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Saturn through the houses:

Saturn in 1st House:
Has a Serious approach to life, pessimistic, reluctant to assert oneself in most situations, grew up in an unsupportive environment.

Saturn in 2nd House:
Constant worry over finance due to obstacles, insecurity about self worth, feeling suffocated by material commitments.

Saturn in 3rd House:
Fear of being mentally incapable, prone to self destructive thoughts, early childhood in school was a restricting experience.

Saturn in 4th House:
Growing up with no warmth or support from family, usually represents 1 parent with a cold attitude, sense of alienation from one’s background/family.

Saturn in 5th House:
Dissatisfaction due to block creativity, difficulties with children, deprived of love due to fear of rejection.

Saturn in 6th House:
Health issues and/or accidents that interfere with school, and work. Suffocating routines, being unhappy with one’s work.

Saturn in 7th House:
Reluctance to become too dependent or intimate, burdensome relationships. Lessons in equal responsibility, picking holes in partners.

Saturn in 8th House:
A resistance of change, fear of the subconscious, inhibited sexuality. Inability to let go emotionally.

Saturn in 9th House:
Obstacles in the way of or during travel, learning values of self discipline. Looking at abstract concepts through a practical lense. Possible oppressive religious influences.

Saturn in 10th House:
Making a mark in the world, slow progress to recognition with many obstacles. Need for social acceptability.Fulfilling parent’s expectations.

Saturn in 11th House:
Loner attitude, difficulties interacting in a group. Preferences for older friends. Long lasting friendships.

Saturn in 12th House:
Hidden doubts, low self esteem. Feelings of alienation from society, loneliness. Meeting negative traits of oneself in others.

♐️Sagittarius in the houses

🏠1st house (= your ascendant)

  • You embrace new experiences and people with optimism and an adventurous/curious spirit
  • you stand strong in what you think and don’t hold anything back, can be super frank and too honest at times
  • curiosity and knowledge motivates you! 
  • can be an amazing leader
  • you give off/project interested and curious energies 
  • can be very self centered and restless and sometimes you act cold and unemotional 
  • you usually perceive the world in connection with yourself and not always how it affects other people
  • freedom and being able to do whatever you want is super important to you but sometimes you use freedom as a way to avoid responsibilites in life
  • restless and might have a constant desire for change 
  • has a desire to learn about the world so that you can become aware of beliefs and values of people around the world, it interests you deeply
  • you want to experience life fully and discover the truth about everything so that you can then tell people about it, you love sharing your experiences with people but can come off as feeling better than everybody else because you might believe you have more knowledge or life experience than the rest

🏠 2nd house

  • wants to be financially independent and not having to lean on money to survive, you need to feel free from money and it’s controlling effects
  • there’s a risk that you make people feel dependent on you and that you control them or treat them as possessions to get ahead in life
  • you use knowledge to advance, create stability for yourself and to help you create opportunities that will benefit you (which might mean that you don’t get a broad perspective on everything because you only focus on the knowledge which will benefit you personally)
  • can be too generous and carefree with money and possessions
  • you’re restless with money and possessions so you can quickly change between saving money to being a crazy spender
  • you put much value in traveling and gaining knowledge 
  • you feel productive and more self-worthy when you engage in philosophical and spiritual things

🏠 3rd house

  • has a broad range of interests and you always manage find something new that you get super invested in
  • witty and optimistic when communicating
  • can at times be too blunt and outspoken which can give you negative responses from other people
  • can be very spiritual when talking with people and almost too deep, maybe not the best person to have small-talk with if you just want to talk about the weather
  • you love expanding and growing your mind
  • passion for information!!
  • not only do you love to learn and know - you love proving to everybody what things you know. so can come off as a smartass or “know-it-all”
  • might be so stuck on learning that you forget to practice it and use it in real life
  • super active mind that craves mental stimulation and challenges!

🏠 4th house (IC)

  • you love being at home! it’s one of your favorite places
  • has many projects going on at home at the same time
  • might have a messy home life
  • wants a comfortable and kind of open home space, you want to feel free and able to move around a lot (maybe a big ass garden were you can roam around? or a lot of open spaces in your house/apartment?) 
  • can either be one of those people who consider everywhere to be home as long as you’re free or you need a secure and stable home in able for you to be comfortable to go out into the world and explore and take on adventures
  • the objects you keep at home are usually memories from some adventures/travels you’ve made in life
  • you can be a bit possessive of people close to you and have a hard time letting go of them
  • your beliefs and values might start to grow at home or be affected by family at some degree, maybe you have a deeply rooted belief system that is inspired by your home life or you take on the same beliefs and values as your family especially if you are really close with them and they’ve inspired you

🏠 5th house

  • you love living in the moment!
  • has a playful and free-spirited approach to romance, you might have partners from all sorts of places in life which will expand your romantic experiences even more
  • enjoys having an active social life and a lot of different interests and hobbies
  • loves entertaining people and usually the life of the party
  • can be overconfident and reckless with love but your generosity and honesty might make up for your uncommitted behaviors in love
  • whenever you experience something exciting or fun you want the next experience to be even better!! 
  • with each adventure or fun thing you do you want to learn something new and because of this you can be really up for and open to trying new things in life as long as they sound fun and exciting
  • you love taking chances in life and hope that the chances and risks will allow you to live life to the fullest but this can of course backfire if you take too many risks in life
  • you have this underlying worry that you might miss out on things in life or not experience life to the fullest, you always want to get the truest and most authentic experience out of everything, you have a deep desire to explore life to the fullest
  • the way you express your creativity is usually connected to your spirituality and beliefs and you love exposing the truth or showing the depth of things with your creative expression

🏠 6th house

  • enthusiastic worker who is curious and excited to take on extra work or learn more in the work place
  • you want and need freedom in your job without too much supervision from your coworkers or supervisors 
  • generous and love helping others
  • you are quite protective of your beliefs and values
  • you believe that if you help one you help all and that it’s all connected and that’s why you love helping people
  • positive thinking is something you believe in
  • always seeking ways to change your daily life that will enrich your mind and experiences and therefore might not always stick to routines or habits they have “established”
  • you’re a huge problem-solver
  • you find personal growth when you take on responsibilities and help others
  • you love teaching people and showing them how to do things from your own experiences

🏠 7th house (Descendant)

  • wants independence and optimism in a partner
  • jealousy and possessiveness are huge turn offs for you
  • might leave relationships because you become too curious and excited thinking of how it would be to live a single and free life instead
  • could end up having many relationships in life if you don’t control or handle your hasty behavior and never learn to settle with someone
  • really good at communicating but can talk too much
  • when picking partners you are drawn to people with the same values and beliefs as yourself
  • you love exploring with your partner and it can even be less exciting when you have to explore by yourself because the exciting thing about going on adventures is your partner and not the trip or experience in itself
  • exploring and traveling is a great way for you to get to know your partner and it helps you learn about them and also about yourself
  • a relationship is dead for you when there’s no longer something new to learn about your partner or from them so you might need a bit of mysterious or independent relationship in order to keep the love exciting and long termed
  • you might use relationships as a way to gain something in life and then leave your partner when you feel as if you got what you wanted 
  • could have a hard time being an unity in relationships and only thinking about yourself

🏠 8th house

  • you love learning about the deep desires of people and the dark truth about humanity 
  • a smart ass that does not tolerate people that try to outsmart them 
  • you prove and show off your intellectual talents to others and use your intellect as an emotional defense so that they can’t get deep and get to your deepest feelings and insecurities 
  • can be very narrow minded because you only seek things that will empower or enrich beliefs and things that you already like and approve of so there’s not really a lot of competition or debate on the subject/belief
  • can be stubborn af!! 
  • your passion for the truth and your honesty are great ways for you to succeed and break free from insecurities 

🏠 9th house

  • very spiritual and thinks education and knowledge are key aspects in life
  • you seek out knowledge through life experiences and life lessons
  • you are constantly expanding your mind and love pushing the boundaries of what’s considered normal or the right way to live your life, you’re always looking for the best and truest way to live and how to think
  • super passionate about traveling, spirituality, philosophies and explorations of different beliefs and values
  • people might see you as super cultural or as someone who knows a lot about the world 
  • spirituality comes very natural to you 
  • you want to show people what is true and the right way according to you but can sometimes forget to learn from other people and from their beliefs and values

🏠 10th house (Midheaven)

  • knowledge, experiences, exposing the truth and freedom will make you succeed and are the main things that drives you
  • you have big visions but they aren’t always realistic or practical
  • you are generous when it comes to professional contacts and coworkers
  • people perceive you as bold, outgoing, daring and wise or that’s at least what you try to come across as in the public eye
  • your ambitions and career goals are usually connected to feeling free and independent
  • can change jobs a lot
  • you would love to work with something spiritual and philosophical or feel like you have an outlet for these subjects in your career and public life

🏠 11th house

  • you social circle keeps expanding and it feels like it never stops expanding
  • you’re an optimistic and an outstanding friend that’s carefree and honest
  • could be the leader amongst friends or the one that takes the initiative for things, you’re great at creating a sense of unity among people
  • you are drawn to groups and organizations where you can inspire others and lead but aren’t usually a member of groups or organisations because your need to be free 
  • you love friends that are optimistic, fun and who inspire you to achieve and improve
  • makes new friends easily but friends that you have usually come and go
  • friends help you explore and learn from life
  • you take part in social activities that you think can help you learn or grow
  • you might have a sense of “I’m better than everyone else” especially when it comes to friends and you don’t like becoming friends with people that you feel are superior to you or people that know more than you do in anyway

🏠 12th house

  • can be too optimistic at times which will make you disappointed when your unrealistic promises of life are broken
  • your dreams can be very far away and are possibly things that will be achieved after a long journey and a lot of time passes, 
  • you might feel and appear very lost in life, not knowing where you want to end up
  • by practicing and becoming comfortable with your spirituality it will help you accepting the hard and sometimes too real part of life that might otherwise be too hard to endure for you
  • you might sacrifice your own personal growth and expansion by helping others, it’s important to not give more than you actually have 
  • might have to truly examine and get to the bottom of your beliefs and values in order to fully know what you want out of life, some of your beliefs might be hidden from you and are in need of exposing to yourself
  • when you face problems or dilemmas in life you become very careful with your actions and it’s not until you feel fully comfortable in life that you will be able to explore and enjoy life to the fullest

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what kind of needs or values do the different Venus signs have?

Good question - Venus rules what we like and what we value in life. Also what we need in love, although the Moon also adds to this at a subconscious level. 

Venus in Aries - needs some chase and excitement in love, passionate romance, values the self, independence, courage, bravery, confidence

Venus in Taurus - needs stability and security in love, sensual romance, values life’s pleasures, beauty, art, all 5 senses, a good meal

Venus in Gemini - needs conversation and intellectual connection in love, interesting romance, values learning, talking, exchanging information, writing, cleverness

Venus in Cancer - needs emotional bonding and belonging in love, nurturing romance, values family, home, the past, comfort

Venus in Leo - needs drama and bravado in love, romantic romance lol, values the self, expression, creativity
Venus in Virgo - needs intellectual connection and security in love, respectful romance, values order, serving others, work, health, the body
Venus in Libra - needs balance and beauty in love, flower-y romance, values art, civilization, fairness, having a partner
Venus in Scorpio - needs intensity and trust in love, steamy romance, values sexuality, the truth, the dark side, loyalty
Venus in Sagittarius - needs freedom and adventure in love, fun romance, values traveling, new contacts, philosophy, knowledge
Venus in Capricorn - needs worthwhile-ness and dependability in love, practical romance, values material gains, working hard, structure, rules
Venus in Aquarius - needs independence and like-mindedness in love, quirky romance, values universal values, group-membership, social justice, creativity
Venus in Pisces - needs total merging and connection in love, spiritual romance, values emotions, helping others, compassion, music, martyrdom

Countless times people have said to me, “Oh so you’re British?” or, “You were born in England right?” or just, “You’re accent is so British.” This used to give me an ego boost - who wouldn’t want to be told they have an English accent? Everyone always says how brilliant it sounds. But after a while I stopped being proud and started to get a little irritated. Every time I’d have to respond with, “Nope, not British, never have been, never will.” When this happens, I think to myself, do you know what would be really nice? If someone, just once, said, “Hey you sound like you’re from New Zealand.”

 My name is Petra  and I could fly before I could walk. At the meer age of one month, I’d taken a plane and travelled all the way from New Zealand to China. Since then I’ve lived in five countries and attended four different schools. But regardless of where I’ve been I’ve never really felt like I’ve had a home.  

 The word home is such a comforting word, don’t you think? It gives that feeling of warmth and safety… of blanket forts and homemade cookies and feeling like you belong. I’m not saying that I’ve gone my whole life without eating a cookie. I’m saying I’ve never felt like I’ve belonged. And I mean properly belonged. I’ve seen my friends stand tall and strong when speaking about their country with pride. Others rattling on in their mother tongue as if this language of theirs has some secrets that my language just can’t understand. I see my friends eyes light up when they’re with someone from their own country talking about their childhood there.

 This is something that I can’t do. For one thing I haven’t attended an international school before that has a giant population of kiwis. But also - even if I did have kiwis to connect with, what would I say? I’ve only lived there around ⅕ of my life. I haven’t even read Lord of the Rings yet! No, if I was friends with a kiwi I would feel like I belonged even less, with my glaring obvious lack of New Zealand slang and my annoyingly inconsistent British accent.

 So where does that leave me? Without a home? I used to think it left me with an empty pit in my soul and I would be emotionally stunted for the rest of eternity. But lately I’ve been thinking it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as that. Just because there isn’t a place I identify as home doesn’t mean I don’t have a home. In actual fact - I have hundreds of homes. Hundreds of homes running around me everyday hugging and laughing and smiling with me. My friends and family are my home. They are what gives me that feeling of warmth and safety. They’re the ones who I build blanket forts with and bake homemade cookies. Sure my knowledge of New Zealand culture is lacking and maybe I don’t really know where I’m from, but you know what people say, “Home is where the heart is.”

Musings on Pearls and Oysters

I’m not fully keeping up with twitter but here are some interesting factoids relating to pearl and oyster symbolism since that seems to be a topic of interest! I’ve also added my own brief commentary in parentheses just for fun!

  • Early Chinese civilization considered black pearls a symbol of wisdom and believed they were formed within a dragon’s head. Once full-grown, the pearls were carried between the dragon’s teeth. According to this myth, one had to slay the dragon to gather the pearls. (I find the mention of dragon slaying interesting and possibly relevant)
  • In a woman’s dream oysters may signify seduction, but can also suggest sacrifice. Hypatia, an alexandrian mathematician and philosopher, was flayed to death by christians using oyster shells in 415 ce for her beliefs. (this reminded me of the group of discredited women in TAB - often associated with TJLC)
  • Oyster - Clamming up emotions; patient endurance of suffering ensures greatness (a message for us to be patient?)
  • Oysters represent silence, secretiveness, and concealment of a secret beauty. (secret episode, anyone?)
  • Oyster is London’s travel smartcard. You can put your Travelcard or Bus Pass season ticket on it, add travel value (cash) to pay as you go or have a combination of both. (not super relevant but the connection to London was enough for me to mention this)
  • Oyster aids in recognizing where and when to lay foundations. It is time to solidify what has begun. Beginning something new has great potentials. The highly transformative ability of Oyster will assist in the changes. Use your intuition and follow your heart for wisdom. (basically everything in this paragraph is relevant: recognizing when to lay foundations, solidifying what we’ve started, possibly pulling new threads, transformation of the game, and using our intuition)
  • Oysters - another name for the drug oxycotin (sherlock back on drugs??? or possibly a hint that they are indeed playing out the dying detective and sherlock is pretending to be medicated)
  • The phrase “the world is my oyster” apparently comes from “The Merry Wives of Windsor” (we’ve had multiple references to this play - too many to be a coincidence!)
  • How do you open an oyster? By prying it open. You can’t just gently touch an oyster with a knife; you have to put some muscle behind it. But we think all that hard work is totally worth it because there’s a chance of a huge payoff inside. (we need to work for our information and for our payoff - it’s not just going to happen on its own)
  • The use of an oyster as a metaphor for life, also has a double-meaning: The world holds the possibility of making a fortune, but it depends upon how hard one looks for and works at getting. It may take a lot of work and trying a lot of different things (i.e., prying open a lot of oysters) before one finally makes one’s fortune (i.e., finds a pearl). (possibly a hint to keep trying different things and not to give up because one particular lead doesn’t pan out)

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Ask Ethan: What Science Experiments Will Open The Door To The Future?

“Provided that we have some luck, what science experiments that are going to happen withing a couple of decades could open us a way to build some sci-fi movie tech?”

The dream of futuristic technologies and what they might enable us to do – travel back in time, create artificial gravity, traverse the stars, create unlimited energy – are some of the best goals science can aspire to. While a great many of the technologies we’ve envisioned might well prove to be physically impossible, these four could immediately become reality if just one experiment, potentially within the next decade, reveals a surprise it should be able to detect. If dark matter is detected and proves to be its own antiparticle, then all we need to do is figure out how to harness it and unlimited fuel along an interstellar journey is ours for the taking. Antimatter might fall upwards in a gravitational field, having a negative mass, which would create artificial gravity and even, potentially, warp drive. And if the Universe rotates with just the right value, traveling back in time might become a part of science, not just science fiction.

There are experiments ongoing today and ones presently under design that might unlock these mysteries and more. Find out all about them on this week’s Ask Ethan!

Be confident, loud and outgoing.
Have the courage to be disliked.
Don’t take life too seriously.
Live in the moment and don’t think about tomorrow.
Always have passion towards what’s important to you and only you.
Don’t stay too fucking comfortable.
Don’t let people with low I.Q get you low. (Yeah fuck you 😉)
Live life the way YOU need to.
You choose who is in your life. Love them.

The Adventures of Star Girl and Alien-Friend

the year is 3349. earth has been inhospitable for hundreds of years. humans are extinct.

except. in the year 2020, scientists developed one way time travel. you could go, but you couldn’t return. 2020 was the midst of a terrible war (do not be concerned - you can choose any point in human history and say it is the midst of a terrible war and be correct) so many people volunteered for this fate. most chose to only go forward a short number of years, and were paid exorbitant amounts of money. but some desperate, lonely, curious people chose to travel farther.

the locations and dates of appearances of these human travelers are of high value. humans, it is said, are one the cleverest and resilient species. their intelligence and ingenuity outpaced their resources, and it killed them - but to think, there was once a species so brilliant and strange and wondrous they killed themselves straining towards answers they didn’t even have the questions for.

space travel and technology has stagnated. the intergalactic council is convinced humans are the solution to their problems, and they recruit humans as soon as they appear, do everything they can to snatch them up. none of them say no. why would they - they’re alone in a strange world, they have nothing to lose.

but there is an alien. she is young and afraid and does not thirst for adventure. but there is a piece of information that has been passed down from generation to generation - the time and date and location of a human time traveler. and people in her family died for this secret, she has a duty to be there. so she takes her family’s old junker space ship and flies to earth, and follows the coordinates and waits.

and a young woman pops out, a human girl. and she is bright and curious and eager and only a little bit afraid, and it takes the alien thirty seconds to realized every ridiculous story she’s heard about humans has to be true. “do you want to go on an adventure?” she asks the girl. she has a space junker and a meager savings, and this human would be offered the best of everything if she agreed to work for the council.

but the human with eyes like dying stars takes her hand and says “yes” and so they begin their intergalactic road trip, traveling across the universe and leaving every place they touch a little different, a little wilder, a little more uncertain - a little more human.

The Flight's Greatest Crimes

The eleven Flights, while sharing in some values, differ greatly in others. Each flight glorifies its own version of Perfection - and each has its own sins it considers most heinous. Of course, these aren’t universal, but here is something of a shorthand of what each flight considers the worst sort of trait.

Earth: disloyalty. Earth dragons value consistency; like the very stone they stand on, they are reliable when nothing else is. A disloyal dragon, however, is untrustworthy and can’t be relied on.

Water: rigidity. Water dragons predict the future, but that knowledge is useless if one cannot adjust oneself to meet it. A rigid dragon, one who cannot bend and flex with the ever-changing Now, is unable to make best use of the present or to prepare for the future.

Wind: prejudice. They are travelers who value their wide experience; even those who do not travel will provide hospitality for those who do. An inability to respect and understand differences runs directly against the Wind way, which glorifies differences, as varied as the rainbow.

Fire: cowardice. The Flamecaller’s children are intense and passionate, a trait they pour into their work at the forge and their skills at war. A coward - a dragon who is too afraid to act on their passions - shames themselves.

Ice: carelessness. The Southern Icefield is harsh and unforgiving, as are its inhabitants. A single mistake can cost lives; Ice dragons cannot afford to be careless.

Lightning: laziness. Lightning stands for industry and ambition; it would not exist without hard work and dedication. Nothing can be achieved through indolence; a lazy worker holds both himself and his coworkers back.

Light: deception. Light dragons value Truth above all, and strive to find it in all manners possible. Deliberately hiding or spreading false knowledge is their greatest taboo, as it compromises awareness of the truth.

Shadow: predictability. Morality is somewhat absent in the Tangled Wood, where dragons live on their wits and darkness hides all deeds. They value trickery and sleight-of-hand. Where even life is a game, the opponent’s ability to guess your next move can be deadly; it is best to be fickle and unpredictable.

Plague: self-distruction. The Plaguebringer’s creed is simple: survive, no matter what. Honor and strength is to fight and live, despite all odds. Giving up and harming one’s own life is the ultimate shame; it is admitting defeat. Plague dragons find it utterly disgusting and un-Plague.

Nature: wrath. Nature flight’s value is life itself, and of course they will fight to defend it; if a few lives are lost to preserve many more, well, that is Nature’s way. Deliberate and intentional destruction, however, is despicable, denying what all Nature fights to protect; it renders the loss of life meaningless.

Arcane: ignorance. While most Arcane dragons will admit their ignorance - why else would they constantly seek to know more and more? - it is unthinkable not to try and solve that. Ignorance itself may not be a bad thing, but accepting it without seeking further knowledge is.

Human beings are poor examiners, subject to superstition, bias, prejudice, and a PROFOUND tendency to see what they want to see rather than what is really there.
—  M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, and Spiritual Growth

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A question for all of the gods: What do you think of humans?

They’re fine.


I rather like them, to be honest.


They have such a melancholy inside.


They’re not bad I guess.


They’re very creative!


I think they are very sweet!


They have so much love for each other! 


They are very clever!


I’m not very fond of them.


They seem very hardworking.


They like to travel a lot.


They value their home lives a lot as well.


They should value nature more.


I find them unique.


They have fun parties!