OMG, Big Finish.

So there I am, smack in the middle of an Airbus 330 somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, and I think, “Perfect! This overnight flight gives me a chance to catch up on some of the 30-odd Big Finish audio dramas that I’ve stockpiled on my phone but haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. I’ll listen to one while working on my Fourth Doctor scarf.” (Knitting, I’ve discovered, is less likely to disturb one’s fellow air travelers than watching movies or playing the harmonica or anything that requires legroom.)

Since I’m trying to catch up on Torchwood so I can actually listen to Broken before Tumblr spoils (the rest of) it for me, I pull out my trusty noise-cancelling headphones and pick up where I left off on the second series. Which happens to be Ghost Mission.

I make it all of six minutes* before I burst out laughing and faceplant into my knitting in an attempt to avoid waking the entire plane. I just barely get myself under control from that outburst when it happens again**. And it gets worse, because Ghost Mission is the snappiest audio drama I’ve heard in a long time, and I can’t stop laughing. And replaying lines. And laughing again. By a few tracks in, both my seatmates have excused themselves and moved quietly away – presumably to use the lavatory, but quite probably to escape the giggling maniac in the center seat, who is attempting to smother her laughter in a twelve-foot scarf.

So thank you, @scotthandcock and Big Finish crew, for producing a delightful comedy/adventure episode, reconfirming that Torchwood is indeed the worst-kept secret of the 21st century, and giving Andy some well-deserved time in the spotlight. But for future installments, you may want to consider issuing a warning not to listen to these shows on public transit. At least, not after 2AM on a transatlantic flight.

I’m moving on to the next episode, but I’m not too worried; my seatmates have to return eventually. They can’t hide in the lavatories forever, right?

* “Yeah, but what about Torchwood?”

** “Oh, he’s bubbling.”

Today’s episode of Counter Worlds is the third installment of Below.

Catch up on the last two episodes so you don’t spoil anything for yourself!

Below is the story of a dark technological land known as Motherboard, that survives its’ dangerous climate below the ground and under the strict ruling of its’ mad queen.

In this harsh land of neon once a person reaches a predetermined age, they are fitted with a unique screen that is embedded and fused into the back of their very skulls.

Any and all thoughts are revealed. Truth and lies laid bare for all to see. Privacy Is now a luxury that is scarce and far-between.

Below is written and voiced by Detonya. You can find more of her stories, art and animations at

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