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Hey, sorry to bother you but do you have any podcasts you can recommend? I'm listening to Alice isn't dead, within the Wires and the Penumbra podcasts thanks to you and I loved them. Do you have any like those, preferably with some gay/non-Cis chars? Thank you in advance <3

A pretty big list of lgbt characters in audio drama can be found here:
It also has a lot of trigger warnings.
I probably submitted like at least a fourth of those lol I’m ALWAYS listening to podcasts (I’m listening to the latest This American Life while i type this)

Of that list, (excluding ones you already mentioned,) the ones i would recommend are, in alphabetical order:

Archive 81 (lesbian couple prominent in season 1, it has been confirmed by creators that their story will come back iirc)

Ars Paradoxica (time travel/conspiracy audio drama. There are gay and lesbian minor/supporting characters)

The Bright Sessions (there is a gay teenage couple, one is gay, the other hasn’t decided how he identifies yet. Also a bisexual man is a prominent character later on. VERY highly recommended. Often considered one of the best audio drama podcasts out there)

Diana’s Monster (mostly gay male centric but he talks a lot about a lesbian couple [don’t remember their sexuality tho sorry] lots of possibly triggering content, look at the above link for warnings.)

EOS 10 (basically like Scrubs but set in space. There are gay men.)

Extraordinary Terrestrial (about a supernatural bog. in the second season, the protagonist is a prohibition era gay man.)

Greater Boston (prominent lesbian couple. Gay guys are there but less prominent)

Hello From The Magic Tavern (this is really long. Most of the time it’s fucking hilarious though. Chunt is bi and he’s one of the three main characters. Unfortunately they sometimes make antisemitic jokes. They also have like, Jewish guests though? Idk. There are also a lot of minor lgbt characters)

LifeAfter and The Message (they are on the same rss feed, let me know if you have trouble finding it. Both have minor lgbt characters, LifeAfter having a supporting character who is a widow who was married to a woman, and a man who had a bf. The Message has a non binary character.)

Mabel (both main characters are women who aren’t straight.)

The Once And Future Nerd (basically if some teenagers were accidentally dropped into an alternate universe that is basically a D&D campaign. Gay, bi and lesbian characters. One of the few podcasts with lgbt characters that directly deal with racial issues)

Spines (supernatural drama, i don’t think there are any straight characters lol)

The Strange Case of Starship Iris: main character is a woman who isn’t straight, there is another woman who isn’t straight, a transgender man, and an alien from a planet where gender isn’t really like, a thing, lol. Fairly new show so there isn’t much to catch up with)

Like uhhh there are actually more that i could recommend but I’m limiting this so it’s not too overwhelming lol. If you don’t alternate episodes (like i do) then maybe subscribe to all of them and listen to the ones with the most interesting descriptions first? If there are any of these you don’t like, I’m sorry!


Environment design and travelling animation exercise. Audio: Legend of Ashitaka by Joe Hisaishi

Who is in Control (Part 11)

Word counting: 1.8k
Chapter Summary: You share a moment with the Avengers.
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader; Tony Stark x Mutant!Reader (Fraternal)
Present characters: Female Reader, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner
Chapter: 10/??
Chapter name: I hate when they trust me.
Warnings: Unusual Bruce Banner (I think this needs a warning). Cussing. Steve is a sweetheart. Implied masturbation.

Who is in Control Series Masterlist |

Y/N’s cold shower lasted almost an hour, and when she came out her fingers and toes were prune like.

“J.A.R.V.I.S., what happened tonight…”

“Is something that is rather private, miss.” He added.


She combed my fingers through her hair while drying it and took a deep breath before asking him my next question.

“Did Barnes say anything when I left?”

“He just stepped into the shower, miss, we don’t have cameras in the bathrooms.”

The young woman held back a smirk.

“No, but we do have microphones.”

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43 Reasons Why We Love ars PARADOXICA

On the 73rd anniversary of Dr. Sally Grissom’s first audio diary entry on October 29, 1943, I, along with the rest of the fandom, would like to show our appreciation for this wonderful podcast! Without further ado, here’s a list of 43 reasons why we love ars PARADOXICA:

  1. Sally Grissom. She’s brilliant, relatable, funny, dorky and a HUGE nerd; and has been super captivating since day 1. I love Sally and I’m always looking to hear more about her.
  2. The attention to diversity and tact used to cover sensitive issues.
  3. Asexual characters are so hard to find in the media! It’s so amazing to see that kind of representation, especially amazing to see it in a brilliant female scientist.
  4. The time travel-I love that it has drawbacks, and it can’t be used as an easy solution to anything.  I loving learning more about what those restraints are, and the science behind it. It’s explained well in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. ars PARADOXICA isn’t a repetition of other time travel stories, it’s all it’s own.
  5. The code! The codes at the end are always fun to solve.
  6. The show is also very informative; I never liked historical fiction until ars PARADOXICA.
  7. The creators, who are so in tune with their fanbase and have so much care in making sure the show is accessible for everyone.
  8. The lovely acting that draws everything together.
  9. The endless supply of time puns ready to be made.
  10. The daring choice to make a time travel story in an audio drama format and doing it wonderfully.
  11. I really, really love the intro music. It’s perfect for setting the atmosphere of the show, and every time I hear it I can just imagine the opening credits if the story was told as a visual medium.
  12. Helen Partridge’s singing!
  13. The nuanced view of science as a great tool for humanity to use and how it can be used for good or evil.
  14. All of the characters are incredibly three-dimensional and amazing.
  15. The science is completely lost on me, but I love how excited the characters get whenever they make some breakthrough.
  16. Kudos to the writers for making complex characters that have good intentions but questionable loyalties.
  17. The interactions with other podcasts (the crossover with TBS for instance, was incredible).
  18. The fanbase that the podcast has gathered, and how strong it is.
  19. Nikhil Sharma! What a freaking cool character, instantly likable and his interactions with Sally were just A+.
  20. The Cold War as a choice of setting is just fantastic-espionage and time travel go so well together.
  21. The idea of the series as “a tome of secret history you stumbled across in a library in the dead of night.” Even though I know that plenty of other people listen to this podcast, it often feels like I’m the only one in the world hearing this story unfold, like it’s being told to me personally.
  22. All of the amazing female characters! They’re all so incredibly well-written, and it warms my heart to see such excellent portrayals of women in science, women in positions of power, women of different races and sexual orientations…all in a single podcast.
  23. I love how much the creators love their own podcast. They’ve been the biggest fans from the start, and it’s obvious when you listen that everyone who’s involved in the making of aP cares deeply about the show.
  24. I love that Sally Grissom and Anthony Partridge love each other so much without ever having fallen in love. It’s so hard to find good female-male friendships in fiction that don’t turn into romantic relationships, or any friendships at all that are valued as much as romantic relationships.
  25. “Alas, my right arm is complete again” / “I threw away my shot”. Two musical references in the span of a minute, you guys are spoiling me.
  26. The podcast is just so well-written, which is a ridiculously broad statement, but it’s true. Every once in awhile, when I’m listening, I have to pause and replay a segment once or twice before I can move forward–it’s that good.
  27. I love this podcast’s origin story, and how the idea of a numbers station playing in the dead of night became this.
  28. I love that everyone in the podcast seems to love Sally Grissom as much as I do.
  29. ODAR, everyone’s favorite Organization Too Secret To Know. I love that they aren’t just the Faceless Time Organization of Evil that time travel stories so often have. ODAR was founded with the best of intentions and is run by people who still believe in their original goals. While they’re definitely morally ambiguous, they’re far from amoral.
  30. To tack onto an earlier point, I love that Sally herself says that she’s asexual on the podcast. While I would of course appreciate ace characters in any form, it meant so much more coming directly from the character than it would have if the creators had simply mentioned it outside of the series.
  31. “Real life is not a radio serial.” (and all the other times holes are poked in the fourth wall)
  32. All of the art and writing the fans create. It may be low in quantity, but the quality is through the roof.
  33. Esther Roberts. Just…Esther Roberts.
  34. The logo. The design is intriguing, and really fitting for the podcast.
  35. I loved the 9 episodes of Timelapse, where other time travel stories were discussed. I think it showed that ars PARADOXICA is doing a good job at distinguishing themselves in that aspect. Also it was cute.  
  36. The fact that we know all the characters Hogwarts Houses, like yes that is so important thank you for giving us that. 
  37. The fact that the writers will include trigger warnings for episodes where that might be necessary-it goes to show how much they appreciate and care about their audience.
  38. The children from Plasticity. In just 40 minutes, we were able to get to know and love the kids, and there was some time since I was so touched in such little time. Hearing them growing up, learning and suffering with the life ODAR gave to them was awesome, and an amazing way to reinforce the moral ambiguity of ODAR and its actions.  
  39. The quality of the child actors’ performances were especially impressive, and, combined with the writing, they were very believable. Kudos!
  40. Instead of spending hours on exposition, we learn more about ODAR and the characters naturally through the narrative itself. It feels more like putting together a puzzle than reading a textbook.
  41. The Las Vegas storyline was so good, especially because it mixed crucial plot points in with a fun road trip.
  42. ars PARADOXICA balances the tension between the innate human desire to push scientific boundaries and the horror of the possibilities of what they discover.
  43. All the amazing writers who started it all. 💜

Special thanks to @sealguemjativeressenome-meh, the awesome fans in the Podcast Enthusiasts United ars PARADOXICA Slack channel, and everyone who contributed to this list! 

The other day, I thought I’d celebrate my birthday by typing up my headcanons for a super self-indulgent e/R AU, and then I got super caught up in it and wound up almost writing the whole fic instead.

So here is Part One of the PUBLIC RADIO AU that literally nobody was asking for, in which Enjolras is a determined radio reporter, Bahorel has a wildly successful travel show, and Grantaire is the undisputed master of the uncomfortable metaphor.

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