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Fic Rec #203

Do it with some style? by LightofEvolution

Hermione x Draco Malfoy

“What’s your father’s favourite dessert?” Draco blinked for a second, but immediately quipped, “You dipped in chocolate, apparently, should I guess after today. What kind of question is that?” Maybe it was a way of wishful thinking she wasn’t ready to acknowledge yet, but there was definitely a jealous undertone in his words.

COMPLETE: Chapters: 20 - Words: 55,295 


Kick-Ass Chicks: Irie Calkins

You probably recognize Irie Calkins from our summer style guide and Eley Kishimoto collaboration, but Irie isn’t just one of our models—she’s also a friend! We caught up with this ray of sunshine California girl to talk travel, dogs and why high-waisted jeans are her style secret.

Introduce yourself.

Hi! My name is Irie Calkins. I’m from Huntington Beach, CA. I’m a student and I model as well.

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The Night Manager sneak peak: Travelling in style [x]