/ people free places

Do lots of camping
Go wwoofing/helpx/workaway
Hangout w/friends in other states
shoot me a message.

I need a travel buddy. I wish I could take off 6 months of my life and just travel. Go everywhere. Travel the US. Visit places like Texas, Hawaii, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Missouri, etc. Take a plane to Europe and dilly-dally around all the beautiful architectural sceneries. Visit every country I am ethnically derived from to experience the culture and meet the people. Poland, Spain, Germany, Mexico, France, England.. Go to Australia and New Zealand. Tahiti, Morroco, Finland, Argentina, Africa, Egypt!! Just everywhere. I want to see different cultures and buildings and people. I want to immerse myself in travel. And find all sorts of beauty in being in a new place.

Grand Hobo Journey starting this Summer?

I’m a first-time traveler looking for a trustworthy buddy to travel with. I have a loose plan of traveling up to New York, then hitting up the west coast as it gets a little colder. I’ll be leaving Austin, TX in late July or early August.

-Willing to hitch, ride freight, rideshare, couchsurf, squat, camp… do dangerous things. That being said I’m a pretty careful person and don’t want my legs cut off.

-Okay with doing illegal things - trespassing, riding, graffiti, maybe shoplifting as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

-Be pretty open-minded in a general sense. 


-Close to my age (I’ll be 18, it’d be perfect if you were 18-25ish)

-A capable, courteous human being and traveler.

-An overly-idealistic natureboy or girl like me.

-Someone who has a grubstake worked up (I have one. It’s not that I’m not generous, because I’ll share what I got, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to).

-Not into hard drugs. (Lots of wonderful people are, it’s just not something I’m into). Not a deal breaker.

-Able/willing to clean up a bit every once in a while. Crust punk looks cool as fuck but it doesn’t get rides or couchsurfing hosts as easily.

-Into having lots of fun and experiencing beautiful shit and getting covered in dirt and coal dust and meeting new people and…


An aspiring traveler, giving the wandering life a try. I like to read, write, explore, spend time in nature, talk to people, tell and hear stories, make music, have fun. I really like folk music, but I branch out. I am into having a spiritual, fun adventure but I’ve spent over a year researching down and out travel and talking to those who have traveled, and I know it’s not going to be a cakewalk. My ideas of what our journey will be like are somewhere between idealistic and realistic. Can’t wait to travel with you.

Note: I have had three people commit to travel with me and then drop out, sometimes in less than a week. Let’s take our time getting to know each other and discussing plans, but don’t commit unless you’re pretty sure.

In need of a road trip buddy, Leaving Tuesday July 28th headed from NYC to Jupiter (west palm beach area), Florida. with some stops in NC & SC….. all you have to do is split gas & toll costs and if we happen to stop someplace that isn’t crashing by a friend along the way we split the cost or get our own rooms. no set return date yet….