travel summer 2012

Eight for Eight: Answer 8 questions then tag eight people

Tagged by my beloved cupcake @jazthespazz 🌸

1. Last movie I watched: Kimi no na wa 🎞
2. Last song I listened to: All along the watch tower 🎶
3. Last book I read: Volume 3 of my hero academia ((jaz lmao 😂)) 4. Last thing I ate: Shetland salmon 🍣
5. Where would you like to time travel to: summer of of 2012-13 ⏱
6. Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: ooooh!! space dandy 🏄🏻👽🚀
7. If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: i just spent all day travelling to Scotland so I’m good going places for now ✌️;3;
8. Current fandom obsession: all out!! & bnha 💗

tagging these cuties but only if u want to~ @awesome-possum-stuff @dnarielle @ebumimasaru @cryptidpeache @lancethebored @softblvcknss @daratsuki @ttachibana 😘