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I really don’t know what you’re talking about

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because he uses feathers plucked from his own wings, sanae rarely uses panthera cantus.pulling feathers is painful  &  generally the noise feathers that are tied to it are fight feathers. if he pulls too many of them, he’ll be grounded till the grow back  &  that alone takes a few weeks.

leo is male  &  exhibits his bold eccentric nature. though his body language  &  movements he’s known to be relentless in attack & refuses to hold back.

tigris is female  &  exhibits sanae’s calculative strategic side. shes able to wait out attack until she knows shes got an opening to strike; to where she will use her time wisely before drawing out exhaustion in her opponents.

in extremely rare occasions, sanae will commit to a fusion to mix the two into panthera liger. the form only last for a limited amount of time, like any fusion technique. because it’s used in rare occasions, it takes a large amount of his energy to sustain  he’s often exhausted by the end of the battle.

So apparently in an elementary school in my city they began to teach Chinese history and basis of Mandarin Chinese 2 hours per week because 10 kids out of 70 are Chinese..and in some way this is seen as something that will deprive italian kids of their background and their right to have an identity and it will kill the Country.

For heaven’s sake, how is it bad thing??? I would pay gold to be taught another language, and at such a young age!! It’s amazing!!

But no. Apparently opening our minds to the world and learn new things is dangerous and offensive.

Why are people like this?


rich nature by Kentaro Tsuda

ppl: lol suga is so lazy and always just sleeps and he’s so cold towards others and doesn’t give a shit abt anything

suga: prepares gifts for fans on his own birthday bc he feels that the fans gives too much and he wants to give something back, films 20+ minutes of album reviews and uploads them just for fans sake, travels to kobe on his break instead of resting bc he had so much bad conscious about being the cause of the cancellation of the concerts, cries bc he was told he couldn’t perform at said concerts, pours his heart out on twitter every now and then to talk about his personal struggles, stays up whole nights just to work on his music, is literally the kindest and most hardworking, caring, sensitive and thoughtful person on this planet which some ppl just fail to see bc of his strong and tough image but underneath all that he hides the biggest heart of pure gold and it needs to be protected


Goddess of dreams, stars, travelers, and luck. While her fellow deities busied themselves creating Golarion, Desna crafted the heavens and hung the stars in the sky. Scouts, sailors, and those who travel for travel’s sake make up a large amount of her following, though her domain of luck also makes her a favorite deity among gamblers and thieves. 


I didn’t realise how small Widget is until he was right next to Pixel. I’m sure he’ll get a bit bigger as he gets older. He’s due his first molt any time now!

I think their first meeting went well! As I wrote on YouTube, Pixel is just in his tiny travel cage for the sake of a neutral meeting. While they were getting to know each other like this, I completely cleaned and re-arranged Pixel’s flight cage to make it feel like a new environment for him. That way he wouldn’t feel territorial about anything in the cage when Widget moved in.

Some preening has happened, some dancing has happened, and both seem quite comfortable with each other (if a little nervous at times). They are already settled in together in the big cage, which I didn’t expect to happen so soon! They had a little fly round the room together, but then flew into the cage to share some millet!

Right now, Pixel is napping and Widget is preening. It gets a bit noisy and excited in here when they realise they can chirp at each other, but other than that, it’s pretty chilled out!

ISFP Relationship With Others

I find it really hard to sit back and describe my relationship with one particular person of one particular type because I don’t really change the way I act based on the types of others. I’m very private at first, but when somebody works their way into my heart, I care a lot. And I’d do anything to help them. I don’t always express that well, but I do care. I think having Fi and Se as dominant and auxiliary functions do define me, but tertiary Ni plays a really important role in my life as well. I’m very goal focused, and I travel a lot in pursuit of my future career as a wildlife rehabilitator, as well as for the sake of traveling. And if you stick with me through all of that, you are worth my time; and while I may not always physically be where you want me to be, I’m not going to leave you.

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Part of my new year’s resolution is to just get miles. A lot of them. So I make sure to carve out time each day for the sole sake of traveling by foot. Today was 11 miles through the city, just shy of four hours. It does incredible things for me mentally and creatively. A nice walk with just the sound of the bustling city? Can’t really beat it.